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Staff FAQ

What do I do if I find a damaged book?

Please bring it to the Circulation Desk at one of the three branches of the University Libraries.

Staff members charged with reviewing damaged books can consult the Preservation Repair Decision Tree

What should I do with a wet or moldy book?

Send it to us immediately! Moldy books should first be bagged in a zip-lock polyethylene bag (if you don't have any tell us and we'll send some to you). Handle moldy items as little as possible.

What are your procedures for managing brittle books and irreparable materials?

Preservation staff will do research to determine if these items have circulated, who owns copies, and if an appropriate replacement is available. Subject librarians help determine the best option - replace, withdraw, reformat, or transfer to Special Collections.

Do we have a preservation policy?

Yes! The Preservation Policy for University Libraries was approved by the Library Policy Group in April 2007 and last revised in July 2014.

Can I visit the Preservation Department?

Yes! We welcome visitors. Please contact us  to schedule an appointment.