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VOLUME: 11.1 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Rick Halperin in February 2001.

ACCESS: Access to this record group is unrestricted.

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Biographical Sketch

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Rick Halperin
Biographical Sketch

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Rick Halperin is the Director of the Southern Methodist University Human Rights Education Program. Rick holds degrees from George Washington University, Southern Methodist University and Auburn University. He has also studied at The Sorbonne in Paris, France. Rick has held numerous positions of importance in organizations concerned with human rights and social justice. He is a past Chair of the Board of Directors of Amnesty International, USA. He served on the Board of Directors for several organizations, including the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), Human Rights Initiative, Capital Punishment Investigation and Education Services, Jefferson-Titus Refugee Foundation, Center for Survivors of Torture and the International Rescue Committee. Rick’s awards and recognition include: Amnesty International Frederick Douglass Abolitionist Award; Dallas Peacemaker of the Year; DCTV Freedom of Speech Award; NCADP Grassroots Activism Award; NCADP Lifetime Abolition Achievement Award; SMU Robert O. Cooper Fellowship in Peace and Justice. Rick has been a member of TCADP since 1998.

Since 1972, Rick Halperin has been actively involved in the effort and struggle to abolish the death penalty in the United States. He works with many anti-death penalty organizations, capital defense attorneys, representatives of various communities of faith, newspaper editorial boards, victims' rights groups, members of the families of the condemned, and many death row inmates throughout the country. He is president of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. For more than a decade he has organized monthly anti-death penalty rallies in downtown Dallas. He was elected as a chairperson of the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA from 1992 to 1993. Halperin operates the Web site Death Penalty News and Updates. He is also devoted to other areas of human rights and has been working with a variety of organizations that seek improvements in human rights.

In his personal statement on the Journey of Hope Web site, Halperin stated, "My entire life has been spent defending and advocating the idea that there is no such thing as a lesser person, and that all persons, regardless of whatever they have done, still have and remain worthy of their inherent dignity and must not, for any reason, be tortured or be put to death."[2] Halperin still travels widely and speaks and monitors a variety of human rights concerns around the world. Over the past three decades, his uncompromising opposition to capital punishment has catapulted him to the forefront of the worldwide human rights movement.


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1. Stevens, Liz. "For Dear Life." National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, September 27, 2004. Accessed April 26, 2005 http://www.demaction.org/dia/organizations/ncadp/news.jsp?key=693&t=.
2. Halperin, Rich. "Rick Halperin's Bio." Journey of Hope, 2004. Accessed April 26, 2005 http://www.journeyofhope.org/old_site/rick_halperin's%20bio.htm.

Rick Halperin
Scope & Content Note

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This collection contains news clippings, newsletters, campaign materials, letters of plea, flyers and notices of rallies, research materials, organizational reports, and publications on the issue of the death penalty. The death penalty is documented in the U.S. as well as internationally including Europe, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Mexico, Vietnam, and China.

The major part of this collection is composed of news clippings, from 1982 to 2000. Rick Halperin collected news clippings on death penalty topics from diverse national and local newspapers, magazines, and websites, including media in other countries. The content of this news clipping collection is not limited to news reports on specific death sentence cases, but includes various statistical data and general opinions about the death penalty, debates and controversies on execution methods, news reports on rallies pertaining to capital punishment, and human rights issues of prisoners. In addition, interviews with prisoners scheduled to be executed and photographs of victims, criminals, execution facilities, and capital punishment abolitionists are included in this collection.

Another interesting part of this collection is materials from Amnesty International USA (AI USA). As one of the leading organizations to work towards the abolition of the death penalty, this organization has produced and disseminated diverse materials, including mailings, magazines, handbook for AI USA trainers, and research papers on death penalty related topics. For instance, Amnesty International USA's Urgent Action is a letter of notification seeking demonstrative action to abolish execution. This letter provides background information on an upcoming execution case and recommended activities against the execution.

The collection lacks information on Halperin's personal activities as a professor at Southern Methodist University and research papers written by him that would show his opinions on the death penalty. Also, absent are documents that would illuminate Halperin's personal life. However, in this collection, there are several short notes, prepared by Halperin, for briefing of Amnesty International USA and correspondence between him and other death penalty abolitionists. A small number of news clippings contain news reports about Halperin and interviews with him.

Rick Halperin
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: News Clippings, 1982, 1984-2000, 8.5 cubic ft., Arranged chronologically.

