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Use Restrictions and Withdrawals

VII. Use Restrictions and Withdrawals

  • Restrictions on public access to materials:
    • By default access to deposited works is unrestricted.
    • In exceptional cases, the repository manager may restrict access for up to 2 years.
    • Requests for restrictions should be sent to the repository manager.
  • Withdrawals: Content depositors have the right to request that their content be withdrawn from the repository.
    • Request should be directed to the repository manager and should include clear and detailed reasons for withdrawal as well as contact information sufficient for the repository manager to determine that the requestor is the content depositor.
    • After considering the request, the repository manager will notify the requestor either that the content has been withdrawn or that withdrawal is not appropriate.
    • Since the non-exclusive submission agreement preserves the author’s right to submit additional copies elsewhere, content should not be withdrawn because the author is no longer affiliated with UAlbany.
  • Withdrawal by UAlbany Libraries
    • UAlbany Libraries reserves the right to withdraw works that are libelous, invasions of privacy or that do not meet the criteria set out in section I of this document.
    • When responding to an outside request for withdrawal based on a copyright violation or a legal order, the repository manager will notify the depositor and temporarily restrict public access to the disputed content until the attendant issues are resolved.
  • Records for and copies of withdrawn items
    • Records for withdrawn materials will remain in the repository and information about the circumstances of the withdrawal (e.g., requestor, date and reason) will be added to their metadata.
    • Metadata for withdrawn materials will remain publicly searchable and discoverable.
    • Copies of withdrawn items will remain in the repository but will be inaccessible to the public and will not be reformatted or otherwise processed for preservation.

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