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UAlbany Libraries Commit Further to Sustainability

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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December 1, 2014

Contacts: Carol Lee Anderson, (518) 442-3546


Two new water stations that make it easy to refill a reusable water bottle have been installed on the first floor of the University Library--one near the reference desk and one near the north elevator.  The water is filtered as well, tasting just as good as, if not better than, bottled water that is sold commercially. Refilling water bottles reduces the number of plastic bottles sent daily to landfills.  

Liss Water Refill

Grad Student Liss Bussen refills her water bottle with filtered water at one of the University Library’s new water refill stations.

"I looked at the water refill station at Liberty Terrace last August and was so impressed that I immediately contacted Mary Ellen Mallia," Director of UAlbany’s Office of Environmental Sustainability, “about installing water refill stations in the University Libraries” says Carol Lee Anderson, Reference Librarian at the UAlbany Libraries.   The Office of Environmental Sustainability and the Facilities Energy Office provided the financial support and expertise for the installation of the water refill stations.



Water Fountain

"The Dewey Graduate Library at UAlbany's downtown campus had a water refill station installed last year," says Peter Recore-Migirditch, Assistant Director for Finance & Administration at the University Libraries. "We are planning to get water refill stations installed in the Science Library as well."




"It takes 1000 years for a plastic water bottle to degrade in a landfill," says Dr. Mallia. "I am pleased that the UAlbany Libraries provide more options for the campus community to refill their reusable water bottles."

Landfill of Plastic

  • Only one out of five plastic water bottles are recycled. The other four bottles contribute to three billion pounds of waste from plastic water bottles.
  • Seventeen million barrels of oils are used annually to produce plastic water bottles.


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