Series 1 consists of news clippings and magazine articles related to the death penalty issue, notices of rallies, fliers, and pleas written by death penalty abolitionists. The original order of materials, accumulated and grouped together by Halperin, was maintained.

The bulk of series 1 is news clippings and magazine articles. News clippings were photocopied on acid free paper and oversized news clippings were stored in original format covered by acid free papers. Several items, originally created in fax format, were scanned, modified, and printed on acid free paper because of severe paper deterioration. Included are several news clippings collected from newspapers in other countries, including France and Italy.

The news clippings from April 1990 to December 2000 are organized on a monthly basis. However, materials from March 1994 to December 1995 are grouped by individual death row cases.

Series 2: Court Reports, 1991-1999, .33 cubic ft., Arranged chronologically.

This series is a collection of photocopied court reports on death sentence cases from 1991 to 1997. These records were collected from Federal Reporter, 2nd or 3rd Series, Daily Appellate Report, and California Supreme Court. These records provide information on each death row case argued and determined in the United State Courts of Appeals.

These records are arranged chronologically, based on the date of execution or the record publication date. The documents from 1997 to 1999 are incomplete and there are several gaps in coverage. In several cases, the first page of a report is photocopied with the full page number reference. The full text is available in the University Libraries or through interlibrary loan.

Series 3: Court Files, 1988-1999, .33 cubic ft. , Arranged alphabetically.

This series contains court documents on the clemency petition of Robert Harris in 1992 and the clemency petition of Terry Washington in 1997, as well as other court records of several death row cases from 1989 to 1999. Court records were prepared and served by official court reporters.

Series 4: Organization Files, 1984-2000, .77 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

Series 4 is composed of organization files. The following organizations, advocating the abolition of the death penalty, are included: Amnesty International (AI), Amnesty International USA (AI USA), American Civil Liberties Union, Death Penalty Information Center, and NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Inc. The files are arranged alphabetically by the name of organization with materials within the files arranged chronologically.

The Amnesty International files includes C2, the campaigning magazine of Amnesty Informational, published on December 1996, and EINSPRUCH, the magazine of Amnesty Informational, Hamburg, in German, released in 1994 and 1995.

The Amnesty International USA files contains organizational reports, magazines, mailings from 1993 to 1995, newsletters, publications, campaign materials, and Halperin's notes for the briefing of the Amnesty International USA in 1987 and 1989.

The American Civil Liberties Union file includes an organizational brochure, reports, and newsletter. This organization is devoted to defend and preserve individual rights by litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom.

The Death Penalty Information Center is a non-profit organization serving the media and the public with analysis and information on issues concerning capital punishment. Included are research papers reported by this organization.

The NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Inc. was founded in 1940 for the purpose of working for racial equality and social justice through legislation. The files of this organization consist of bimonthly reports, Death Row U.S.A., from 1984 to1994, and a report, Judicial Record of Justice William Rehnquist. These reports contains various statistical data of death row inmates, information on the death penalty statutes of each state, and a list of death-sentenced prisoners with information on their gender, race, and execution method.

Series 5: Subject Files, 1982-1996 .17 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

This series consists of subject files on the cost of capital punishment and mental retardation topics. Each file contains news clippings, articles, research papers, and other materials related to each subject.

Series 6: Resource Files, 1983-2000, 1 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

This series includes conference materials, journals, magazines, newsletters of various death penalty abolition organizations, personal or organizational research papers, and miscellaneous materials. Miscellaneous files contain campaign materials, booklets, book pamphlets, publications, like an essay by a prisoner on death row, letters written by others on death penalty issues, and lists of executions. Material published in France and Switzerland is also included. The files are arranged alphabetically by categories of materials. Materials within the files are also arranged in alphabetical order by the title of each item.

Among the items collected by Halperin, materials owned by the University Libraries or available through interlibrary loan or online databases, were removed from the collection. However, items fitting this criterion that contain personal notes or letters were retained.

Items removed from collection:


The Crisis. New York : National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, v. 103, Issue 1, January 1996


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Ross, Michael B. "It's Time for Me to Die: An Inside Look at Death Row." The Journal of Psychiatry & Law, v. 26 (Winter 1998), 475-491.

Tabak, Ronald. "Penal Discussions: Human Rights and Human Wrongs: Is the United States Death Penalty System Inconsistent with International Human Rights Law?" Fordham Law Review, v. 67, no. 6 (1999), 2793-2825.

