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A/V Playback Area

The A/V Playback Area is located in the open area in front of the service desk. All audio playback stations are equipped with headphones. Users may checkout extra headphones and splitters so that two or more people can listen to one program.

The A/V Playback Area is a convenient location for listening and viewing media from the Library Collection and items that have been placed on Reserve.

Additional Equipment Available in the University Library

The University Library has some equipment available at the Circulation Desk. Included are these items:

  • Notebook computers
  • Headphones and splitters
  • Projectors


B29 & B30
Video Chat/Audio Recording Rooms

Rooms B29 and B30 on the lower level of the University Library, in Current Periodicals, are available as a small recording rooms for audio and video projects. It may also be used for Skype.

The keys for B29 and B30 may be reserved by emailing, visiting  in person at the Interactive Media Center desk or calling (518) 442-3608.

Each room is equipped with a Windows 7 computer and webcam. Some of the applications that are installed for recording and communicating include: Adobe Captivate, Audacity, Google Hangout, Microsoft Movie Maker and Microsoft Lync, Skype, and Video Call Recording for Skype.


The Interactive Media Center has a special area for the playback of media. This zone has a wide variety of equipment so you can view and listen to media in both current and obsolete formats.

A/V Playback Area Equipment


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