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Topics in Public Policy: Income Tax Policy

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it's income tax season, and Dewey's here to help with any and all research related to income tax policy, so keep reading and don't forget to file your taxes by April 15!

Areas of Interest

Some areas related to income tax policy that you might want to keep your eye on are cybercrime and identity theft, as the IRS is working on protections against identity thieves who use stolen personnel data to file fraudulent returns. Or perhaps you're more concerned with the possibility of cuts in IRS funding under the Trump Administration. Either way, refer to our research tips below on where to find various reports.

Research Assistance

A great database to utilize is Intelliconnect, which opens up with a feature on "Today's Federal & State Tax News Highlights." In the sidebar under all content you can limit your search to Federal Tax, State Tax, and more and then by subtopics within each area. You can also find Income Tax reports via the Gov't Accountability Office Reports on Income Taxes and CRS (do a keyword search on "income").


Books Available at the University Libraries

  • Hall, T.E. (2014). Aftermath: The unintended consequences of public policies. Washington, D.C.: Cato Institute.
    Dewey Library / JK468.P64 H36 2014
  • Laffer, A.B., Moore, S., Sinquefield, R.A., & Brown, T.H. (2014). An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of the states: How taxes, energy, and worker freedom change everything. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
    Dewey Library / HJ 275 L34 2014
  • Witte, J.F. (2017). The politics of loopholes: The improbable prospects for U.S. tax reform. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.
    University Library / HJ4652 .W693 2017

Need Additional Assistance?

Help is available! Contact Cathy Dwyer, Subject Librarian for Public Policy, at (518) 442-3699 or - or drop by during Cathy's office hours, held weekly on Mondays from 4-7pm.

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