Rick Halperin
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: News Clippings, 1982, 1984-2000

Box 1

1. News Clippings, 1982
2. News Clippings, 1984
3. News Clippings, 1985
4. News Clippings, 1986
5. News Clippings, 1987-1988
6. News Clippings, 1989-February 1990
7. News Clippings, April 1990
8. News Clippings, May 1990
9. News Clippings, May 1990
10. News Clippings, June 1990
11. News Clippings, July 1990
12. News Clippings, August 1990
13. News Clippings, September 1990
14. News Clippings, October 1990
15. News Clippings, November 1990
16. News Clippings, December 1990
17. News Clippings, January 1991
18. News Clippings, February 1991
19. News Clippings, March 1991
20. News Clippings, April 1991
21. News Clippings, May 1991

Box 2

1. News Clippings, June 1991
2. News Clippings, July 1991
3. News Clippings, July 1991
4. News Clippings, August 1991
5. News Clippings, August 1991
6. News Clippings, September 1991
7. News Clippings, September 1991
8. News Clippings, October 1991
9. News Clippings, October 1991
10. News Clippings, November 1991
11. News Clippings, November 1991
12. News Clippings, December 1991
13. News Clippings, January 1992
14. News Clippings, January 1992
15. News Clippings, February 1992
16. News Clippings, February 1992
17. News Clippings, March 1992
18. News Clippings, March 1992
19. News Clippings, April 1992
20. News Clippings, April 1992

Box 3

1. News Clippings, April 1992
2. News Clippings, May 1992
3. News Clippings, May 1992
4. News Clippings, June 1992
5. News Clippings, July 1992
6. News Clippings, August 1992
7. News Clippings, August 1992
8. News Clippings, September 1992
9. News Clippings, October 1992
10. News Clippings, October 1992
11. News Clippings, November 1992
12. News Clippings, December 1992
13. News Clippings, January 1993
14. News Clippings, January 1993
15. News Clippings, February 1993
16. News Clippings, March 1993
17. News Clippings, April 1993
18. News Clippings, May 1993

Box 4

1. News Clippings, June 1993
2. News Clippings, June 1993
3. News Clippings, July 1993
4. News Clippings, July 1993
5. News Clippings, August 1993
6. News Clippings, August 1993
7. News Clippings, September 1993
8. News Clippings, October 1993
9. News Clippings, October 1993
10. News Clippings, November 1993
11. News Clippings, December 1993
12. News Clippings, January 1994
13. News Clippings, February 1994
14. News Clippings, February 1994
15. News Clippings, March-September 1994
16. News Clippings, 1995
17. News Clippings, January 1996
18. News Clippings, January 1996
19. News Clippings, February 1996
20. News Clippings, February 1996

Box 5

1. News Clippings, March 1996
2. News Clippings, March 1996
3. News Clippings, April 1996
4. News Clippings, May 1996
5. News Clippings, June 1996
6. News Clippings, July 1996
7. News Clippings, August 1996
8. News Clippings, September 1996
9. News Clippings, September 1996
10. News Clippings, October 1996
11. News Clippings, November 1996
12. News Clippings, December 1996
13. News Clippings, January 1997
14. News Clippings, February 1997
15. News Clippings, March 1997
16. News Clippings, April 1997
17. News Clippings, April 1997

Box 6

1. News Clippings, May 1997
2. News Clippings, May 1997
3. News Clippings, June 1997
4. News Clippings, June 1997
5. News Clippings, June 1997
6. News Clippings, July 1997
7. News Clippings, July 1997
8. News Clippings, August 1997
9. News Clippings, September 1997
10. News Clippings, October 1997
11. News Clippings, October 1997
12. News Clippings, November 1997
13. News Clippings, December 1997
14. News Clippings, December 1997
15. News Clippings, January 1998
16. News Clippings, January 1998
17. News Clippings, February 1998
18. News Clippings, February 1998
19. News Clippings, March 1998
20. News Clippings, March 1998
21. News Clippings, April 1998

Box 7

1. News Clippings, April 1998
2. News Clippings, May 1998
3. News Clippings, June 1998
4. News Clippings, June 1998
5. News Clippings, July 1998
6. News Clippings, July 1998
7. News Clippings, August 1998
8. News Clippings, August 1998
9. News Clippings, September 1998
10. News Clippings, September 1998
11. News Clippings, October 1998
12. News Clippings, October 1998
13. News Clippings, November 1998
14. News Clippings, November 1998
15. News Clippings, December 1998
16. News Clippings, January 1999
17. News Clippings, January 1999
18. News Clippings, February 1999
19. News Clippings, February 1999

