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Patron FAQ

What is the food and drink policy at the UAlbany Libraries?

The consumption of non-alcoholic beverages in covered containers is permitted in the University at Albany Libraries except in areas where “No Beverages Allowed” signs are posted. The consumption of snack-size food is permitted only in designated areas. Full meals, food deliveries, food parties and group meals are prohibited.

I dropped my library book in a puddle and it's now wet. What should I do?

Quick! Quick! Get that book back to the Library! Circulation staff know to bring these to the Preservation Department right away so they can be safely dried and reshaped.

Will I be held responsible if library materials become damaged while I have them checked out?

If the damage is severe (like, maybe your puppy chewed it up!) then you will be charged for the cost of replacing the book.

Is it okay to use a highlighter to mark the important sections of the library book that I've borrowed for next week's test?

No.  Highlighters cause permanent damage; Post-It Notes are also damaging.

I took a book off the shelf and it is missing pages. What should I do?

Please bring it to the attention of Circulation staff.