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The Interactive Media Center has a wide range of equipment for loan. It is available to students, staff, and faculty with no fines or holds. Generally speaking, if you can check out a book you can probably borrow equipment.

We have these other Frequently Asked Questions pages;

Following are frequently asked questions about IMC equipment loan.

Do you have an equipment for loan list?
Yes, we do! Please visit this page - to see what equipment is available for loan.
Do you loan cameras?
Yes, we have Canon point and shoot-type cameras available. They all take very good photos and even record video with sound.
Do you loan camcorders?

Yes, we have three types of camcorders:

  • Canon HD camcorders that record to internal memory or SD cards
  • Canon standard definition camcorders that record to an SD card
  • Canon Mini-DV that record to digital Mini-DV tape

Details are on our Equipment for Loan page.

How long can I borrow equipment?

In most instances, equipment is available for 4 days. Some equipment, such as headsets, is available only for a shorter terms.

Please consult with us if you think you will need the equipment longer than the standard loan period. In some situations it may be possible to extend the loan.

See our Contact page for information or stop by our service desk in the basement of the University Library. Just follow the signs.

As part of my research I have to record a telephone conversation, do you have equipment for that?

Yes, we have SOME equipment that MAY work depending on what sort of telephone you are using. Please stop in to consult with us. If you are using a cell phone you may have more difficulty than if you use a landline telephone.

NOTE: You are responsible for making sure you do not violate any applicable law or regulation associated with telephone recording.

Do you have voice recorders?
Yes, we have several kinds of voice recorders. In our inventory are digital voice recoders and cassette recorders. Our complete list can be viewed on our Equipment for Loan page.
Do you loan computers?
Although the IMC does not loan computers, notebook computers are available through the Library Circulation Desk. Visit during regular business hours for information or call 442-3569.
Can I borrow a microphone or PA system?

Yes! We have several types of microphones. We also have PA systems and accessories. Here are some examples:

  • Wireless handheld and lapel microphones
  • Wired handheld microphones
  • USB microphones
  • Portable PA systems
  • Mic stands
  • Boundary mics
  • Mic cables

Our complete list can be viewed on our Equipment for Loan page.