Chart Comparing Recommended Texts

The chart below provides a comparison of texts recommended in Books for Senior Thesis and Research Help.


Types of research or research topics or subjects

Research methods 

Language, thesis statements, and argument

Preparing a research proposal

Library sources

Notetaking and managing work

Writing and organization

Presentation, analysis, or interpretation of data

Plagiarism and ethics

Includes exercises or checklists

Badke,  Research strategies


Booth, The craft of research

Craswell, Writing for academic success.

Fowler, How to write

Lester, Principles of writing research papers

Lipson, How to write a BA thesis

Ng, Effective writing

Russey, How to write a successful science thesis

Thomas, Theses and dissertations

Van Wagenen, Writing a thesis

Walliman, Your research project

Created: January 22, 2014
Maintained by Jean McLaughlin, University at Albany/SUNY