Box 8

1. News Clippings, March 1999
2. News Clippings, April 1999
3. News Clippings, May 1999
4. News Clippings, May 1999
5. News Clippings, June 1999
6. News Clippings, June 1999
7. News Clippings, July 1999
8. News Clippings, July 1999
9. News Clippings, August 1999
10. News Clippings, August 1999
11. News Clippings, September 1999
12. News Clippings, October 1999
13. News Clippings, November 1999
14. News Clippings, December 1999
15. News Clippings, January 2000
16. News Clippings, February 2000
17. News Clippings, March 2000
18. News Clippings, April 2000
19. News Clippings, May 2000

Box 9

1. News Clippings, June 2000
2. News Clippings, June 2000
3. News Clippings, July 2000
4. News Clippings, August 2000
5. News Clippings, September 2000
6. News Clippings, October 2000

Box 10

1. News Clippings, November 2000
2. News Clippings, December 2000

Rick Halperin
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Series 2: Court Reports, 1991-1999

Box 1

1. Court Reports, 1991
2. Court Reports, 1992
3. Court Reports, 1993
4. Court Reports, 1994
5. Court Reports, 1995
6. Court Reports, 1996, 1997, 1999

Rick Halperin
Box and Folder List

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Series 3: Court Files, 1988-1999

Box 1

1. Clemency Petition of Robert Harris, 1992
2. Clemency Petition of Robert Harris, 1992
3. Clemency Petition of Robert Harris, 1992
4. Clemency Petition of Terry Washington, 1997
5. Court Files

a. Gary Graham Case, United State Court of Appeals 1988, 1992
b. Joseph M. Giarratano Case, Supreme Court of the United State, 1989
c. Kenneth Reed Smith Case, Opening and Closing Arguments, 1990

6. Court Files

a. Willie Lee Jester Case, Court of Common Pleas Franklin County, Ohio, 1992
b. R. J. Van Hook Case, Court of Appeals, First Appellate District Hamilton County, Ohio, 1992 and Letter from R. J. Van Hook to Abraham J. Bonowitz, 1994
c. Bruce Edwin Callins Case, United State Court of Appeals, February 1994
d. Dorsie Lee Johnson Bey Case, Supreme Court of the United State, 1996
e. Texas Special Issue System, Vernon's Texas Statutes and Codes Annotated Code of Criminal Procedure, 1996
f. Amendment to Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 3.112 Minimum Standards for Attorneys in Capital Cases, 1999

Rick Halperin
Box and Folder List

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Series 4: Organization Files, 1984-2000

Box 1

1. Amnesty International

a. C2, December 1996
b. Amnesty International Hamburg, EINSPRUCH, May, July, September/October, November/December, 1994, August/September, 1995

2. Amnesty International USA, Death Penalty Mailing, 1993
3. Amnesty International USA, Death Penalty Mailing, 1994
4. Amnesty International USA, Death Penalty Mailing, 1995
5. Amnesty International USA, Halperin Notes, 1987, 1989
6. Amnesty International USA, Human Rights Now, Campaign Papers, 1988
7. Amnesty International USA, Human Rights Now, Press Clippings, 1988
8. Amnesty International USA, Miscellaneous

a. Letter Writing Guide Sheet, undated
b. Amnesty International USA Advertising Posters, undated
c. Atlanta Olympics Death Penalty Action Papers, September 1995-July 1996

9. Amnesty International USA, News, 1995-1997
10. Amnesty International USA, Newsletters

a. Legal Support Newsletter, Spring 1994
b. Death Penalty Newsletter, 1995-1997
c. Abolition Network News, January/February, 2000

11. Amnesty International USA, Publications

a. Trainer's Handbook, 1991
b. Abolition Organizing Packet, 1998
c. Faith in Action, Abolition Resource for Congregations, 1998

12. Amnesty International USA, Reports

a. "The Death Penalty In International Perspective," December 1991
b. "Moving Towards a World Without Executions: Obstacles and Hopes," January 1992
c. "Open Letter to the President on the Death Penalty," January 1994
d. "Failing the Future," April 2000
e. "World Apart: Violations of the Rights of Foreign Nationals on Death Row Cases of Europeans," July 2000

13. American Civil Liberties Union

a. Race and the Death Penalty, Fall 1987
b. Capital Punishment Project: A Report on Its Functions and Activities, January 1992-March 1993
c. ACLU Abolitionist, Newsletter, v. 3, no. 2, April 1996
d. ACLU International Civil Liberties Report, May 1998

