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Series 1: General Electric- Non-Project Cirrus, 1891-1993

Series 2: General Electric- Project Cirrus, 1943-1954, 1981, Undated

Series 3: Munitalp Foundation, 1940-1968, Undated

Series 4: Consulting, 1950-1983

Series 5: Loomis School/Natural Sciences Institute, 1949-1990, Undated

Series 6: Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, 1950-1993, Undated

Series 7: The Institute on Man and Science, 1963-1991

Series 8: Environmentalism, 1940-1993

Series 9: Correspondence, 1922-1993, Undated

Series 10: A Field Guide to the Atmosphere, 1949-1992, Undated

Series 11: Films, 1932-1971, Undated

Series 12: Biographical & Autobiographical Materials, 1909-1993, Undated

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VINCENT J. SCHAEFER PAPERS (UA902.010) , 1891-1993

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schaefer, Vincent J.
Title: Vincent J. Schaefer Papers
Date: 1891-1993
Physical Characteristics: 135  cubic ft.
Abstract: The Vincent J. Schaefer Papers represent the professional accomplishments and personal interests of the scientist who discovered cloud seeding. Schaefer spent more than 20 years with General Electric in Schenectady, New York, working his way up from apprentice, to research assistant, to research associate. In those years he was mentored by Irving Langmuir, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. The work Schaefer did at General Electric laid the foundation for further success as he became director of research for the Munitalp Foundation, began a highly successful summer science program for high school students, acted as an independent consultant, and founded the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the State University of New York at Albany. This collection contains research data, notes, correspondence, publications, and photographs that showcase Schaefer's long, industrious scientific career as well as highlighting his many hobbies in local history and environmentalism.
Storage: The materials are located onsite in the department.
Language: English
Repository: M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University at Albany, SUNY

Biographical Sketch

Vincent J. Schaefer was born July 4, 1906, the oldest son of Peter Aloysius and Rose Agnes (Holtslag) Schaefer. Schaefer had two brothers, Paul and Carl, and two sisters, Gertrude and Margaret. The Schaefers lived in Schenectady, New York but enjoyed spending summers in the Adirondack Mountains. Schaefer had a lifelong association with the Adirondacks, as well as more general interests in hiking, natural history, and archeology. In his youth he was the founder of a local tribe of the Lone Scouts and with some of his friends wrote and printed a tribe paper called "Archeological Research." Schaefer credited this publication with his introduction to many prominent individuals in the Schenectady area, including Dr. Willis R. Whitney of the General Electric (G.E.) Research Laboratory.

In 1922 Schaefer found himself in the difficult position of having to leave school to supplement the family income. On the advice of his maternal uncles, Schaefer joined a four-year apprentice machinist course at G. E. During the second year of his apprenticeship, Schaefer was granted a one-month leave to accompany Dr. Arthur C. Parker, New York State Archeologist, on an expedition to central New York. As Schaefer was concluding the apprentice course in 1926 he was assigned to work at the machine shop of the G. E. Research Laboratory, where he worked for a year as a journeyman toolmaker.

Somewhat discouraged by his work in the machine shop, Schaefer sought to satisfy a desire to work outdoors and to travel by joining, initially through a correspondence course, the Davey Institute of Tree Surgery in Kent, Ohio, in 1927. After a brief period working in Michigan, Schaefer asked to be transferred back to the Schenectady area and for a while worked as an independent landscape gardener. Upon the advice of Robert Palmer, superintendent of the G.E. Research Laboratory, in 1929 Schaefer declined an opportunity to enter into a partnership for a plant nursery and instead rejoined the machine shop at the Research Laboratory, this time as a model maker.

During the late 1920s and early 1930s Schaefer built up his personal library on natural history, science, and his other areas of interest and read a great deal. He also organized groups with those who shared his many interests--the Mohawk Valley Hiking Club in 1929, the Van Epps-Hartley Chapter of the New York Archaeological Association in 1931, and the Schenectady Wintersport Club (which established snow trains to ski slopes in the Adirondacks) in 1932. In 1933 Schaefer began work on creating the Long Path of New York (a hiking trail beginning near New York City and ending at Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks). During this period Schaefer also created adult education programs on natural history topics which gave him opportunities to speak in the community. Through these many activities Schaefer continued to expand his acquaintances, including John Apperson, an engineer at General Electric and a devout conservationist of the Adirondacks. Apperson introduced Schaefer to Irving Langmuir, a scientist at the G.E. Research Laboratory who was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1932 for his work in surface chemistry. Among other things, Langmuir shared Schaefer's love of skiing and the outdoors.

At the Research Laboratory machine shop, Schaefer built equipment for Langmuir and his research associate, Katharine Blodgett. In 1932 Langmuir asked Schaefer to become his research assistant, which Schaefer accepted. In 1933 he began his research work with Langmuir, Blodgett, Whitney, and others at the Research Lab and throughout the G.E. organization. With his new colleagues as well as by himself, Schaefer published many reports on the areas he studied, which included surface chemistry techniques, electron microscope techniques, polarization, the affinity of ice for various surfaces, protein and other monolayers, studies of protein films, television tube brightness, and submicroscopic particulates. After his promotion to research associate in 1938, Schaefer continued to work closely with Langmuir on the many projects Langmuir obtained through his involvement on national advisory committees, particularly related to military matters in the years immediately before and during the Second World War. This work included research on gas mask filtration of smokes, submarine detection with binaural sound, and the formation of artificial fogs using smoke generators-- a project which reached fruition at Vrooman's Nose in the Schoharie Valley with a demonstration for military observers.

During Schaefer’s years as Langmuir's assistant, Langmuir encouraged him to carry on his own research projects. In 1940 Schaefer became known in his own right for the development of a method to make replicas of individual snowflakes using a thin plastic coating called Formvar. This discovery brought him national publicity in popular magazines and an abundance of correspondence from individuals, including many students, seeking to replicate his procedure.

In 1943 the focus of Schaefer's and Langmuir's research shifted to precipitation static, aircraft icing, ice nuclei, and cloud physics. Many of their experiments were carried out at Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire, where conditions were ideal for ice studies. In the summer of 1946, Schaefer developed a laboratory method to seed supercooled clouds with dry ice, and in November 1946 he conducted a successful field test seeding a natural cloud by airplane. The resulting publicity again brought him an abundance of correspondence, this time from people and businesses making requests for snow as well as scientists around the world also working on weather modification. Schaefer's discovery also led to debates over the appropriateness of tampering with nature through cloud seeding. In addition, the successful field test enabled Langmuir to obtain federal funding to support additional research in cloud seeding and weather modification by the G.E. Research Laboratory. Schaefer was coordinator of the laboratory portion of the U.S. military-sponsored Project Cirrus while the Air Force, Army Signal Corps, and Navy supplied the aircraft and pilots to carry out field tests and to collect the data used at the Research Laboratory. Field tests were conducted in the Schenectady area as well as in Puerto Rico and New Mexico.

When the military pilots working on Project Cirrus were assigned to duties in connection with the Korean War, G.E. recommended that Project Cirrus be discontinued after comprehensive reports were prepared of the project and the discoveries made. The final Project Cirrus report was issued in March 1953. While Project Cirrus was winding down, Schaefer was approached by Vernon Crudge on behalf of the trustees of a foundation called Munitalp to work on their newly-developed meteorological research program. For a time, Schaefer worked for both the Research Laboratory and Munitalp, but in 1954 he left the Research Laboratory to become the director of research for Munitalp. There Schaefer worked with the U.S. Forest Service in the northern Rocky Mountains on Project Skyfire, a program to determine the uses of cloud seeding to affect the patterns of lightning in thunderstorms (and the resulting forest fires started by lightning stikes). Project Skyfire had its roots in an association between the Forest Service and Schaefer begun in the early days of Project Cirrus. Schaefer also worked on developing a mobile atmospheric research laboratory and time-lapse films of clouds. Schaefer left Munitalp in 1958, turning down an offer to move with the organization to Kenya, but he remained an advisor to Munitalp for several years thereafter.

After leaving Munitalp, Schaefer's career turned toward scientific education. His own educational background left him with a firm belief in the power of independent learning and the importance of hands-on, practical experience. He worked with the American Meteorological Society and National Science Foundation on an educational film program and to develop what eventually became the Natural Sciences Institute (NSI) summer programs. The Atmospheric Sciences Program, as it was first known, gave high school students the opportunity to work with scientists while also conducting their own field research and experimentation. From 1959 to 1961 Schaefer was director of these summer sessions at the Loomis School in Connecticut. From 1962 to 1968 he continued the program under the auspices of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC) at the State University of New York at Albany, where it became the NSI. During this period Schaefer also continued his consulting work for many companies, government agencies, and universities. These consulting activities spanned most of Schaefer's career and extended beyond his retirement from the ASRC in 1976.

While conducting the Atmospheric Sciences Program, Schaefer’s work attracted the attention of Dean Oscar Lanford and President Evan Collins of the New York State Teachers College. They extended an invitation for Schaefer to come teach, which ultimately led to his founding of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center in 1961. Schaefer himself became director in 1966, a position he held for ten years before giving control to Volker Mohnen. Schaefer brought highly qualified atmospheric science researchers to the ASRC, many of whom he had met through his work at G.E. and Munitalp. Bernard Vonnegut, Raymond Falconer and Duncan Blanchard were all veterans of Project Cirrus who joined Schaefer at the University at Albany. In addition to the NSI summer programs, Schaefer led annual research expeditions to Yellowstone National Park for scientists to conduct field work in the vicinity of Old Faithful. In the 1970s Schaefer's other research interests focused on solar energy, aerosols, gases, air quality, and pollution particles in the atmosphere. His work in some of these areas culminated in a three-part report on “Air Quality on the Global Scale” in 1978. In addition, during the 1970s, Schaefer was an instructor in the American Association for the Advancement of Science Chautauqua short courses for science teachers.

During his retirement, Schaefer worked with photographer John Day on A Field Guide to the Atmosphere (1981), a publication in the Peterson Field Guide series. In addition to continuing his consulting work, Schaefer was in a position to devote much more of his time to some of his life-long interests such as environmental issues and natural and local history. This included the writing of numerous articles and the delivering of many presentations concerning the natural environment of upstate New York and the human impact on it. He also devoted much of his time to the fight for the preservation of many wilderness areas and parks, such as the Mohonk Preserve, Vrooman's Nose, and the Great Flats Aquifer. Schaefer's long-term interest in Dutch barns made it possible for him to assume the editorship of Dutch Barn Miscellany for a time and to build a scale model of a Dutch barn. He also did a lot of research on the original settler families of the Schenectady and Mohawk Valley areas. During his retirement, Schaefer reflected on his extraordinary life, preparing timelines, an unpublished autobiography, and indices to some of his research notebooks and film collections. Schaefer also attended to the disposition of his papers and library. He worked on a project he entitled "Ancient Windows of the Earth," which involved the slicing of rocks thinly so as to create a translucent look. When he mounted such pieces on lampshades or other objects, it created a stained-glass window effect from the natural rock layers, highlighting the rock's geologic history. As part of this project, Schaefer designed and built a window in memory of his parents for the Saint James Church in North Creek in the Adirondacks.

Schaefer married Lois Perret on July 27, 1935. Until their deaths they lived on Schermerhorn Road in Schenectady, in a house Schaefer built with his brothers, which they called Woestyne South. Woestyne North was the name the Schaefers gave to their camp in the Adirondacks. The Schaefers had three children, Susan, Katherine, and James. Vincent Schaefer passed away July 25, 1993 at the age of 87.

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Scope and Content Information

The Vincent J. Schaefer Papers span Schaefer’s young adult years all the way through his retirement after leaving the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the University of Albany. His professional papers also include General Electric, the Munitalp Foundation, the Loomis School, and independent consulting. Schaefer was particularly well known for his role as the scientist who discovered cloud seeding, a development that stemmed from work he did with precipitation and ice nuclei studies during World War II. Schaefer was also known for his studies of surface chemistry, solar energy, and aerosols, and was a driving force in the environmental movements of the 1960s through the 1980s. The collection includes documentation of all of these topics, not only by Schaefer but by colleagues with whom he worked closely.

Additionally, this collection contains files documenting Schaefer's myriad personal interests, many of which focus on outdoor activities and demonstrate his love of nature. Researchers will find that there is much crossover between Schaefer's professional pursuits and the activities he enjoyed in his spare time.

While there are many records in the collection such as research notes, letters, notebooks, and maps, Schaefer also donated many photographs and films of his work, particularly in the area of cloud seeding. While the bulk of the collection comprises his professional life, there are also many files demonstrating Schaefer’s interests in local history, archaeology, and geography.

For related materials, please see the following collections held by the ME Grenander Department of Special Collection and Archives: Atmospheric Sciences Research Center Records (UA-450), which includes many publications and articles issued by the ASRC, Duncan Blanchard Papers (UA-902.065), Raymond Falconer Papers (UA-902.014) and Bernard Vonnegut Papers (APAP-UA-902.068)

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into the following series and subseries:

Series 1 - General Electric (Non-Project Cirrus), 1891-1993, Undated
Subseries 1: Ice and Snow Research, 1932-1979, 1986, Undated
Subseries 2: Cloud Seeding & Weather Modification, 1932-1957, Undated
Subseries 3: General Research Notes, 1922-1954, 1970-1971, Undated
Subseries 4: Research Notebooks, 1936-1954
Subseries 5: Correspondence, 1939-1954, Undated
Subseries 6: Subject Files, 1891-1978, Undated
Subseries 7: Reports & Publications by Schaefer, 1936-1954, Undated
Subseries 8: Reports & Publications by Others- General Electric, 1913-1957, 1968, 1989, Undated
Subseries 9: Reports & Publications by Others- Non-General Electric, 1901-1953, 1978, 1988, Undated
Series 2 - Project Cirrus, 1943-1954, 1981, Undated
Subseries 1: Flight Data & Research, 1946-1953, Undated
Subseries 2: Subject Files, 1943-1953, 1981, Undated
Subseries 3: Reports & Publications, 1946-1954, Undated
Series 3 - Munitalp Foundation, 1940-1968, Undated
Subseries 1: General Research, 1948-1964, Undated
Subseries 2: Project Skyfire, 1940-1962, Undated
Subseries 3: Correspondence, 1950-1965, Undated
Subseries 4: Subject Files, 1948-1968, Undated
Subseries 5: Reports & Publications, 1952-1960, Undated
Series 4 - Consulting, 1950-1983, Undated
Subseries 1: Correspondence, 1950-1968, Undated
Subseries 2: Supplementary Materials, 1950-1983, Undated
Series 5 - Natural Sciences Institute, 1949-1990, Undated
Subseries 1: American Meteorological Society, 1949-1980, Undated
Subseries 2: Loomis School/NSI Administrative Files, 1958-1984, 1990, Undated
Subseries 3: Field Station Files, 1962-1968
Subseries 4: Student Papers & Notebooks, 1959-1973, Undated
Subseries 5: Reports & Publications, 1959-1978, Undated
Series 6 - Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, 1950-1993, Undated
Subseries 1: Administrative Files, 1954-1990, Undated
Subseries 2: Educational Activities, 1959-1992, Undated
Subseries 3: General Research, 1950-1993, Undated
Subseries 4: Desert Research Institute, 1953-1991, Undated
Subseries 5: Yellowstone Field Research Expeditions, 1961-1984, Undated
Subseries 6: Subject Files, 1953-1992, Undated
Subseries 7: Reports & Publications, 1948-1992, Undated
Subseries 8: Photographs, 1946-1988, Undated
Series 7 - The Institute on Man and Science, 1963-1991, Undated
Series 8 - Environmental Activism, 1926-1993, Undated
Subseries 1: Huyck Preserve, 1940-1988, Undated
Subseries 2: Mohonk, 1963-1993, Undated
Subseries 3: Great Flats Aquifer, 1971-1991, Undated
Subseries 4: Subject Files, 1926-1992, Undated
Subseries 5: Photographs, 1922-1986, Undated
Series 9 - Correspondence, 1922-1993, Undated
Subseries 1: General, 1923-1993, Undated
Subseries 2: By Topic, 1922-1993, Undated
Series 10 - A Field Guide to the Atmosphere, 1949-1992, Undated
Series 11 - Films, 1942-1971, Undated
Series 12 - Biographical/Background Materials, 1909-1993, Undated
Subseries 1: Personal Records, 1922-1993, Undated
Subseries 2: Dutch Barns, 1930-1993, Undated
Subseries 3: Local History and Archeology, 1909-1993, Undated

The overall arrangement of the Vincent Schaefer Papers is chronological in an attempt to show the order of his professional accomplishments. This arrangement, however, is not a perfect reflection of exact order because many of Schaefer's professional ventures crossed over with other projects. For example, he conducted independent consulting work while also involved with Munitalp and the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center, and his work with the Atmospheric Sciences Center for high school students began as an independent project at Connecticut's Loomis School before migrating with Schaefer to the New York State Teachers College (later the University at Albany).

