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Topics in Criminal Justice: Need Data?

Are you a Criminal Justice student struggling to find accurate data for a research project? Find out more about the different resources available when searching for crime and justice statistics and where to go once you've found what you're looking for.

Gathering Statistics

If you're searching for statistics specific to New York State, one great resource is the Criminal Justice Statistics page from New York State's Division of Criminal Justice Services. Here you'll find Monthly/Quarterly reports, and statistics on law enforcement personnel, a crime index, and much more. However, if you want to examine crime data for the entire nation, you'll want to utilize the Uniform Crime Reporting page from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which includes a variety of resources and data reports. Another useful tool when searching for data on specific types of crimes, courts, or locations is the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The Bureau of Justice Statistics includes helpful tools like the National Prisoners Statistics (NPS) program, which gathers administrative data on state and federal prisons, and reports on Tribal crime and prisoners within Indian Country.

For more data, you can check out our list of databases below and once you've gathered the necessary data, you can view our selected books to continue your research.


  • Journal of Quantitative Criminology


Books Available at Dewey

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