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PAPERS, 1950-1978


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VOLUME: 11.65 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, , M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by James Joseph Delaney in 1978.

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Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content Note

Series Descriptions

Box and folder list:

James Joseph Delaney
Biographical Sketch

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James Joseph Delaney was born in New York City on March 19, 1901. He attended public schools in Long Island City, Queens and in 1931 received a law degree from St. John’s University. Between 1936 and 1944, Delaney served as an assistant to the Queens District Attorney’s office. Elected as a Democrat to the Seventy-ninth Congress in November 1944, Delaney was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1946 and resumed his law career thereafter. Delaney’s hiatus from politics was short-lived following his election to the 81 st United States Congress in 1948. Having been reelected to 14 succeeding congresses Delaney served as Congressman from Queens, New York from January 3, 1949 until his retirement on December 31, 1978.[1]

Delaney is noted for his campaign to have cancer-causing agents banned from food, drugs and cosmetics. Passed in 1958, the Delaney Amendment was a clause in the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that outlawed cancer-causing additives in food and commenced the federal government’s role in protecting the public from cancer. His amendment required the Food and Drug Administration to monitor for any chemical additives in food that were found to induce cancer in man or animals. Delaney became involved with this issue as chairman of the Select House Committee that conducted an investigation and study of the use of chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides in and with respect to food products in January 1949 and again in January 1951.[2] In 1996 Congress amended the Delaney Clause with the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) that changed the “zero risk” standard, which made no allowances, to one of “reasonable certainty.”

Delaney was frequently at odds with fellow Democrats over his votes against federal aid to education, support for public aid to parochial schools, school busing, and his support of the Vietnam War. As chairman of the New York City Congressional delegation in the mid-1970’s, he played a key role in shaping the federal legislation that helped rescue the city from its financial crisis by securing a 2.4 billion dollar low-interest loan.[3] His three decades in Washington catapulted him into the chairmanship of the powerful Committee on Rules in January 1977.

Delaney married Lola Mathis in 1939 and had a son, Patrick. Following his retirement in 1978 James Joseph Delaney was a resident of Key Biscayne, Florida until his death at his son’s home in Tenafly, New Jersey on May 24, 1987. Interment was in Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York.[4]



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James Joseph Delaney
Scope & Content Note

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The James Joseph Delaney Papers, 1950-1978, document Delaney’s extensive tenure in Congress. Elected in November 1948, Delaney remained in Congress until his retirement in December 1978. Delaney served as Congressman from Queens, New York and his three decades in Washington are distinguished by consecutive elections to chairman of the House Rules Committee and the addition of the 1958 Delaney Clause to the 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act .

The James Joseph Delaney Collection consists of 11.65 cubic feet and is arranged into two series. Series 1: Legislative Files is divided into three Sub-series: Sub-series 1: Chemical Additives in Food and Drug contains legislative files, news clippings and correspondence from Delaney’s campaign to have cancer-causing agents banned from food, drugs and cosmetics; Sub-series 2: Education Files focuses on Delaney’s support of Federal Aid for public and private education including the tuition voucher system and consists of news clippings, House Resolution (H.R.) jackets, and correspondence; and Sub-series 3: Subject Files consist of statements, releases, H.R. jackets and correspondence that relate to various political issues of interest to Delaney.

During his terms in Congress Delaney encountered a variety of legislative issues concerning chemical additives in foods and federal aid to education. In January 1949 and again in January 1951, Delaney became chairman of the Select House Committee which conducted an investigation and study of the use of chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides in and with respect to food products. Sub-series 1: Chemical Additives in Food and Drug includes news clippings, publications by Delaney and others, reports, and correspondence all of which are related to the fight against cancer-causing agents in food, drugs, and cosmetics. This series includes documents on antibiotics, asbestos, and fluoridation. Also included are correspondence, endorsements, hearings, releases and speech notes from the Select House Committee.

In 1952, growing concern over funding for private and public education led to Delaney’s involvement in a campaign for federal aid to education. Subseries 2: Education Files, includes correspondence, Congressional files, news clippings, publications, press releases, and statements by Delaney and others . Delaney corresponds with individuals and organizations about aid to private and public education. Notable correspondents include Hugh L. Carey, Cardinal Spellman and the Citizens for Educational Freedom . Delaney’s support for aid to education is well documented through his support of the Junior G.I. bill, a tuition tax credit , and the voucher system. Sub-series 3: Subject Files consist of statements, releases, H.R. jackets and correspondence that relate to other political issues. The folders in this series include H.R. jackets accompanied by correspondence, news clippings, press releases, and statements related to the issue. Each folder in this series concerns a potential legislation and includes related materials for decision makers. Topics include immigration, political prisoners, social security, taxes and much more.

Series 2: Communications includes speeches, statements and press releases given by Delaney and others. We retained a list of all H.R. jackets that Delaney was involved with but have disposed of the originals. As a representative from New York, Delaney had a continuous interaction with the media. Between 1958 and 1978, communication between Delaney’s office and the public were well documented. He issued press releases, speeches, statements, and other communication on many relevant topics . He discussed education, food additives, abortion, social security, the international drug trade and much more. Folders with H.R. jackets include correspondence and Delaney’s notes. Also, Series 1 contains audio and visual material, including an open reel recording and transcript of an August 1957, ABC interview, As We See It. The collection also includes transcripts of the ABC interview, a June 1962 NBC television and radio broadcast of Meet the Press with Abraham Ribicoff, and an April 1963 CBS broadcast The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson.

James Joseph Delaney
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: Legislative Files, 1950-1978,  Arranged chronologically.

Sub-series 1: Chemical Additives in Food and Drug, 1950-1978, 5.33 cubic feet

Arranged alphabetically, the folders in this series contain news clippings, publications, reports, and correspondence from Delaney’s efforts to have cancer-causing agents banned from food, drugs and cosmetics. Folder titles with H.R. jackets include correspondence and Delaney’s notes. Notable correspondents include Congressional colleagues, special interest groups and constituents.

Sub-series 2: Education Files, 1952-1978, 2.66 cubic feet

Arranged alphabetically the folders in this series describe Delaney’s fight for federal aid to education and his support of public aid to parochial schools. The series includes correspondence, Congressional files, news clippings, publications, press releases and statements by Delaney, Hugh L. Carey, Cardinal Spellman and others.

Sub-series 3: Subject Files, 1961-1977, 1.66 cubic feet

The folders in this series include H.R. jackets and related documents that include correspondence, news clippings, press releases, and statements. Each folder in this series concerns a potential legislation and related materials for decision makers.

Series 2: Communications, 1956-1978, Arranged chronologically, 2 cubic feet   Arranged chronologically.

The folders in this series are arranged chronologically and include speeches, statements, press releases and other communication between Delaney’s office and the media. Folders with H.R. jackets include correspondence and Delaney’s notes. Topics of statements and press releases include abortion, social security, and the international drug trade.


