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VOLUME: 3.0 cubic feet

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Biographical Sketch

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Samuel B. Gould Papers
Biographical Sketch

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Samuel Brookner Gould was an American educator known for promoting expanded access to education through the use of non-traditional means, such as educational television, college teacher-mentor systems, and universities without walls.  Among his most important positions were the presidency of the Educational Broadcasting System (1962-64); the Chancellorship of the State University of New York (1964-70); and the chairman of the Carnegie Commission on Non-Traditional Study (1971-74).

Samuel Gould was born in Shelton, Connecticut, on October 11, 1910.  At the age of 16 he attended Bates College in Maine, where he was a general assistant to the president.  He graduated in 1930.  He attended Oxford University briefly in 1931 but left due to financial difficulties.  Gould worked for New England Telephone and Telegraph until he accepted a teaching position in English at William Hall High School in West Hartford, Connecticut (1932-38).  He also worked part time for a radio station.  In 1936, he married Laura Johanna Ohmen, a native of Finland.  From 1938 to 1947, Gould headed the department of speech at Brookline High School in Massachusetts while working on his Ph.D. from Harvard.  He had previously completed his M.A. at New York University.

Gould's doctoral work was interrupted by World War II.  He served in the Navy as a Lt. Commander, PTD, gaining honors.  After the war, he helped establish Boston University's Communications Department and served as an assistant to the president from 1951 to 1953.  In 1954, Gould became president of Antioch College in Ohio, a position he held until he was appointed Chancellor of the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1959.  UCSB expanded its academic program under his leadership.  In July of 1962, Gould became president of the Educational Broadcasting System in New York with the flagship station, WNDT-TV, channel 13.

In 1964, Gould was appointed chancellor of the State University of New York.  During his administration, SUNY underwent its greatest physical and academic expansion and consolidation.  Gould's vision for SUNY went beyond a desire to establish a traditional university system.  He included in the university system new technologies such as television and non-traditional study opportunities such as those provided by the Empire State College teacher-mentor system.  Under his tenure, the concept of granting academic credit for non-academic experience was initiated.

In 1970, Gould retired from SUNY, became Chancellor Emeritus and served briefly as a director at McKinsey and Company.  From 1971 to 1974, he served as the chairman of the Carnegie Commission on Non-Traditional Study which attempted to modify and set new goals for education.  During the 1970's Gould worked periodically with the Venezuelan Ministry of Education in developing that nation's university system.  He accompanied Vice President Rockefeller, a close personal friend, on his 1977 tour of Latin America.  From 1976 to 1977, he served as interim chancellor for higher education for the State of Connecticut.  He has also served as a trustee of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association and on the Commission for Post-Secondary Educational Planning in Florida. Gould died on June 11, 1997.

Samuel B. Gould Papers
Scope & Content Note

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The Samuel B. Gould Papers span the period from 1945, when Gould was in the Navy, to 1983 when he no longer held an official post but was still involved in educational projects.

The biographical series generally contains news and magazine clippings reporting events of his life, particularly his tenure as Chancellor at SUNY.  There are also some articles on Gould's wife and two interviews with Gould.  The news items contain few references to his ideas on the general direction of education.

By far the most extensive element in the papers are Gould's speeches, which cover the period of his presidency at Antioch College through his retirement.  Speeches were Gould's primary means of communicating his ideas and views.  Many of the speeches are repeated, with modifications for the audience and event, a process that was assisted by a 1969 condensed version of his ideas on education compiled by his SUNY staff.  His speeches discuss trends in educational techniques and philosophies, including developments in non-traditional approaches and the use of electronic media.  These also document the development of his programs for expansion at Antioch College, the University of California at Santa Barbara, the Educational Broadcasting System, the State University of New York, and the Carnegie Commission on Non-Traditional Study.

Samuel Gould's reports, published articles and books are generally extensions of ideas previously expressed in his speeches and lectures.  His thesis paper from the Naval War College (1945) shows his early appreciation for the value of the use of public relations as a mechanism to achieve institutional goals.  Gould's published works, Knowledge is Not Enough (1959) and Today's Academic Condition (1970), contain selections from his speeches and lectures, while Diversity by Design (1973), compiled by the Carnegie Commission on Non-Traditional Study to explain new trends in education, contains an introduction by Gould as chairman of the committee.  An unpublished 200-page monograph, "The Emerging Role of Management in Higher Education" (ca. 1962), explains Gould's view of the importance of management in directing and controlling modern education.  His SUNY annual reports document his agenda for the system.

The correspondence series consists primarily of Gould's letters to and from publishers concerning the technicalities of publishing his books.  Also included are copies and rough drafts of articles with revisions.  Of major importance is an entry to The Encyclopedia of Education titled "The Intellectual Role of the University in Our Society."  The series contains letters from friends and colleagues either requesting or thanking Gould for copies of his published works.  Few contain substantive comments on his writings.  There is no substantive correspondence with other educational leaders.

