Writing, Research, and Senior Thesis Resources

Library resources cover a range of topics related to research papers and projects.
•   Project timelines
•   Thesis statements and argument
•   Research methodologies
•   Finding appropriate sources of information
•   Collecting and analyzing data
•   Ethics and plagiarism
•   Writing and drafts
•   Visually presenting data

For questions of style and grammar
• Consult the standard style guides: Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [LB 2369 A62X], MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers [LB 2369 G53], and other style guide resources for specific disciplines.

• Consult these books for form and grammar: The Chicago Manual of Style [LB 2369 C42X] from the Chicago University Press, Elements of Style [PE 1408 S772] by Strunk and White, and Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations [LB 2369 T8] by Turabian.

• For online citation tools, use Citation Fox (APA or MLA) or one of the citation generations found on the University Libraries Home Page under Online Reference, Citation Help.

Books for Senior Thesis and Research Help

Chart Comparing Recommended Texts


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