James Joseph Delaney
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Legislative Files, 1950-1978, Arranged alphabetically 1932-1943
Sub-series 1: Chemical Additives in Foods and Drug, 1950-1978, Arranged alphabetically

Box 1

1. Albright, Eugene, fluoridation, March 1963-1966
2. Anderson, Ernest, Greater New York Committee Opposed to Fluoridation, 1963-1972
3. Antibiotics in animal feed, Department of Health Education and Welfare (Department of Health and Human Services), April 19, 1973
4. Asbestos, July-November 1973
5. As We See It, ABC interview, August 1957. Includes open reel audio and transcript
6. Ask, Dr. David, fluoridation, July 1971
7. Astarita, Salvatore M., health foods, March 1968
8. Atlas of Cancer Mortality for U.S. Countries: 1950-1969
9. Blaszczak, Dr. Joseph, National Cancer Institute grant application, December 1965-March 1973
10. Bryan, Dr. George, August-September 1970
11. Cancer and the environment, January 1976
12. Cancer information crusade, August-October 1975
13. Cancer publications, 1970-1973
14. Chemical additives, 1951-1957
15. Chemical additives, 1958-1960
16. Chemical additives, 1961-1967
17. Chemical additives, 1969-1972
18. Chemical additives bill and report requests, March-December 1955
19. Chemical additives, aflatoxin, 1973-1974
20. Chemical additives, carrageenan/cyclamates, 1972-1974
21. Chemical additives legislation, January 1953-May 1957
22. Clippings, drug crisis, August 1970-July 1971
23. Clippings, Food and Drug Administration antibiotic scandal, 1960-1962
24. Clippings, fluoridation, 1952-1965
25. Clippings, food additives, 1970-1972
26. Clippings, tobacco and cancer, March-April 1964
27. Coal tar hair dyes, 1977-1978
28. Color additives (general), 1957-1963. Includes statements, clippings, TV show transcript
29. Color additives legislation, June 1959-July 1964

Box 2

1. Congressional Research Service (CRS), July 1972
1A. "Congressional Close-up", WCBS-TV and WCBS Radio, program transcript, May 11, 1957. Interview with Congressman James J. Delaney (NY), Congressman Frank C. Osmers (NJ), Congressman Alfred Santangelo (NY), and Congressman Vincent J. Dellay (NJ).
2. Consumer Protection Act of 1970, H.R. 18214, April-December 1970
3. Consumer study (Davenport), 1952-1961
4. Cosmetics, May-September 1962
5. Cosmetics CRS Info, January-June 1978
6-7. Cyclamate and saccharin, undated
8. DDT ration in foods, January 1966-1971
9-11. Delaney Amendment, 1970-1978. Includes photographs.
12. De Munn, M.F., January-June 1960
13. Department of Agriculture, February 1970
14. Department of Health Education and Welfare (Department of Health and Human Services), Cyclamates and saccharin, 1969-1973
15-16. Department of Health Education and Welfare (Department of Health and Human Services), food additives, April 1959-1962
17. Department of Health Education and Welfare (Department of Health and Human Services), Kefauver-Harris Drug Amendment of 1962, October 1962
18. Desmond, Ruth, Federation of Homemakers, 1962-1972
19-20. Diethylstilbestrol (DES), October 1971-February 1977
21. Diethylstilbestrol (DES) and early attacks on the Delaney Amendment, January 1956-1962
22-24. Drug and narcotic documents, September 1969-April 1973
25-26. Drug and narcotic traffic, documents/notes, May 1970-June 1971

Box 3

1. Drug Industry Act of 1962, S. 1552, 87th Congress, July-October 1962
2. Finch, Secretary Robert H., cyclamates, 1969-1970
3. Fish flour, September 1961
4. Flood, Daniel J., 1975-1976
5. Flood, Daniel J., hearings on National Cancer Institute, February 1976
6-8. Fluoridation, 1960-1972
9-11. Fluoridation, 1975-1976
12-14. Fluoridation and drinking water, 1977
15. Fluoridation defense, 1975
16. Food additives, 1969-1973
17. Food additives, January-June 1977. Testimony on nitrites, Congressional Research Service, and generally recognized as safe in foods list review
18. Food additives, February-August 1978
19-20. Food additives, amendments published in the Federal Register, 1962-1969
21. Food additives, Judiciary Committee, 1970-1974
22. Food additives, National Academy of Science, March-May 1973
23. Food additives, White House report, May 1960
24. Food and Drug Act, August 1962
25-26. Food and Drug Administration, April 1970-February 1971
27. Food and Drug Administration Museum Select Committee to Investigate the Use of Chemicals in Foods and Cosmetics, 1950-1952
28. Food and drug research laboratories, August 1962
29. Food, drug, and cosmetic legislation, 88th, January-November 1963

Box 4


1-2. Food labeling regulations, 1972-1973
3. Food Protection Act of 1972, S. 3163, 3295, 406, 91st -92nd, December 1969-January 1973
4. Food Protection Committee, November 1956-December 1959
5. Food safety, January 1971
6. Fountain, L.H., August 1975
7. Generally recognized as safe in foods (GRAS) list, January 1971
8. Generic v. prescription drugs, November 1975-June 1978
9. Glycine, January- May 1970
10. H.R. 366, 4432, 7700, 8112, 8390, 8629, 13254, Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 85th, January 1957- June 1958; H.R. 9521, To Define Chemical Preservative, 85th Congress, July 1958; H.R. 12437, Animal Feed, 87th Congress, July 1962;H.R. 11581, Drug Bill, 87th Congress, September 1962; H.R. 10409, 6846, Drug Bill, 88th Congress, June 1963-March 1964; H.R. 18074, Drug Bill, 91st Congress 1969-1970; H.R. 1235 Food, Drug, Cosmetic Amendments of 1967; H.R. 7798, 2245, 4475, 4014, Food additives bills, 83rd-85th January 1953-May 1957; H.R. 7042, 89th, Confectionery, April 1965; H.R. 5777, 5661, Cosmetic Bills, 88th, April 1963;H.R. 4990, Food Additive Pre-market Clearance, 92nd, February 1971
11. Health Bulletin, 1966-1967
12. Hueper, Dr. Wilhelm C., 1959-1970
13. Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act Amendments, October 1963
14. International Union against Cancer Symposium, Rome, August 1958
15. Jerard, Elise, 1970-1975
16. Kalade, Dr. Peter, April-May 1973
17. Kelsey, Dr. Francis O., Food and Drug Administration and thalidomide, August-September 1962
18. Kepone correspondence, January 1976
19. Laetrile, February 1977
20. La Vine, Louis A., January 1966
21. Letter to the editor of the New York Times, December 1963
22. Meyer, Dr. Grace Townsend, February 1970
23. Mick, Dr. Robert H., correspondence, 1966-1968
24. Mick, Dr. Robert H., summary of Piess communications, 1971-1972
25. Mick, Dr. Robert H., fluoridation background material, undated
26. Mider, Dr. G.B., August 1970
27. Mirex, Kenneth Grant, September-October 1971
28. Mobbs, Dr. Robert F., 1969-1971
29. Muckerman, Chris J., 1970-1972
30. National Cancer Act, S. 1828, 91st-92nd, April 1970-December 1971
31-32. National Cancer Institute, report on 2, 4-diaminoanisole sulfate, January 1978
33. National Cancer Program, June 1977
34. National Commission on Water Quality, November 1975-March 1976
35-36. National Health Federation, 1970-1972
37. National Health Federation, misc. correspondence, July 1975-December 1976

Box 5

1. National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Act of 1976
2. N.Y. state chemical additive legislation, proposed, 1957-1959
3. N.Y. stock exchange rule 394, November 1975
4. Organic Consumer Report, 1969-1972
5. “Peril on Your Food Shelf” by Delaney, July 1951
6-7. Pesticides, 1965-1971
8. “The Poisons in Your Food”, March 1960
9. Publications, June 1958-1970
10. Recycling, June 1971
11. Red dye no. 2, October 1975-January 1977
12. Richardson, Dr. Howard L., August 1970
13. S-79, sorrespondence, March 1959
14. Saccharin, February-June 1970
15-17. Saccharin, June 1977-January 1978
18. Saccharin press conference by Food and Drug Administration April 1977
19-20. Saccharin final report, July 1978
21. Saffiotti, Dr. Umberto, April 1970
22. Select Committee, 1950-1952
23-24. Select Committee, November-December 1954
25. Select Committee, cities and civic bodies, 1953-1954
26. Select Committee clippings and research materials, 1951-1952
27. Select Committee, correspondence 1950-1960
28. Select Committee, endorsements, April 1951- May 1952
29. Select Committee, hearings, October 1951-November 1952