Most of the files in the series and subseries of the Vincent Schaefer Papers are arranged in alphabetical order. Exceptions are the subseries that contain reports and publications, which are arranged chronologically. Documents published in the same time frame are in order alphabetically by title.

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Access to this record group is mainly unrestricted with the exception of fourteen folders in Series #5, the Natural Sciences Institute, and two folders in Series #6, the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. Researchers with inquiries about this material should contact the head of archives.


The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of copyright. Whenever possible, the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives will provide information about copyright owners and other restrictions, but the legal determination ultimately rests with the researcher. Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

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Subject Headings


Blanchard, Duncan C.
Blodgett, Katharine
Crudge, Vernon
Day, John
Falconer, Raymond
Langmuir, Irving, 1881-1957
Maynard, Kiah
Schaefer, James
Schaefer, Katherine
Schaefer, Lois (Perret)
Schaefer, Susan
Schaefer, Vincent J.
Suits, C. Guy, (Chauncey Guy), 1905-1991
Vonnegut, Bernard
Whitney, Willis Rodney, 1868-1958

Corporate Bodies

Advance Cooler Manufacturing Corporation
Arthur D. Little, Inc.
Bechtel Power Corporation
Boeing Engineering and Construction Company
General Electric Company
Houghton, Mifflin and Company
Knolls Research Laboratory
Munitalp Foundation
Pacific Gas & Electric Company
State University of New York. Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
U.S. Army Signal Corp of Engineers
United States. Department of the Interior.

Associated Titles

A Field Guide to the Atmosphere
Adventures Ahead


Aerosols-- adverse effects
Athletics and Sports
Cloud studies
Clouds-- dynamics
Conservation and the Environment
Consulting contracts
Dutch barns
Hurricane King-- 1947
Ice nuclei
Operation Red
Project Cirrus
Project Skyfire
Schenectady, New York
Solar energy
Supercooled clouds
Surface chemistry


Albany (N.Y.)
Flagstaff (A.Z.)
Hokkaido (Japan)
Mount Greylock (Mass.)
Mount Washington (N.H.)
Mount Washington Observatory
Schenectady (N.Y.)
Yellowstone National Park

Genres and Forms

Administrative reports
Annual reports
Glass plate negatives
Laboratory notebooks
Newspaper clippings

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Identification of specific item, series, box, folder, Vincent J. Schaefer Papers, 1891-1993. M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York (hereafter referred to as the Schaefer Papers).

Acquisition Information

All items in the Vincent J. Schaefer Papers were donated by Vincent Schaefer or his heirs to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, between 1979 and 1993.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Kerry Lynch
Date: Copyright 2011 by the University at Albany, SUNY. All rights reserved.
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Container List

