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Convicting the Innocent

Errors of Criminal Justice

by Edwin M. Borchard

Title Page


Table of Contents

Introductory Chapter & Notes


Herbert T. Andrews - Massachusetts

Adolf Beck - England

The Boorn Brothers - Vermont

Payne Boyd - West Virginia

William Broughton - Georgia

J.B. Brown - Florida

Louise Butler and George Yelder - Alabama

Benjamin Collins - Massachusetts

Condy Dabney - Kentucky

Evans and Ledbetter - California

Floyd Flood - Illinois

"Frenchy" (Ameer Ben Ali) - New York

Galindo, Hernandez, Mendival - California

Irving Greenwald - New York

William Habron - England

Hess and Craig - Missouri

Everett Howell - Illinois

Frank Howell - West Virginia

John A. Johnson - Wisconsin

Edward A. Kimball - Maryland

Oscar Krueger - New York Federal

Hugh C. Lee - Georgia Federal

Harvey Lesher, Mike Garvey, and Phil Rohan - California

Ernest Lyons - Virginia

Robert MacGregor - Michigan

Clarence LeRoy McKinney - Ohio

John Murchison - Alabama

Joseph Nedza - New York

Henry Olsen - Illinois

Pezzulich and Sgelirrach - New York

Willard Powell - Iowa Federal

James W. Preston - California

Lloyd Prevost - Michigan

Will Purvis - Mississippi

Shannon and Clements - Texas

Sission and Sullivan - Washington, D.C.

Oscar Slater - Scotland

Stain and Cromwell - Maine

Stielow and Green - New York

Percy B. Sullivan - Indiana Federal

James Sweeney - New Jersey

The "Sydney Men" (Thomas Berdue) - California

Lonzo Thornton - Ohio

Thorvik and Hughes - Minnesota

Andrew Toth - Pennsylvania

Vaught, Stiles, and Bates - Oklahoma

Moses Walker - Mississippi

Bill Wilson - Alabama

Sidney Wood - California

William Woods and Henry W. Miller Miller - Arkansas Federal

Supplementary Cases

J. Anthony Barbera - New York

Mary Berner - Illinois

John H. Chance - Massachusetts

John Chesterman, alias Christman - Massachusetts

Thomas Gunter - Mississippi

Edward L. Hicks - Missouri Federal

Elmer P. Jacobs - California

Louis Klass - Minnesota

John McManus - Massachusetts

Icie Sands - New York

George B. Slyter - Minnesota

Cornelius Usher - Massachusetts

Joseph Ward, alias Winston - Massachusetts

James Willis - California

Luigi Zambino - New Jersey Federal

State Indemnity for Errors of Criminal Justice



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