Box 6

1. Select Committee, legislation, 81st-82nd, 1951-1952
2. Select Committee, libraries, January 1953-August 1954
3. Select Committee, releases, April 1951-June 1952. Includes photograph
4. Select Committee, speech notes, January 1951
5. Select Committee, universities and doctors, 1952-1960
6. The Silent Spring of Rachel Carson, CBS reports, April 1963. Includes transcript
7. Spinrad, Mrs. Rhea, March 1966-August 1972
8. Stahile, Toni, cosmetics, June 1966-February 1972
9. Stewart, Dr. Howard L., August 1970
10-11. Vitamin supplement, 1966-1969
12. Wiley, Dr. Harvey, July 1962
13. Zaratzian, Dr. Virginia, Food and Drug Administration, 1971-1972

John James Delaney
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Legislative Files, 1950-1978, Arranged alphabetically
Sub-series 2: Education Files 1952-1978, Arranged alphabetically

Box 7

1. The American School Board Journal, June-July 1971
2. Archdiocese of New York, integration in Catholic schools, August 1966
3. The Blaine Amendment, January 1970
4. Catholics in politics and public office, January 1954
5-6. Catholic organization publications, 1950-1975. Includes American National Catholic Weekly Review; The Catholic Historical Review; Catholic Standard and Times; National Catholic Welfare Conference, Catholic School Administrators Association of New York State, National Conference of Christian and Jews
7-8. Blum, Reverend Virgil C., January 1962-April 1967
9. Carey, Hugh, L., April 1962-September 1963
10. Citizens for Educational Freedom, February 1970-August 1972
10A. Citizens relief for education by income tax, memorandum, September 1972
11. Clippings, June 1894
12. Clippings, educational video, January 1967
13. Clippings, for and against federal aid to education, 1955-1970
14-15. Clippings, federal aid to education, 1960-1965
16. Clippings, federal aid to education, 1970-1972
17. Clippings, Office of Economic Opportunity/ Junior G.I. bill, 1969 -1970
18. Clippings, Our Sunday Visitor, 1960-1965
19. Clippings, Kent State, 1970-1971
20. Clippings, religious affiliations, 95th Congress, December 1976
21. Clippings, religious discrimination in education, May 1971
22. Clippings, school aid obstruction, June 1961
23. Clippings, the Supreme Court decision on prayer, 1964
24. Clippings, tuition tax credit, 1977-1978
25. Congressional Budget Office, January-October 1977
26. Congressional record, School Assistance Act of 1961, May 1961; Kennedy Education Bill, August 1961; A New Approach to Educational Aid/Aid to Education, August 1961-January 1962 (sealed envelope); Congressional Record, Federal Aid to Education 1962; Federal Aid to Education, March 1962; Aid to Education, June 1962; Extension, August 1962-January 1963; Federal Aid to Education 1963; Health Professionals Educational Assistance Act 1963, April 1963; Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963, August 1963; Higher Education Act of 1965, August 1965; Attacks to undermine voucher plan, February 1971; Tuition Tax Relief Act, May-September 1977
27. Congressional Research Service, legislative status checklist, April-June 1971
28. The Conservative Party of New York, on Federal Aid, October 1966
29. Constitutional amendments, July 1963
30. Cusack, Lawrence, May 1963
31-32. Danahy, Joseph, December 1961-September 1967
33. Debate, Bailey, John and Miller, William E., August 1961
34. Delaney and aid to education, research paper by student, 1961-1963
35. Delaney’s Junior G.I. Bill/H.R. 320, February 1962-1964
36. Delaney’s Junior G.I. Bill/H.R. 320 requests, February 1963-July 1964
37. Delany, Frank J. June 1961-October 1963

Box 8

1. Delaney legislation, bills introduced, 91st-94th Congress, October 1970
2. Delaney legislation, 95th Congress, May 1972-November 1976
3. Duggan, Mae, December 1967
4. Dure, Leon, January 1962-March
5. Dwight, M.E., July-August 1967
6-10. Education Research and Statistics, 1965-1970
11. Education Research and Statistics, 1970-1972
12. Education Research and Statistics, 1973-1976
13-14. Education vouchers, February 1970-1971
15. Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, April 1977
16. Elementary and Secondary Education Act Title I Programs (Report), 1974-1976
17. [no folder]
18. Federal aid to education, December 1961-October 1963
19. Federal aid to non public schools, Constitutional background, 1960-1965
20. Federal aid to non public schools, Constitutional background, 1966-1971
21. Federal aid and catholic schools publications, 1960-1965
22-24. Federal aid to parochial schools, 1961-1970
25. Federal aid to parochial schools, New York, February 1970-1972
26. Federal documents on church and state issues, 1960-1970
27. Federal education programs, Washington Memo, February 1970-December 1971
28. Federal legislation and education in New York state, November 1976-1977
29. Fuller, Edgar, March 1964

Box 9

1. Galvin, Thomas F., March 1962-January 1963
2. Gilligan, William, January-February 1962
3. Health Professions Educational Assistance Act, August 1962-May 1963
4-5. Higher Education, correspondence, June 1972
6. Higher Education Facilities Act of 1962, August 1963-April 1964
7. Higher Education Student Assistance Act, S. 1567, 1568, 2490, 3140, February 1963-August 1964
8. Higher Education and National Affairs, 1971-1972
9. H. Res. 591, Aviation: Resolution Commemorating Lindberg Flight, 95th Congress, May 1977. Includes correspondence and press release; H.R. 8103, Transportation Projects for National Parks, 95th Congress, June 1977; H. Con. Res. 318, Summer Olympic Games 1984, 95th Congress, July 1977. Includes correspondence and a Congressional Record; H.R. 8628, Summer Olympic Games Authorization Act of 1977, 95th Congress, July 1977; H. Res. 8754, Unemployment Compensation Cost Equalization Act, 95th Congress, August 1977; H.R. 9561, Veterans’ Educational Equity Act, 95th Congress, October 1977; H. Con Res. 811, Lou Gehrig Disease Resolution, 95th Congress, October 1977; H.R. 10512, Allow FDA to Ban Hair dyes, 95th Congress, January 1978; H. Res. 1012, Providing Funds for the Committee on Rules, 95th Congress, February 1978, Pacific/Asian American Heritage Week Resolution, September 1977, Resolution against Taxation of Fringe Benefits, September 1977, U.S. Relations with Communist Vietnam, September 1977
10. Legislative outline 91st-94th Congress, January 1975
11. Little, Msgr. Thomas, November 1966
12. Maryland case, federal aid to education, September 1963-November1966
13. McCaffrey, J.B., 1962-1969

Box 10

1. Meet the Press, Ribicoff, Abraham, NBC television and radio broadcast, June 1962. Transcript.
2. National Council of Independent Colleges and Universities, July1971
3. National Education Association, 1965-January 1972
4. Non-Government Aid to Education, June 1965
5. President Nixon’s education message, March 1970
6. Publication, New York State Education Department, 1971-1976
7. Office of Non Public Education, July 1977
8. Old St. Peter’s Church, monograph Series, 1785-1935
9. Parochiaid, November 1969-February 1972
10. Powell, Adam C., June-August 1963
11. Religion and the Constitution, June-October 1962
12. Ribicoff, Abraham, March-October 1962
13. The role of catholic schools, 1967
14. Spellman, Cardinal, January1962-September 1964
15. Tuition tax credit, February-March 1978
16. Tuition vouchers/Junior G.I. Bill 1975-1977
17. The voucher system, 1971
18. Woodman, Robert P., January-February 1967

John James Delaney
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Legislative Files, 1950-1978, Arranged chronologically
Sub-series 3: Subject Files, Arranged chronologically