nam_ua902.010-1 Series 1: General Electric- Non-Project Cirrus, 1891-1993 - 21.0  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically, with the exception of the reports and publications which are chronological.
The research laboratory at General Electric was the launching pad for some of Vincent Schaefer’s most pivotal scientific work. This series contains research notes, photographs, reports (published and unpublished, internal and external), and correspondence relating to all of his more famous experiments as well as a range of lesser-known work accomplished during his years at the G.E. Research Laboratory in Schenectady. The materials cover topics such as smoke/artificial fog generation, surface chemistry, studies of ice and snow particles, and early cloud seeding. The series is divided according to areas of specific interest to Schaefer as well as correspondence and publications.
Researchers looking for information on Project Cirrus will want to refer to Series #2, which is devoted entirely to notes, reports, and photos on that endeavor. However, any material not clearly and specifically identified by Schaefer as being Project Cirrus-related was not housed in that series; therefore it is likely that some correspondence and reports in Series #1 are in fact based in Project Cirrus. Researchers are encouraged to utilize both Series #1 and #2 if their interest lies with that project. Also notable is the fact that Schaefer was assigned to spend 50% of his work time on Project Cirrus, so although he was involved with that project for about five years, he did spend half of his time working on other tasks at G.E.’s research laboratory.
nam_ua902.010-1.1 Subseries 1.1: Ice and Snow Research, 1932-1979, 1986, Undated
Arranged alphabetically
The formation and behavior of snow and ice crystals were a lifelong interest of Schaefer’s, and in his time at General Electric he was able to focus on the subject during the World War II years as ice related to the safety of U.S. Air Force planes. Schaefer and Irving Langmuir’s interest in that topic grew as a result of their World War II-era contract work with the military, and the experiments they conducted after the war’s end led directly to their Project Cirrus contract in 1947—an undertaking so extensive that their work in that area merited its own series in this collection. Much of their foundational work in snow and ice composition and behavior was grounded in observations and experiments conducted on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Schaefer discovered during this time that ice crystals and snowflakes could be captured and observed using Formvar plastic. Using this method, he documented very specific data about ice and snow before creating some of the first replicas of specific snowflake shapes. The work of Schaefer and his colleagues regarding ice research includes handwritten notes, drawings, charts, photographs, reports, and correspondence specific to ice, snow, and Mount Washington.
Box Folder
1 nam_ua902.010-1.1_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.1_1 Adams, John Mead- Review of Work, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.1_2 Aeronautical Ice Research Laboratory Reports, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.1_3 Aircraft Deicing and Heat Pump Storage Systems, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.1_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.1_4 Altitude and Ice Formation, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.1_5 American Geophysical Union Committee on Snow, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.1_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.1_6 Anchor Ice Charts, 1949 May
nam_ua902.010-1.1_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.1_7 Antice 107- Letter From Princeton University, 1947 August 11
nam_ua902.010-1.1_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.1_8 Antice 1001- Explanation and Efficiency Graph, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.1_9 Association for the Study of Snow and Ice, 1939
nam_ua902.010-1.1_10 10 nam_ua902.010-1.1_10 Autograph Book with Daily Notes from Ice Collection Experiments, 1942 January
nam_ua902.010-1.1_11 11 nam_ua902.010-1.1_11 Barnes, H.T.- Film reviews, 1949 June 03
nam_ua902.010-1.1_12 12 nam_ua902.010-1.1_12 El Bastonero Newsletter, 1942 July-1942 August
nam_ua902.010-1.1_13 13 nam_ua902.010-1.1_13 "The Concentration of Ice Nuclei at the Summit of Mount Washington", ca. 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.1_14 14 nam_ua902.010-1.1_14 Convent, Photos, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_15 15 nam_ua902.010-1.1_15 Cooperative Snow Research Project, Letters, 1945 April-1945 May
nam_ua902.010-1.1_16 16 nam_ua902.010-1.1_16 Crystal Forms, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_17 17 nam_ua902.010-1.1_17 "Crystal Soul of Grace"- Poem, James; R. Roberts, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_18 18 nam_ua902.010-1.1_18 Data from Mount Washington Observatory, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_19 19 nam_ua902.010-1.1_19 De-Icing and Crystals/Snowflakes- Article Drafts, Correspondence, Notes, and Conferences, 1947, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_20 20 nam_ua902.010-1.1_20 Density Graphs, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_21 21 nam_ua902.010-1.1_21 Detachment: Eighth Weather Squadron, Mount Washington Observatory- Report to Commanding General, 1946 February 27
nam_ua902.010-1.1_22 22 nam_ua902.010-1.1_22 Draft: Report of Panel on Fundamental Problems (Subcommittee on Icing Problems), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_23 23 nam_ua902.010-1.1_23 Eastern Snow Conference, 1946, 1950, 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.1_24 24 nam_ua902.010-1.1_24 Electron Microscope Images of Snowflake Replicas, 1985
nam_ua902.010-1.1_25 25 nam_ua902.010-1.1_25 Equipment Photos and Data, 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_26 26 nam_ua902.010-1.1_26 Essay on Snow (Untitled Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_27 27 nam_ua902.010-1.1_27 Final Report on Icing Research up to July 1, 1945, 1945 October
nam_ua902.010-1.1_28 28 nam_ua902.010-1.1_28 Final Report on Icing Research up to July 1, 1946, 1946 August 08
nam_ua902.010-1.1_29 29 nam_ua902.010-1.1_29 Florek, Forian- Snowflake Replicas, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_30 30 nam_ua902.010-1.1_30 "For the First Time, Snowflakes are Made to Order,"Popular Science Monthly, Vol. 120, 1932 January
nam_ua902.010-1.1_31 31 nam_ua902.010-1.1_31 Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI- Relative Humidity of Saturated Salt Solutions at Different Temperatures, 1940 May 05
nam_ua902.010-1.1_32 32 nam_ua902.010-1.1_32 Formvar, 1945-1947
nam_ua902.010-1.1_33 33 nam_ua902.010-1.1_33 Formvar, 1948, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.1_34 34 nam_ua902.010-1.1_34 Formvar Article: Schenectady Works News, 1944 December 29
nam_ua902.010-1.1_35 35 nam_ua902.010-1.1_35 Freezing Level, Impact on Precipitation, letter, 1948 January 14
nam_ua902.010-1.1_36 36 nam_ua902.010-1.1_36 General Electric Review Article, 1941, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_37 37 nam_ua902.010-1.1_37 Harvard-Mount Washington Icing Research Report 1946-1947, Chapter 1, 1948 June 22
nam_ua902.010-1.1_38 38 nam_ua902.010-1.1_38 Harvard-Mount Washington Icing Research Report 1946-1947, Chapter 2, 1948 June 22
nam_ua902.010-1.1_39 39 nam_ua902.010-1.1_39 Harvard-Mount Washington Icing Research Report 1946-1947, Chapter 3, 1948 June 22
nam_ua902.010-1.1_40 40 nam_ua902.010-1.1_40 Harvard-Mount Washington Icing Research Report 1946-1947, Chapter 4-5, 1948 June 22
nam_ua902.010-1.1_41 41 nam_ua902.010-1.1_41 High Altitude Data, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.1_42 42 nam_ua902.010-1.1_42 Howell, Wallace E.- Correspondence and Research Notes, 1948-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.1_43 43 nam_ua902.010-1.1_43 Ice and Crystal Data, 1949, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.1_44 44 nam_ua902.010-1.1_44 Ice and Rime Studies, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.1_45 45 nam_ua902.010-1.1_45 Ice Crystals and Nuclei, 1948-1953
nam_ua902.010-1.1_46 46 nam_ua902.010-1.1_46 Ice Crystals- "Figure 5 Originals", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_47 47 nam_ua902.010-1.1_47 Ice Crystals- "Figure 11 Originals", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_48 48 nam_ua902.010-1.1_48 Ice Deposits, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_49 49 nam_ua902.010-1.1_49 Ice Fogs Feature in Research for Industry Stanford News Bulletin, 1953 July
nam_ua902.010-1.1_50 50 nam_ua902.010-1.1_50 Icing and Precipitation Static Reports- Index, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_51 51 nam_ua902.010-1.1_51 Icing and Precipitation Static Reports, Book 1/Report 1, 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_52 52 nam_ua902.010-1.1_52 Icing and Precipitation Static Reports, Book 1/Report 2, 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_53 53 nam_ua902.010-1.1_53 Icing and Precipitation Static Reports, Book 1/Report 3, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_54 54 nam_ua902.010-1.1_54 Icing and Precipitation Static Reports, Book 1/Report 4, 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_55 55 nam_ua902.010-1.1_55 Icing and Precipitation Static Reports, Book 1/Report 5, 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_56 56 nam_ua902.010-1.1_56 Icing and Precipitation Static Reports, Book 1/Report 6, 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_57 57 nam_ua902.010-1.1_57 Icing Experiments, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_58 58 nam_ua902.010-1.1_58 Icing Nomenclature- Section XXVII of Unidentified Larger Document, Author Unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_59 59 nam_ua902.010-1.1_59 Icing Problems: International Civil American Organization, 1950 March-1950 September
nam_ua902.010-1.1_60 60 nam_ua902.010-1.1_60 Icing Report by University of California, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_61 61 nam_ua902.010-1.1_61 Icing Research, 1946 May-1946 September
nam_ua902.010-1.1_62 62 nam_ua902.010-1.1_62 Icing Research- Correspondence, Drawings, Photos, 1944 April-1945 March
nam_ua902.010-1.1_63 63 nam_ua902.010-1.1_63 Icing Research- Correspondence, 1945 April-1945 December
nam_ua902.010-1.1_64 64 nam_ua902.010-1.1_64 Icing Research- Correspondence, 1945, 1950, 1951, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.1_65 65 nam_ua902.010-1.1_65 Icing Research- Correspondence, 1946 January-1946 May
Box Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-1.1_66 1 nam_ua902.010-1.1_66 Icing Research- Correspondence, 1946 March-1946 October
nam_ua902.010-1.1_67 2 nam_ua902.010-1.1_67 Icing Research- Correspondence, 1947 April-1948 September
nam_ua902.010-1.1_68 3-4 nam_ua902.010-1.1_68 Icing Research: Germany and Czechoslovakia, Rare Reports from the Era of WWII, with Later Explanatory Note by Schaefer, 1943-1945, 1987
nam_ua902.010-1.1_69 5 nam_ua902.010-1.1_69 Icing Research: Helicopter Blades & Airfoils, 1945 May-1945 June, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_70 6 nam_ua902.010-1.1_70 Icing Research instruments: Letter to C.G. Suits from Schaefer, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_71 7 nam_ua902.010-1.1_71 Icing Research Reports- Air Technical Service Command and M.I.T, 1945, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_72 8 nam_ua902.010-1.1_72 Icing Research Reports- Procedure Reminds, Observation Methods, Status Reports, and Helicopter Blade Tests, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_73 9-10 nam_ua902.010-1.1_73 Japanese Research on Snow and Ice, 1934-1936, 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.1_74 11 nam_ua902.010-1.1_74 The Journal of Glaciology, 1947 January
nam_ua902.010-1.1_75 12 nam_ua902.010-1.1_75 Letter to Schaefer Regarding Returned Photos from Mount Washington Newsletter(photos included), 1944-1945, 1953 September 11
nam_ua902.010-1.1_76 13 nam_ua902.010-1.1_76 Micrographia by Robert Hooke, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_77 14 nam_ua902.010-1.1_77 Minutes of Meeting Regarding Icing Research at Mount Washington, 1945 June 19-1945 June 21
nam_ua902.010-1.1_78 15 nam_ua902.010-1.1_78 M.I.T De-Icing Lab data from B. Vonnegut, 1945 April 25
nam_ua902.010-1.1_79 16 nam_ua902.010-1.1_79 M.I.T De-Icing Lab Photos and Data, 1943 December 22
nam_ua902.010-1.1_80 17 nam_ua902.010-1.1_80 Morgan, W.D.- Correspondence, 1941 August
nam_ua902.010-1.1_81 18 nam_ua902.010-1.1_81 Mount Washington Observatory: Atmospheric Phenomena, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_82 19 nam_ua902.010-1.1_82 Mount Washington Observatory: Background Brochure, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.1_83 20 nam_ua902.010-1.1_83 Mount Washington Observatory : Changes to By-Laws, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.1_84 21 nam_ua902.010-1.1_84 Mount Washington Observatory: Clark, Victor F.- Letter, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_85 22 nam_ua902.010-1.1_85 Mount Washington Observatory: Contribution to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds, 1949 January 20, 1949 April 20
nam_ua902.010-1.1_86 23 nam_ua902.010-1.1_86 Mount Washington Observatory: Contribution to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds, 1949 July 20
nam_ua902.010-1.1_87 24 nam_ua902.010-1.1_87 Mount Washington Observatory: Contribution to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds, 1949 October 20
nam_ua902.010-1.1_88 25 nam_ua902.010-1.1_88 Mount Washington Observatory: Contribution to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds, 1950 January 31
nam_ua902.010-1.1_89 26 nam_ua902.010-1.1_89 Mount Washington Observatory: Contribution to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds, 1950 April 30
nam_ua902.010-1.1_90 27 nam_ua902.010-1.1_90 Mount Washington Observatory: Contribution to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds, 1950 July 31
nam_ua902.010-1.1_91 28 nam_ua902.010-1.1_91 Mount Washington Observatory: Contribution to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds, 1951 April 23
nam_ua902.010-1.1_92 29 nam_ua902.010-1.1_92 Mount Washington: "Contributions to the Theory of the Constitution of Clouds" by the staff of the Observatory, 1951 October 23
nam_ua902.010-1.1_93 30 nam_ua902.010-1.1_93 Mount Washington Observatory: Correspondence, 1944-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_94 31 nam_ua902.010-1.1_94 Mount Washington Observatory: Correspondence, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.1_95 32 nam_ua902.010-1.1_95 Mount Washington Observatory: Correspondence, 1953-1954
nam_ua902.010-1.1_96 33 nam_ua902.010-1.1_96 Mount Washington Observatory: Correspondence re: Pilots, 1945 January-1945 May
nam_ua902.010-1.1_97 34 nam_ua902.010-1.1_97 Mount Washington Observatory: Cottage on Mount Washington, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_98 35 nam_ua902.010-1.1_98 Mount Washington Observatory: Eighth Weather Squadron, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_99 36 nam_ua902.010-1.1_99 "Mount Washington Observatory for Field Research ", Manuscript, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.1_100 37 nam_ua902.010-1.1_100 Mount Washington Observatory- Helicopter Main Rotor Blades and Icing Issues, 1945 May-1945 June
nam_ua902.010-1.1_101 38 nam_ua902.010-1.1_101 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Conditions at Airports, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_102 39 nam_ua902.010-1.1_102 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Data, 1945 January-1945 March
nam_ua902.010-1.1_103 40 nam_ua902.010-1.1_103 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Data, 1945 April-1945 May
nam_ua902.010-1.1_104 41 nam_ua902.010-1.1_104 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Data, 1945 June-1945 September
nam_ua902.010-1.1_105 42 nam_ua902.010-1.1_105 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Data, 1945 October-1945 December
nam_ua902.010-1.1_106 43 nam_ua902.010-1.1_106 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Data, 1946 January-1946 May
nam_ua902.010-1.1_107 44 nam_ua902.010-1.1_107 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Data- Supplement to 5/45 Icing Report (Statistical Analysis), 1945 May
nam_ua902.010-1.1_108 45 nam_ua902.010-1.1_108 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Instruments Final Report by W.E. Howell, 1945 July 15
nam_ua902.010-1.1_109 46 nam_ua902.010-1.1_109 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Research Articles (W.E. Howell), 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_110 47 nam_ua902.010-1.1_110 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Research Project with Harvard University, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_111 48 nam_ua902.010-1.1_111 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Studies, 1945-1949
nam_ua902.010-1.1_112 49 nam_ua902.010-1.1_112 Mount Washington Observatory: Icing Tests of Model XFD-1 Airplane, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.1_113 50 nam_ua902.010-1.1_113 Mount Washington Observatory: Insect Specimens, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_114 51 nam_ua902.010-1.1_114 Mount Washington Observatory: Maps, Photographs, Brochures, 1948-1954
4 nam_ua902.010-1.1_115 nam_ua902.010-1.1_115 Mount Washington Observatory: Mini notebook set, 1940s
Box Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-1.1_116 52 nam_ua902.010-1.1_116 Mount Washington Observatory: New Test Facility, letter, 1951 May 24
nam_ua902.010-1.1_117 53 nam_ua902.010-1.1_117 Mount Washington Observatory News Bulletin, 1941-1960
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-1.1_118 1 nam_ua902.010-1.1_118 Mount Washington Observatory News Bulletin (Not Continuous), 1960-1967
nam_ua902.010-1.1_119 2 nam_ua902.010-1.1_119 Mount Washington Observatory News Bulletin with letter, 1985 Fall
nam_ua902.010-1.1_120 3 nam_ua902.010-1.1_120 Mount Washington Observatory: Nuclei Data Sheets, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.1_121 4 nam_ua902.010-1.1_121 Mount Washington Observatory: Nuclei Data Sheets, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.1_122 5 nam_ua902.010-1.1_122 Mount Washington Observatory: Nuclei Data Sheets, 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.1_123 6 nam_ua902.010-1.1_123 Mount Washington Observatory: Postcard to Lois Schaefer, 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.1_124 7 nam_ua902.010-1.1_124 Mount Washington Observatory: "Preliminary Report", 1947 April
