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Resource Spotlight - Classical Music Databases

The idea that classical music aids in studying and brain development has been around for a long time. Recently, several studies have suggested that this reputation is well deserved! Of course, not all music will help you ace those exams, especially if you find a particular selection of music distracting, so choose your tracks wisely!

Not usually a classical music buff, but want to tap into this stress-busting, study-aiding boost? Classical radio is always an option of course, but as the links above point out, being able to select the right kind of classical music is essential to getting the full benefit. Not to worry - we've got you covered at the Libraries! We have two databases jam packed with literally millions of tracks, all of which you can stream online in full anytime you'd like! Just do a quick search for a favorite composer, style, or instrument in Music Online: Classical Music Library or the Naxos Music Library at the start of your next study session and enjoy. (Bonus - the Naxos Music Library even has an app for Android and iOS! Install the app and sign up for an account using your UAlbany email address to stream on the go.)

Happy studying!

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Blog Created By: Rebekah Jarvis-Girtler
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