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Best of Reference: Criminal Justice

Discover some of our subject librarians' favorite resources in our "Best of Reference" series. Each week you will find a variety of selected reference materials from our collection that are specific to one subject area. This week, we focus on Cathy Dwyer's selections for Criminal Justice.

Oxford Scholarship Online

From the main screen under "Browse by Subject" choose "LAW," then in the facets on the left "REFINE BY BROWSE BY SUBJECT," if you click on the plus next to Law, you can see the 185 ebook titles from Oxford Scholarship Online that we have access to in the area of Criminal Law & Criminology. You can sort to bring the newest to the top, and you can also search within the results.

The Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment

The Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment serves as the most up-to-date and comprehensive resource on crime and punishment. The editors have included nearly 300 entries on a myriad of topics in the areas of crime types, corrections, policing, law and justice, research methods, criminological theory, correlates of crime, organizations and institutions (US), victimology, and special populations.

Gun Control in the United States

This book offers concise, understandable coverage of all aspects of the issue, including incidence of gun violence; gun control; gun rights; government regulation, legislation, and court decisions; gun organizations (for gun control and for gun rights); gun enthusiast subcultures—for example, hunters, target shooters, and collectors; and U.S. attitudes toward guns. Many of the covered topics are placed in historical and cross-cultural perspective.

Need Additional Assistance?

Help is available! Contact Cathy Dwyer, Subject Librarian for Criminal Justice, at (518) 442-3699 or - or drop by during Cathy's office hours, held weekly on Mondays from 4-6pm.

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