Samuel B. Gould Papers
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: Biographical Series.  1958-80.  0.1 cubic feet. Arranged chronologically.

The series contains newspaper and magazine articles and interviews relating to Gould's SUNY Chancellorship, his involvement on the Commission on Non-Traditional Study, and a 1980 interview covering his educational career.  Also included is a folder on the activities of his wife, Laura, and their son's marriage, mostly from 1964.

Series 2: Speeches.  1954-85.  2.5 cubic feet. Arranged chronologically.

Contains speeches of Samuel Gould as president of Antioch College (1954-59), Chancellor of University of California at Santa Barbara (1959-62), President of the Educational Broadcasting System (1962-64), Chancellor of SUNY (1964-70), Chancellor Emeritus (1970), Director at McKinsey and Company (1971), Chairman of Commission on Non-Traditional Study (1971-72), President of Institute of Educational Development/Research and a number of addresses he gave as a private citizen.  The main topics of the speeches were educational reform and university life.  The speeches from Gould's tenure as president of Antioch College are bound together in one volume.

Series 3: Reports and Published and Unpublished Works. 1945-70. 0.5 cubic feet. Arranged chronologically.

Contains articles, reports and rough drafts by Gould while a student at the Naval War College (1945), a consultant to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs (1961), President of the Educational Broadcasting Corporation (1962), Chancellor of SUNY (1964-70), and Chairman of the Commission on Non-Traditional Study (1973), relating to his interest in educational reform.  The series includes a summary of publicly expressed ideas with a bibliography and listing of speeches.  Also included is a carbon copy of an unpublished monograph entitled "The Emerging Role of Management in Higher Education" (ca. 1952).  The series also contains three books on the subject of educational reform.  Two were written by Gould, Knowledge is Not Enough (1959) and Today's Academic Condition (1970), and one, Diversity By Design (1975), was written jointly by the Commission on Non-Traditional Study.  Gould wrote the preface to this book.

Series 4: Correspondence.  1964-83.  0.1 cubic feet. Arranged chronologically.

This series contains correspondence between Samuel Gould and his publishers on the publication of his books, requests from editors of journals and magazines for permission to publish his writings, and a few letters from friends of Gould and his wife requesting copies of publications.

Samuel B. Gould Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Biographical Series, 1964-81

Box 1

1. "Head of Channel 13 Named State University President," New York Times, page one, second column and page 71, column 3, 5/22/64; "State University Swears In Gould," page 58M, 5/14/65
2. "State University Chief's Top Goal: Academic Excellence," Knickerbocker News, 9/2/64
3. "Welding 58 Schools into One Big University," Business Week, 10/17/64
4. "New York's Late Blooming State University," by Ronald Gross and Judith Murphy, Harper's Magazine, 12/66
5. "Profiles--A Certain Attitude Towards Change," New York Magazine, 11/18/67
6. "The Giant That Nobody Knows," Time, pgs. 43-48, 1/12/68
7. "Chancellor Samuel Gould and the State University of New York--Two Giants That Nobody Knows," Albany Times Union, 1/21/68
8. "Changes Coming in American Colleges," interview with Gould, U.S. News and World Report, 6/8/70
9. "Gould Questions College Process," review of Today's Academic Condition, Knickerbocker News, 6/26/70
10. "Who's Who in Higher Education," Change Magazine, 2/75
11. Interview at College of DuPage, IL, 4/16/80
12. Oral History Interview for Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America/College Retirement Equities Fund, at Sarasota, FL, 2/17/81
13. Various clippings on Mrs. Gould and family, plus the brochure, "A Celebration of Philanthropy," 1958-81
14. Introduction of commencement speaker, Aquinas College, circa 1976

Samuel B. Gould Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Speeches (chronological by position)

Box 1 (cont.)

