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Topics in Criminal Justice: Campus Security

Interested in finding out more about Campus security measures and issues? Keep reading for information on Dewey resources regarding UAlbany's Security report and security issues at other colleges and universities.

UAlbany Security

The University is dedicated to providing a secure environment with the proper resources for your success. Between the UPD's community policing, programs like Don't Walk Alone and Middle Earth, there are a variety of resources to help prevent campus violence and promote a safe environment for students. In addition, every year the University must prepare, publish, and distribute an Annual Security & Fire Safety Report as part of the Clery Act, which requires all Title IV institutions to do so. The report includes disclosure of crime and fire statistics for the last three years, and current campus policies related to "personal, property and fire safety."

Researching Issues of Campus Security & Safety

Aside from our recommended volumes below, you can use Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text with terms "Campus violence -- Prevention" and "Universities & colleges" or "college campuses" combined with the sub-terms "security measures" or "safety measures." If you're specifically interested in finding scholarly articles on specific crimes such as sexual assault or rape, you can use "sexual assault -- Universities & colleges" or "Rape in universities and colleges." Or perhaps you want information on suicide prevention on college campuses - in this case you can combine the terms "suicide prevention" AND "college campuses."

Databases and Helpful Links

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Help is available! Contact Cathy Dwyer, Subject Librarian for Criminal Justice, at (518) 442-3699 or - or drop by during Cathy's office hours on Mondays, 4-7pm.

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