Box 11

1. H.R. 7904, National Defense Education Act Amendment of 1961, 87th Congress, May-July 1961
2. H.R. 8471, Educational Assistance Act of 1961, 87th Congress, May-August 1961
3. H.R. 8900, College Academic Facilities Act, 87th Congress, August 1961
4. H.R. 8890, Emergency Educational Aid Act, 87th Congress, August-September 1961
5. H.R. 9896, School Children’s Assistance Act of 1962, 87th Congress, January 1962
6. H.R. 10180, 10390, 87th Congress, February 1962. H.R. 10180, Educational Finance Act of 1962,
7. H.R. 3000, National Education Improvement Act of 1963, 88th Congress, January 1963
8. H.R. 4955, Vocational Education Act of 1963, 88th Congress, March 1963-January 1964
9. H.R. 6074, “Shared Time”/ National Defense Education Act of 1958, 88th, May-June 1963
10. Rule Committee Resolutions: 86th-88th Congress, 1st Session, 1964
11. H. Res. 33, Joint Committee to Investigate Crime, 91st, January 1969
12. H.R. 165, Irish Immigration, 91st, January 1969
13. H.J. Res. 381, Susquehanna River Basin Compact, 91st Congress, February 1969
14. H.J. Res. 482, Mid Atlantic States Air Pollution Control Compact, February 1969
15. H.R. 6489, Head of Household Tax Bill, 91st, February 1969
16. H.R. 14944, 6201, 2572, H. Con. 572, February 1969-May 1972 H.R. 14944, To Separate Social Security from Welfare Reform and Add 20% Cash Increase, May 1972, H.R. 6201, To Prohibit Obscene Mail, 91st, February 1969, H.R. 2572, U.N. Expenses for NYC, January 1971, H. Con. Res. 572, Israeli Aircraft, 91st, April 1970
17. H.R. 3550, H. Res. 226, 616, H.R. 12513, February 1960-October 1973 H.R. 3550, To Disregard 20% Social Security Increase for Purpose of Passing Along Public Assistance Benefits, 93rd, February 1973, H. Res. 226, Condemning Execution of Jews in Iraq, 91st, February 1969, H. Res. 616, Peace Negotiations in the Middle East, 93rd, October 1973, H.R. 12513, To Provide Social Security Benefits Exclusive of Welfare Provisions, 92nd, January 1972
18. H.R. 6745, 9940, 337, 4244, 14853, 13648, February 1969-October 1975 H.R. 6745, To Increase Exemption to $1200, 90, February 1969, H.R. 9940, Tax Relief for Singles, 94th, October 1975, H.R. 337, Tax Relief for Singles, H.R. 4244, Tax Relief for Singles, 93rd, February 1973, H.R. 14853, Tax Relief for Singles and Married Working Couples, 92nd, May 1972, H.R. 13648, Single Persons Tax Relief, 92nd, March 1972
19. H.R. 9124, 9172, 8769, 9505, 91st, March 1969 H.R. 9124, Increased Burial Expenses for Vets, H.R. 9172, National Cemetery System, H. R. 8769, Newspaper Preservation Act, H.R. 9505, To Control Commuter Immigrants, 91st, March 26 1969
20. H. Res. 350, Select Committee on Bureau of Budget, 91st, March 1969
21. H.R. 3769, 4923, 8276, 1265, 3912, March 1969-February 1975 H.R. 3769, Federal Employees Insurance Benefits, 94th, February 1975, H.R. 4923, Social Security Coverage for Federal Employees, 93rd, February 1973, H.R. 8276, Higher Education Tax Bill, 91st, March 1969, H.R. 1265, Prohibit Most Favored Nation Treatment to Nations Who Deny Citizens (Soviet Jews) Right to Emigrate, 94th, January 1975, H.R. 3912, Oppression of Soviet Jews, 93rd, February 1973
22. H.R. 10297, Encourage Shipbuilding, 91st, April 1969
23. H.R. 10859, Tax Exemption: Servicemen in Korea, 91st, May 1969
24. H.R. 6980, 11188, 5738, 12688, H. Con. Res. 677, May 1969-April 1973. Includes H.R. 6980, To Liberalize Eligibility Requirements of Blind Persons to Receive Disability Insurance Benefits, 93rd, April 1973, H.R. 11188, Liberalize Social Security for the Blind, 91st, May 1969, H.R. 5738, Payment of Chiropractors under Social Security, 92nd, March 1971, H.R. 12688, Prohibit Cigarette Smuggling, 92nd, January 1972, H. Con. 677, Collection of Foreign Debt, 92nd, August 1972
25. H. Con. Res. 320/89, Ethnic Slander, 91st-92nd, August 1969-January 1971
26. H. Con. Res. 356, Prisoners of War, 91st, September 1969
27. H. Con. Res. 513, H.R. 13667, 16998, September 1969-October 1972 H. Con. Res. 513, Anti Smut Day, 92nd, January 1972, H. R. 13667, Limitations of Court Jurisdiction in Cases of Obscenity, 91st, September 1969, H.R. 16998, Freedom of Immigration in the Soviet Union
28. H.R. 14554, the Disposal of Nickel from the National Stockpile, 91st, October 1969
29. H.R. 15092, 15424/15640, 91st, December 4, 1969, H.R. 15092, To Revise Immigration, H.R. 15424/15640, To Amend Merchant Marine Act
30. H. Con. Res. 483, Israel, 91st, January 1970
31. Correspondence, H. Res. 843, Committee on Education, February 1970
32. H.R. 16127, Increase in Rail Road Retirement Annuities, 91st, February 1970
33. H.R. 15828, To Prohibit the Disposal of Waste in New York Bight, 91st, February 1970
34. H.J. Res. 1118, To Establish a Joint Committee on Environmental Technology, 91st, March 9, 1970
35. H.R. 16796, To Establish Marine Sanctuaries, April 1970
36. H.R. 17221, H.R. 16946, To Amend the Clean Air Act, 91st, April 1970
37. H.R. 17277, S. 3135, Aid to American Indians April-June 1970
38. H.R. 17697, Hurricane Protection, 91st, May 1970
39. H.R. 17827, Orderly Trade in Textiles and Leather Footwear, 91st, May, 1970
40. Correspondence, Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, 93rd Congress, July 1970
41. H.J. Res. 1305, H.R. 11638, H. J. Res. 1045, July 1970-June 1974 H.J. Res. 1035, Waterfront/Airport Commission Compact, 91st, July 1970, H.R. 11638, Policeman’s Bill of Rights, 93rd, November 1973, H.J. Res. 1045, Eleanor Roosevelt’s Birthday, 93rd
42. H.R. 18972, Public Employees Relations Act, 91st, August 1970
43. H.J. Res. 4, Joint Committee on the Environment, 92nd, January 1971
44. H.J. Res. 225, National Week of Concern for P.O.W.S, 92nd, January 1971
45. H.R. 128, Delaney’s School Children’s Assistance Act of 1971, 92nd, January 1971
46. H.R. 1750, Lead Based Paint Poisoning Prevention Program, 92nd, January 1971
47. H.R. 165, Irish Immigration, 92nd, January 1971
48. H. Con. Res. 123, Vietnam Prisoners, 92nd, February 1971
49. H. Con. Res. 153, Public Health Service Hospitals, 92nd, February 1971
50. H.R. 3490, To Establish a National Cancer Agency, 92nd, February 1971
51. H.R. 4709, Indian Tribes Benefits, 92nd, February 1971
52. H.R. 4826, Exemption of Pension and Annuity Income, 92nd, February 1971
53. H. Res. 327, Select Committee to Investigate Energy Resources, 92nd, March 1971
54. H. Con Res. 418, H.R. 16569, H.R. 322, H.R. 14375, March 1971-June 1976 H. Con Res. 418, Calling for the American People to Boycott All French Products (Drug Traffic), 92nd, October 1971, H.R. 16569, To Tax and Otherwise Control Explosives, 91st, March 1970, H.R. 322, Require Disclosure of Ingredients on Food Labels, 94th, January 1975, H.R. 14375, Arab Boycott Bill,
55. H.R. 8543, Gateway National Recreation Area, 92nd, May 1971
56. H. Res. 465, Rule on H.R. 8293 (International Coffee Agreement), 92nd, June 1971
57. H. Res. 558, Select Supreme Court Study Committee, 92nd, July 1971
58. H.R. 10741, To Authorize the Secretary of the Interior to Establish the Gardiners Island National Monument, 92nd, September 1971
59. H. Res. 635, Irish Resolution, 92nd, October 1971. Includes correspondence
60. H. Res. 663, F-4 Aircrafts to Israel, 92nd, October 1971. Includes correspondence Gerald Ford
61. H.R. 11248, Prescription Drugs Under Medicare, 92nd, October 1971
62. H.R. 11690, National Marine Mineral Resource Trust, 92nd, October 1971
63. Correspondence, H.J. Res. 949, Appreciate America Day, November 1971
64. H.R. 1257, Coastal Hazards in the Atlantic Ocean, 92nd, December 1971
65. H.R. 12207, Deportation of Aliens on Welfare, 92nd, December 1971
66. H.R. 12160, Northern Irish Relief Act of 1971, 92nd, December 1971
67. H.R. 12477, Directing FCC to Investigate AT&T, 92nd, January 19, 1972
68. H.R. 334, 450, 16555, 12690, January1972-1975 H.R. 334, Tuition Tax Credit for Private Non Profit Schools, 94th, January 1975, H.R. 450, Tuition Tax Credit, 93rd, January 1973, H.R. 16555, Tuition Tax Credit, 92nd, September 1972, H.R. 12690, Tax Credit for Non Public School Tuition, 92nd, January 1972
69. H.R. 13224, Protect Diplomatic Mission in NY, 92nd, February 1972
70. H.R. 12802, Maritime Academy Students as Navy Reserve Shipmen, 92nd, February 1972
71. H. Con. Res. 555, Ukrainian Churches, 92nd, March 1972
72. H.R. 6486, Clean Lakes Act, 92nd, March 1972. Includes S. 1017
73. H. Con. Res. 13684, Urban Mass Transit Assistance, 92nd, March 1972
74. H.R. 13963, Aircraft Crimes, March 1972. See H.R. 1256
75. H. Res. 864, 1266, 14586, 11482, 7440, April 1972-May 1973 H. Res. 864, Informal House Textile Committee Resolution, 95th, October 1977, H.R. 1266, Establish Office of Consumer Affairs, 94th, January 1975, H.R. 14586, To Provide for the Prevention of Cooley’s Anemia, 92nd, April 1972, H.R. 11482, Establish Day Lights Savings Time Year Round, November 1973, H.R. 7440, To Expand the Authority of National Institute of Arthritis, 93rd, May 1973
76. H.R. 15193, Retarded Children Education, 92nd, May 1972
77. H.R. 15734, Bill of Rights for Mentally Retarded, 92nd, June 1972
78. H.R. 15776, Training Ship for Board of Education, 92nd, June 1972
79. H. Con. Res. 663, Prisoners of War, 92nd, August 1972
80. H. Res. 1085, Rule For Consideration of H.R. 15927, Increase Rail Road Retirement Annuities, 92nd, August 1972
81. H.R. 16381, Council on Energy Policy, 92nd, August 1972
82. H.R. 17072, 16555, Public and Private Education Assistance, 92nd Congress, August-October 1972
83. H. Con. Res. 697, Condemn Soviets for Ransoming Jews, 92nd, September 1972
84. H. Res. 1135, Rule on H.R. 1121 (Gateway Sea Shore), 92nd, September 1972
85. H.R. 16682, Highway Trust Funds of Urban Transportation, 92nd, September 1972
86. H.R. 1418, 16533, 15130, 342, September 1972-1975 H.R. 1418, To Eliminate Social Security Earnings Limitation, 93rd, November 1973, H.R. 16533, To Assure Social Security Increase for Aged, Disabled, Etc., 92nd September 1972, H.R. 15130, SSI Reform Bill, 93rd, May 1974, H.R. 342, Eliminate the Earnings Test for Social Security, January 1975
87. H. Res. 1151, Polish Constitution Day, 92nd, October 1972