15. President, Antioch College, 1954-59
Commencement, Antioch College, 6/19/54
"Maturity Is Mental," American Association of University Women, 3/24/55
Memorial Ceremony For Homer circa Corry, Antioch College, 5/31/55
"A President's First Year," Antioch College, 6/25/55
"Rome is Already Smoldering," Assembly, Antioch College, 11/22/55
"Albert Schweitzer: Faith Through Action," Worship Service, Antioch College, 6/3/56
"A Tree Bearing More Fruit," Assembly, Antioch College, 6/5/56
Open Statement to the Community, Antioch College, 3/27/56
"Religion and Higher Education," Student Worship Service, Antioch College, 1/22/56
"Turning the Hourglass," Yellow Springs Centennial, Antioch College, 1/22/56
"How Obsolete Is Higher Education?" Assembly, Oberlin College, 1/17/57
"Education's Many Mansions," Spellman College, Founders' Day Address, 4/11/57
"The Curriculum of the Individual--An Adventure In Growth," Elmira College, 4/12/57
"The Teacher in the World of Tomorrow," Commencement, New York State Teachers College, Geneseo, NY, 6/9/57
"Community Government: Its Meaning and Purpose," Assembly, Antioch College, 6/13/57
"Through a President's Periscope," Institute of College and University Administrators, Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, 6/26/57
Untitled, Antioch College, 9/57
"Mankind Is Our Business," Testimonial Dinner of Urban League of Cleveland, Ohio, to Mr. J. L. Wills, 10/12/57
"A Religious Perspective," Sunday Worship Service, 10/13/57
"Breaking the Thought Barrier," Western Personnel Institute, Pasadena, CA, 11/12/57
A Statement to the Community, Antioch, OH, 5/12/58
"Mankind Is Our Business," Sinclair College Commencement, Dayton, OH, 6/3/58
Remarks at Inauguration of President Kerr, Santa Barbara Campus, 10/3/58
"The Real Challenge of Population Growth," Council of National Organizations, 11/5/58
Memorial Service for Charles F. Kittering, 1876-1958, Antioch College, 12/4/58
"Broader Horizons for Interpreting Education," American College Public Relations Association, Far Western Branch, Santa Barbara, CA, 2/5/59
"Changing Patterns for Education," Santa Barbara, CA 2/10/59
"The Noblest Mission," Convocation, Ohio State University College of Education, 2/23/59
"Faculty and Student Participation in Administration,"Association for Higher Education, Chicago, IL, 3/10/59
"A President's Swan Song," Antioch College Assembly, 3/10/59
"Fanning the Embers," Charter Day Alumni Banquet, University of California, Riverside, 3/25/59
"Election for the New World," Charter Day, Riverside, CA, 3/25/59
"Tomorrow's Teacher," Tri County Public School Principals, Santa Barbara, CA, 4/14/59

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Series 2: Speeches (chronological by position)

Box 1 (cont.)

