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Canon Elura 90 Standard Definition Camcorder

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Canon Elura 90 Standard Definition

The Canon Elura 90 mini-DV is a standard definition camcorder with many useful advanced features including:

  • Mini-DV tape (supplied when requested)
  • Accepts external microphones
  • Composite out
  • FireWire out (for video)
  • USB out (for still photos)
  • SD card for still photos
  • 20x (optical)/400x (digital) zoom
  • NTSC
  • 2.7" view screen
  • Viewfinder (adjustable)
  • Stereo microphone
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Shoe mount

Optional equipment that can be used with this camcorder include:

Recording lengths:

  • Using 80 minute cassette
    • SP - 80 minutes
    • LP - 120 minutes

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