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Information Literacy Testimonials

The Information Literacy Department empowers the UAlbany community to become confident users and consumers of information. You may have encountered us in the classroom, at the library, or through the instructional materials on our website. If you have found value in what we have to offer, we would like to hear from you and be able to share your experience here on our site!

Here are some guidelines:

  • Anyone in the UAlbany community can participate, including students and instructors.

  • Your testimonial can be on any topic related to information literacy or any positive experiences you've had with the Information Literacy department.

  • Your contribution can be any length--as short as a tweet or as long as a full paragraph.

  • Include a photograph of yourself that we can use to accompany your quote.

  • Let us know how you would prefer to be credited, including the correct spelling of your name, title (if applicable), and department or major.

  • Send your testimonial and photograph to Allison Hosier, Information Literacy Librarian.

See the below testimonials for inspiration and contact us with any questions.

Susanna Fessler, East Asian Studies

"The recent digitization of materials is both a blessing and a curse. It makes research tremendously more efficient, but it can be overwhelming. Information literacy courses and tutorials help students navigate these exciting waters. Databases and other online resources are powerful tools, but they do not guarantee a better quality product unless the user is skilled in their intricacies. As educators, it is our responsibility to lead our students through this learning process, and show them the path to success. Of course, this requires that we, too, stay current with the latest technologies. The library Information Literacy courses are dynamic and help me continuously update my curriculum."

-Susanna Fessler, East Asian Studies

Richard Fogarty, Department of History/Office of Undergraduate Education


"Information Literacy is the foundation not only of a successful college career, but of professional careers and life outside the university as well. UAlbany is fortunate to have the resources and dedicated, expert staff that give the entire university community everything it needs to negotiate successfully the complex and fast-changing 21st-century information environment.  I and my students have learned much from the University Libraries’ knowledgeable staff, great teachers, helpful tutorials, and many other services.  We’re all more literate and successful because of them."

-Richard Forgarty, Department of History/Office of Undergraduate Education

Luis Paredes, Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies


"Information Literacy at UAlbany opens revolving doors for any sort of academic endeavor. The services provided by this office attends to students’ research and assignments needs. Innovation, charisma, interest and valuable attention are all found within."

-Luis Paredes, Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S.  Latino Studies


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