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Practicing Academic Integrity

As a member of the scholarly community here at the University at Albany, you will become a contributor to an ongoing scholarly conversation. Practicing academic integrity is an important component of contributing to that conversation and demonstrating your learning. The following resources have been provided by the University Libraries to help you familiarize yourself with the standards of academic integrity at UAlbany and beyond.

Plagiarism 101

In this interactive video tutorial, you will learn what plagiarism is, its consequences, and how to avoid it.

Giving Credit

Why is it important to acknowledge the work of others in your own research? Why is it necessary to know how and when to cite? Find out more in this introductory activity.

Exploring Academic Integrity (Claremont Colleges Library)

Become knowledgeable about the role the ethical use of information plays in the scholarly conversation, among other topics, as part of this tutorial from Claremont Colleges Library.

Principles of Paraphrasing: How to Avoid Inadvertent Plagiarism (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

Learning to paraphrase correctly is an important skills for avoiding plagiarism. This tutorial from the Harvard Graduate School of Education will help you learn what you need to know.

Goblin Threat Plagiarism Game (Snowden Library, Lycoming College)

Help fight plagiarism goblins out to destroy academic integrity in this online game from Snowden Library at Lycoming College.

Copyright: The Law and Guidelines

The compilation of links on this page is for faculty and students who wish to find out how current copyright law affects their use of intellectual property.


Listen to members of the UAlbany community assert their unique voices, and consider how plagiarism distorts this uniqueness.

Citation Tools Research Guide

The key to avoiding plagiarism is to practice proper citation. This guide will introduce you to a number of tools and resources to help you create accurate citations.

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