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Tips for Preventing Mold in Libraries

  • Monitor the environment 24/7/365 in collections storage areas
  • Monitor and routinely inspect problem areas (you can also use water alarms)
  • Don’t shelve or hang collections against outside walls - moisture condensation can be a problem
  • Waterproof basements and walls below ground level
  • Watch out for damp or stained ceiling tiles
  • Conduct regular inspection of drains, gutters; ensure rain water is draining away from the building
  • Ensure thorough drying and follow-up monitoring of any area affected by leaks/flooding
  • Segregate donations, archival acquisitions, and gift collections and inspect before shelving
  • Keep the RH between 40% and 60%
  • Most molds thrive at warmer temperatures. For patron comfort 70 degrees F ± 2 is fine as long as you can keep the RH at or below 60%.
  • Good air circulation will help prevent mold growth through drying via evaporation
  • Good housekeeping is essential (vacuum and dust regularly)