University of California at Santa Barbara, 1959-1960

16. "An Anchor or a Rudder," Assembly for New Students, U.C.S.B., 9/15/59
17. "To Sing With the General Voice," Citizens Committee Inaugural Banquet Address, 9/17/59
18. "The Level of Expectation," Inaugural Address, 9/18/59
19. "Mental Health--A Dimension in Education," Mental Health Association Banquet, 9/28/59
20. "Teacher Education--Substance and Spirit," Santa Barbara Public School Personnel, 10/3/59
21. "The Noblest Mission," Beverly Hills Unified School District, 10/14/59
22. "Man and Superwoman," Zonta International Annual Banquet, 10/17/59
23. "College Education: A Threshold to Maturity," Pasadena College Assembly, 11/5/59
24. "Education vs. Schooling," The University Explorer Radio Show, University of California Radio and Television Administration, Columbia Broadcasting System, 9:30 A.M., 11/8/59
25. "Daughters of a New Revolution," American Association of University Women Banquet, 11/17/59
26. "Adult Education: An Ingredient of Responsibility,"California Adult Education Administration, 11/21/59
27. "The Impact of College on Student Attitudes and Values,"Mt. San Antonio Junior College, Walnut, CA, 12/7/59
28. "Mankind Is Our Business," Boy Scout Recognition Dinner, Richmond, CA, 12/12/59 29. The Architectural Master Plan, circa 1959
30. "Fifth Annual Robert Flaherty Film Seminar," circa 1959-60
31. "Acceptance of the Gymnasium," circa 1959-60
32. "Mankind Is Our Business," Farm and Home Conference Banquet, University of California, Davis, 1/29/60
33. "The Student As Ambassador--Part II," American Field Service Regional Conference, Santa Barbara, 1/3/60
34. "The Teacher and the Curriculum," Institute Meeting for the Faculty of El Camino College, CA, 2/1/60
35. "The Splendor of Our Failures," Banquet, University Affiliates of U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, 2/15/60
36. "Faith and Contemporary Life," Religion in Life Banquet, 2/28/60
37. "Mankind Is Our Business," California Industrial Education Association, Los Angeles, 3/12/60
38. "Daughters of a New Revolution," California Association of Women Deans Annual Banquet, Coronado, 3/19/60
39. "Mankind Is Our Business," Charter Day, San Francisco Medical Center, University of California, 3/22/60
40. "Mankind Is Our Business," Pacific Palisades Civic League Banquet, Pacific Palisades, CA, 3/28/60
41. Remarks--Charter Day Banquet, U.C.S.B., 4/5/60
42. "The Promised Land," Charter Day Banquet, 4/5/60
43. "Educational Values in Cooperative Education," A statement for Study of Cooperative Education, 5/24/60
44. "A Goodly Outside," Commencement exercises, Upland College, Upland, CA, 5/28/60
45. "Report on Yugoslavia," American Association for the United Nations, Santa Barbara, 6/1/60
46. "Turning the Hour Glass," Commencement Address, U.C.S.B., 6/8/60
47. "The Exhilaration of Adversity," Commencement Exercises, Pomona College, Claremont, CA, 6/12/60
48. "Thirty Minutes From Oblivion," San Bernadino College Commencement, San Bernadino, CA, 6/17/60
49. "A Goodly Outside," Commencement Exercises, Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey, CA, 6/18/60
50. "The Essence of Accreditation," National Commission on Teacher Education, San Diego, CA, 6/22/60
51. Gould Memorandum for Insertion in a Handbook on Intramural Sports to be put out by the Men's Physical Education Department, 8/30/60
52. "Are the Liberal Arts Always Liberal?," Music Teachers' Association of California, Long Beach, 7/18/60
53. "Quality in Learning and Teaching," San Mateo School District Meeting, San Mateo, CA, 9/5/60
54. "Quality in Learning and Teaching," Alameda Teachers Institute, Alameda, CA, 9/8/60
55. "The Maturing Student in a Maturing University," Opening Convocation, 1960, U.C.S.B., 9/15/60
56. "The Intangible Ingredients," Tea for Women Affiliates, University Religious Conference, U.C.S.B., 10/21/60
57. "The True Measure of Growth," The Affiliates of the U.C.S.B., Organizational Dinner, 10/24/60
58. "A University View of the Junior College," Luncheon, California Junior College Association, Yosemite, CA, 10/26/60
59. "The Dimensions of a Teacher," California Schoolmasters Club San Francisco, CA, 11/22/60
60. "The Blessings of America," Goleta Community Service, San Marcos High School, 11/24/60
61. "Mens' Goals and Values in Society," Biennial Conference, U.C. Agricultural Extension Service, Asilomar, CA, 1/17/61
62. "Changing Pattern of Student Personnel Work," Western Association of Deans of Students, Mar Monte Hotel, Santa Barbara, CA, 1/27/61
63. "The Pursuit of Excellence--Appreciation of Excellence in Youth," Berkeley, CA, 2/24/61
64. "A New Innocence of Perception," Religion in Life Banquet, U.C.S.B., 3/5/61
65. "One Rung of the Ladder," Charter Day Convocation, U.C.S.B., 3/21/61
66. Chapter Day Banquet, Miramar Hotel, 3/21/61
67. "The Values We Live By," Annual Conference, California Association of Public School Business Officials, Los Angeles, CA, 4/10/61
68. "The Bed of Procrustes," Los Felis Hollywood Jewish Community Center, Los Angeles, CA, 4/20/61
69. "The Maturing Student in a Maturing University," Honors Convocation, University of Colorado, Boulder, 4/24/61
70. "The Citizen and the Educational Frontier," California Congress of Parents and Teachers, Los Angeles, CA, 5/3/61
71. "A University Administration View of University Extension," National University Extension Association, 5/7/61
72. "The Undertow of Progress," Commencement, U.C.S.B., 6/10/61
73. "The Exhilaration of Adversity," Commencement Exercises, Bakersfield College, 6/10/61
74. "The Exhilaration of Adversity," Commencement Exercises, Orange County State College, 6/11/61
75. "The Experimental Thrust in Higher Education," Princeton Conference on Work Study in Higher Education, Princeton, NJ, 6/28/61
76. "Life's Ennobling Dimensions," Commencement Exercises, Knapp College of Nursing, Santa Barbara, CA, 8/27/61
77. "The Student and His World," Opening Convocation, U.C.S.B., 9/14/61
78. "Patriot of the World," Memorial Service for Dag Hammarskjold, Santa Barbara, CA, 9/25/61
79. "Two Worlds Out of Many," Chapel Service, Thatcher School, Ojai, CA, 10/29/61
80. "Santa Barbara County's Diverse Economy," Salute to Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 11/8/61
81. "A New Window on the World," Thomas Alva Edison Foundation, Mass Media Awards Dinner, 2/2/62
82. "The Impact of Science Upon Education," Chancellor's Seminar, 2/6/62
83. "To Travel Hopefully," Chancellor's Report, Charter Day, Santa Barbara, CA, 3/13/62
84. "Undergraduate Study Abroad," Pacific Coast Conference on the University in World Affairs, Santa Barbara Inn, 3/16/62
85. "The Role of Education and Communication in a Free Society," American Labor Education Service Conference, New School for Social Research, New York City, 4/28/62
86. "The Sound of a Different Drummer," American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, 5/2/62
87. "Opportunities for Television in a Technological Age,"Institute for Education by Radio-Television, Columbus, Ohio, 5/3/62
88. "Education in America--An Un-Psychiatric Analysis," American Psychiatric Association, Toronto, Canada, 5/7/62
89. "A Citadel of Mind and Soul," Commencement, U.C.S.B., 6/9/62

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Series 2: Speeches (chronological by position)

Box 1 (cont.)