nam_ua902.010-1.1_125 8 nam_ua902.010-1.1_125 Mount Washington Observatory: Research Notes, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_126 9 nam_ua902.010-1.1_126 Mount Washington Observatory: Research Proposals 1-63, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_127 10 nam_ua902.010-1.1_127 Mount Washington Observatory: "Research Studies at Mount Washington Observatory", ca. 1970s
nam_ua902.010-1.1_128 11 nam_ua902.010-1.1_128 Mount Washington: Reunion of Former Observers, 1979
nam_ua902.010-1.1_129 12 nam_ua902.010-1.1_129 Mount Washington Observatory: Rime Collection Studies, 1939
nam_ua902.010-1.1_130 13 nam_ua902.010-1.1_130 Mount Washington Observatory: Snow Measurement, 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.1_131 14 nam_ua902.010-1.1_131 Mount Washington Observatory: Sublimation Nuclei Project Cirrus, 1948-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.1_132 15 nam_ua902.010-1.1_132 Mount Washington Observatory: Trace coat Calibrations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_133 16 nam_ua902.010-1.1_133 Mount Washington Observatory: "Visibility and Water Content in Clouds"(H.J. Aufm Kampe), 1946 September
nam_ua902.010-1.1_134 17 nam_ua902.010-1.1_134 Mount Washington Observatory: "A Visit to the Mount Washington Observatory with Langmuir", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_135 18 nam_ua902.010-1.1_135 Mount Washington Observatory: Volt-Ampere Charts, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_136 19 nam_ua902.010-1.1_136 Mount Washington Observatory: Weather guides and photos of instruments, 1936-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_137 20 nam_ua902.010-1.1_137 Mount Washington Observatory: Wind Research-Diary, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_138 21 nam_ua902.010-1.1_138 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Icing Research: Correspondence, Reports, Charts, 1947-1951
nam_ua902.010-1.1_139 22 nam_ua902.010-1.1_139 Nevada Cooperative Snow Surveys, 1944-1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_140 23 nam_ua902.010-1.1_140 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics- Letter to I. Langmuir with Report from Conference on Aircraft Ice Prevention, 1947 June, 1947 October 06
nam_ua902.010-1.1_141 24 nam_ua902.010-1.1_141 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics- Subcommittee on Icing Problems, Member Lists and Responsibilities, 1948 December 31, 1949 January 01
nam_ua902.010-1.1_142 25 nam_ua902.010-1.1_142 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics- Technical Report: "The Design, Operation and Uses of the Water Channel as an Instrument for Investigation of Compressible- Flow Phenomena", 1950 January
nam_ua902.010-1.1_143 26 nam_ua902.010-1.1_143 Newspaper Clippings, 1941-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_144 27 nam_ua902.010-1.1_144 Notes and Formulas- Ice Crystals, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_145 28 nam_ua902.010-1.1_145 Photo: Aerial View of Mount Washington, ca. 1940s
nam_ua902.010-1.1_146 29 nam_ua902.010-1.1_146 Photo: Ice Crystals- Microscopic View, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_147 30 nam_ua902.010-1.1_147 Photo: Gage Towers, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_148 31 nam_ua902.010-1.1_148 Photo: Graph- "Types of Frozen Precipitation", 1949 October 17
nam_ua902.010-1.1_149 32 nam_ua902.010-1.1_149 Photo: Mount Washington Research Unit, United States Air Force, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_150 33 nam_ua902.010-1.1_150 Photo: Rime Deposits, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_151 34 nam_ua902.010-1.1_151 Photo: Rotating Multi-Cylinder with Ice, 1945 February 16
nam_ua902.010-1.1_152 35 nam_ua902.010-1.1_152 Photo: Schaefer in Laboratory, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_153 36 nam_ua902.010-1.1_153 Photo: Schaefer Looking at Plate of Casts Through Microscopes, G.E. Research Lab, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_154 37 nam_ua902.010-1.1_154 Photo: Schaefer Preserving Snowflakes- Flakes Included with Picture, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_155 38 nam_ua902.010-1.1_155 Photo: Shrinking Snow in Stages, 1946 February 20-1946 February 28
nam_ua902.010-1.1_156 39 nam_ua902.010-1.1_156 Photo: Star of Brighton, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_157 40 nam_ua902.010-1.1_157 Photo: Unidentified Man with Ice Chunks (possibly Robert Smith-Johannsen), Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-1.1_158 1 nam_ua902.010-1.1_158 Photo: Unidentified, Possibly Microscopic View of Crystal Cross-Section, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-1.1_159 41 nam_ua902.010-1.1_159 Photo Negatives: Electrical Properties of Snow, 1943-1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_160 42 nam_ua902.010-1.1_160 Photo Negatives: Frost Crystals and Replicas, 1941, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_161 43 nam_ua902.010-1.1_161 Photo Negatives: German Water Droplet Charts, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_162 44 nam_ua902.010-1.1_162 Photo Negatives: Glacial Ice, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_163 45 nam_ua902.010-1.1_163 Photo Negatives: Hailstones, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_164 46 nam_ua902.010-1.1_164 Photo Negatives: Ice Nucleus Detection, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_165 47 nam_ua902.010-1.1_165 Photo Negatives: Ice Replicas, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_166 48 nam_ua902.010-1.1_166 Photo Negatives: Ice Storm, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_167 49 nam_ua902.010-1.1_167 Photo Negatives: Mount Washington Observatory, 1943-1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_168 50 nam_ua902.010-1.1_168 Photo Negatives: Mount Washington Observatory, 1945-1948
nam_ua902.010-1.1_169 51 nam_ua902.010-1.1_169 Photo Negatives: Mount Washington Observatory, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_170 52 nam_ua902.010-1.1_170 Photo Negatives: Sea Ice ( Negatives show text, not pictures), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_171 53 nam_ua902.010-1.1_171 Photo Negatives: Snow Crystals, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_172 54 nam_ua902.010-1.1_172 Photo Negatives: Snow experiments, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.1_173 55 nam_ua902.010-1.1_173 Photo Negatives: Snowflake replicas, 1944-1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_174 56 nam_ua902.010-1.1_174 Photo Negatives: Snowflakes, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_175 57 nam_ua902.010-1.1_175 Photo Negatives: Sublimed Snow, 1946 February 26
nam_ua902.010-1.1_176 58 nam_ua902.010-1.1_176 Photos: Corn Snow at Granular Level, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_177 59 nam_ua902.010-1.1_177 Photos: Damaged Aircraft, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_178 60 nam_ua902.010-1.1_178 Photos: Electric Charge on Snow, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_179 61 nam_ua902.010-1.1_179 Photos: Frazil Ice, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_180 62 nam_ua902.010-1.1_180 Photos: Frost Crystal Replicas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_181 63 nam_ua902.010-1.1_181 Photos: Ice (General), 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_182 64 nam_ua902.010-1.1_182 Photos: Icing Experiments, 1942-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_183 65-66 nam_ua902.010-1.1_183 Photos: Individually Labeled Packets, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_184 67 nam_ua902.010-1.1_184 Photos; Measuring Devices, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_185 68 nam_ua902.010-1.1_185 Photos: Mount Washington Observatory, 1943-1948, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_186 69 nam_ua902.010-1.1_186 Photos: Outdoor Snow Scenes, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_187 70 nam_ua902.010-1.1_187 Photos: Schaefer Studying Snowflakes, ca. 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.1_188 71 nam_ua902.010-1.1_188 Photos: Sleet Particles, Magnified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_189 72 nam_ua902.010-1.1_189 Photos: Sleet Replicas- Transparent form, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_190 73 nam_ua902.010-1.1_190 Photos: Snow and Snow Scenes, 1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_191 74 nam_ua902.010-1.1_191 Photos: Snow Crystals, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_192 75 nam_ua902.010-1.1_192 Photos: Snowflake Replicas, 1941, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_193 76 nam_ua902.010-1.1_193 Photos: Snowflakes, 1949-1961
nam_ua902.010-1.1_194 77-79 nam_ua902.010-1.1_194 Photos: Snowflakes and Snowflake Replicas, 1940s-1960s
Box Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-1.1_195 1-7 nam_ua902.010-1.1_195 Photos: Snowflakes and Snowflake Replicas, 1940s-1960s
nam_ua902.010-1.1_196 8 nam_ua902.010-1.1_196 Photos: Supercooled Clouds, Various Locations Including Mount Washington, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_197 9 nam_ua902.010-1.1_197 Photos: Tug Hill Observations (Livingston Lansing), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_198 10 nam_ua902.010-1.1_198 Photos: Winter Scenes, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_199 11 nam_ua902.010-1.1_199 Precipitation static, 1943-1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_200 12 nam_ua902.010-1.1_200 Presentation Planning- Preliminary Notes, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_201 13 nam_ua902.010-1.1_201 Press Release: Snowflakes and Static Electricity, 1946 June
nam_ua902.010-1.1_202 14 nam_ua902.010-1.1_202 Princeton University De-icing Data With Letter, 1947 August, 1948 January 26
nam_ua902.010-1.1_203 15 nam_ua902.010-1.1_203 Propeller Tests- Icing on Blades, 1946 April
nam_ua902.010-1.1_204 16 nam_ua902.010-1.1_204 Publication Rights Request, 1986 August 26
nam_ua902.010-1.1_205 17 nam_ua902.010-1.1_205 "Research Studies at the Mount Washington Observatory"- How General Electric Came to Mount Washington, With Photos, 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_206 18 nam_ua902.010-1.1_206 Rime and Icelac- Photos, Notes/Formulas, Charts, 1944-1945, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_207 19 nam_ua902.010-1.1_207 Snow and Ice Classification, 1948-1954
nam_ua902.010-1.1_208 20 nam_ua902.010-1.1_208 Snow and Glaciers, International Commission and U. Nakaya, 1945-1948
nam_ua902.010-1.1_209 21-22 nam_ua902.010-1.1_209 Snow and Ice, International Commission, 1946 August-1953 June
nam_ua902.010-1.1_210 23 nam_ua902.010-1.1_210 Snow Cover Chart, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_211 24 nam_ua902.010-1.1_211 Snow Crystal Charts and Electrical Properties of Snow, 1944-1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_212 25 nam_ua902.010-1.1_212 Snow Crystal Correspondence, 1950, 1956, 1970
nam_ua902.010-1.1_213 26 nam_ua902.010-1.1_213 Snow Crystal Formations, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.1_214 27 nam_ua902.010-1.1_214 Snow Crystal Illustrations, Rutland, Vermont, 1948 March
nam_ua902.010-1.1_215 28 nam_ua902.010-1.1_215 Snow Crystal Notes, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_216 29 nam_ua902.010-1.1_216 Snow Crystal Survey- December and January Reports, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_217 30 nam_ua902.010-1.1_217 Snow/Electricity request for Information, 1947 February 27
nam_ua902.010-1.1_218 31 nam_ua902.010-1.1_218 Snow, Ice and Permafrost Report, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.1_219 32 nam_ua902.010-1.1_219 Snow Making in the Pocono Mountains, 1950 December 31
nam_ua902.010-1.1_220 33 nam_ua902.010-1.1_220 Snow Research: Correspondence, Photocopied articles, Supply orders, Notes, 1945-1949
nam_ua902.010-1.1_221 34-39 nam_ua902.010-1.1_221 Snow Research: Laboratory at Schenectady, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_222 40 nam_ua902.010-1.1_222 Snow Research Reports, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_223 41 nam_ua902.010-1.1_223 Snow Research : Storm Data, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.1_224 42 nam_ua902.010-1.1_224 Snow Storm Survey, 1945-1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_225 43 nam_ua902.010-1.1_225 Snow Storm Survey Notebook, ca. 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.1_226 44 nam_ua902.010-1.1_226 Snow Survey, New York, 1948 March
nam_ua902.010-1.1_227 45 nam_ua902.010-1.1_227 Snowfall Data, 1946-1947
nam_ua902.010-1.1_228 46 nam_ua902.010-1.1_228 Snowfall Data, Shattuck Observatory, NH, 1867-1949, 1950, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_229 47 nam_ua902.010-1.1_229 Snowflake Catalog, 1941 February-1941 March
nam_ua902.010-1.1_230 48 nam_ua902.010-1.1_230 Snowflake Distribution Graphs, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_231 49 nam_ua902.010-1.1_231 Snowflake Model for Schools, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.1_232 50 nam_ua902.010-1.1_232 Snowflake Photo Requests, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_233 51 nam_ua902.010-1.1_233 "Snowflake Photography" by V. Schaefer, ca. 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.1_234 52 nam_ua902.010-1.1_234 Snowflake Preservation and Replica Correspondence, especially with Natural History Magazine, 1941-1943
nam_ua902.010-1.1_235 53 nam_ua902.010-1.1_235 Snowflake Preservation Poster, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_236 54-55 nam_ua902.010-1.1_236 Snowflake Replicas, 1940s, 1957
nam_ua902.010-1.1_237 56 nam_ua902.010-1.1_237 "Snowflakes" (Minicam Photography), ca. 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_238 57 nam_ua902.010-1.1_238 Snowflakes and Ice Crystals: Note, Graphs, Photos, 1943-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.1_239 58-59 nam_ua902.010-1.1_239 Snowflakes Captured on Cardboard, 1945, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_240 60 nam_ua902.010-1.1_240 Snow Making for Movie Production, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.1_241 61-62 nam_ua902.010-1.1_241 Special Icing Observations at Mount Washington Observatory, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.1_242 63 nam_ua902.010-1.1_242 Types of Frozen Precipitation, 1943, 1947, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.1_243 64 nam_ua902.010-1.1_243 University of Michigan Engineering Research Institute- Work Report to Wright Air Development Center, U.S. Air Force, 1952 April
nam_ua902.010-1.1_244 65 nam_ua902.010-1.1_244 University of Michigan Icing Research Project, 1952-1953
nam_ua902.010-1.1_245 66 nam_ua902.010-1.1_245 Vortex Ice Generator, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.1_246 67 nam_ua902.010-1.1_246 Western Snow Conference: The Snow Surveyors' Forum, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.1_247 68 nam_ua902.010-1.1_247 Winter Magic (Proposed book by Schaefer), 1946 October 08
nam_ua902.010-1.2 Subseries 1.2: Cloud Seeding and Weather Modification, 1932-1957, Undated
Arranged alphabetically
The inspiration for Schaefer’s work with cloud seeding began during his experiments with Irving Langmuir during World War II. At that time they were under contract with the military for other weather-related reasons, but their research led them to wonder about the possibilities of controlling weather beyond military needs. Schaefer accomplished some of his most important foundational work with cloud seeding in 1946, before General Electric joined in another contract with the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Army Signal Corps. These records document some of Schaefer’s initial work with cloud seeding, before the official birth of Project Cirrus. Researchers will also find about a dozen files on Project Blowdown, a cloud seeding operation conducted in Honduras to aid the United Fruit Company.
Box Folder
5 nam_ua902.010-1.2_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.2_1 Advisory Committee on Weather Control, 1953-1954
nam_ua902.010-1.2_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.2_2 Advisory Committee on Weather Control- Correspondence, 1955
nam_ua902.010-1.2_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.2_3 Advisory Committee on Weather Control- Correspondence, 1956, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.2_4 Advisory Committee on Weather Control- Correspondence, 1957
nam_ua902.010-1.2_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.2_5 Advisory Committee on Weather Control- Reports, 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.2_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.2_6 Anderson, Clinton P.- Weather Control Bill (with article by Schaefer), 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.2_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.2_7 Cloud Code Chart, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.2_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.2_8 Cloud Droplet Research, Booted Cylinder, Negatives, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.2_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.2_9 Cloud Meter, 1945-1946
nam_ua902.010-1.2_10 10 nam_ua902.010-1.2_10 Cloud Seeding Advice to W.D. Williams, El Paso, Texas, 1947 July 17
nam_ua902.010-1.2_11 11 nam_ua902.010-1.2_11 Cloud Seeding and Snow Data with Illustrations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_12 12 nam_ua902.010-1.2_12 Cloud Seeding by Others: Arizona, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.2_13 13 nam_ua902.010-1.2_13 Cloud Seeding by Others: Around the United States, 1950-1952
nam_ua902.010-1.2_14 14-15 nam_ua902.010-1.2_14 Cloud Seeding by Others: Australia, 1946-1947, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.2_15 16 nam_ua902.010-1.2_15 Cloud Seeding by Others: Bolivia (Montreal Engineering Co., LTD., 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.2_16 17-22 nam_ua902.010-1.2_16 Cloud Seeding by Others: Bonneville Power Administration (evaluations), 1950-1952
nam_ua902.010-1.2_17 23 nam_ua902.010-1.2_17 Cloud Seeding by Others: California, with photos, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.2_18 24 nam_ua902.010-1.2_18 Cloud seeding by Others: Clippings, 1947 June-1947 July
nam_ua902.010-1.2_19 25 nam_ua902.010-1.2_19 Cloud Seeding by Others: Colorado, ca. 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.2_20 26 nam_ua902.010-1.2_20 Cloud Seeding by Others: Gathman, Louis- "Rain Produced at Will", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_21 27 nam_ua902.010-1.2_21 Cloud Seeding by Others: Mexico, 1947, 1950-1951
