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Library Support

I. Responsibilities of the University at Albany Libraries


    1. The University at Albany Libraries will facilitate submissions by:

      1. Providing consoltation and instruction on metadata creation.

      2. Assisting depositors with submissions as staff resources permit.

      3. Notifying content contributors about significant changes to repository operations, policies, and procedures.

    2. The University at Albany Libraries will review all submissions for compliance with established policies and guidelines in order to ensure consistency of the IR and facilitate discoverablility.

    3. The University at Albany Libraries will maintain the repository by:

      1. Moving, removing and/or merging collections when necessary

      2. Reviewing the repository’s structure, metadata, policies and guidelines and changing and/or amending them as necessary

      3. Monitoring storage capacity and allocations

      4. Preserving content by migrating it to new formats and platforms to avoid obsolescence

II. Responsibilities of Content Depositors


  1. Content depositors will provide the following descriptive metadata for each item deposited:

    1. Author/creator

    2. Title

    3. Type of resource

    4. Abstract

    5. Keywords that describe the content

    6. Name of funder and grant numbers, if applicable

  2. In addition to the metadata in IX. A, depositors of data sets will provide a “readme” file that includes:

    1. List of software, including version, used to produce, render, and compress the data (where applicable)

    2. Contents of the submitted dataset, i.e., file names, formats and sizes of each file

    3. A brief description of the study for which the data were collected

    4. A description of the methods used to collect the data

    5. Descriptions of the types of data included in the set (e.g. raw/unanalyzed, processed/analyzed, rendered/visualized)

  3. If necessary, terms of use that require end users to cite and acknowledge the data creator(s)

  4. Citation and acknowledgement information if the data were generated by the depositor’s collaborator(s)

  5. A link to original data file for data sets derived from other work

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