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Meet the Dewey Staff: Courtney Degonzague!

Meet our newest staff member at Dewey, Courtney Degonzague! Courtney is the Lending & Access Services or Reserves Clerk here at the Dewey Library.

What are your responsibilities?

I'm a Reserves clerk so I handle binding periodicals, I gather things to shelve, I set up the new books, I handle the mail, and I open the library - the most important part!

What do you enjoy most about working here so far?

The quietness. Dewey provides a much different environment from my last job. The location and schedule here is really nice, too.

Where did you work before coming to Dewey?

Before coming to Dewey Library, I worked at the Business Services Center, which is at the state office campus; it's a mini "agency" within the Office of General Services. My primary focus was Human Resources.

How did you get into the library field?

I took the promotional test for Library Clerk II. I figured I love libraries: I grew up in them, I know how they operate, and how to handle books so why not?

Do you have any advice for library users?

Many new library users come in and hear about the stigma of a library: it's quiet all the time, etc., but there's so much more behind the scenes that happens so keep your mind open and you will learn a lot more than you think. Some people don't know we have microfilm, and it's a really interesting resource they might not know we have.

What would you like students to know about you?

In my free time I enjoy watching football (Go Eagles!!!), UFC and spending time with my two dogs. On my days off you can find me in the kitchen cooking/baking or on the road going to concerts.

Need Assistance?

Help is available! Contact the Circulation Desk at (518) 442-3693 or the Reference Desk at (518) 442-3691.

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