nam_ua902.010-1.2_22 28 nam_ua902.010-1.2_22 Cloud Seeding by Others: Montana and Washington, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.2_23 29 nam_ua902.010-1.2_23 Cloud Seeding by Others: New York City, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.2_24 30 nam_ua902.010-1.2_24 Cloud Seeding by Other: Oregon, Photo, 1947 April 04
nam_ua902.010-1.2_25 31 nam_ua902.010-1.2_25 Cloud Seeding by Others: Philippines, 1947-1948, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_26 32 nam_ua902.010-1.2_26 Cloud Seeding by Others: South Dakota, 1953 June 13
nam_ua902.010-1.2_27 33 nam_ua902.010-1.2_27 Cloud Seeding by Others: Statistical Evaluation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1952 October 30
nam_ua902.010-1.2_28 34 nam_ua902.010-1.2_28 Cloud Seeding Data- Air Expansion and Ice, 1951, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_29 35 nam_ua902.010-1.2_29 Cloud Seeding Data- W.E. Howell to V. Schaefer, 1950 April-1950 November, 1953 February 12
nam_ua902.010-1.2_30 36 nam_ua902.010-1.2_30 Cloud Seeding: Newspaper Articles by Schaefer, 1953 September
nam_ua902.010-1.2_31 37 nam_ua902.010-1.2_31 Cloud Seeding- Post Project Cirrus: Trip to Norway (Newspaper articles in Norwegian), 1952-1954, 1952 October
nam_ua902.010-1.2_32 38 nam_ua902.010-1.2_32 Cloud Slides with Letter, Idaho and Montana, 1953-1954
nam_ua902.010-1.2_33 39 nam_ua902.010-1.2_33 Cloud Stereos, Negatives, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.2_34 40 nam_ua902.010-1.2_34 Clouds: Device for Measuring Liquid Water Content, 1945 January 29
nam_ua902.010-1.2_35 41 nam_ua902.010-1.2_35 Codes for Cloud Forms and States of the Sky, 1938
nam_ua902.010-1.2_36 42 nam_ua902.010-1.2_36 Congressional Bill (H.R. 4582) on Chief of Weather Bureau Conducting rainfall experiments, 1947 November 25, 1948 February 27
nam_ua902.010-1.2_37 43 nam_ua902.010-1.2_37 Congressional Bill (S. 2225) "To Create a Committee to Study and Evaluate Public and Private Experiments in Weather Modification", 1951 October
nam_ua902.010-1.2_38 44 nam_ua902.010-1.2_38 Congressional Bill (S.285) on Weather Control, 1953 August 13
nam_ua902.010-1.2_39 45 nam_ua902.010-1.2_39 Congressional Hearings on Weather Control, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.2_40 46 nam_ua902.010-1.2_40 Congressional Testimony on Weather Control by D.E. Chambers, 1948 March 16
nam_ua902.010-1.2_41 47 nam_ua902.010-1.2_41 Diagrams: Potential Seeding Operations, 1947 February 06
nam_ua902.010-1.2_42 48 nam_ua902.010-1.2_42 Dyed Data, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_43 49 nam_ua902.010-1.2_43 First Cloud Seeding Flight- Temperature Record, 1946 November 13
nam_ua902.010-1.2_44 50 nam_ua902.010-1.2_44 Gardner, Jr., C.- Articles on Rain Making (Staff Member for Senator Francis Case), 1951, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_45 51 nam_ua902.010-1.2_45 Governmental Affairs Legislative Daily- Blurb about Control of Rain Making, 1951 March 16
nam_ua902.010-1.2_46 52 nam_ua902.010-1.2_46 "House Bill No.66" Re: Weather Modification, 1951 April
nam_ua902.010-1.2_47 53 nam_ua902.010-1.2_47 Langmuir, Irving: Periodicities in Seeding, Schedules, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.2_48 54 nam_ua902.010-1.2_48 Langmuir, Irving: Rainfall Data, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.2_49 55 nam_ua902.010-1.2_49 Langmuir, Irving: Socorro, NM- Average Rainfall Distribution, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.2_50 56 nam_ua902.010-1.2_50 Legislation and Testimony Regarding Weather Control, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.2_51 57 nam_ua902.010-1.2_51 Map: Storm Track and Origin of Air Masses, 1946 January 30
nam_ua902.010-1.2_52 58 nam_ua902.010-1.2_52 Memorandum on Introduction of Ice Nuclei into Clouds- Irving Langmuir (with related notes), 1946 August 16
nam_ua902.010-1.2_53 59 nam_ua902.010-1.2_53 National Weather Improvement Association, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.2_54 60 nam_ua902.010-1.2_54 "New Flights Confirm Artificial Snow Production"-GE Press Release, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.2_55 61 nam_ua902.010-1.2_55 Operation B (Multiple Plan Operation), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_56 62 nam_ua902.010-1.2_56 "Cloud Seeding in Cold Chamber. Schaefer, Langmuir and Vonnegut", ca. 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.2_57 63 nam_ua902.010-1.2_57 Photo: Montana Thunder Cloud, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_58 64 nam_ua902.010-1.2_58 Photo: Woman Reading "Snowstorm Manufactured" Article fromBoston Globe, ca. November 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.2_59 65 nam_ua902.010-1.2_59 Photo Negatives: Cloud Box Experiments, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_60 66-68 nam_ua902.010-1.2_60 Photo Negatives: Cloud Formations, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.2_61 69 nam_ua902.010-1.2_61 Photo Negatives: Cloud Formations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_62 70 nam_ua902.010-1.2_62 Photo Negatives: Clouds at Woestyne South, 1945 October 22
nam_ua902.010-1.2_63 71 nam_ua902.010-1.2_63 Photo Negatives: Conversion of Super Cooled Ground Fog to Snow, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_64 72 nam_ua902.010-1.2_64 Photos: Aerial Shots- Clouds, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_65 73 nam_ua902.010-1.2_65 Photos: Cloud Chamber Work, 1952, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_66 74 nam_ua902.010-1.2_66 Photos: Cloud Formations, 1948-1950, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_67 75 nam_ua902.010-1.2_67 Photos: Cloud Formations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_68 76 nam_ua902.010-1.2_68 Photos: Clouds- Montana, Oregon, and Unidentified, Undated
Box Folder
6 nam_ua902.010-1.2_69 1 nam_ua902.010-1.2_69 Photos: Dry Ice Experiments at General Electric, ca. 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.2_70 2 nam_ua902.010-1.2_70 Photos: First Cloud Seeding Flight, 1946 November 13
nam_ua902.010-1.2_71 3 nam_ua902.010-1.2_71 Photos: Schaefer and Bernard Vonnegut at Work with Cloud Chamber, ca. 1946, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.2_72 4 nam_ua902.010-1.2_72 Second Dry Ice Seeding Near Saratoga Lake Photos, 1946 December 20
nam_ua902.010-1.2_73 5 nam_ua902.010-1.2_73 Physics of Clouds, 1945-1948
nam_ua902.010-1.2_74 6 nam_ua902.010-1.2_74 Poster Mock-up: "I.A.S. Present Mr. Vincent J. Schaefer…", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_75 7 nam_ua902.010-1.2_75 Priest River Forest Experimental Station- Climatological Summary, 1932
nam_ua902.010-1.2_76 8 nam_ua902.010-1.2_76 Radio Appearances by Schaefer on Snowmaking, 1946 November, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_77 9 nam_ua902.010-1.2_77 "The Scribble- In Book" with Assorted Cloud photos, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_78 10 nam_ua902.010-1.2_78 Short Report on Dry Ice Properties, Author Unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_79 11 nam_ua902.010-1.2_79 Statements on Weather Modification (Assorted Contributions), 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.2_80 12 nam_ua902.010-1.2_80 Statement on Weather Modification Possibilities, 1951 June 08
nam_ua902.010-1.2_81 13 nam_ua902.010-1.2_81 Stokes Law Graph: Falling Cloud Droplets, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_82 14 nam_ua902.010-1.2_82 Suggestions for Cloud Studies to Establish Importance of Artificial Seeding Operations in a particular Area, 1951 May 11
nam_ua902.010-1.2_83 15 nam_ua902.010-1.2_83 Super Cooled Cloud, Method for Producing Spiral Vortex, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_84 16 nam_ua902.010-1.2_84 Thunderstorm Formation, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.2_85 17 nam_ua902.010-1.2_85 U.S. Senate Bills on Weather Modification, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.2_86 18 nam_ua902.010-1.2_86 Weather control: Arthur Godfrey humor, 1947 July 29
nam_ua902.010-1.2_87 19 nam_ua902.010-1.2_87 Weather Control: Bills and Correspondence, 1951, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.2_88 20 nam_ua902.010-1.2_88 Weather Control: Newspaper Clippings, 1953-1959
nam_ua902.010-1.2_89 21 nam_ua902.010-1.2_89 Weather Control: Research and Development Board Meeting, 1951 June 12
nam_ua902.010-1.2_90 22 nam_ua902.010-1.2_90 Weather Observations, 1942-1944
nam_ua902.010-1.2_91 23 nam_ua902.010-1.2_91 Weather Research: Project Outlines, Graphs, Experimental Weather Forecasts (Schaefer and Falconer), 1951-1953
nam_ua902.010-1.3 Subseries 1.3: General Research, 1922-1954, 1970-1971, Undated
Arranged alphabetically
This subseries is comprised of various research data retained by Schaefer that were not filed specifically with cloud seeding or ice and snow research. These are the notes, graphs, drawings, and photographs of experiments that supported later discoveries in his larger projects. Notes and photos in this subseries include subjects such as surface tension, monomolecular layers, smoke generation, fog, uses of calgon, and electron microscopy. Also of note are his observations on precipitation and precipitation static, which he worked on with Irving Langmuir during World War II. While the bulk of the notes are Schaefer’s own, there are also papers that belonged to Langmuir and various other scientists who shared observations with Schaefer.
Box Folder
7 nam_ua902.010-1.3_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.3_1 Absorbing Membranes- Notes, Graphs, Correspondence, Photos, 1944-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.3_2 Acid Values, Solar Radiation, etc., 1936-1938
nam_ua902.010-1.3_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.3_3 Atmospheric Electricity Observations, 1944-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.3_4 Atmospheric Electricity- Mount Washington, Collector Tapes, 1944 February
nam_ua902.010-1.3_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.3_5 Atmospheric Electricity, Mount Washington- Blowing Snow: Cross Current Storm with Arrival of Cold Front/Mount Washington, Cross Current Storm, Schenectady, Collector Tapes, 1944 March
nam_ua902.010-1.3_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.3_6 Atmospheric Electricity, Types of Clear Weather Currents, Collector Tapes, 1944 March
nam_ua902.010-1.3_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.3_7 Atmospheric Electricity- Overcast- Comparison of cc and cp Collector Tapes, 1944 March 30-1944 March 31
nam_ua902.010-1.3_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.3_8 Atmospheric Electricity: Tapes of Rain, Sleet, and Brief Snow Showers, Collector Tapes, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.3_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.3_9 Atmospheric Electricity- Snow Lab, Schenectady, Woestyne- Schonwee, Collector Tapes, 1944 June 10
nam_ua902.010-1.3_10 10 nam_ua902.010-1.3_10 Atmospheric Electricity: Rainstorm - No Thunder or Lightening Synchronous Electrical Measurements, Rain Traces, Collector Tapes and Photographs, 1944 June 10
nam_ua902.010-1.3_11 11 nam_ua902.010-1.3_11 Atmospheric Electricity: Measurements of Flow of Electricity to Ground During Heavy Rainstorms Accompanied by Lightning , Collector Tapes, 1944 June 15-1944 June 16
nam_ua902.010-1.3_12 12 nam_ua902.010-1.3_12 Atmospheric Electricity- Ordinary Type Thunderstorm Mohawk Valley, Schenectady NY, Moderate- Heavy Rain, Collector Tapes, 1944 June 19
nam_ua902.010-1.3_13 13 nam_ua902.010-1.3_13 Atmospheric Electricity- Traces of Drizzle, Heavy Rain Showers, End of Heavy Thunderstorm, Collector Tapes, 1944 June 19
nam_ua902.010-1.3_14 14 nam_ua902.010-1.3_14 Atmospheric Electricity- Violent Type Thunderstorm, Rain Cloud burst Proportions, Woestyne Station, Collector Tapes, 1944 June 19
nam_ua902.010-1.3_15 15 nam_ua902.010-1.3_15 Atmospheric Electricity- Drizzle, Positive Type Rain, Collector Tapes, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_16 16 nam_ua902.010-1.3_16 Atmospheric Electricity- Rain Storm, Very Little Thunder, Heavy Rain to Light Mist, Anomalous High Frequency Effect, Collector Tapes, 1944 June 20
nam_ua902.010-1.3_17 17 nam_ua902.010-1.3_17 Atmospheric Electricity- Thunderstorm with Hail Showing Effect of Distant Storms, 1944 July 04
nam_ua902.010-1.3_18 18 nam_ua902.010-1.3_18 Atmospheric Electricity- Thunderstorms, Schenectady, Mount Washington Collector Tapes, 1944 June 06
nam_ua902.010-1.3_19 19 nam_ua902.010-1.3_19 Atmospheric Electricity- Thunderstorm, No Rain Collector Tapes, 1944 July-1944 September
nam_ua902.010-1.3_20 20 nam_ua902.010-1.3_20 Atmospheric Electricity- Wet Snow Storm Collection Tape, 1944 November 18
nam_ua902.010-1.3_21 21 nam_ua902.010-1.3_21 Atmospheric Oscillations- Proposal for a Study, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_22 22 nam_ua902.010-1.3_22 Badily Ridge/ Looking Glass Summit- Weather Observations and Map, 1948 August 01
nam_ua902.010-1.3_23 23 nam_ua902.010-1.3_23 Barium Stearic Acid, 1937
nam_ua902.010-1.3_24 24 nam_ua902.010-1.3_24 C23 Acid Data, ca. 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_25 25 nam_ua902.010-1.3_25 Calculation of Light Scattering by Smoke Particles, 1942-1943
1 nam_ua902.010-1.3_26 nam_ua902.010-1.3_26 Calibrated Filters (Blodgett) and Snow Replica Slides (Schaefer), 1943 September 09, Undated
Box Folder
7 nam_ua902.010-1.3_27 26 nam_ua902.010-1.3_27 Cannon Mountain - Weather Observations, 1943-1944
nam_ua902.010-1.3_28 27 nam_ua902.010-1.3_28 Capacitor Calculations, 1947 November 25
nam_ua902.010-1.3_29 28 nam_ua902.010-1.3_29 Coil Frosting Rates, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.3_30 29 nam_ua902.010-1.3_30 Cold Chamber: Diagram with Photo Negatives, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_31 30 nam_ua902.010-1.3_31 Chemical Lists- Prior to 1950 and Prior to 1954, ca. 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.3_32 31 nam_ua902.010-1.3_32 Cholesterol/Epicholesterol Notes, Drawings, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_33 32 nam_ua902.010-1.3_33 Cold Chamber: Equipment List, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_34 33 nam_ua902.010-1.3_34 Cold Chamber: Graphs, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_35 34 nam_ua902.010-1.3_35 Cold Chamber: Sublimation Nuclei Detection, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_36 35 nam_ua902.010-1.3_36 Cold Chamber: Temperatures During Benzene Run, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_37 36 nam_ua902.010-1.3_37 Condensation Notes with Drawings, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_38 37 nam_ua902.010-1.3_38 Condensation Nuclei Notes- Incomplete, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_39 38 nam_ua902.010-1.3_39 Condensation Nuclei Symposium, 1954 November 07
nam_ua902.010-1.3_40 39 nam_ua902.010-1.3_40 Construction Details- Trace Coat Tape Recorder, 1945 April
nam_ua902.010-1.3_41 40 nam_ua902.010-1.3_41 Crystal Deposits on Plastic, ca. 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_42 41 nam_ua902.010-1.3_42 Crystal Deposits- Unidentified, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_43 42 nam_ua902.010-1.3_43 Crystal Growth Report- Central Engineering Plant, Dept. of Research, 1946 August 15
nam_ua902.010-1.3_44 43 nam_ua902.010-1.3_44 Cycol Theory of Protean Structure/ Mechanisms of Lubrication, 1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_45 44-45 nam_ua902.010-1.3_45 Cytological Research, 1933
nam_ua902.010-1.3_46 46 nam_ua902.010-1.3_46 Daily Temperatures (Location Unknown), 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.3_47 47 nam_ua902.010-1.3_47 Deposition Rates, ca. 1939-1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_48 48 nam_ua902.010-1.3_48 Diamond Dust- Observations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_49 49 nam_ua902.010-1.3_49 Diffusion Rates of H2O from Clean H20 Surface, 1940, 1945, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_50 50 nam_ua902.010-1.3_50 Di-N-Propyl Sebacate- Synthesis, 1940 May 29
nam_ua902.010-1.3_51 51 nam_ua902.010-1.3_51 Electric Hygrometer Development Report with Letter, 1944 November 28, 1945 April 23
nam_ua902.010-1.3_52 52 nam_ua902.010-1.3_52 Electrometer Illustrations with Notes, 1949 January, 1949 November
nam_ua902.010-1.3_53 53 nam_ua902.010-1.3_53 Electron Microscopy: Magnified Crystals Images, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_54 54 nam_ua902.010-1.3_54 Electron Microscopy: Magnified Images, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_55 55 nam_ua902.010-1.3_55 Electron Microscopy: Photomicrographs, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_56 56 nam_ua902.010-1.3_56 Electron Microscopy: Photomicrographs with Notes, 1939-1941, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_57 57 nam_ua902.010-1.3_57 Electron Microscopy: "Replica Technique and Metallographic Presentation for the Electron Microscope" with Images, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.3_58 58 nam_ua902.010-1.3_58 Enlarger- Diagrams and Notes, 1943 June 09, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_59 59 nam_ua902.010-1.3_59 Evaporation Rates and Surface Films, 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_60 60 nam_ua902.010-1.3_60 Evaporation Rates: Data on Dehydrating Materials, 1939-1940, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_61 61 nam_ua902.010-1.3_61 Evaporation Studies, ca. 1950-1970
nam_ua902.010-1.3_62 62 nam_ua902.010-1.3_62 Evaporation Through Surface Films, 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_63 63 nam_ua902.010-1.3_63 Experiment Using Photographic Plates, Instructions, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_64 64 nam_ua902.010-1.3_64 Experiments with Color Photography- Photos and Notes, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_65 65 nam_ua902.010-1.3_65 "Experimental 30-Day Forecasts, 1953 June-1953 September
nam_ua902.010-1.3_66 66 nam_ua902.010-1.3_66 "Experimental 30-Day Forecast for the Albany-Schenectady Area" R. Falconer, 1953 July
nam_ua902.010-1.3_67 67 nam_ua902.010-1.3_67 Filter Data, 1941
nam_ua902.010-1.3_68 68 nam_ua902.010-1.3_68 Fluxometer Theory, 1940 November 13
nam_ua902.010-1.3_69 69 nam_ua902.010-1.3_69 Fog Dispersal Studies, 1943-1952
nam_ua902.010-1.3_70 70 nam_ua902.010-1.3_70 Fog Dispersal Studies, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.3_71 71 nam_ua902.010-1.3_71 Forest Fire Data- Coconino Forest, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_72 72 nam_ua902.010-1.3_72 Friction Studies, 1934
