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Specialized Equipment

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Projector Screen

  • Portable - 80 inch widescreen or 65 inch standard

Graphics Drawing Tablet

Portable Hard Drives

  • USB hard drives for Windows and Mac 500 GB and 1TB

Flash Memory

  • Flash ("thumb") drives (USB)
  • HC/SD memory cards in sizes up to 32 GB

Input Devices

  • USB wired mouse
  • USB wired keyboard
  • Targus presentation remote controller (USB) - Details here
  • USB microphones

Legacy Devices

Electronics & Computer

  • USB memory card readers
  • Blu-Ray drive/burner (USB) - Details here
  • Webcam (USB)
  • Microphone/Headphone USB Adapter - Details here
  • Composite and S-Video Cables
  • Apple Superdrive
  • Windows CD/DVD drive

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