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Best of Reference: Public Policy

Discover some of our subject librarians' favorite resources in our "Best of Reference" series. Each week you will find a variety of selected reference materials from our collection that are specific to one subject area. This week, we focus on Cathy Dwyer's selections for Public Policy.

Nexis UNI

This summer, LexisNexis will be migrating to Nexis UNI, and with that migration there will be some new features to explore. Some of these features include: annotating a document - Once in a document view, you have the ability to add and save annotations by select text you wish to highlight or annotate; look for the reading glasses - Once you have viewed a document, a pair of eye glasses will appear next to the document in the results list. If you saved the document to a folder, a folder icon will also appear; take advantage of discipline pages - in addition to offering broad and advanced searching, Nexis Uni has developed discipline pages to help students begin their research. One of the best new features is the "alerts" tool, which allows you to create alerts for a search or publication you wish to follow. Also, if you create a folder, you can share that folder with others when working on group projects and papers.

State Rankings 2016

State Rankings 2016 features comprehensive state statistics making it easy to compare states across key measures in education, health, crime, transportation, taxes, government finance, and so much more. The editors compile useful statistics that would otherwise take an enormous amount of time to research, making it a favorite resource on reference shelves throughout the United States and around the world. The rankings have been updated using specific methodology explained in the introduction. Geographic and data notes are also included to provide context.

Guide to U.S. Elections

The Guide to U.S. Elections is a comprehensive, two-volume reference providing information on the U.S. electoral process, in-depth analysis on specific political eras and issues, and everything in between. Thoroughly revised and infused with new data, analysis, and discussion of issues relating to elections through 2015, the Guide will include chapters on:

  • Analysis of the campaigns for presidency, from the primaries through the general election
  • Data on the candidates, winners/losers, and election returns
  • Details on congressional and gubernatorial contests from the primaries through the general elections supplemented with vast historical data
  • Coverage of campaign finance, as well as reapportionment and redistricting
  • Need Additional Assistance?

    Help is available! Contact Cathy Dwyer, Subject Librarian for Public Policy, at (518) 442-3699 or - or drop by during Cathy's office hours, held weekly on Mondays from 4-6pm.

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