nam_ua902.010-1.3_73 73 nam_ua902.010-1.3_73 General Experiments, 1941, 1944-1945, 1950, 1952, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_74 74 nam_ua902.010-1.3_74 General Notes: Weather Observations and Contract with Navy, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.3_75 75 nam_ua902.010-1.3_75 Glass Filter Research, ca. 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_76 76 nam_ua902.010-1.3_76 Graph: Time Changes in Smoke in a Vessel of Volume V, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_77 77 nam_ua902.010-1.3_77 Gregg, Arthur- Research Notes, 1940-1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_78 78 nam_ua902.010-1.3_78 H2O Vapor- Data and Drawings, 1947-1948, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_79 79 nam_ua902.010-1.3_79 Hail Report- Flight Research Division, NACA, 1951 February
nam_ua902.010-1.3_80 80 nam_ua902.010-1.3_80 Halo Measurement, 1943 January 10
nam_ua902.010-1.3_81 81 nam_ua902.010-1.3_81 Hand Unit Nuclei Counter, 1949 April 07
nam_ua902.010-1.3_82 82 nam_ua902.010-1.3_82 Hartford, CT- Weather Conditions, 1949 June 05, 1949 June 06
nam_ua902.010-1.3_83 83 nam_ua902.010-1.3_83 Heat Pump Defrosting Studies, 1951-1952
nam_ua902.010-1.3_84 84 nam_ua902.010-1.3_84 Hydrology and Related Matters, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_85 85 nam_ua902.010-1.3_85 Hypsometer Study, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.3_86 86 nam_ua902.010-1.3_86 Index Card File- Scientific Notes and Contacts, 1951-1956, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_87 87 nam_ua902.010-1.3_87 Index to Schaefer's General Electric Research Notebooks, ca. 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.3_88 88 nam_ua902.010-1.3_88 Iron Particles, Nucleation and Growth of During Electrode Position into Mercury Cathodes, 1953 Summer
nam_ua902.010-1.3_89 89 nam_ua902.010-1.3_89 Jet Stream: Black Sheep Project, Technical Note #4, 1954 September 13
nam_ua902.010-1.3_90 90 nam_ua902.010-1.3_90 Jet Stream: Map- Tornadoes, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_91 91 nam_ua902.010-1.3_91 Jet Stream: Schaefer's Observational Data, 1950 June 21, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_92 92 nam_ua902.010-1.3_92 Jet Stream: United States Maps, 1953 March-1953 September
nam_ua902.010-1.3_93 93 nam_ua902.010-1.3_93 Jet Stream: United States Maps (Conic Projection), 1953 January 01-1953 March 14
nam_ua902.010-1.3_94 94 nam_ua902.010-1.3_94 Jet Stream: United States Maps, 1953 June-1953 November
nam_ua902.010-1.3_95 95 nam_ua902.010-1.3_95 Kansas and Wyoming Projects, 1948, 1952, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_96 96 nam_ua902.010-1.3_96 Laboratory Notes and Graph, 1934, 1935, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_97 97 nam_ua902.010-1.3_97 Light Spectra Images, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_98 98 nam_ua902.010-1.3_98 Liquid Oil Fog Generator- Notes and Drawings, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_99 99 nam_ua902.010-1.3_99 "Match Angle Data- Absolute Thickness of Monolayer's Considering n." From Data Supplied by Dr. K.B. Blodgett, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.3_100 100 nam_ua902.010-1.3_100 Meteorological Records- Monthly Meteorological Summaries, U.S. Dept. of Commerce Weather Bureau, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.3_101 101 nam_ua902.010-1.3_101 Methods of Dissipating Supercooled Clouds in the Natural Atmosphere- Notes and Formulas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_102 102 nam_ua902.010-1.3_102 Molar Equivalents per 1/2 Liter of H2O, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_103 103 nam_ua902.010-1.3_103 Monolayer Graphs, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_104 104 nam_ua902.010-1.3_104 Monomolecular Firms: Calgon, 1936
nam_ua902.010-1.3_105 105 nam_ua902.010-1.3_105 Monomolecular Firms: Calgon, 1936-1937
Box Folder
8 nam_ua902.010-1.3_106 1 nam_ua902.010-1.3_106 Monomolecular Films: Calgon, 1937
nam_ua902.010-1.3_107 2 nam_ua902.010-1.3_107 Monomolecular Films: Electrical Tests of Monomolecular Firms with Ionized Gaseous Electrode, GE Engineering Laboratory, 1938 February
nam_ua902.010-1.3_108 3 nam_ua902.010-1.3_108 Monomolecular Films: Lubrication/Viscosity, 1934-1935
nam_ua902.010-1.3_109 4 nam_ua902.010-1.3_109 Monomolecular Films: Microanalysis, 1937 April
nam_ua902.010-1.3_110 5 nam_ua902.010-1.3_110 Monomolecular Films: Properties, 1939
nam_ua902.010-1.3_111 6 nam_ua902.010-1.3_111 Monomolecular Films: Protein Films, 1939-1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_112 7 nam_ua902.010-1.3_112 Monomolecular Firms: Protein Monolayer Viscosity, 1937
nam_ua902.010-1.3_113 8 nam_ua902.010-1.3_113 Monomolecular Films: Proteins, Monolayers, and the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, 1933-1937
nam_ua902.010-1.3_114 9 nam_ua902.010-1.3_114 Monomolecular Films: Temperature Measurements with Assorted Reports by Non- G.E. Workers, 1940-1941
nam_ua902.010-1.3_115 10 nam_ua902.010-1.3_115 Monomolecular Films: Thin Films, 1941
nam_ua902.010-1.3_116 11-12 nam_ua902.010-1.3_116 Monomolecular Films: Thin Film Studies, 1938-1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_117 13 nam_ua902.010-1.3_117 Molecular Films: The Films- Spectrophometer Curves Transmission- Reflection Characteristics, 1939-1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_118 14 nam_ua902.010-1.3_118 Monomolecular Films: Torsion and Viscosity Tables and Formulae, 1937-1938
nam_ua902.010-1.3_119 15 nam_ua902.010-1.3_119 Monomolecular Films: Torsion Data and Slides, Bearings, 1934-1936
nam_ua902.010-1.3_120 16 nam_ua902.010-1.3_120 Navy versus Air Force Bombers- Comparison, 1953 May 16
nam_ua902.010-1.3_121 17 nam_ua902.010-1.3_121 Nucleonic Project, 1946 May 24
nam_ua902.010-1.3_122 18 nam_ua902.010-1.3_122 Odor Performance of Aluminum Surfaces, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.3_123 19 nam_ua902.010-1.3_123 Oil on Water, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.3_124 20 nam_ua902.010-1.3_124 Organic Chemistry Notes (and other), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_125 21 nam_ua902.010-1.3_125 OTK Sprinkler, 1952-1953
nam_ua902.010-1.3_126 22 nam_ua902.010-1.3_126 Output Steam Generator Measurements, 1949 September 20
nam_ua902.010-1.3_127 23 nam_ua902.010-1.3_127 Oxygen in the Atmosphere, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.3_128 24 nam_ua902.010-1.3_128 Parallel Tube Collimator, 1944-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_129 25 nam_ua902.010-1.3_129 Particle Studies, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_130 26 nam_ua902.010-1.3_130 Pepsin Studies, ca. 1936-1937
nam_ua902.010-1.3_131 27 nam_ua902.010-1.3_131 Perfuorodecanoic Acid, ca. 1940s
nam_ua902.010-1.3_132 28 nam_ua902.010-1.3_132 Permafrost Research, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_133 29-30 nam_ua902.010-1.3_133 Permeability of Combination Films, Fatty Acids, and Cholesterol, 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_134 31 nam_ua902.010-1.3_134 PH Charts, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_135 32 nam_ua902.010-1.3_135 Photos: Artificial Fog Testing, 1942 June 24
nam_ua902.010-1.3_136 33 nam_ua902.010-1.3_136 Photo: Capped Hexagonal Column, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_137 34 nam_ua902.010-1.3_137 Photo: Electron Micrograph Cross Section, Barium Behenate and Barium Palmitate, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_138 35 nam_ua902.010-1.3_138 Photo: Fog Generator, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_139 36 nam_ua902.010-1.3_139 Photo: Langmuir, I., C.G. Suits and W.D. Coolidge at Vrooman's Nose- Smoke Generator Tests, 1942 June
nam_ua902.010-1.3_140 37 nam_ua902.010-1.3_140 Photo: Lightning Bolts, with Loan Note re: Ed Evans, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_141 38 nam_ua902.010-1.3_141 Photo: Lightning Strikes over Priest Lake, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_142 39 nam_ua902.010-1.3_142 Photo: Schaefer, Langmuir and Robert Smith- Johansen watch Katharine Blodgett at work, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_143 40 nam_ua902.010-1.3_143 Photo: Schaefer's desk at General Electric, Schaefer at work, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_144 41 nam_ua902.010-1.3_144 Photo Negatives: Adirondacks, 1927-1939, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_145 42 nam_ua902.010-1.3_145 Photo Negatives: Airborne Particles, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_146 43 nam_ua902.010-1.3_146 Photo Negatives: Aluminum and Copper Replicas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_147 44 nam_ua902.010-1.3_147 Photo Negatives: Bubble Trajectory and Camera Spheres, 1951, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_148 45 nam_ua902.010-1.3_148 Photo Negatives: Cartoons, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_149 46 nam_ua902.010-1.3_149 Photo Negatives: Cold Chamber Diffusion, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_150 47 nam_ua902.010-1.3_150 Photo Negatives: Crystals- Velocity of Fall and Charge, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_151 48 nam_ua902.010-1.3_151 Photo Negatives: Effect of Dissolved Salts on Expansion Patterns, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_152 49 nam_ua902.010-1.3_152 Photo Negatives: Elk Mountain, Wyoming, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_153 50 nam_ua902.010-1.3_153 Photo Negatives: Expansion Patterns of Proteins, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_154 51 nam_ua902.010-1.3_154 Photo Negatives: Fiber Cellulose, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_155 52 nam_ua902.010-1.3_155 Photo Negatives: Fog Particles and Generation, 1943, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_156 53 nam_ua902.010-1.3_156 Photo Negatives: Formation of Expansion Patterns, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_157 54 nam_ua902.010-1.3_157 Photo Negatives: General Lab Experiments, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_158 55 nam_ua902.010-1.3_158 Photo Negatives: Lab Apparatus, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_159 56 nam_ua902.010-1.3_159 Photo Negatives: Large Particle Sampling, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_160 57 nam_ua902.010-1.3_160 Photo Negatives: Leaf Replicas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_161 58 nam_ua902.010-1.3_161 Photo Negatives: Macro Experiments, 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.3_162 59 nam_ua902.010-1.3_162 Photo Negatives: Quartz Replicas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_163 60 nam_ua902.010-1.3_163 Photo Negatives: "SC PVA", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_164 61 nam_ua902.010-1.3_164 Photo Negatives: Scientific Adventures, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.3_165 62-65 nam_ua902.010-1.3_165 Photo Negatives: Smoke Generation, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_166 66 nam_ua902.010-1.3_166 Photo Negatives: Smoke Generation, 1942-1944
nam_ua902.010-1.3_167 67-68 nam_ua902.010-1.3_167 Photo Negatives: Smoke Generation, Vrooman's Nose, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_168 69 nam_ua902.010-1.3_168 Photo Negatives: Smoke Screen Tests, 1941 September 22
nam_ua902.010-1.3_169 70 nam_ua902.010-1.3_169 Photo Negatives: Spontaneous Ignition, 1943 December
nam_ua902.010-1.3_170 71 nam_ua902.010-1.3_170 Photo Negatives: Sooted Slides, 1943 December 31
nam_ua902.010-1.3_171 72 nam_ua902.010-1.3_171 Photo Negatives: Steam Jet, 1943 December 16
nam_ua902.010-1.3_172 73 nam_ua902.010-1.3_172 Photo Negatives: Supercooled Solutions, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_173 74 nam_ua902.010-1.3_173 Photo Negatives: Vrooman's Nose, 1942 June 24
nam_ua902.010-1.3_174 75 nam_ua902.010-1.3_174 Photo Slides: Grand Canyon Expedition, 1949-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.3_175 76 nam_ua902.010-1.3_175 Photocopied Images: Schaefer at Work in Research Lab and with Colleagues, 1922-1954
nam_ua902.010-1.3_176 77 nam_ua902.010-1.3_176 Photocopied Images: Snowflake Patterns, Creating Replicas, 1946, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_177 78 nam_ua902.010-1.3_177 Photo micrographic Equipment- Lists and Drawings, 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.3_178 79 nam_ua902.010-1.3_178 Photos: Crystals from Cold Chamber, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_179 80 nam_ua902.010-1.3_179 Photos: Crystals, Magnified, 1944, Undated
Box Folder
9 nam_ua902.010-1.3_180 1 nam_ua902.010-1.3_180 Photos: Crystals, Magnified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_181 2 nam_ua902.010-1.3_181 Photos: Diatoms, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_182 3 nam_ua902.010-1.3_182 Photos: Eclipse of the Moon, 1942 August 25
nam_ua902.010-1.3_183 4-5 nam_ua902.010-1.3_183 Photos: Electron Microscopy, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_184 6 nam_ua902.010-1.3_184 Photos: Frost Crystals and Frost Replicas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_185 7 nam_ua902.010-1.3_185 Photos: General Experiments, 1944 February 12, 1944 February 17, 1950 July, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_186 8 nam_ua902.010-1.3_186 Photos: High-Magnified Snow and Unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_187 9 nam_ua902.010-1.3_187 Photos: Light Transmission through Focused Multicell, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_188 10 nam_ua902.010-1.3_188 Photos: Meteor Grains, 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.3_189 11 nam_ua902.010-1.3_189 Photos: Microscopic Surfaces, ex. Maidenhair Fern Fond and Goldthread Leaf Replica, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_190 12 nam_ua902.010-1.3_190 Photos: Oil Firms on Water- Langmuir Experiments, 1936
nam_ua902.010-1.3_191 13 nam_ua902.010-1.3_191 Photos: Oxidized Oil Patterns on Monofilms, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_192 14 nam_ua902.010-1.3_192 Photos: Sand, Microscopic View, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_193 15 nam_ua902.010-1.3_193 Photos: Septaria, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_194 16 nam_ua902.010-1.3_194 Photos: Severe Thunderstorms, 1944, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_195 17-18 nam_ua902.010-1.3_195 Photos: Smoke Generation at Vrooman's Nose, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_196 19 nam_ua902.010-1.3_196 Photos: Smoke Generation at Vrooman's Nose, 1942-1943
nam_ua902.010-1.3_197 20 nam_ua902.010-1.3_197 Photos: Smoke Screen Test: Vrooman's Nose, Prints, 1942 June 24, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_198 21 nam_ua902.010-1.3_198 Photos: Van De Graff Generator, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_199 22 nam_ua902.010-1.3_199 Photos: Volcanic Ash Under Microscope, 1947 January 24
nam_ua902.010-1.3_200 23 nam_ua902.010-1.3_200 Photos: and Negatives: Droplets, 1946, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_201 24 nam_ua902.010-1.3_201 Photos, Negatives and Slides: Pentaeythritol Seeded Crystals, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_202 25 nam_ua902.010-1.3_202 Projection Print Scales- Kodak, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_203 26 nam_ua902.010-1.3_203 Point Discharge Recorder Charts, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.3_204 27 nam_ua902.010-1.3_204 Potential Gradient Measurements, Analysis of, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_205 28 nam_ua902.010-1.3_205 Precipitation Deposits, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.3_206 29 nam_ua902.010-1.3_206 Precipitation Research, 1941-1947
nam_ua902.010-1.3_207 30 nam_ua902.010-1.3_207 Precipitation Research, 1953-1956
nam_ua902.010-1.3_208 31 nam_ua902.010-1.3_208 Precipitation Static, 1943 February-1943 October
nam_ua902.010-1.3_209 32 nam_ua902.010-1.3_209 Precipitation Static, 1943 November 10-1944 January 21
nam_ua902.010-1.3_210 33 nam_ua902.010-1.3_210 Precipitation Static, 1944 January-1944 September
nam_ua902.010-1.3_211 34 nam_ua902.010-1.3_211 Precipitation Static, 1944 September 20-1947 November 04
nam_ua902.010-1.3_212 35 nam_ua902.010-1.3_212 Precipitation Static: Photos, Aircraft Investigation, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_213 36 nam_ua902.010-1.3_213 Precipitation Static- Snowstorm Studies , Cloud Particles, 1943-1944
nam_ua902.010-1.3_214 37 nam_ua902.010-1.3_214 Pressure Data: F-A Curves, F-A Apparatus, 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_215 38 nam_ua902.010-1.3_215 Project Cloud Trail Sample Data Card, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_216 39 nam_ua902.010-1.3_216 Project SOIAS, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.3_217 40 nam_ua902.010-1.3_217 Project Summit, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-1.3_218 41 nam_ua902.010-1.3_218 Pseudo- Adiabatic Diagrams, 1941-1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_219 42 nam_ua902.010-1.3_219 Psychometric Charts (Air Conditioning Processes), 1945, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.3_220 43 nam_ua902.010-1.3_220 "Records on Lubrication" Notebook, Part I, 1933 December 1-1984 March
nam_ua902.010-1.3_221 44 nam_ua902.010-1.3_221 "Records on Lubrication" Notebook, Part II, 1934 May-1934 September
nam_ua902.010-1.3_222 45 nam_ua902.010-1.3_222 Reflection Transmission Data, 1939-1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_223 46 nam_ua902.010-1.3_223 Relation of Certain Oils to Certain Metals, 1934
nam_ua902.010-1.3_224 47 nam_ua902.010-1.3_224 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1947 May, 1948 November-1949 May
nam_ua902.010-1.3_225 48 nam_ua902.010-1.3_225 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1949 June-1949 September
nam_ua902.010-1.3_226 49 nam_ua902.010-1.3_226 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1949 September-1949 November
nam_ua902.010-1.3_227 50 nam_ua902.010-1.3_227 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1949 November-1950 February
nam_ua902.010-1.3_228 51 nam_ua902.010-1.3_228 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1950 March-1950 May
nam_ua902.010-1.3_229 52 nam_ua902.010-1.3_229 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1950 June-1950 August
Box Folder
10 nam_ua902.010-1.3_230 1 nam_ua902.010-1.3_230 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1950 September-1951 March
nam_ua902.010-1.3_231 2 nam_ua902.010-1.3_231 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1951 April-1951 September
nam_ua902.010-1.3_232 3 nam_ua902.010-1.3_232 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1951 October-1952 March