Box 12

1. H.R. 446, Tuition Voucher Proposals, 93rd, January 1973
2. H.J. Res. 290, 261, Anti Abortion-To Protect the Unborn, the Aged, and the Incapacitated, 93rd, February 1973
3. H.R. 5590, Fire Research and Training, 93rd, March 1973
4. H.R. 5708, Right of Conscience in Abortion Procedures Act, 93rd, March 1973
5. H.R. 6008, To Amend the Economic Stabilization Act, 93rd, March 1973
6. H.R. 9541, 5755, 14590, H. Res. 803, March 1973-June 1976 H.R. 9541, Mass Transit Use Income Tax Deduction, 94th, September 1975, H.R. 5755, To Suspend Importation of Liquefied Natural Gas, 93rd, March 1973, H.R. 14590, Auto Insurance Foreign Resident (NY), 94th, June 1976. H. Res. 803, Protest U.N. Statement Re: Zionism, 94th, October 1975
7. H.R. 6786, Research Institute for Dysautonomia, 93rd, April 1973
8. H.R. 9016, Hurricane Flood Protection and Beach Erosion Control at East Rockaway Inlet to Rockaway Inlet and Jamaica Bay, New York, 93rd, June 1973
9. H.R. 8739, NY Harbor Collection and Removal of Drift, 93rd, June 1973
10. H.R. 10020, Federal Funds to Provide Police Protection for 25th Anniversary of United Nations, 93rd, August 1973
11. H.R. 10211 Vitamin + Mineral Supplement Bill, 93rd, September 1973
12. H.R. 10831/10844, To Amend the Export Administration Act, 93rd, October 1973
13. H. Con. Res. 719, H. Res. 1484, H.R. 11920, December 1973-August 1976 H. Con. Res. 719, Place North Korean Armistice Violations before U.N., 94th, August 1976, H. Res. 1484, Condemn Treacherous Acts of North Korea and Extend Condolences to Families of 2 slain G.I.’s, 94th, August 1976, H.R. 11920, To Require Food Labels to Disclose All Ingredients, 93rd, December 1973
14. H. R. 9652, 13190, March 1974-September 1975 H.R. 9652, Uniform Federal Welfare and Medicaid Assistance Act of 1975, 94th, September 1975, H.R. 13190, Federal Participation in Costs of Social Security Program, Increase Contributions, 93rd, March 1974
15. H. Res. 1120, To Condemn Terrorist killings of Israeli Children, 93rd, May 1974
16. H.R. 16202, To Establish in the Department of HUD a Housing Enforcement Assistance Program to aid Cities and Municipalities in the More effective Enforcement of Housing Codes, 93rd, July 1974
17. H. Res. 540, Panama Canal, 92nd, July 1974
18. H. Con. Res. 649, Ukrainian Intellectuals Moroz, Valentyn & Plyushch, Leonid, September 1974
19. H.R. 17492, Tax Exempt, the First $500 of Interest Earned in Certain Savings Institutions, 93rd, November 1974
20. H.R. 330, 325, 2292, 321, 323, 1263, 1266, 328, 331, 332, 94th, January 1975 H.R. 330, Oil Imports no U.S. Flag Vessels, H.R. 325, Deportation of Aliens on Welfare, H.R. 2292, Prohibits Employment of Illegal Aliens, H.R. 321, Curb Narcotics Traffic, H.R. 323, Vitamin Bill, H.R. 1263, Prohibit Federal Funds for Research on Human Fetus, H.R. 1266, Establish Office of Consumer Affairs, H.R. 328, Prohibit Cigarette Smuggling, H.R. 331, Veteran’s Pension Benefits, H.R. 332, NY Harbor Removal of Drift
21. H.R. 3470, 12598, 751, 763, 1077, Education Tax Bill, 93rd-94th, January 1975- March 1976
22. H. Con. Res. 159, Soviet Occupation of Baltic Nations, 94th, February 1975
23. H.R. 3968, Release Impounded Highway Trust Funds, 94th Congress, February 1975
24. H.R. 4888, Small Business Loans, 94th, March 1975
25. H.R. 5483, Hudson River Compact Commission, 94th, March 1975
26. H. Res. 74091, Illegal Aliens, 94th, May 1975
27. H. Con. Res. 315, 41,221, Ukrainian Intellectuals Moroz, Valentyn & Plyushch, Leonid, June 1975
28. H.R. 9096, Vitamin Bill (Update of H.R. 323), 94th, July 1975
29. H.R. 10435, 15733, Prohibit NYC Bridge Tolls Order by EPA, 94th, October 1975
30. H. Res. 830, Honoring Bob Hope, 94th, October 1975
31. H. Con. Res. 472, Baltic Resolution, 94th, November 1975
32. H.R. 10600, Young Adult Conservation Corp, November 1974, 94th, November 1975
33. H. Res. 865, Rule on H.R. 10481 (NYC Bill), 94th, November 1975
34. Correspondence, Fur Conservation Institute of America, November 1975
35. H. Res. 902, 907, 94th, December 1975. H. Res. 902 Rule on S. 95 (Overseas Voting Rights), H. Res. 907, Panama Canal
36. H. Con. Res. 550, Second Brussels Conference, 94th, February 1976
37. H. J. Res. 900, Thomas Jefferson Day, 94th, April 1976
38. H. Res. 1168, Solidarity Sunday, 94th April 1976
39. H.R. 13490, 1980 Olympic Winter Games, 94th, April 1976
40. H. Con. Res. 637, Ukrainian Intellectual Moroz, Valentyn, 94th, May 1976
41. H.R. 13900, Rehabilitation, Act Amendments, 94th, May 1976

