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Best New Titles: Public Policy

Discover some of our subject librarians' favorite new titles in our "Best New Titles" series. Each week you will find a variety of selected reference titles from our New Books display that are specific to one subject area. This week, we focus on Cathy Dwyer's picks for Public Policy.

Writing Public Policy

Writing Public Policy is a practical and concise guide that is ideal for students preparing for careers in politics, government, public relations, law, public policy, or any role related to public affairs. Smith divides her chapters into three sections: processes, practices, and principles, each filled with advice and examples on how to research an issue, communicate a stance, and write policies for those issues.

  • Smith, C.F. (2016). Writing public policy: A practical guide to communicating in the policy making process (4th ed.). New York: Oxford University Press.
    Dewey Library / JF1525.C59 S64 2016

Escaping Jurassic Government

In Escaping Jurassic Government, Kettl examines how both the Republican and Democratic parties have contributed to the decline of "the Progressive ideal of a commitment to competence" and thus "created a government that does not work the way citizens expect and deserve." Kettl outlines the current issues in government and provides strategies and people that can end the governmental gridlock both political parties have created.

  • Kettl, D.F. (2016). Escaping jurassic government: How to recover America's lost commitment to competence. Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution Press.
    Dewey Library / JK421 .K478 2016

Mass Casualty Incidents

Mass Casualty Incidents is a manual aimed to provide health care professionals with a practical and operational approach for planning the response to mass casualty incidents (MCIs), with emphasis to the types of events that are sudden in nature.

  • Lynn, M. (2016). Mass casualty incidents: The nuts and bolts of preparedness and response for acute disasters. New York: Springer.
    Dewey Library / RA645.5 .L76 2016

Political Opportunities for Climate Policy

Political Opportunities for Climate Policy examines in depth the causes of effective climate policies in the United States, using a statistical analysis of all fifty states and long-term case studies of California, New York, and the federal government. Karapin shows that actors and events have positively affected climate policy making, despite the constraints presented by political institutions and powerful fossil fuel industries.

  • Karapin, R. (2016). Political opportunities for climate change: California, New York, and the federal government. New York: Cambridge University Press.
    Dewey Library / QC903 .K2045 2016

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Help is available! Contact Cathy Dwyer, Subject Librarian for Public Policy, at (518) 442-3698, - or drop by during Cathy's office hours, held weekly on Mondays from 4-7pm.

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