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This Week's Classes at Dewey: 2/21-27

  • Getting Organized With Evernote: Are you swimming in sticky notes? Drowning in paperwork, class notes, and printouts? Trying to juggle a zillion different personal, work, and school responsibilities? If so, this hands on workshop is for you! We'll explore all the major functions of Evernote, a popular free organizational app, and see how its flexible feature set will allow you to manage projects and to do lists more effectively, collect ideas/inspiration/articles in a useful, searchable format, streamline note taking, collaborate easily with others on projects, and organize all the odds and ends of your life into a meaningful structure, accessible from anywhere. Note: Evernote is a cloud application that works on nearly all mobile and computing devices (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, etc.)! During class, we will experiment with the Evernote web interface on library computers. Please feel free to bring your personal device(s) to class (laptops, tablets, smartphones) – the instructor will be available to assist with obtaining and setting up the app immediately after class.
    Monday, February 22, 2016, 6:00pm - 7:30pm, Instructor: Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler
  • Sign up online, call us at 442-3691, email us at, or register in person at the Dewey Library reference desk.

    Interested in more workshops? Check out the iLearn workshops offered by the University Library.

    Blog post and photo by Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler


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