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Meet the Dewey Staff: Lauren Puzier!

Meet our newest staff member at Dewey, Lauren Puzier! Lauren is the Projects & Reference Librarian here at the Dewey Library.

What are your responsibilities?

I will be helping with marketing the services and events at the Dewey Graduate Library. If you haven't yet, make time to come visit Dewey!

What do you enjoy most about working here so far?

So far, the friendly people and atmosphere. I was surprised to learn about the historical murals that cover the walls of the Dewey Library. I was also lucky to start right after the stained glass windows were uncovered, they are beautiful and inspiring.

Where did you work before coming to Dewey?

Previously I was a reference and cataloging librarian at Sotheby's Institute of Art Library, so I am more than happy to help with your art history homework!

How did you get into the library field?

I started out in the field by working at the circulation desk at The Sage Colleges. I loved the work and the librarians there were very supportive, before long I had earned my MSIS from the University at Albany.

Do you have any advice for library users?

You can save lots of time by using the e-journals finder on the library website. Search for journal titles to see if we have electronic access to the journal. If we do, the results list will indicate what databases offer access to the journal. Choose the database you want to use from the list and you will be taken to the online journal (log in required if researching from off-campus)

What would you like students to know about you?

I've run the Freihofer's Run for Women here in Albany 4 times and next year will be 5!

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