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Meet the Dewey Staff: Philip Frisbie

Philip Frisbie is the latest Graduate Assistant here at Dewey thanks to the Anna Radkowski-Lee Graduate Assistantship - read on to learn more about Philip and Anna Radkowski-Lee.

Anna Radkowski-Lee was the long-time library personnel officer for the University Libraries. When Radkowski-Lee died, her family decided to fund a graduate assistantship for the University Libraries. The graduate assistant works one academic year and receives a stipend along with a partial tuition waiver. This year Lindsay Van Berkom and Elaine Lasda Bergman put forth a successful proposal for a graduate assistant to work on Scholars Archive projects.

Philip Frisbie is currently working toward his MSIS and a certificate in Information Security. His B.S. is in Informatics with a concentration in cyber security, also from UAlbany. Philip will be assisting the Scholars Archive Administrator, Lindsay Van Berkom, in a variety of projects such as adding content, refining workflow processes, and developing promotional materials for the repository.

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