Box 13

1. H. Res. 1281, 1308, 1350, 1293, 94th, June 1976, H. Res. 1281, Hearings on the Future of Telecommunication Policy of the Nation, H. Res. 1308, Closing of Post Offices, H. Res. 1350, Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, H. Res. 1293, Soviet Jews- Package Restrictions,
2. H.R.14509, Senior Citizen Lease Termination, 94th, June 1976
3. H.R. 15683, Restrictions on Diplomatic Immunity for Foreign Embassy Personnel, 94th, September 1976
4. H.R. 15804, Bridge Safety Act of 1976, 94th, September 1976
5. H.R. 15838, Federal Matching Funds for Tree Planting and Preservation, 94th, October 1976
6. H.R. 2639, 30, 181, 327, 331, 333, 337, 821, 1474, 1477, 2701, 2640 95th, January 1977. H.R. 2639,Extended Public Works Employment Act, Counter Cyclical Aid, H.R. 30, Young Adult Conservation Corps, H.R. 181, Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights, H.R. 327, Truth in Food Labeling Act, H.R. 331, Prohibit Cigarette Smuggling, H.R. 333, To Amend Title II of The Social Security Act, H.R. 337, Uniform Welfare and Medicaid Assistance Act of 1977, H.R. 821, Middle Aged and Older Workers Training Act of 1977, H.R. 1474, Deportation of Aliens on Welfare, H.R. 1477, Social Security Coverage for Federal Employees,. H.R. 2701, Restriction on Diplomatic Immunity, 2640, Economic Development Revenue Bond Act
7. H. Res. 36, 213, 28, 95th, January 1977, H.Res.36, Solidarity Sunday with Jews, H. Res. 213, President’s Policy on a Nuclear Test Ban, H. Res. 28, Persecution of Hungarians in Romania
8. H. Con. Res. 12, The release of Ukrainian Intellectual Moroz, Valentyn, 95th, January 1977
9. H. J. Res. 271, 1071, National Volunteer Firemen Week, 95th, February 1977
10. H.R. 2853, 2938, 3003, 95th, February 1977, H.R. 2853, Federal Matching Funds for Tree Planting and Preservation, H.R. 2938, Extend EPA Deadline for Water Pollution Control Funds, H.R. 3003, National Meals on Wheels Program
11. H.R. 3146, 3907, 4121, 4135, 95th, February 1977, H.R. 3146, Medicare Coverage for Prescription Drugs (Outpatient), 95th Congress, H.R. 3907, Bridge Safety Act of 1977,H.R. 4121, Allow Workers Covered by Pension Plan to Invest in an IRA, H.R. 4135, Prohibit NYC Bridge Tolls Order By EPA.
12. H.R. 4237, to designate the Veterans Administration Hospital at St. Albans as the “Henry Schuman Veterans Hospital”, 95th Congress, March 1977
13. H.R. 5616 Accelerated Depreciation Allowance Act of 1977, 95th Congress, March 1977
14. H. Con. Res. 165, Ukrainian Churches, 95th Congress, March 1977
15. H. Con. Res. 174, Dr. Sergei Kovalev, 95th Congress, March 1977
16. H.R. 5414, Supplemental Appropriation: Home Health Service and Multi Purpose Senior Centers, 95th, March 1977
17. H.R. 6423, Volunteer Firemen- Exemption from Excise Taxes, 95th, April 1977
18. H. J. Res. 409, National Grandparents Day, 95th, April 1977
19. H. J. Res. 458, National Gifted and Talented Children’s Week, 95th Congress, May 1977
20. H.R. 766, Reform of the Administrative, Organization and Legislative Management Services of the House, 95th, September 1977
21-22. Correspondence, Obey Commission- House Administration, September 1977
23. H.R. 10974, 12546, 9035, 9492, 7488, 95th, September 1977-1978. H.R. 7488, Toll Free Calling

John James Delaney
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Communications, 1956-1978, Arranged chronologically

