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Computer Usage Policy

Dewey Library adheres to the University at Albany Policy for the Responsible Use of Information Technology and to the Student Affairs Division's Standards of Conduct, Appendix G: Policies Governing Student Use of Computing and Network Facilities. The primary mission of the Dewey Library is to serve the curricular and research needs of the faculty, staff, and students of the schools and research centers located on the downtown campus. The library building is open to the public for research purposes, and its mission includes service to persons not affiliated with the University at Albany. It is necessary to have policies and procedures for the library that will allow the library to strike a balance between providing appropriate access to computer resources for primary clientele, i.e., the University's faculty, staff, and students, while providing access for unaffiliated persons who wish to do academic research.


  • Public workstations in the library are provided in support of the educational and research mission of the University at Albany.
  • Priority use of the computers is for faculty, staff, and students of the University at Albany.
  • The library provides access to computers to non-affiliated persons who wish to do academic research. The library reserves the right to limit the number of computers available to non-affiliated users. If sufficient computers are available, non-affiliated users may use the computers for up to one two hour period per day.


The following activities are prohibited:

  • Games
  • Chain letters
  • Downloading music
  • Violations of copyright
  • Installing software on the hard drives
  • Circumventing the security software