nam_ua902.010-1.3_233 4 nam_ua902.010-1.3_233 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1952 April-1952 August
nam_ua902.010-1.3_234 5 nam_ua902.010-1.3_234 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1952 September-1953 February
nam_ua902.010-1.3_235 6 nam_ua902.010-1.3_235 Research Lab Weather Forecasts, 1953 March-1953 August
nam_ua902.010-1.3_236 7 nam_ua902.010-1.3_236 Research Laboratory: Assorted Project Reports, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_237 8 nam_ua902.010-1.3_237 Research Laboratory: Notebooks- Indices to, 1930s-1950s
nam_ua902.010-1.3_238 9 nam_ua902.010-1.3_238 Research Laboratory: Notebooks- Lab Assistant Task, Notebook for V. Schaefer, 1933
nam_ua902.010-1.3_239 10 nam_ua902.010-1.3_239 Research Laboratory: Notebooks- Various Topics, 1934-1935
nam_ua902.010-1.3_240 11 nam_ua902.010-1.3_240 Research Notes: General, 1939-1952, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_241 12 nam_ua902.010-1.3_241 Research Notes: Graphs (0 degrees-39 degrees Celsius, Levels: Graphs), 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.3_242 13 nam_ua902.010-1.3_242 Rime Studies- Results, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_243 14 nam_ua902.010-1.3_243 Salt and Sea Water, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_244 15 nam_ua902.010-1.3_244 Sewage Treatment Plant, Schenectady- Weather Conditions, 1942-1943
nam_ua902.010-1.3_245 16 nam_ua902.010-1.3_245 Skeleton Films, 1936-1937
nam_ua902.010-1.3_246 17 nam_ua902.010-1.3_246 Sketch of Langmuir Invention by Schaefer, 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_247 18 nam_ua902.010-1.3_247 Sketches, Layouts, and Doodles of Langmuir and Whitney, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_248 19 nam_ua902.010-1.3_248 Skim Analysis- Stearic Acid Calcium Stearate, Tannic Acid, Calcium "Tannate", 1935
nam_ua902.010-1.3_249 20 nam_ua902.010-1.3_249 Skim Crystals Slide data, 1937
nam_ua902.010-1.3_250 21 nam_ua902.010-1.3_250 Sky, Relative Brightness of from Woestyne, 1946 February 08
nam_ua902.010-1.3_251 22 nam_ua902.010-1.3_251 Slide Project Report (incomplete), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_252 23 nam_ua902.010-1.3_252 Small Particle Study, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_253 24 nam_ua902.010-1.3_253 Smoke Generation, 1940-1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_254 25 nam_ua902.010-1.3_254 Smoke Generation, 1941-1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_255 26 nam_ua902.010-1.3_255 Smoke Generation, 1946-1947, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.3_256 27 nam_ua902.010-1.3_256 Smoke Generation, 1991-1993
nam_ua902.010-1.3_257 28 nam_ua902.010-1.3_257 Smoke Generation (Smoke Box Data), 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_258 29 nam_ua902.010-1.3_258 Smoke Generation (Smoke Generator Data), 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_259 30-31 nam_ua902.010-1.3_259 Smoke Generation (Testing in the Schoharie Valley), 1942, 1944, 1971
nam_ua902.010-1.3_260 32 nam_ua902.010-1.3_260 Smoke Particles- Calculations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_261 33 nam_ua902.010-1.3_261 Smoke Screening- Observations, Formulas, 1942, 1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_262 34 nam_ua902.010-1.3_262 Soap Bubble Solution, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_263 35 nam_ua902.010-1.3_263 Spherical Powders Made From Various Metals, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.3_264 36 nam_ua902.010-1.3_264 Splash Patterns: Acid, Steady Particles, and Water Drops, 1944-1946
nam_ua902.010-1.3_265 37 nam_ua902.010-1.3_265 Stellar Crystals, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_266 38 nam_ua902.010-1.3_266 Stokes' Law (Incomplete), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_267 39 nam_ua902.010-1.3_267 Supercooled Droplets/Crystals- Handwritten Notes, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_268 40 nam_ua902.010-1.3_268 Supersaturation of Water Vapor Report (Universite de Montreal), 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.3_269 41 nam_ua902.010-1.3_269 Surface Active Oils, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_270 42 nam_ua902.010-1.3_270 Surface Chemistry, 1940
nam_ua902.010-1.3_271 43 nam_ua902.010-1.3_271 Surface Replicas: Electron Microscopy Articles and Photos, 1942-1943
nam_ua902.010-1.3_272 44 nam_ua902.010-1.3_272 Surface Replicas: Formvar, 1934-1935
nam_ua902.010-1.3_273 45 nam_ua902.010-1.3_273 Surface Replicas: Photos, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.3_274 46 nam_ua902.010-1.3_274 Surface Replicas: Photos, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_275 47-48 nam_ua902.010-1.3_275 Surface Replicas: Photos- Metals, 1938-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_276 49 nam_ua902.010-1.3_276 Surface Tension Measurements, 1936
Box Folder
11 nam_ua902.010-1.3_277 1 nam_ua902.010-1.3_277 Temperature Charts (Knolls), 1952 July-1952 October
nam_ua902.010-1.3_278 2 nam_ua902.010-1.3_278 Tentative Research Programs, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_279 3 nam_ua902.010-1.3_279 Terrestrial Magnetism, 1947, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.3_280 4 nam_ua902.010-1.3_280 Thunderstorm Project (Aerophysics Institute), 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.3_281 5 nam_ua902.010-1.3_281 Time Lapse Unit, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_282 6 nam_ua902.010-1.3_282 Transparent Balloons, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.3_283 7 nam_ua902.010-1.3_283 Ultraviolet Light, Light Scattering, Non-Glare Studies, 1937-1939
nam_ua902.010-1.3_284 8 nam_ua902.010-1.3_284 Upper Winds- Notations on Index Card, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_285 9 nam_ua902.010-1.3_285 Variance Analysis, 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.3_286 10 nam_ua902.010-1.3_286 Virus Detection, 1941
nam_ua902.010-1.3_287 11 nam_ua902.010-1.3_287 Water Divining, 1944-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.3_288 12 nam_ua902.010-1.3_288 Weather Bureau, 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.3_289 13 nam_ua902.010-1.3_289 Weather Data Journal, 1948, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.3_290 14 nam_ua902.010-1.3_290 Weather Modification- Synopsis of Questions Answered and Those Remaining, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.3_291 15 nam_ua902.010-1.3_291 Wetting Agents, 1940, 1949
1 nam_ua902.010-1.3_292 nam_ua902.010-1.3_292 Wind Speed Charts, ca. 1952
Box Folder
11 nam_ua902.010-1.3_293 16 nam_ua902.010-1.3_293 Wind Tunnels Data on Pilots, 1944 February-1945 February
nam_ua902.010-1.3_294 17 nam_ua902.010-1.3_294 WV-84A Ultrasensitive Micrometer, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.4 Subseries 1.4: Research Notebooks, 1936-1954, Undated
Arranged by size, then chronological within each set.
Comprising the years 1934 to 1954, Vincent Schaefer’s research notebooks are bound volumes containing handwritten observations, formulas, and drawings from his scientific endeavors. They comprise their own subseries partly due to the fragile nature of the bindings, covers, and paper itself, but also because the nature of the bound books prevents their being divided among the categories of snow and ice research, cloud seeding, general research, etc. Researchers are encouraged to consult these notebooks for information on Schaefer’s World War II projects, cloud seeding, surface chemistry, and more. Please note that Schaefer kept two sets of notebooks from 1940 to 1943—in addition to the larger hardback notebooks, he also kept a set of small softcover books that dealt with very specific topics such as smoke filters and artificial fog. He also used some of the smaller-size notebooks for scientific observations from his own home.
Box Folder
12 nam_ua902.010-1.4_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.4_1 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#2474, 1934 October 19-1936 April 13
nam_ua902.010-1.4_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.4_2 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#2642, 1936 April 01-1937 May 13
nam_ua902.010-1.4_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.4_3 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#2750, 1937 May 06-1937 December 01
nam_ua902.010-1.4_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.4_4 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#2836, 1937 December 03-1938 February 08
nam_ua902.010-1.4_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.4_5 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#2891, 1938 May 03-1939 February 20
Box Folder
13 nam_ua902.010-1.4_6 1 nam_ua902.010-1.4_6 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#2991, 1939 February 24-1940 March 25
nam_ua902.010-1.4_7 2 nam_ua902.010-1.4_7 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#3132, 1940 March 29-1943 September 07
Box Folder
14 nam_ua902.010-1.4_8 1 nam_ua902.010-1.4_8 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#3771, 1945 February 03-1945 October 08
nam_ua902.010-1.4_9 2 nam_ua902.010-1.4_9 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#3896, 1945 February 05-1950 February 24
nam_ua902.010-1.4_10 3 nam_ua902.010-1.4_10 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#4653, 1948 July 19-1954 February 26
nam_ua902.010-1.4_11 4 nam_ua902.010-1.4_11 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#3211, 1940 September 23-1942 January 10
Box Folder
15 nam_ua902.010-1.4_12 1 nam_ua902.010-1.4_12 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#3398, 1941 December 03-1942 February 09
nam_ua902.010-1.4_13 2 nam_ua902.010-1.4_13 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#3672, 1943 March 22-1943 September 17
nam_ua902.010-1.4_14 3 nam_ua902.010-1.4_14 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#4651, 1948 June 25-1950 February 10
Box Folder
16 nam_ua902.010-1.4_15 1 nam_ua902.010-1.4_15 Research Laboratory: Notebooks-#4652, 1948 July 14-1950 July 08
nam_ua902.010-1.5 Subseries 1.5: Correspondence, 1939-1954, Undated
Arranged alphabetically
Schaefer’s correspondence files are arranged alphabetically by subject. They include letters sent and received by Schaefer as well as some to and from Irving Langmuir. Schaefer also retained letters that were to and from others at General Electric but carbon copied to him. While most of Schaefer’s letters came to the archives grouped in large, general batches, some were retained separate from the larger groups. The archivist kept that arrangement, which is why certain letters are foldered individually or in very small groups while the majority of this subseries is simply categorized as “general”.
Due to time constraints, correspondence that might relate to Project Cirrus was not culled from this series to be placed in Series #2, so researchers might wish to peruse this subseries for Cirrus letters, especially those two and from various branches of the military.
Box Folder
17 nam_ua902.010-1.5_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.5_1 Aerological Instruments- Recommendations (I. Langmuir), 1944 November 01
nam_ua902.010-1.5_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.5_2 "Altimeter Effects Resulting from Orthographic Lifting"- Report w/Letter, 1947 October 21
nam_ua902.010-1.5_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.5_3 Amateur Weathermen of America, 1947 October-1947 December
nam_ua902.010-1.5_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.5_4 American Geophysical Union- Schaefer's membership, 1946 May 09, 1946 May 13
nam_ua902.010-1.5_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.5_5 The American Magazine- Rejection Slip, 1946 October 24
nam_ua902.010-1.5_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.5_6 American Meteorological Society, Letters and Memos, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-1.5_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.5_7 Angus, John- Distillation Products, 1949 March-1949 April
nam_ua902.010-1.5_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.5_8 Beere, Norman (Editor ofNucleonics)- Visit to General Electric, 1949 October 31
nam_ua902.010-1.5_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.5_9 Blodgett, K.- Letters from Various Sources: Non-Reflective Coating Technology, 1948 January-1948 April
nam_ua902.010-1.5_10 10 nam_ua902.010-1.5_10 Blodgett, K.- Letters from Various Sources: Semi-Conducting Glazes, 1948 February-1948 March
nam_ua902.010-1.5_11 11 nam_ua902.010-1.5_11 Blodgett, K. and Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co., 1948 May
nam_ua902.010-1.5_12 12 nam_ua902.010-1.5_12 Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, 1944 March 17, 1947 January
nam_ua902.010-1.5_13 13 nam_ua902.010-1.5_13 Bowden, Dr. Phillip, Cambridge and I. Langmuir, 1948 April 30
nam_ua902.010-1.5_14 14 nam_ua902.010-1.5_14 Byers, Horace R., Dept. of Meteorology at University of Chicago- to V. Schaefer regarding "Cloud Electricity", 1950 February 22
nam_ua902.010-1.5_15 15 nam_ua902.010-1.5_15 Card from "Marcy C." Upon Schaefer's Departure from G.E., ca. February 19 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.5_16 16 nam_ua902.010-1.5_16 Cathode Ray Tube with Increased Writing Speed, 1942 March 10, 1942 November 12
nam_ua902.010-1.5_17 17 nam_ua902.010-1.5_17 Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 1947 January-1947 February
nam_ua902.010-1.5_18 18 nam_ua902.010-1.5_18 Church, James E.- University of Nevada, 1947 January-1947 February
nam_ua902.010-1.5_19 19 nam_ua902.010-1.5_19 Clouds: Data Collection Devices (incomplete letter by C.G. suits), 1945 November 20
nam_ua902.010-1.5_20 20 nam_ua902.010-1.5_20 Cloud Seeding by Others: Alaska, 1951 June 05, 1951 June 07
nam_ua902.010-1.5_21 21 nam_ua902.010-1.5_21 Cloud Seeding by Others: Barnes, C.S., 1946 December 27, 1947 January 03
nam_ua902.010-1.5_22 22 nam_ua902.010-1.5_22 Cloud Seeding by Others: Belgian Congo, 1949 December 19
nam_ua902.010-1.5_23 23 nam_ua902.010-1.5_23 Cloud Seeding by others: Israel, 1949 June 07
nam_ua902.010-1.5_24 24 nam_ua902.010-1.5_24 Cloud Seeding by others: North Dakota and Wyoming, 1951 August 05, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.5_25 25 nam_ua902.010-1.5_25 Cloud Seeding- Pre Project Cirrus, 1946-1947
nam_ua902.010-1.5_26 26 nam_ua902.010-1.5_26 The Collected Works of Irving Langmuir- Memos and Correspondence, 1958-1961, 1966
nam_ua902.010-1.5_27 27 nam_ua902.010-1.5_27 Collodian Replicas, Woods Hole, 1942 September 01
nam_ua902.010-1.5_28 28 nam_ua902.010-1.5_28 Communication among V. Schaefer, I Langmuir, K. Blodgett and A. Rothen, 1946 December-1947 September
nam_ua902.010-1.5_29 29 nam_ua902.010-1.5_29 Conducting Films, Draft, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.5_30 30 nam_ua902.010-1.5_30 Cornish, Paul Floyd- Letter with Poem, 1951, 1952 June 17
nam_ua902.010-1.5_31 31 nam_ua902.010-1.5_31 Curry, John J. Major General USAF (retired), 1954 February 10
nam_ua902.010-1.5_32 32 nam_ua902.010-1.5_32 Davidson, A.E. and C.S. Wright- Frazil Ice, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-1.5_33 33 nam_ua902.010-1.5_33 Deer Fly- Speed of Flight, Rochester Museum of Arts and Science, 1939 March 28
nam_ua902.010-1.5_34 34 nam_ua902.010-1.5_34 Department of Defense: "Ice Crystal Nuclei"- Security Clearance for Publication of Schaefer Articles, 1951 June 30
nam_ua902.010-1.5_35 35 nam_ua902.010-1.5_35 Eddy, C.O. (Niagara Sprayer and Chemical Co.) to Dr. Lyall Hagmann- Particle sizes, 1945 June 30
nam_ua902.010-1.5_36 36 nam_ua902.010-1.5_36 Electron Microscope- Imperial Paper and Color Corp. and State of New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, 1945 January 06, 1942 December 14
nam_ua902.010-1.5_37 37 nam_ua902.010-1.5_37 Encyclopedia Arctica- V. Stephansson, 1950 September 26, 1950 December 07, 1951 January 30
nam_ua902.010-1.5_38 38 nam_ua902.010-1.5_38 Falconer, R. Letter re: Cloud Meter, 1945 June 13
nam_ua902.010-1.5_39 39 nam_ua902.010-1.5_39 Falconer, R. to Fred Milan, Weather Bureau Airport Station, 1947 July 07
nam_ua902.010-1.5_40 40 nam_ua902.010-1.5_40 Falconer, R.- Recommendations for Atmospheric Science Equipment at Knolls Atomic Power Lab, 1948 December 22
nam_ua902.010-1.5_41 41 nam_ua902.010-1.5_41 Fernandez Company, Albuquerque, NM- Cloud Seeding, 18508
nam_ua902.010-1.5_42 42 nam_ua902.010-1.5_42 Fischer, Nathan B. (Louis Fischer Inc.) and K. Blodgett, 1949 September 18, 1949 September 29
nam_ua902.010-1.5_43 43 nam_ua902.010-1.5_43 Foreign Government Requests, 1954 August-1954 November
nam_ua902.010-1.5_44 44 nam_ua902.010-1.5_44 G and W Filters, Testing of (Schaefer letter to Langmuir), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.5_45 45 nam_ua902.010-1.5_45 General Correspondence, 1939-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.5_46 46 nam_ua902.010-1.5_46 General Correspondence, 1946 January-1946 February, 1946 December
nam_ua902.010-1.5_47 47 nam_ua902.010-1.5_47 General Correspondence, 1946 January 03, 1946 July-1946 November
nam_ua902.010-1.5_48 48 nam_ua902.010-1.5_48 General Correspondence, 1947 January
nam_ua902.010-1.5_49 49 nam_ua902.010-1.5_49 General Correspondence, 1947 February-1947 March
nam_ua902.010-1.5_50 50 nam_ua902.010-1.5_50 General Correspondence, 1947 April-1947 May
nam_ua902.010-1.5_51 51 nam_ua902.010-1.5_51 General Correspondence, 1946 June-1947 July
nam_ua902.010-1.5_52 52 nam_ua902.010-1.5_52 General Correspondence, 1947 August-1947 September
nam_ua902.010-1.5_53 53 nam_ua902.010-1.5_53 General Correspondence, 1947 September
nam_ua902.010-1.5_54 54-55 nam_ua902.010-1.5_54 General Correspondence, 1947 October
nam_ua902.010-1.5_55 56 nam_ua902.010-1.5_55 General Correspondence, 1947 November
nam_ua902.010-1.5_56 57 nam_ua902.010-1.5_56 General Correspondence, 1947 December
nam_ua902.010-1.5_57 58 nam_ua902.010-1.5_57 General Correspondence, 1948 January
nam_ua902.010-1.5_58 59 nam_ua902.010-1.5_58 General Correspondence, 1948 February
nam_ua902.010-1.5_59 60 nam_ua902.010-1.5_59 General Correspondence, 1948 March
nam_ua902.010-1.5_60 61 nam_ua902.010-1.5_60 General Correspondence, 1948 April-1948 June
nam_ua902.010-1.5_61 62 nam_ua902.010-1.5_61 General Correspondence, 1948 July-1948 August
nam_ua902.010-1.5_62 63 nam_ua902.010-1.5_62 General Correspondence, 1948 November-1948 December
nam_ua902.010-1.5_63 64 nam_ua902.010-1.5_63 General Correspondence, 1949-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.5_64 65 nam_ua902.010-1.5_64 General Correspondence, 1952-1954
nam_ua902.010-1.5_65 66 nam_ua902.010-1.5_65 General Correspondence, 1928 January 20
nam_ua902.010-1.5_66 67 nam_ua902.010-1.5_66 Gisborne, H.T. to Dr. Ross Gun- Lightning- Induced Fires, 1948 March 25