Box 14

1. Federal Aid to Education, H.R. 1 –Welfare Reform, Tuition Tax Credit to Ways and Means, Statements 91st-95th Congress Release and Statements, Undated
2. [Federal Aid to Education?], Press Releases and Statements, 1955-1962
3. Federal Aid to Education, Power Memorial Academy, New York, Statement, February 1956
4. Committee on Food Additive Bill, Statement, March 1957
5. Chemicals in Our Food can Cause Cancer (Aramite Chemical Speech), Statement, April 1958
6. Food Additives, Statement, April-October 1958
7. Delaney in Opposition to use of Citrus Red NO2 for Coloring Oranges, Statement, March 1959
8. Food Additives, Statements, 1960-1961
9. Food Additives Amendment of 1958, Statement, February- March 1961
10. Citizens for Educational Reform, Statement, March 1961
11. Federal Aid to Education Statement, August 1961
12. Disadvantaged Poor: Education and Employment-Chamber of Commence, Release, January 1962
13. “School Children Assistance Act”, Federation of Italian American Democratic Organization, Statement, January 1962
14. Federal Aid to Education, Catholic Lawyers Guild, New York, Catholic Associates of NYLIC Catholic War Veterans, Statement, February-May 1962
15. Spellman, Cardinal, Release and Statement, May-August 1962
16. Ribicoff, Abraham, Statement, May 1963
17. Delaney on Education (General), Statement, 1963
18. Reverend Drinan, Robert, Statement, January 1963
19-20. The National Education Improvement Act of 1963, Statement by others, January-June 1963
21. Drug Control Act of 1964, Release and Statement, June 1963.
22. Cosmetics and consumer protection Release and Statement, August 1963
23. Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963, Statement, Delaney and others, October 1963
24. Federal Aid to Education, Statement, October 1963
25. Joint Hearings on Fluoridation City of New York, Statement, November 1963
26. President Johnson, Lyndon B., Press Release, January 1964
27. Fuller, Edgar, Statement, February 1964
28. Whelan, Charles M., Statement, February 1964
29. Zirkel, Don, Statement, April 1964
30. Keppel, Francis, Statement, July 1964
31. Democratic National Convention, Statement, August 1964
32. Drug Abuse Control Amendments, Release, February 1965
33. Statement, February-March 1965
34. Statement, February-March 1966
35. New York City Firemen, Statement, April 1966
36. Delores Cook, Eulogy, May 1969
37. Chemicals in Foods, Release August 1969
38. School Children’s Assistant Act, Statement Delaney and others, October-November 1969
39-40. Delaney and Others, G.I. Bill, Statement, November-December 1969
41. FDA and Cyclamates, Statement, June 1970
42. Ukrainian Independence, Voucher Plan H.R. 128, Mercury Pollution, Tribute to Speaker McCormack, Statement, January 1971
43. Rockefeller’s Support of Non Public School Aid, Reply to Attacks on Vouchers, Cancer Agency Bill, Statement, February 1971
44. Byelorussian Independence, National Week of Concern for POW/MIAs, Senator Buckley Dinner, Statement, March 1971
45. Happy Birthday Farley, Jim, Romanian Independence Day, Statement, May 1971
46. Senator Dodd, Thomas J., Eulogy, June 1971
47. Interview with Farley, James A.., June 1971
48. Illegal International Trade in Drugs, Reimbursement to NYC for U.N., Opening of the Astoria Social Security Office, Halting of Seal Killing, Statement, July 1971
49. Statements, September 1971
50. 15th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution, Expulsion of the Republic of China from the U.N., Illegal Aliens, North Ireland, Honorable Farley, James A., Asking American People to Boycott French Products until Drug Traffic from Marseilles is eliminated, Statement, October 1971
51. St. Alban’s Naval Hospital, Statement, November 1971
52. Christianson, Curtis, Statement, December 1971
53. Duffy, Thomas in Belfast, To Demand Release of American Citizen Held in North Ireland, To Create a Joint Committee to Study Problems, Release, December 1971.
54. Farley, Jim, Insertion, January 1972
55. Social Security, Telephone Rates Release, January 1972
56. Blood Banks, Anti Smut Day, Ukrainian Independence, Queens Chamber of Commerce, Tuition Voucher, Statement, January 1972
57. Social Security Increase, Visa for Resident of Northern Ireland, Chemicals Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Bulova Watch Statement, Chemicals Cyclamates, Saccharin and Animal Feeds, Statement, February 1972
58. Honorable Forand, Aime J., Eulogy February 1972
59. Letter to the President on Voucher Proposal, Stilbestrol DES, Release, February 1972
60. Congressman Timble, Eulogy, March 1972
61. Extension of Remarks, Senator Buckley, March 1972
62. Aircraft Crimes, Army Band to St. Patrick’s Day, Maspseth Library Release, March 1972
63. Byelorussian Independence, Illegal Aliens, Northern Ireland, Science Winner Dora Lee, Northern Ireland, Statement, March 1972
64. Civil Service Retirees, Irish Contribution, Statement, April 1972
65. Cooleys Anemia, Aid to Handicapped, Urging Freedom for Simas Kudirka, Release, April 1972
66. Hoover, J. Edgar, Eulogy, May 1972
67. Wyckoff Heights Hospital Remarks, Queens County VA Hospital, Boulevard Gardens, Disabled American Veterans, Statement, May 1972
68. Separating Social Security from Welfare and Including 20% Boost in Cash Payments, Revenue Sharing, Urging Hearings on DES, Release, May 1972
69. Revenue Sharing, DES Ban, Delaney Wins Another Round in the Fight for a Clean Environment, Fair Campaign Practices, Control of Toxic Chemicals, Release, June 1972
70. Congressman Philbin, Philip, Eulogy, June 1972
71. Farley, Jim Insertion, June 1972
72. Revenue Sharing, Ridgewood Property Owners Association, Statement, June 1972
73. Cyclamate Compensation Bill, Release, July 1972
74. AEHEPA: A Tradition of Service, Opposing H.R. 1336 Cyclamate Compensation Bill, DES, Statement, July 1972
75. Passage of Cooley’s anemia Bill, Release, August 1972
76. DES Ban, Statement, August 1972
77. Farley, Jim Insertion, August 1972
78. HEW’s Non Discrimination in Employment, Release, September 1972
79. H.R16555 Tuition Tax Credit, Cyclamates, Statement, September 1972
80. Gateway Bill, Senator Nelson’s Food Additives Hearing, Irish Americans in Texas, Statement, September 1972
81. FDA’s Push for Delegation of Amendment, Bill to Assure Social Security Increase, Israeli Assassination at Olympics, Irish Americans held in Texas, Disaster Relief to Non Public Schools, Release, September 1972
82. Congressman Ryan, Eulogy, September 1972
83. Congressman Colmer, Halpern, Garmatz, Cellear, Extension of Remarks, October 1972
84. Tuition Tax Credit, Release, October 1972
85. 33rd Regular Democratic Club, Congressional Briefing by Henry Kissinger, Ukrainian Independence, Jim Farley’s Insertion, Statement, January 1973
86. Pension Exemption, Educational Diversity, Newsletter, Release, January 1973
87. Lithuanian Independence, Catholic Bishop Pastoral and Cardinal Krol on Abortion, Eulogy for President Johnson, Installation Night at the Ridgewood Club, Statement, February 1973
88. Ban on Saccharin, Return of Irish Americans from Texas, Abortion, Release, February 1973
89. Delaney’s Views on National Issues, February 1973
90. Correspondence, Canal Zone Letter to the President, March 1973
91. Home with Honor Day (Re: GI’s Back From Vietnam), Conservative Party Dinner, National Fire Research Safety and Training Center, March 1973 with Photograph, Hearings before the Judiciary Committee on Irish Americans in Texas Statement and Release, March 1973
92. Total DES Ban, Statement and Release, April 1973
93. Honorable Allen, Leo E., Eulogy, April 1973

Box 15

1. H.R. 6458 to Provide for Operation of PHS Hospital, Statement, May 1973
2. Correspondence, Attorney General Richardson (Fort Worth 5), June 1973
3. H.R. 3549 before Subcommittee on Compensation and Pension, Statement, June 1973
4. Lithuania Anniversary, Farley Fine at 85, Tribute to John J. Rooney, Jim Farley’s 85th Birthday Extension of Remarks, June 1973
5. Crackdown on Asbestos, Condemns New FDA Proposal on Residues Release, July 1973
6. H.R. 5590 before the Subcommittee on Science Research and Development, VA Tour of St. Albans Naval Hospital Speech, Statement, July 1973
7. Jim Farley Golf Classic-Success Story, Statement, October 1973
8. Delaney Fights Postal Relocation, Release, October 1973
9. Day Lights Savings Time (Delaney Introduces), Delaney Fights against Social Security Earnings Limit, Release, November 1973
10. Delaney Opposes NIH Guidelines on Research on Living Human Fetus, Statement, December 1973
11. Correspondence, December 1973. EPA Head Russell Train to Delay on Coal Decision Affecting Con Edison in NY
12. Independence of Ukraine, Statement, January 1974
13. Correspondence, February 1974. Includes Federal Energy Office Mass Transportation in NY During the Energy Crisis, NYC Rent Increase Exemption for Seniors Receiving SSI
14. Dr. Porreth, Samuel Appointment, Mr. Delaney, Carey and Smith, Release, February 1974
15. U.N. adds 2 New Languages, Statement, April 1974
16. James A. Farley, Lithuanian Independence, Retirement of John J. Rooney, Statement, June 1974
17. Newsletter “Congressman Delaney Reports”, Statement, July 1974
18. Subcommittee on Compensation and Pension on H.R. 3549, Statement, August 1974
19. Nomination of Nelson Rockefeller, Mass Transit Bill, Latvian Independence, Statement, November 1974
20. Nelson A. Rockefeller, Hugh Carey. Statement, December 1974
21. “Ford” State of the Union, Ukrainian Independence, Statement, January 1975
22. Lester Wolff and Northern Ireland, Lithuanian Independence, Statement, February 1975
23. Hungarians in Romania, Statement, May 1975
24. Farley, Jim, Statement, June 1975
25. Captive Nations Week, Baltic Freedom (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe), Statement, July 1975
26. Fluoridation and Cancer, Statement and Release, July 1975
27. Fluoridation and Drinking Water, Release, July-August 1975
28. Education Bills, DES (Senate Passage of Ban), Eulogy for Andrew J. Viglietta, Includes New York State Right to Life Convention Letter/Convention, The Steu ben Society, Release and Statement, September 1975
29. Our Heritage that is Greece, Hon. James A. Farley, Mrs. Esther Savitzky (Announcement of Death of Mr. of Congresswoman Bella Abzug), John J. Rooney, M.C. (Eulogy), A Courageous People, Statement, October 1975
30. EPA Fluorocarbons and Ozone, Statement, October 1975-November 1976
31. NCI Fluoridation Study Letters, November 1975. Includes Latvian Independence, Clergy speak out against the Human Impact of NY Default (Cooke/Mugavero Statement), John J. Rooney, M.C. (Special Order Memorial Tribute), Albanian Independence.
32. Delaney battles for Queens’ seniors (Title IX, Older American Act SCSEP), A Crisis of the American Spirit (Rule on NYC Bill-H. Res. 865 on H.R. 10481, Release, December 1975
33. Two Elected Statesman with Young Ideas, Cancer in Our Drinking Water, Staats-Zeitung und Herold, Support for Soviet Jewry, Human Rights Day, National Conference on Soviet Jewry, CBS Editorial, NYC Presented by Peter Kohler, Editorial Director, Finnish Sisu and Paying Debts, Statement, December 1975
34. Ukrainian Independence-May it become a reality, Delaney salutes Lenoid Plyusch (Ukrainian intellectual free after two and a half years in Soviet prison- 94 H. Con. Res 41), Delaney Letter Spearheads Major Attack on Illegal Narcotics, City Awards 6.2. Million Federal Grant (Senior Citizen), Release, January 1976
35. Background Information for Brochure of Greater NY Conference on Soviet Jewry, January 1976
36. Foreword to James Flynn, Winning the Presidency: The Difficulty of Election, January 1976
37. January Newsletter to Senior Citizens: Tax information for seniors (Not used in 1976 but saved for future reference), January 1976
38. Estonian Independence, Delaney hails action to ban Red-2, SST Landings at Kennedy Airport (Delegation telegrams from Rep. Delaney to Governor Carey WM. Ronan, Release, February 1976
39. Letter Statement honoring Judge Abraham J. Multer, Lithuanian Independence, A Polish American Patriot (Birthday of Gen. Thaddeus Kosciusko, Outline-Installation Night at Amerind Democratic Club of Elmhurst, Right to Life Constitutional Amendment (Abortion), Statement, February 1976

