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Topics in Social Welfare: Professional Development

Are you an MSW student looking to find out more about professional development or joining professional associations within your field? Whether it is out of personal interest or for research purposes, Dewey has a variety of sources available on the subject.

Two key pieces of assuring competency in the social work workforce are joining professional organizations, and working on professional development and/or continuing education. Often, by joining professional associations such as the National Association of Social Workers or the Clinical Social Work Association, you get new access to professional development such as webinars and conferences. Continuing education is particularly significant to social workers in New York State with the new requirements for completing 36 hours of "approved continuing education courses for each triennial registration period." Professional associations often provide opportunities for continuing ed and career develop. In addition, by belonging to a network of other professionals within your field, you can learn from their experience. In Addition, UAlbany offers its own CEU Program through the School of Social Welfare.

If you would like to research this topic and find resources maybe on the benefits of joining professional associations, you could search "Social work" AND "professional associations OR professional organizations" in Academic Search Complete. Also, if you're hoping to find a more area specific SW association, you can use Associations Unlimited to find the right fit for you.

School Organizations

If you're a student and interested in joining an organization with your peers, the University also has options. Social Workers Advocating Respect & Equality (SWARE) is a group open to Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctoral, Alumni, and other Community Professionals interested in affirming all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities. The Social Welfare Student Association is another option open to all Social Welfare students, and it is committed to promoting the mission of the School and helping students reach their education goals. Lastly, the Association for Black Social Workers (ABSW) is dedicated to improving the social and health conditions of the black community through advocacy, human services delivery, and research. ABSW extends membership to all students in the School of Social Welfare, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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