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Audio Recording, Microphones, & Accessories

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The IMC has a wide selection audio recorders, microphones, and accessories available for loan. You must be a student, staff member, or faculty member with a Library account in good standing to borrow equipment.

Contact us to reserve equipment


Audio Recorders

Portable Audio Recorders

Legacy Cassette Recorders

  • Portable AudioCassette Recorders


Wired Microphones

  • Shure SM57 - Details here
  • Shure SM 58 ball and stick microphone
  • Lavaliere and dual lavaliere microphone- Details here
  • Shotgun - Details here
  • XLR Shotgun microphone
  • USB microphones
  • Shotgun microphone for cell phones
  • Lavaliere microphone for cell phones
  • Handheld ball and stick microphone for cell phones

Wireless Microphones

  • AudioTechnica 200 Series wireless handheld kit - Details here
  • AudioTechnica Pro 88W wireless lavaliere kit (on-camera) - Details here

Specialized Recording Devices

  • Headset with noise canceling mic

Microphone Accessories

  • Beachtek MCC-2, two-channel, audio adapter / bracket combo
  • Atlas telescoping mic stand with boom arm - Details here
  • Tabletop mic stand
  • Microphone and speaker cables

Additional Audio Equipment

  • Microphone/Headphone USB Adapter
  • Atlas AN-100 portable PA system - Details here
  • Fender Passport - 150 Portable Sound System
  • Olympus AS02400 Transcription Kit - Details here
  • Sony CFD-V30 CD/Cassette/AM/FM Stereo portable player - Details here
  • Headphones and splitters

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