Box 16

1. Senate Statement on Tax Deduction Bill, Westinghouse Science Scholarship Winner George Yancopoulous of Elmhurst, Release, March 1976
2. Yearbook letter to class of 1976, Horace Greeley Jr. High School, March 1976
3. Statement, March 1976. Includes Czechoslovakian Freedom Fighter (Thomas G. Masaryic: Birthday), Hungarian Independence, National Academy for Fire Prevention and Control Site Selection Board.
4. Community Planning Board 1, In support of Engine Company 260 in Ravenswood, In memory of Hon. Wright Patman, State of NY Temporary Planning Commission for Establishment of a Public Medical School, Statement, March 1976
5. Clippings, March 1976. Includes Wire in support of Howard L. Hurwitz, suspended principle of LIC High School
6. Background Information on Stanley N. Lundine- 39th CD (Jamestown NY), March 1976
7. District Leader Endorsements, April 1976
8. Mr. Lincoln would be Proud (Of the People Article- Dorsey’s Short, Ridgewood Times), Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Statement, April 1976
9. Background Information for Queens Jewish Community Council, April 1976
10. Delaney’s Involvement with Port Authority SST Ban, Release, April 1976
11. “Mr. Democrat” (James A. Farley), Before the House Committee on Affairs (Re: Extension of Veterans Education), Boy Scouts of America- Eagle Court of Honor Troop 383 (St. Pancras) - Glendale (George Wolff, Armenian Independence, Statement, May 1976
12. “Special Bicentennial Salute to the German-American Community” (Staats-Zeitung Und Herold: July 4, 1976 Weekend Edition, Israeli Independence Day, A Polish Anniversary” (Commemoration of the Polish Constitution of 1791), Release, May 1976
13. Queen Trim Committee Bulletin, June 1976
14. Polish Commemoration (Pozan Polish Workers Uprising), Berlin Anniversary (1953 Workers’ Uprising in East Berlin), Baltic Freedom Day, Statement, June 1976.
15. Captive Nations Week, Statement, July 1976
16. Correspondence, Action on Behalf of the Senior Citizens, August 1977
17. What’s Right with NY- Philip Morris, Expansion on Park Avenue, Statement, August 1976
18. Appointment of Shirley Chisholm to House Majority Leadership position, Newsletter for Republican Campaign, Release, August 1976
19. Correspondence, Condolence for Dorsey Short (Editor of the Ridgewood Times), September 1976
20. Clippings, September 1976, Phillip Ross v. NY Congressional Delegation, Bill to Bar Interstate OTB Looses Ground
21. A German Patriot (Baron Von Steuben/Steuben Society, Release, September 1976
22. Includes Special Order Honoring Departing Congresswoman Bella Abzul and Congressman Wilbur Mills, Statement, October 1976
23. Statements, October 1976
24. House Leadership Meeting with Carter November 1976. Includes photograph
25. Delaney Demands Immediate Action on Burn Units, Latvian Independence Day, Release, November 1976
26. Clippings, November 1976. Includes Hellenic Times and The Urban Tree Act
27. Correspondence, The Greater NY Conference on Soviet Jewry, January 1977
28. NY Bible plays Important Role at Inaugural, Independence of Ukraine, Statement January 1977
29. Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Estonia, Lithuanian National Day (Lithuanian Independence) Polish American Commemoration (Gen. Thaddeus Kosciusko), Statement, February 1977
30. New Approach to Tax Incentives, Independence Day of the Byelorussian Republic, Eulogy for John A. Coleman of NY Stock Exchange, Hungarian Uprising, Statement, March 1977
31. Taras Shevchenko: Symbol of freedom, In praise of Greece (Greek Independence Day), Bulgarian Independence, Release, March 1977
32. Story to Bruce Drake, NY Daily News Re: Queens Civic Courthouse, March 1977
33. Delaney Amendment, Release, May 1977
34. Correspondence, Korea Survey WCBS-TV, June 1977
35. Disclaimer of Co Sponsorship of 95th H.R. 7638 Comprehensive Health Care Insurance Act, Urban Tree Act/ Ridgewood Tree Program, Statement, June 1977

Box 15

1. White House Agency Reorganization Questionnaire, July 1977
2. Opening statement as Rules Committee Chairman on the National Energy Act 95th, H.R. 8444, Comments on TV Coverage of House for Select Committee on Congressional Operation, Most Favored Nation Status for Rumania, Disability Insurance for the Blind, Statement, July 1977
3. anything they can do we can do Better – Delaney pushes East Coast Cinema, Release, August 1977
4. Reception Honoring Koch, Ed, Statement, September 1977
5. Correspondence, September 1977. Includes Honorary Sponsorship of NY Committee to Free Anatoly Shcharnsky (Soviet Jew), EDA Grant for Tree Removal, Greetings to Women’s American Ort Inc. 50th Anniversary
6. Non Recognition of Vietnam, September 1977
7. Delaney Bill to Allow Hair Dye Ban, Heading Paste Up,Release, January 1978
8. Tuition Tax Relief: Written Statement Submitted to Senate Finance Committee, Tuition Tax Relief: Oral Testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, Statement, January 1978
9. Tuition Relief, a Hero of Two Worlds- Birthday of Thaddeus Kosciusko, Statement, February 1978
10. Delaney gets FDA Support for Hair Dye Bill, Delaney Renews Push for Hair Dye Ban Bill, Release, February 1978
11. “Middle Income Student Assistance Act 1978”,Statement, Delaney and Others, March 1978
12. Textile Imports-Congressional Record, Fiscal 1979 Funding for Arthritis Research, Statement, April 1978
13. Ridgewood Times, Release, April 1978
14. Cancer Causing Chemicals, Release, July 1978
15. Statements, August 1978

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