President, Educational Broadcasting Corporation, 1962-64

90. "Educational Television for the Community," Yeshiva University, New York City, 7/10/62
91. "Educational Television for the Community," Fordham Conference, Television in the Service of Education, Fordham University, New York City, 7/16/62
92. "Responsibilities of a Faculty," Rochester Institute of Technology, Faculty Conference, Rochester, NY, 9/13/62
93. Opening Remarks--Opening Broadcast, Channel 13, WNDT-TV, 9/16/62
94. "Adult Education: An Ingredient of Responsibility," Anniversary Dinner, Boston Center for Adult Education, Boston, MA, 9/27/62
95. "Educational Television: Neither Separate nor Equal,"International Radio and Television Society, Newsmaker Luncheon, Hotel Roosevelt, New York City, 10/10/62
96. "The Exhilaration of Adversity," Dinner, St. Regis Hotel, 10/25/62
97. "Intellectual Talent and the National Welfare," Association of American Medical Colleges, Los Angeles, CA, 10/29/62
98. "Television and Higher Education," Association of American Urban Universities, Louisville, KY, 11/5/62
99. "A Flavor for Our Daily Bread," Draddy Lecture, Hunter College, New York City, 11/7/62
100. "Education on a Tightrope," Institute on World Affairs, Santa Barbara, CA, 12/1/62
101. "A Flavor for Our Daily Bread," Brookline High School Assembly, Brookline, MA, 12/7/62
102. "The Educational Promise of Television," New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Boston, MA, 12/7/62
103. "Television and the American Values," Anthenaeum Lecture, Summit, NJ, 1/10/63
104. "Television and the American Values," Institute of Contemporary Arts, Washington, DC, 1/30/63
105. "The Educational Promise of Television," Maryland Board of Education, Baltimore, MD, 1/31/63
106. "The Student and the University," Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 2/8/63
107. "Fanning the Embers," Hunter College Alumnae Association, Americana Hotel, New York City, 2/16/63
108. "The Public Agency and the Community," Governor Conference on Public Service Agencies, Trenton, NJ, 3/6/63
109. "Education for Conservation--Another Kind of Wilderness," Biennial Wilderness Conference, San Francisco, CA, 3/9/63
110. "The Citizen's Role in Education," Parent-Teacher Associations, Westfield, NJ, 3/13/63
111. "Report to the Viewers--II," Telecast, Channel 13/WNDT-TV, 3/15/63
112. "New Horizons for the Teacher," Northern Illinois University, Congress of Classroom Teachers, DeKalb, IL,    4/27/63
113. "Educational Television: The Crucial Decade Ahead,"Educational Television in the Next Decade: A Seminar on Educational Television for Higher Education, Warrenton, VA, 4/28/63
114. "The Changing Pattern of Student Personnel Work," New York State Counselors Association, Syracuse, NY, 4/29/63
115. "Baptism by Fire," American Film Festival, New York Film Council, New York City, 5/2/63
116. "A Flavor for Our Daily Bread," Oberlin College Assembly, Oberlin, OH, 5/9/63
117. "Television and the Scholar," Phi Beta Kappa Dinner, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, 5/9/63
118. "The Undertow of Progress," Brooklyn College Commencement Exercises, 6/2/63
119. "A Flavor for Our Daily Bread," Bennet College Commencement Exercises, Millbrook, NY, 6/3/63
120. "Two Worlds Out of Many," Bronx Community College Commencement Exercises, Bronx, NY, 6/13/63
121. "Report to the Viewers--III," Telecast, Channel 13/WNDT-TV, 6/20/63
122. "A New Era for the Student Personnel Officer," National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, Evanston, IL, 6/25/63
123. "Life's Ennobling Dimensions," Commencement Exercises, Christ Hospital School of Nursing, Jersey City, NJ, 6/27/63
124. "Education: A Decade of Dilemmas," American Library Association, Chicago, IL, 7/18/63
125. "Education for Peace," American Association for the United Nations, Orange, NJ, 10/22/63
126. "Education for Peace," Hastings College Convocation, Hastings, NE, 10/29/63
127. "Dilemmas in Education--The Basis for Revolution," Educational Records Bureau, New York City, 10/31/63
128. "A Report to Our Viewers--IV," Telecast, Channel 13/WNDT, 11/8/63
129. "Renewal or Rebirth? An Appraisal of Responsibility," American Alumni Council, District 1, Chicopee, MA, 1/21/64
130. "Report to Viewers--V," Telecast, Channel 13/WNDT-TV, 8:30 P.M., 1/28/64, (Rebroadcast, 9:30 P.M., 1/31/64)
131. "Revolutionary Needs for Education," Convocation, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 4/23/64
132. "A Plan for Cooperation," Dinner given by Dr. Grayson Kirk, Union Club, New York City, 5/11/64
133. "Educational Television: An Opportunity for Community Action," Overseas Press Club, 5/20/64
134. "The Experimental Thrust in Education," Speech at New York University, School of Education, New York City,    6/10/64
135. "A Flavor for Our Daily Bread," Kingswoods School Commencement Exercises, Bloomfield Hills, MI, 6/13/64
136. "Television and the American Values," Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies, Aspen, CO, 6/30/64