14. Death Penalty Information Center

a. "Millions Misspent: What Politicians Don't Say About the High Costs of the Death Penalty," October 1992
b. "Sentencing for Life: Americans Embrace Alternatives to the Death Penalty," April 1993
c. "Killing for Votes: The Dangers of Politicizing the Death Penalty Process," October 1996
d. "Innocence and the Death Penalty: The Increasing Danger of Executing the Innocent," July 1997
e. The Death Penalty in 2000: Year End Report, December 2000
f. "Chattahochee Judicial District: The Buckle of the Death Belt," undated

15. NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Report, Death Row US, 1984-1987
16. NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Report, Death Row US, 1988-1991
17. NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Report, Death Row US, 1992-1994
18. NAACP Legal and Educational Defense Fund, Report, Judicial Record of Justice William Rehnquist, 1992-1994

Rick Halperin
Box and Folder List

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Series 5: Subject Files, 1982-1996

Box 1

1. Cost of Capital Punishment, 1982-1990
2. Mental Retardation and the Death Penalty, 1985-1989, 1991, 1993, 1996

Rick Halperin
Box and Folder List

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Series 6: Resource Files, 1983-2000

Box 1

1. Conference Materials

a. National Conference on Wrongful Convictions and the Death Penalty, November 13-15, 1998
b. Living Our Faith, April 8-11, 1999

2. Journals

a. Journal of Prisoners on Prison, v. 5, 1993, v.6 1995
b. The Texas Observer, April 22, 1988

3. Magazines

a. Concepts, v. 10, No. 1, 3, 5, 1994
b. Das Magazin, v. 2, no. 48, 1995
c. Hands Off Cain, January 1994, October/December 1997, May/July 1998

4. Magazines

a. The Other Side, September/December 1997
b. The Plough, no. 42, 1995, no. 50, 1996
c. Passage, Spring 1996
d. Prison Life, June 1994
e. SOS Torture, March-April 1994
f. The Witness, v. 80, no. 9, September 1997

5. Newsletters

a. Case Matters, v. 3, issue 3, November 2000
b. The Executioner, October/December 1994
c. The Feather, Autumn 1995
d. FFL News and Notes, Spring 1996, January 1998
e. Justica, July/August 2000, September/October 2000
f. Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty, September 2000
g. Moratorium News, Summer/Fall 2000
h. NCADP National Execution Alert, December 2000
i. News about the Death Penalty, January 1996, February 1996
j. The New Jersey Abolitionist, April 20, 1996
k. Pennsylvania Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, Summer 1995
l. Florida Prison Legal Perspectives, May/June 2000
m. The Pilgrimage, September/October 1999, July/August 2000, September/October 2000, November/December 2000
n. The Quaker Abolitionist, Spring 1995
o. Resist Newsletter, December 2000
p. The Sentry, Summer 2000
q. VADP Action, v. 8, no. 2, Fall 2000
r. The Vision, April 2000
s. Washington Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, v. 15, no. 4, v. 16, no.1

6. Research Papers

a. Brown, Henry. "Ain't No Justice: Death Sentencing Issues in Oklahoma City," undated
b. Greene, Charla. "American Women Prisoners: Our Invisible Sisters," 1994

7. Research Papers

a. Phil Noble Associates. "Analysis of the Death Penalty and Political Campaigns," July 1992
b. Cambridge Survey Research Inc. "Attitudes in the State of Florida on the Death Penalty," May 1986
c. Grasmick, Harold G. and Bursik, Robert, Jr. "Attitudes of Oklahomans Toward the Death Penalty," December 1988
d. Haney, Craig. "Californians Attitudes About the Death Penalty," 1989

8. Research Papers

a. Aarons, Dwight. "Can Inordinate Delay Between A Death Sentence and Execution Constitute Cruel and Unusual Punishment?" Seton Hall Law Review, v. 29, no. 1, 1998
b. Harding, Roberta M. "Capital Punishment as Human Sacrifice," undated
c. Gilbert, Catherine. "Capital Punishment in New South Wales," 1993

