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Topics in Information Studies: Marketing

Are you working on a marketing campaign or marketing materials for an information environment, or are you researching marketing strategies for libraries or archives? Whether it is out of personal interest or for research purposes, Dewey has a variety of sources available on the subject. Find out more on how to start your search.

What is Marketing?

When most people think of marketing, they think of promotion, but marketing for libraries and information environments involves careful planning and requires you to first address and examine the needs of your community and users. Once you've addressed those needs and developed methods to meet them, you then go on to working on promoting the product of your work. The resources available at Dewey address the variety of steps involved in developing and understanding marketing strategies.

Research Resources

We have a variety of print and eBooks at Dewey on marketing for libraries, but if you're interested in exploring marketing for archives, you will want to make use of a database like LISTA, by searching the terms "marketing" and "archives." You can also find articles on public or academic libraries by replacing "archives" with whichever type of institution you're focusing on. In addition, if you're encountering terms you're unfamiliar with while researching the topic, eduScapes has a page with explanations of various terms and concepts relating to marketing in libraries.

Helpful Links and Databases

Books and eBooks Available at Dewey

  • Alman, S.W., & Swanson, S.G. (2015). Crash course in marketing for libraries. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.
    Online / Z716.3 .A46 2015
  • Eden, B.L. (Ed.). (2016). Marketing and outreach for the academic library: New approaches and initiatives. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
    Dewey Library / Z716.3 .M283 2016
  • Higginbottom, P.C., & Gordon, V.S. (2016). Marketing for special and academic libraries: A planning and best practices sourcebook. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield
    Dewey Library / Z716.3 .W38 2015
  • Koontz, C., & Mon, L.M. (2014). Marketing and social media: A guide for libraries, archives, and museums. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
    Online / Z716.3 .K67 2014
  • Lackie, R.J., & Wood, M.S. (Eds.). (2015). Creative library marketing and publicity: Best practices. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
    Dewey Library / Z716.3 .C78 2015
  • Lucas-Alfieri, D. (2015). Marketing the 21st century library: The time is now. Waltham, MA: Chandos Publishing.
    Online / Z716.3 .L83 2015
  • Solomon, L. (2016). The librarian's nitty-gritty guide to content marketing. Chicago, IL: ALA Editions.
    Online / Z716.3 .S645 2016
  • Watson-Lakamp, P. (2015). Marketing moxie for librarians: Fresh ideas, proven techniques, and innovative approaches. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited.

Need Additional Assistance?

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