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Box 2

Chancellor, State University on New York, 1964-70

1. Index of Speeches, 9/15/64-9/25/65
2. Message to Students, Fulton-Montgomery Community College, 9/15/64
3. "The First Rung of the Ladder," Annual Fall Conference, State University at Buffalo, 9/24/64
4. "The Experimental Thrust in Education," Council of School Superintendents, Grossingers, NY, 9/29/64
5. "The Two Year College: Performance and Promise," Two Year College Boards and Councils, Lake Placid, NY, 10/2/24
6. "Rededicating Public Education for the Future," Long Island Public Schools, Great Neck, NY, 10/4/64
7. "The Community College: Performance and Promise," Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY, 10/5/64
8. "The First Rung of the Ladder," Faculty, State University at Stony Brook, 10/8/64
9. "The Maturing Student in the Maturing University,"Students, State University at Stony Brook, 10/8/64
10. "Revolutionary Needs for Education," Connecticut State Dept. of Education, New Britain, CT, 10/15/64
11. "The Library: Mainstay of Intellect and National Welfare,"Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, Buffalo, NY, 10/16/64
12. "The Fork in the Road," Welcoming Dinner, Ten Eyck Hotel, Albany, NY, 10/27/64
13. "A Glass of Water in the Seven Seas," Educational Records Bureau, Hotel Roosevelt, New York City, 10/29/64
14. "The University As a Catalyst For Change," NYS Teachers Association, Ten Eyck Hotel, Albany, NY, 12/4/64
15. "An Unprofessional Prescription For Medical Education," Alpha Omega Alpha, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY, 1/18/65
16. "Daughters of a New Revolution," Mothers and Fathers Association, Albany Academy for Girls, Albany, NY, 1/20/65
17. "A Citadel of Mind and Soul," Mid-Winter Commencement Convocation, State University at Buffalo, 2/12/65
18. "Are the Liberal Arts Always Liberal?" Phi Beta Kappa, Albany, NY, 2/13/65
19. "The Student and the University," University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI, 2/25/65
20. "Society's Impacts Upon Education," Teacher's Conference, West Hartford School System, West Hartford, CT, 2/26/65
21. "Trees Bearing More Fruit," Alpha Xi Sigma Honorary Society, State University College of Forestry, Syracuse, NY, 3/17/65
22. "The State University and the Present Emergency,"Conference on Higher Education, Biltmore Hotel, New York City, 3/26/65
23. "The Noblest Mission," Eastern States Association for Teacher Education, New York City, 3/19/65
24. "A Case Study in Public Administration," American Society for Public Administration, Albany Chapter, Albany, NY, 4/13/65
25. "Education on a Tightrope," Association of University Professors, Cornell Chapter, Ithaca, NY, 4/21/65
26. "The Student and the University," Honors Convocation, State University College at Plattsburgh, NY, 4/23/65
27. Remarks and Dedication of Science Building, State University College at Plattsburgh, NY, 4/23/65
28. "The Academic Library: An Investment in Intellect,"Conference of SUNY Librarians, Corning Community College,Corning, NY, 4/29/65
29. "The Junior College: Foundation for Student Maturity," NYS Association of Junior Colleges, Garden City, NY, 4/30/65
30. Remarks--Dedication Ceremonies and 50th Anniversary, State University of Agriculture and Technology, Delhi, NY, 5/1/65
31. "New Urgencies in Health Care: An Educator's Assessment,"National League for Nursing, San Francisco, CA, 5/3/65
32. "The Library: Core of Conscience and Community," Mary circa Richardson Lecture, State University College at Geneseo, NY, 5/7/65
33. "A Fine Steel Wire of Truthfulness," Inauguration, Chancellor Gould, Lincoln Center, New York City, 5/13/65
34. "An Unprofessional Prescription for Medical Education,"Dedication, State University Hospital, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY, 5/24/65
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Box 3