9. Research Papers

a. Physicians for Human Rights, "Cruel and Inhumane Treatment: the Use of Four Point Restraint in the Onondaga County Public Safety Building Syracuse," New York, May 1993
b. Mello, Michael, "Death and His Lawyers: Crazy Joe Spaziano and the Death of the Florida Volunteer Lawyers Resource Center," August 1995
c. Mello, Michael, "Death and His Lawyers: Some Thoughts on the Reinstatement of Capital Punishment In New York State," undated
d. Gert, Heather J. "The Death Penalty and Victims Rights: Legal Advance Directives," undated
e. "The Death Penalty: An Issue for Moral Deliberation," 1990
f. Rosenberg, Karl H. "Death Row 1998, Texas, Arizona, California, Visits to Inmate, 1998
g. Cochran, John K. "Deterrence or Brutalization? : An Impact Assessment of Oklahoma's Return to Capital Punishment," July 1993

10. Research Papers

a. Aarons, Dwight. "Getting Out of This Mess: Steps Toward Addressing and Avoiding Inordinate Delay in Capital Cases," Northwestern University School of Law, v. 89, no. 1, Fall 1998
b. "History of the Victims and Crime," undated
c. House of Commons Official Reports. Parliamentary Debates, July 1993
d. Harding, Roberta M. "Human Sacrifice and Capital Punishment: Societal Values as Depicted in Literature," undated
e. Von Sturler, Alice. "An Introduction to the American Criminal Appellate Procedure in Death Penalty Cases," 1994
f. Bright, Steohen B. "Is Fairness Irrelevant?: The Evisceration of Federal Habeas Corpus Review and Limits on the Ability of State Courts to Protect Fundamental Rights," Washington and Lee Law Review, v. 54, no. 1, Winter 1997
g. Gert, Heather J. "Is it Rational to Support Capital Punishment?," October 2000

11. Research Papers

a. Streib, Victor L. "The Juvenile Death Penalty Today," October 1991
b. Mello, Michael. "Legal Ethics," Criminal Law Bulletin, undated
c. Mello, Michael. "A Letter on a Lawyer's Life of Death," South Texas Law Review, v. 38, 1997
d. Chaney, Ben and Domer, Matthew. "National Commission on Capital Punishment: A De Novo Review of Capital Punishment in the United States of America," undated
e. New York Public Opinion Poll: The Death Penalty Executive Summary, 1989
f. "Restorative Justice: A Discussion Paper on Crime and Justice," March 1990

12. Research Papers

a. Gross, Samuel R. "The Romance of Revenge: Capital Punishment in America," 1992
b. Smykla John, "Study of the Impact of Capital Punishment on Death Row Inmate Families," undated
c. Geyer, Anne B. "Study on Media Coverage of the Death Penalty," September 1989
d. Hartman, Joan F. "Unusual Punishment: The Domestic Effects of International Norms Restricting the Application of the Death Penalty," University of Cincinnati Law Review, v. 52, no. 3, 1983

13. Miscellaneous

a. Allridge, James V., III, Deadly Executioner, 1995
b. Death Penalty Kit, September 1991
c. Doss, Joe Morris. The Death Penalty - Law and Morality, Cases study, 1988
d. The Death Penalty: The Religious Community Calls for Abolition, undated
e. Death Row Inmates Active Roster, Florida Department of Corrections, February, 1995
f. D.H Heath, Pamphlet, undated
g. Endeavor Project, Memorandum, February 8, 1993
h. Execution List Update, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, June 23, 1995
i. Execution Witness List, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, August 1993
j. International Federation of Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture Action Campaign, "The Death Penalty In the USA," Camping Material, 1995

14. Miscellaneous

a. Instead of Prisons: Handbook for Abolitionists, Handbook, undated
b. The Lamp of Hope, Campaign material, undated
c. Letter by Michael Mello about Joe Spanziano Case, May 29, 1995
d. Letter by Michael Mello about Professor William Fischel's Views on Death Penalty, May 12, 1995
e. Letter by Tom Miller to members of the Iowa General Assembly with Death Penalty Background Information of Iowa Attorney General's Office, January 1997
f. Letters to Madeleine K. Albright about the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and Article 36, May 14, 1997
g. Lobby Against the Death Penalty, Campaign Material, May 1, 1997
h. Van Hoewijk, Japp. Procedure 769, Synopsis for a Documentary on the events Surrounding an Execution, August 1993

15. Miscellaneous

a. Reflections on Dead Man Walking, Booklet, 2000
b. A Saga of Shame: Racial Discrimination and the Death Penalty, undated
c. TASK, Texans Against State Killing, Campaign Material, April 1991
d. Trial for Life: A Manual for Volunteers Preparing Mitigation Evidence for Capital Murder Trials, July 1988

16. Miscellaneous, MRAP, Campagne Sauver Mumia, Campaign Material, 1995

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