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Benefits of Submitting to Scholars Archive

What is Scholars Archive?

Scholars Archive is a repository that provides a way for University at Albany faculty, staff, researchers and students to collect their scholarly work in a centralized location where it will be preserved, stored securely, and can be easily shared.

Increase Your Research's Visibility and Discoverability

In the last year alone, Scholars Archive has hit nearly 15,000 downloads in 164 countries. With author readership reports, once you submit your work to Scholars Archive and add your e-mail address, you'll automatically receive reports on how frequently your work has been downloaded, how it was shared, and the general location of the reader. With search engine optimization, Scholars Archive can also help expand your audience.

Preserve Your Research and Insure its Enduring Longevity

Scholars Archive is a safe space to preserve and maintain your research, regardless of the format. Articles, presentation slides, videos, audio files, and more will all be kept up-to-date. You'll no longer need to worry about your work being lost with defunct social networking sites.

It's Not Just for Faculty

While you may think Scholars Archive is just a place to publish the work of the faculty and staff, Scholars Archive can also do wonders for students and their research. We recently added 40 years worth of ETDS (Electronic Theses & Dissertations) of graduates from the Geology Department. Now that the department's last professor is retiring and the Geological program has been discontinued at UAlbany, there was concern for the potential of decreased support and maintenance of the department's website. As a result, it became essential for those works to be preserved indefinitely in an easily accessible format. In the future, Scholars Archive hopes to add ETDs from all of the University's programs. Until then, students are still able to submit their completed works on an individual basis. These works are not just limited to ETDs - students can also submit conference presentations, publications co-authored with faculty, or research projects conducted with faculty. Additionally, because Scholars Archive is an open access platform, it can also be a solution for complying with grant mandates that require research to be made publicly accessible. If you have concerns or need assistance with understanding copyright regulations, not to worry, the Scholars Archive staff can help with that too!

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Have Questions?

If you'd like more resources or info, come grab a bibliography and check out our display near the Circulation Desk at Dewey. If you're interested in submitting or just want more information about the Scholars Archive, contact Lindsay Van Berkom, Scholars Archive Administrator, at (518) 442-3517 or

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