> 1. Remarks--Fall Meeting of Presidents, Saratoga Springs, NY, 9/19/69
2. "The Academic Condition," Abstracts of Lectures 1, 2, and 3, Colgate Sesquicentennial, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY, 9/22 and 24/69
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4. "The Academic Condition: Lecture 2, The University Today: Architect of American Society," Colgate University, 9/23/69
5. "The Academic Condition: Lecture 3, The University Tomorrow, Reformist or Revolutionary," Colgate University, 9/24/69
6. Remarks--Inauguration of President Bluemle, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY, 9/26/69
7. Remarks--Dedication, Campus Activities Building, Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY, 9/26/69
8. Remarks--Inauguration of President Jones, State University College at Cortland, NY, 10/11/69
9. Introduction of Governor Rockefeller, Dedication Convocation, State University College at Fredonia, NY, 10/17/69
10. "Private and Public Higher Education: Diversity Without Division," Annual Meeting, Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities, Philadelphia, PA, 10/20/69
11. "Management in a Knowledge Society," 3rd International Conference of Management Consultants, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, 10/30/69
12. "Governance in Higher Education During the Seventies,"Sixth Annual Conference, The Leadership Roles of the Trustees, New York City, 2/10/70
13. Statement--Dedication, Edward H. Butler Library, State University College at Buffalo, NY, 4/14/70
14. "Retreat From Reason," Commencement, University of Pittsburgh, PA, 4/26/70
15. Closing Remarks--Annual Conference, Associated Councils of the Arts, St. Louis, MO, 5/23/70
16. "The Growing Assault on Reason," Commencement, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY, 5/28/70

Box 3 (cont.)

Chancellor Emeritus, SUNY, 1970-83

17. Index of Speeches and Articles, Chairman, Commission on Non-Traditional Study, 1970-1974
18. "Damn the Torpedoes--Full Speed Ahead!" Remarks Delivered at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Council on Education, 10/8/70
19. "Public Affairs and Continuing Education," Center For Continuing Education, University of Notre Dame, IN, 1/8/71
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28. "The Birth of a Non-Traditional Tradition," Annual Institutional Conference, Educational Testing Service, New York City, 10/30/71
29. "Financial Implications of Non-Traditional Study," Annual Conference, National Association of College and University Business Officers, New York City, 11/23/71
30. "The Anatomy of Non-Traditional Education," Annual Conference, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Miami, FL, (Chairman, Commission on Non-Traditional Study), 11/29/71
31. "Re-Focusing on the Future," Annual Conference, Academic Deans of the Southern States, Miami, FL, 11/30/71
32. "Developments in Non-Traditional Study," Governor's Conference on Post High-School Education in Florida, University of South Florida, Tampa, (Chairman, Commission on Non-Traditional Study), 12/7/71
33. "A Non-Traditional Tradition," Inauguration Address, Mercy College, Detroit, MI, 2/25/72
34. "Less Talk, More Actions (The Dangers and Possibilities of the External Degree)," Annual Conference, American Association for Higher Education, Chicago, IL, 3/6/72
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40. "The National Scene," New Jersey College Fund Association, Seton Hall University, 5/15/73
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42. "A Program in Education for a Changing Society," APEX background paper, 9/73
43. "Variety and Abundance: Are These Appropriate Educational Goals?" Educational Symposium, Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX, 11/2/73
44. Conference on "Liberal Arts College and the Experienced Learner," held at the Henry Chaucey Conference Center, ETS, Princeton, NJ, 12/12/73
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51. "Teaching Improvement Through Organizational Change,"International Conference on Improving University Teaching, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (President, Institute on Educational Development) 10/7/74
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54. "Changes in Attitudes Toward Learning," Prepare for Program in Education for a Changing Society, Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, 1/76
55. "Non-Traditional Education and the States: Strategies and Implications," Educational Commission of the States Conference, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston, MA, 5/17/76
56. "Higher Education: For Whom and By Whom?" Staff Development Seminar, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 6/1/76
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68. "Higher Education and the Information Society: Are We About to Miss the Brass Ring Again?" Human Values and Higher Education in the 21st Century, Breakfast Seminar Series, Buffalo, NY, 11/18/83
69. "Is it Really One Minute to Midnight?" Annual Convocation, SUNY at Albany, 4/23/85

Box 3 (cont.)

