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Parking for iLearn Workshp Participants and Visitors: Sometimes it is cost-effective for our IMC class particpants and campus visitors to purchase Visitor Guest Passes. Information is on the Parking Services page here.


Accessibility Enhanced Workstation Services for Persons with Disabilities

One height-adjustable Windows workstation is available for persons registered for services. It is equipped with a Braille printer, flatbed scanner, headphones and software that support persons that may be visually and/or hearing impaired or require a non-traditional mode of study. Applications include: Dragon Naturally Speaking, Duxbury Braille Translator, Jaws, Zoom Text and Kurzweil 1000.

In addition, much of the software listed on the left is available on this workstation.

Additional Equipment Available in the University Library

The University Library has some equipment available at the Circulation Desk. Included are these items:


The Interactive Media Center has a wide selection hardware in the lab for use on your media projects. Listed below are details. Contact us for more information.

Hardware & Equipment Available in the Lab

Note about audio and video on the Macintosh and Windows platforms:

Working with audio and/or video can be quite time-consuming and intimidating. Anything is possible here. Patrons add video to PowerPoint, extract stills from DVD, edit movies recorded with personal camcorders, prepare digital lectures, digitize and transcribe taped interviews. Patrons are encouraged to contact us for guidance before they get started.

We support patrons who need to work outside the IMC. We loan an assortment of cables, adapters and peripheral equipment to connect devices to other computers. We research available no-cost software, that users may opt to download rather than purchase the sophisticated applications available in the IMC.

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