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The IMC has a wide selection equipment available for loan. You must be a student, staff member, or faculty member with a Library account in good standing to borrow equipment. Loan period is 4 days. Loan extensions may be available dependent upon demand. Significant fines are applied if equipment is returned after due date and time.


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Student borrowing video camera

DSLR and mirrorless cameras not available

  • Canon VIXIA HD Camcorders
  • GoPro Hero Action Cameras including various accessories and mounts
  • Canon Standard Definition Camcorders [no external mic. port]
  • Canon Mini-DV Camcorders (digital tape) - use to digitize tapes
  • Sony CCD-TRV88 - Hi8 - use to digitize 8mm tapes
  • Canon PowerShot Point and Shoot still cameras
  • Various pro & semi-pro tripod models
  • MeFOTO Travel tripod
  • Table-top tripods
  • Handheld video stabilizers
  • Shoulder Support Rigs
  • Mounts to connect cameras and handheld devices to tripods
  • Self-shooting pole 11"- 37" (Selfie Stick)
  • Monopod
  • Magic Arm Clamp, adjustable positions
  • Brackets for attachments [mics, lights, etc.]
  • Tripod Dolly
  • Hand stick grip [not weighted]
  • LED Kit, battery operated, with bracket [40 Watt]
  • 250 Watt ECA Photoflood lamp; request light stand
  • Dimmable fluorescent ring light with floor stand.
  • Flexfill Collapsible Light Reflector; 43" Translucent, Silver, Gold, White and Black diffusers; request optional stand
  • Adjustable floor stands for floodlights, ring lights and light reflectors
  • 9ft. x 10ft. Green screen backdrop with support stand and clamps
  • Gaffer grip and shoe adapter [Clamp with 3/8" Stud]
  • Epson projectors
  • Portable screen
  • HDMI cables
  • Wireless presenter with pointer and cursor control; usb connection
  • Various HDMI and VGA adapters for MacBooks, cell phones and handheld devices
  • Wacom Intuos graphics drawing tablet
  • Photography kit for phone and handheld devices: includes fisheye and wide angle lenses, tripod mount, bracket for attachments, and adapter for headphone and microphone combination
  • DVD player for all regions
  • Video converter device to digitize VHS, compact VHS and 8mm tapes
  • Olympus Transcription Kit
  • Gear bags and carts
  • USB hard drives for Windows and Mac 500 GB and 1TB
  • Flash ("thumb") drives (USB) for Mac and Windows
  • HC/SD memory cards

Additional adapters and cables available; not all listed below

  • USB memory card readers
  • Blu-Ray USB drive
  • Webcam
  • Microphone/Headphone USB Adapter
  • Apple SuperDrive [CD/DVD RW drive]
  • Windows CD/DVD RW USB drive
  • USB wired mouse
  • USB wired keyboard
  • 3.5" floppy disk USB drive
  • Zip disk USB drive
  • FireWire, composite and S-video cables
  • FireWire to Thunderbolt adapter
  • H2 Handy Zoom recorder
  • H4n Handy Zoom recorder
  • Two person Mic kit for H4n Zoom Field Recorder
  • 2-4 person Podcast station; record directly into audio application. In-house use only
  • Digital handheld voice recorder Olympus VN-4100PC and Olympus WS-321M
  • Portable cassette recorders; request cable and adapters to digitize tapes

Models vary for live presentation and recording with camcorders, audio recorders, and cellphones. See guide on https://library.albany.edu/imc/tutorials_handouts

  • Dynamic vocal handheld mics –wired and wireless mics
  • Lavaliere - wired and wireless mics
  • Dual [2 mics] wired lavalier mics
  • XLR shotgun mic kits; request optional boom pole
  • 1/8 “ stereo mini shotgun mics
  • USB mics
  • Stereo headset with boom mic
  • Directional microphones for iPhone, Android cellphone and handheld devices
  • Two-channel/2 mic audio adapter for cameras and camcorders [Beachtek MCC-2]
  • Telescoping mic stand with boom arm
  • Tabletop mic stand
  • Boom poles
  • Shotgun accessory kit includes mic clip and 1/8" stereo, 15ft. extension cable
  • Hot shoe to 1/4" adapter mount
  • Portable speakers [various connections]
  • Speaker cables
  • XLR cables and adapters
  • Computer speakers
  • Headphones and splitters
  • USB audio/midi interface
  • iPhone/MacBook headphone adapters [USB-C and Lightning]
  • Microphone/headphone USB adapters
  • Microphone cables and adapters – mono, stereo, RCA, XLR, 3/32”, 1/8” and ¼”
  • CD/Cassette/AM/FM portable player