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Intellectuals in Exile

Alvin Johnson

Alvin Johnson

In 1934, Alvin Johnson, with the help of his American friends and colleagues, created within the New School for Social Research a “University in Exile.” His hope was that the scholars he brought to the U.S. would become members of the American academic community, bringing about a greater unity between European and American scholarship. The success of his venture was evident as the name later changed to the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science. The University sponsored over 180 individuals and their families, some of whom remained at the New School, while some went on to other U.S. institutions.

Intellectuals in Exile: Refugee Scholars and the New School for Social Research, by Claus-Dieter Krohn, is the intellectual history of this group of social and political scientists and their significance and impact on both European and American social science.

Exhibited Curated by Mary Osielski, Special Collections Librarian, and Sandy Hawrylchak, Émigré Archivist

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