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Studio B26

Student practicing a presentation

Use the Studio for rehearsing presentations and thesis defenses, recording interviews, and podcasting.

The Studio is outfitted with:

  • studio lighting
  • HD TV screens
  • PC
  • movable furniture
  • lectern
  • whiteboard
  • webcam
  • Crestron AirMedia to connect hand held devices [including multiple devices and laptops] wirelessly to the HDTV screens
  • Podcast workstation

Use the Studio to:

  • Practice, record, playback, and save your presentation
  • Record videos for your YouTube Channel. Borrow recording equipment from the IMC.
  • Interview special guests for a Podcast series
  • Use the podcast/audio recording station built for small groups
  • Display content from multiple laptops and phones on the 55" HD TV screen
  • The studio is only available when the IMC service desk is staffed. Drop-in use may not be possible.

    Studio B26 is located in the basement of the University Library, inside the Current Periodicals Reading Room.

    Please review all terms and conditions Studio B26 - Policies for Use. The Studio is not available for individual or group study.

    Request a Reservation for Studio B26

    Capacity is limited to 6

    Access to the Studio is limited at this time as we continue to add and configure technology. The Studio is not available on weekends. The timeslot you choose does not guarantee a reservation. You will receive an email from IMC staff confirming the reservation or offering additional times to reserve use.

    Choose your preferred time slot *


    Choose a second time slot *



    This will enable IMC Staff to prepare the room and reserve appropriate equipment. Please be as specific as possible. Identify equipment and applications you may need.

    If you select YES you will be contacted by Regina Conboy.

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