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Visit our How Do I... page for faculty and teaching staff for answers to common questions


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The staff of the IMC is regularly asked questions regarding software. Below are the most popular along with our answers

In addition, we have these other Frequently Asked Questions pages;

What software is available in the IMC lab?
We have a wide range of software available for projects in the Interactive Media Center lab. Included are programs for Web building, video and audio editing, image editing, and much more. You can find a complete list of software on Software page.
Do you have classes in how to use the software?
The Interactive Media Center offers classes that are free to students, staff, faculty, and the general public. A complete list of classes and other information is on our class registration page.
Can you help me make a PowerPoint presentation?
Yes! We can assist you with your PowerPoint presentations.
Can I install my own software on the computers?
No, unfortunately, that is not possible.
Do you loan software?

Software is sold and managed by licenses. Because of this, our software can only be installed on our computers. If you are a student, staff member, or faculty member educational versions of the programs may be available to you at a discount.

Depending on how and where the software is being used, you may have to purchase it, or in some instances it might be available for installation on your office computer. Check with your department, or school, computer and software laison for details.

What sort of video editing software do you have?

We have video editing software of varying complexity and capability. Included are these programs-

  • Final Cut
  • iMovie
  • Sony Vegas
  • Windows Live Movie Maker