Series 3: Reports and Published and Unpublished Works,1945-1970 (arranged chronological)

70. Summary of Publicly Expressed Ideas, 1950-1969, includes a 70 page long version and 16 page condensed version
71. Bibliography of Speeches, 1950-1970
72. General Listing of Speeches, 1/25/55-5/28/70
73. "Post War Naval Establishment of the United States,"original thesis, Prepatory Staff Class, Naval War College, Newport, RI, 5/22/45
74. Letter for the News Press, University Edition, President, Antioch College, OH, circa 1959
75. For Frosh Bible, President, Antioch College, OH, circa 1959
76. Introduction to College Student Government, by Professor Gordon J. Klopf, circa 1959
77. "An Organizational Survey of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs," 1961
78. "A Broad Design For Educational Television," Educational Broadcasting Company President, 20 pages, 1962
79. "Extracts From Dr. Gould's Address `Fanning the Embers'" Hunter Alumni Quarterly, 4/63
80. "The Shaping of a University," Report of the President, State University of New York, 1965-66
81. "The Role of the Student in the Life of the University," NASPA Journal, 10/66
82. "Toward Full Maturity," Report of the Chancellor, SUNY, 1966-67
83. "The Modern University: Concerns for the Future," article, Science Magazine, 3/24/67
84. "Progress and Reappraisal," Report of the Chancellor, SUNY, 1967-68
85. "The Emerging Role of Management in Higher Education," monograph, approximately 200 pages, circa 1968
86. "Creation of the Future: Properties of Growth and Change," SUNY Master Plan Revised, 1968
87. "Into the Third Decade," Annual Report of the Chancellor, SUNY, 1968-69
88. "The Second Plateau," Annual Report of the Chancellor, SUNY, Introductory Section, 1969-70
89. "Perils and Promise of College for All," article for the New York Times, 1/12/70
90. "Chancellor's Panel on University Purposes: Background Paper on the Arts, Society and Education," by Gibson A. Danes, Dean of Visual Arts, SUNY at Purchase, Staff Member of the Chancellor's Panel on University Purposes, 5/27/70
91. Book review of Any Person, Any Study, by Sir Eric Ashby, 10/12/71
92. Review of "The Capitol and the Campus: State Responsibility for Postsecondary Education," a circaC.C.H. report 11/8/71
93. The Capitol and the Campus, State Responsibility for Post Secondary Education with letter, 11/8/1971
94. "The Prospects for Non-Traditional Study," article for Science Education News, 4/72
95. "Diversity By Design," abstract of major findings and recommendations, Commission on Non-Traditional Studies final report, 2/2/73
96. "Toward a Society of Life Long Learners," prepared for American Association of University Women Journal Magazine, 2/21/73
97. "Changing Patterns in Higher Education," sent to Marvin Lippman, U.S.I.A., 4/74

Box 3 (cont.)

Series 4: Correspondence, 1964-83 (arranged chronological)

98. "Higher Education in the Year 2000: Still Another Look Into the Future," article for Change Magazine, 6/75
99. "Independent Learning and the Future Role of Libraries," prepared for the American Library Association Yearbook, 12/75
100. Knowledge is Not Enough--Views on Higher Education, by Samuel Gould, President, Antioch College, Chancellor-elect of U.C.S.B., The Antioch Press, Yellow Springs, OH, 1959
101. Today's Academic Condition, by Samuel Gould, Chancellor, S.U.N.Y., Colgate Press, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York City, 1970
102. Diversity by Design, by the Commission on Non-Traditional Study, Samuel B. Gould, Chairman, Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, 1973
103. "The Teacher's Impact on the Curriculum," correspondence and writing for School and Society, 8/64-5/65
104. "University Television Comes of Age," correspondence and drafts for New York Times, 9 pages, 8/66-9/66
105. "The Role of the Student in the Life of the University," correspondence and writing for the NASPA Journal, 12/65-4/67
106. "The Emerging Role of Management in Higher Education," letter and writing for the Educational Broadcast Corporation, circa 1968
107. "The Intellectual Role of the University in Our Society," correspondence and writing for Encyclopedia of Education, with the Macmillan Company, 5/68-11/69
108. "Continuing Education in State University: Obligations and Responsibilities" prepared from a speech for printing in Continuing Education, and correspondence, 11/68-11/69
109. "Public Universities and the Future," correspondence and article for New York Times, 12/18/69
110. Assorted correspondence and writing, 1969
111. "The New Social Role of Graduate Education," correspondence and writing for The Graduate Journal, 4/69-6/70
112. Today's Academic Condition, correspondence on book's publishing with McGraw Hill and personal friends including Rockefeller, 5/70-7/70
113. "The Growing Assault on Reason," correspondence and writing for The Monitor, 6/70-8/70
114. Letter on book review Any Person, Any Study, to Lawrence Poston, editor, AAUP Bulletin, from Florence Kiey, executive assistant to Gould, 10/12/71
115. Assorted correspondence, 1964-70
116. Letter from Florence Kiey, assistant to Dr. Gould, to Marvin Lipmann, United States Information Service, on sending of a copy of Dr. Gould's address, "Changing Patterns in Higher Education," 4/74
117. Letter from Howard Clayton about interview at the college of DuPage, IL, 4/16/80
118. Correspondence from friends and acquaintances, 1979-83

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