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Graduate Assistantship Opportunity with Multiple Benefits

Are you a student in UAlbany's MSIS program looking for experience in a library/information environment, tuition assistance, or a job before the Fall semester starts? How about all three? Find out more about how you can achieve all three at the Dewey Graduate Library. Apply today for the University Libraries' Anna Radkowski-Lee Graduate Assistantship!

By applying to the Anna Radkowski-Lee Graduate Assistantship, you will have a chance to gain invaluable library experience in an emerging area, earn a stipend, and get a tuition waiver for 9 credits. The candidate chosen for this position will gain knowledge and develop skills in the area of scholarly publishing by working with library faculty to help execute various special projects to bolster the content in Scholars Archive (SA), the University at Albany's IR. Click here for more information and application details.


  • Must be enrolled in the University at Albany MSIS program for a minimum of nine credits during each semester of work
  • Must have completed six hours of course credit
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Detail oriented
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite

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