nam_ua902.010-1.5_67 68 nam_ua902.010-1.5_67 Gisborne, H.T. to V. Schaefer, pre- and post-Schaefer Visit to Priest River Area- Lightning Fires, 1948 April-1948 August
nam_ua902.010-1.5_68 69 nam_ua902.010-1.5_68 G.M. Giannini and Co., Inc. to R. Falconer, 1948 August 26
nam_ua902.010-1.5_69 70 nam_ua902.010-1.5_69 Handwritten letter to Schaefer from "Vic" (Clark?) Regarding Droplet data and Voltages Applied with Point Collector Graphs included, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.5_70 71 nam_ua902.010-1.5_70 Hansen, Jr., C.A.- General Electric, Hanford Engineering Works, 1947 May-1947 June
nam_ua902.010-1.5_71 72 nam_ua902.010-1.5_71 Harnischfeger Corp.- General Electric Crane Cab Spray, 1947 August-1947 September
nam_ua902.010-1.5_72 73 nam_ua902.010-1.5_72 Heat Pump dept. at General Electric, 1953 April 24
nam_ua902.010-1.5_73 74 nam_ua902.010-1.5_73 Home-Made Rain: Publishing Contract for Booklet, 1953 January 03-1953 May 05
nam_ua902.010-1.5_74 75 nam_ua902.010-1.5_74 Honorary Degree From Notre Dame, V. Schaefer, 1946-1948
nam_ua902.010-1.5_75 76 nam_ua902.010-1.5_75 Howell, W.E.- Print reproductions, Cloud Seeding locations, 1951 January 23
nam_ua902.010-1.5_76 77 nam_ua902.010-1.5_76 Howell, W.E. to K.H. Brown at State House, Albany NY, 1953 April 08
nam_ua902.010-1.5_77 78 nam_ua902.010-1.5_77 Hubert, Ernest, 1948 August 31-1949 December 05
nam_ua902.010-1.5_78 79 nam_ua902.010-1.5_78 Hurd, Dorothy to Schaefer- Re: Wyoming, 1946 November-1948 January
Box Folder
18 nam_ua902.010-1.5_79 1 nam_ua902.010-1.5_79 Icing Research: Rime on Mount Washington, 1945 November 26
nam_ua902.010-1.5_80 2 nam_ua902.010-1.5_80 Industrial Museum for General Electric, 1931 November 27, 1931 December 02
nam_ua902.010-1.5_81 3 nam_ua902.010-1.5_81 Jet Stream and Cloud-related Correspondence, 1951-1953
nam_ua902.010-1.5_82 4 nam_ua902.010-1.5_82 Jet Stream and Cloud-related Correspondence with Additional News Clips and Research Notes, 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.5_83 5 nam_ua902.010-1.5_83 Jet Stream, Clouds and Sweden- W.E. Hubert, 1952 December 02
nam_ua902.010-1.5_84 6 nam_ua902.010-1.5_84 Jordan, J.P (Syracuse Works) and K. Blodgett, 1948 August-1948 September
nam_ua902.010-1.5_85 7 nam_ua902.010-1.5_85 Journal of Colloid Science and K. Blodgett, 1946 September-1947 September
nam_ua902.010-1.5_86 8 nam_ua902.010-1.5_86 Langmuir, I. and Dorothy Wrinch (Smith College), 1947 October-1947 November
nam_ua902.010-1.5_87 9 nam_ua902.010-1.5_87 Langmuir, I. and the Government of the Province of Alberta Dept. of Agriculture- Field Crops Branch, 1945 February, 1945 October, 1947 February
nam_ua902.010-1.5_88 10 nam_ua902.010-1.5_88 Langmuir, I. and J.L. Kavanau, 1947 February 27, 1947 March 03
nam_ua902.010-1.5_89 11 nam_ua902.010-1.5_89 Langmuir, I. Letters- General, 1950, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.5_90 12 nam_ua902.010-1.5_90 Langmuir, I.- Protein Monolayers, 1939 August 11
nam_ua902.010-1.5_91 13 nam_ua902.010-1.5_91 Langmuir, I to Margaret Bakuzonis from Socorro, New Mexico, 1953 April 22
nam_ua902.010-1.5_92 14 nam_ua902.010-1.5_92 Langmuir, I. to Schaefer from Arizona, 1953 May 01
nam_ua902.010-1.5_93 15 nam_ua902.010-1.5_93 Letters about Schaefer, 1941, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.5_94 16 nam_ua902.010-1.5_94 Linear Expansion of Rails, Milton Jay Kimmel, 1952 April 25
nam_ua902.010-1.5_95 17 nam_ua902.010-1.5_95 Liquid Lens Press Release with Photograph, 1953 February 24
nam_ua902.010-1.5_96 18 nam_ua902.010-1.5_96 "Ludox" Colloidal Silica, DuPont, 1949 June 01
nam_ua902.010-1.5_97 19 nam_ua902.010-1.5_97 McKibben, Dr. J.L. (Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory) and K. Blodgett- Electrostatic Accelerators, 1948 February, 1948 March, 1948 July
nam_ua902.010-1.5_98 20 nam_ua902.010-1.5_98 Meteorite Specimens, Smithsonian Institution, 1943 September 18
nam_ua902.010-1.5_99 21 nam_ua902.010-1.5_99 Milliken and Farwell, Inc. to Schaefer and Langmuir, 1947 June-1947 August
nam_ua902.010-1.5_100 22 nam_ua902.010-1.5_100 Morgan McDermott Post No.7, Tucson, AZ, 1947 April-1948 April
nam_ua902.010-1.5_101 23 nam_ua902.010-1.5_101 Mott, Harvey (Phoenix Republic) and Amos Hoff (Phoenix Junior College) to and from V. Schaefer and I. Langmuir, 1947 July-1948 January
nam_ua902.010-1.5_102 24 nam_ua902.010-1.5_102 Multicell Systems- from G.E. Apparatus Dept., 1951 November 02
nam_ua902.010-1.5_103 25 nam_ua902.010-1.5_103 Nakaya, U- Travel to Oslo and Need for Movie Film (Includes Photo of Anaya Family), 1948 June, 1949 September, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.5_104 26 nam_ua902.010-1.5_104 National Military Establishment- Research and Development Board, 1948 July-1948 August, 1949 April
nam_ua902.010-1.5_105 27 nam_ua902.010-1.5_105 Natural History- Proposed Photo Series (Includes Images with Schaefer's Captions, 1943 May 25
nam_ua902.010-1.5_106 28 nam_ua902.010-1.5_106 Naval Research Lab to I. Langmuir- Personnel Evaluation, 1948 May 07
nam_ua902.010-1.5_107 29 nam_ua902.010-1.5_107 Navy Department Office of Naval Research, 1952 July 03
nam_ua902.010-1.5_108 30 nam_ua902.010-1.5_108 North American Weather Consultants, Santa Barbara Municipal Airport, 1952 June 27
nam_ua902.010-1.5_109 31 nam_ua902.010-1.5_109 Office of Secretary of Defense, 1954 February 05
nam_ua902.010-1.5_110 32 nam_ua902.010-1.5_110 Paschkis, Victor to General Electric, with reply, 1947 February
nam_ua902.010-1.5_111 33 nam_ua902.010-1.5_111 Philo, Alice Warner to Schaefer, 1947 February 02
nam_ua902.010-1.5_112 34 nam_ua902.010-1.5_112 Postcard from Paris, 1952 August 03
nam_ua902.010-1.5_113 35 nam_ua902.010-1.5_113 Proposal for Support by the Office of Naval Research- Post Project Cirrus (with follow-up letter), 1952 April 21, 1952 May 05
nam_ua902.010-1.5_114 36 nam_ua902.010-1.5_114 Revised Proposal to Office of Naval Research for Past Project Cirrus Work, 1952 May 27
nam_ua902.010-1.5_115 37 nam_ua902.010-1.5_115 Rice, Maurice to Dr. Irving Langmuir- Description of Weather Event, with Pictures, 1950 February 09
nam_ua902.010-1.5_116 38 nam_ua902.010-1.5_116 Roan, Kathleen to V. Schaefer, 1948 May 23, 1948 June 04, 1948 June 10
nam_ua902.010-1.5_117 39 nam_ua902.010-1.5_117 Robbins Motion Picture Service, 1949 March 25, 1949 April 20
nam_ua902.010-1.5_118 40 nam_ua902.010-1.5_118 Shade, David/Apex Tool Company to K. Blodgett, with reply, 1947 July-1947 August
nam_ua902.010-1.5_119 41 nam_ua902.010-1.5_119 Split Rock Lodge- Snow for Ski Facilities, 1946 December-1948 January
nam_ua902.010-1.5_120 42 nam_ua902.010-1.5_120 State University of New York to I. Langmuir- Langmuir's Resignation from Board of Trustees, 1949 September 12
nam_ua902.010-1.5_121 43 nam_ua902.010-1.5_121 Stetson, Harlan T.- Letter re: Mean Hourly Discharge, 1944 May 02
nam_ua902.010-1.5_122 44 nam_ua902.010-1.5_122 Surface Replicas: Biological Applications, 1942 October 10
nam_ua902.010-1.5_123 45 nam_ua902.010-1.5_123 Surface Replicas: Botanical Applications, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.5_124 46 nam_ua902.010-1.5_124 Teale, Edwin Way- Letter to Schaefer (Snowflakes), 1945 August 12
nam_ua902.010-1.5_125 47 nam_ua902.010-1.5_125 Union of South Africa- Scientific Liaison Office, 1947 March-1948 January
nam_ua902.010-1.5_126 48 nam_ua902.010-1.5_126 Vancouver Forest Service, 1947 November-1948 July
nam_ua902.010-1.5_127 49 nam_ua902.010-1.5_127 Ventilation Studies, 1947 January 21
nam_ua902.010-1.5_128 50 nam_ua902.010-1.5_128 Vonnegut, B. to I. Langmuir- Rain Gauge Cloth (Cloth Included), 1944 August 01
nam_ua902.010-1.5_129 51 nam_ua902.010-1.5_129 Walton, Sande, High School Student, to I. Langmuir, with reply, 1974 September 22, 1947 October 14
nam_ua902.010-1.5_130 52 nam_ua902.010-1.5_130 Waugh, Dr. David to I. Langmuir and K. Blodgett, 1947 February-1947 April
nam_ua902.010-1.5_131 53 nam_ua902.010-1.5_131 Waugh, Dr. David (MIT) from I. Langmuir, 1948 April 30
nam_ua902.010-1.5_132 54 nam_ua902.010-1.5_132 Weather Control: Article for Grolier, 1951 June-1951 July
nam_ua902.010-1.5_133 55 nam_ua902.010-1.5_133 Wrinch, Dr. Dorothy- Oxford University, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.5_134 56 nam_ua902.010-1.5_134 Yagoda, H. Article and Letter to Schaefer: "Analytical Patterns in the Study of Mineral and Biological Materials", 1943 February, 1944 April 29
nam_ua902.010-1.5_135 57 nam_ua902.010-1.5_135 Younger, Dorothy- Rhyming Letter, 1946 November 28
nam_ua902.010-1.6 Subseries 1.6: Subject Files, 1891-1978, Undated
Arranged alphabetically
The Schaefer subject files are a collection of brochures, notes, and other ephemera that have enduring value but do not belong in other categories such as cloud seeding or snow and ice research. These files include research notes from sources other than General Electric; scientists and entrepreneurs frequently exchanged results of their work with one another, but to avoid confusion, the work of Schaefer and other G.E. scientists can be found in the next subseries while informal research notes and observations by others are located here.
Box Folder
19 nam_ua902.010-1.6_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.6_1 Address Book, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.6_2 Aerial Photos, Assorted, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.6_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.6_3 Aeronautical Chart for Hudson, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.6_4 Air Material Command, Dayton Ohio- Temperature Distribution notes and photos, ca. 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.6_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.6_5 Advancing and Receding Contact- Angles, 1949-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.6_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.6_6 Albany Airport Instrument Approach Chart, 1951 October 04
nam_ua902.010-1.6_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.6_7 Amateur Weathering of America, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.6_8 American Chemical Society, Eastern New York Section, Directory and By-Laws, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.6_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.6_9 American Chemical Society- Schaefer's Enrollment for 1938, 1937
nam_ua902.010-1.6_10 10 nam_ua902.010-1.6_10 American Geophysical Union- Relationship with General Electric, 1945-1946, 1948, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_11 11 nam_ua902.010-1.6_11 American Men of Science Questionnaire, ca. 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.6_12 12 nam_ua902.010-1.6_12 American Meteorological Society Committee on Professional Ethics and Standards-Report to the Council, 1951 May 03
nam_ua902.010-1.6_13 13 nam_ua902.010-1.6_13 American Meteorological Society, Meetings and Code of Ethics, 1949-1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_14 14 nam_ua902.010-1.6_14 American Meteorological Society, Meeting Programs, 1946-1954, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_15 15 nam_ua902.010-1.6_15 American Polar Society- Membership Invitation, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-1.6_16 2 nam_ua902.010-1.6_16 American Society for Testing Materials- Poster Advertising V.J. Schaefer and P.E. Kraght Speaking Engagement, 1948 April 13
Box Folder
19 nam_ua902.010-1.6_17 16 nam_ua902.010-1.6_17 Apprenticeship Records, 1923-1924
nam_ua902.010-1.6_18 17 nam_ua902.010-1.6_18 Atmospheric Data from Rocket-Flights- News article and letter, 1948, 1949 January 13
nam_ua902.010-1.6_19 18 nam_ua902.010-1.6_19 Atmospheric Motion and Particle Movement, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.6_20 19 nam_ua902.010-1.6_20 Biography- Bensin, Basil M., 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.6_21 20 nam_ua902.010-1.6_21 Binaural Effect Studies, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.6_22 21 nam_ua902.010-1.6_22 Biography of Schaefer, Capital Cogs, 1950 September 06
nam_ua902.010-1.6_23 22 nam_ua902.010-1.6_23 Biography of Schaefer, Manuscript, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_24 23 nam_ua902.010-1.6_24 Bishops Cap (Mitella sp.) photo negative, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_25 24 nam_ua902.010-1.6_25 News Clipping, Award Recipient (photocopy)- Blodgett, Katherine, 1972 November 09
nam_ua902.010-1.6_26 25 nam_ua902.010-1.6_26 Boeing Aircraft Photos, 1960, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_27 26 nam_ua902.010-1.6_27 Brazilian Traction, Light and Power 36th Annual Report, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.6_28 27 nam_ua902.010-1.6_28 British Glaciological Society, 1947-1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_29 28 nam_ua902.010-1.6_29 Calgon- Formulas, Properties, Graphs, 1937, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_30 29 nam_ua902.010-1.6_30 Calrod Experiment Summary with Letter, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_31 30 nam_ua902.010-1.6_31 Candid Camera- Picture of I. Langmuir, 1944 December 29
nam_ua902.010-1.6_32 31 nam_ua902.010-1.6_32 Cartoons and Comics, 1947-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.6_33 32 nam_ua902.010-1.6_33 Centennial Publication: "G.E. 100-Toward the Second Century", 1978
nam_ua902.010-1.6_34 33 nam_ua902.010-1.6_34 Character Reference for Schaefer, 1947 September 16
nam_ua902.010-1.6_35 34 nam_ua902.010-1.6_35 "Class Assignment" Notebook, 1934-1935
nam_ua902.010-1.6_36 35 nam_ua902.010-1.6_36 Climatic Trends in the Northeastern U.S. Symposium, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_37 36 nam_ua902.010-1.6_37 "Cloud Forms of the Jet Stream" articles with related photos & news clippings, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.6_38 37 nam_ua902.010-1.6_38 Cold Chamber: Bowser, Inc. Refrigeration Division Brochure- Temperature Altitude and Humidity Simulation Units, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_39 38 nam_ua902.010-1.6_39 Cold Chamber: Demonstration at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_40 39 nam_ua902.010-1.6_40 Colloid Symposium (MIT)- Program of Papers, 1938 June 09-1968 June 11
nam_ua902.010-1.6_41 40 nam_ua902.010-1.6_41 Committee on Geophysical Science of the joint Research and Development Board- Panel on Meteorology, 1947 April 23
nam_ua902.010-1.6_42 41 nam_ua902.010-1.6_42 Compendium of Meteorology tentative table of contents with partial letter, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.6_43 42 nam_ua902.010-1.6_43 Costs for Making Copies of Reports, 1944-1945
nam_ua902.010-1.6_44 43 nam_ua902.010-1.6_44 Crystallization of Metals, Rocks and Ice-Symposium, 1951 October
nam_ua902.010-1.6_45 44 nam_ua902.010-1.6_45 Current Science, Vol. XXVIII #4, featuring I. Langmuir, V. Schaefer, K. Blodgett, C.G. Suits, 1942 October 05-1942 October 09
nam_ua902.010-1.6_46 45 nam_ua902.010-1.6_46 Distribution of Contract recommendation (with note to Schaefer from "Vic", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_47 46 nam_ua902.010-1.6_47 Dutch (?) Meteorological Map, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_48 47 nam_ua902.010-1.6_48 Eastern Snow Conference Materials, 1950 February 16-1950 February 17, 1951 February 15-1951 February 17, 1952 February 14-1952 February 15
nam_ua902.010-1.6_49 48 nam_ua902.010-1.6_49 Edison General Electric Company: Instructions to ForemenFragile Item, 1891
nam_ua902.010-1.6_50 49 nam_ua902.010-1.6_50 Einladung zur Sitzung der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft- Zurich, 1953 December
nam_ua902.010-1.6_51 50 nam_ua902.010-1.6_51 Electron Microscopy: Description with Letter, 1942 June 02, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_52 51 nam_ua902.010-1.6_52 Electron Microscopy: Newspaper Clippings, 1941 November 06, 1941 November 21
nam_ua902.010-1.6_53 52 nam_ua902.010-1.6_53 Electron Microscopy: Symposium, 1942 November 27
nam_ua902.010-1.6_54 53 nam_ua902.010-1.6_54 Electronic Stratometer vs. Radio Sonde- Nomenclature Change from Minutes of University of Chicago Dept. of Meteorology, 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.6_55 54 nam_ua902.010-1.6_55 Employee Rating Sheets instructions, 1949 July
nam_ua902.010-1.6_56 55 nam_ua902.010-1.6_56 "Essais de Modification des Nuages dans les Pyrenees", 1951 June 06
nam_ua902.010-1.6_57 56 nam_ua902.010-1.6_57 Fasciation (collected articles on), 1948, 1971, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_58 57 nam_ua902.010-1.6_58 Fire Danger Meter and Burning Index Meter, 1942 April
nam_ua902.010-1.6_59 58 nam_ua902.010-1.6_59 Fires in Ontario- Map and Data, 1948 June
nam_ua902.010-1.6_60 59 nam_ua902.010-1.6_60 "A Five- Year Record of Lightning Storms and Forest Fires", H.T. Gisborne, 1931 April
nam_ua902.010-1.6_61 60 nam_ua902.010-1.6_61 Flashtubes- General Electric and Strobo Research, 1947-1948, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_62 61 nam_ua902.010-1.6_62 Copy of 1752 letter on Electricity- Franklin, Benjamin, 1920
nam_ua902.010-1.6_63 62 nam_ua902.010-1.6_63 General Engineering Lab Research Publications, 1955-1959
nam_ua902.010-1.6_64 63 nam_ua902.010-1.6_64 Geodimeter description, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_65 64 nam_ua902.010-1.6_65 Groundwater Elevation in the Hudson- Mohawk Drainage Basin, 1931-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.6_66 65 nam_ua902.010-1.6_66 Hailstones, 1949-1950, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_67 66 nam_ua902.010-1.6_67 High Altitude Observatory: Contributions and Supplemental Information, 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.6_68 67 nam_ua902.010-1.6_68 High Voltage Radiography Symposium, 1952 March 04-1952 March 05
nam_ua902.010-1.6_69 68 nam_ua902.010-1.6_69 Identification badge- Schaefer, General Electric, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_70 69 nam_ua902.010-1.6_70 Incense (Blue Smoke) graph, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_71 70 nam_ua902.010-1.6_71 Institute of Navigation Meeting Program, 1947 February 13-1947 February 14
nam_ua902.010-1.6_72 71 nam_ua902.010-1.6_72 Instructions for Operating the Kodaslide Projector, Model 2A, ca. 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_73 72 nam_ua902.010-1.6_73 Instructions: Portable and Switchboard Recording Instruments (Types CF-1, 2, 4, and 5), ca. 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.6_74 73 nam_ua902.010-1.6_74 Instrumentation for Industrial Hygiene Symposium, 1954 May 24-1954 May 27
nam_ua902.010-1.6_75 74 nam_ua902.010-1.6_75 Iodine Abstracts and Reviews, Vol. I #3-6 and Vol. II #1, 1950 January-1950 October, 1951 January-1951 April
nam_ua902.010-1.6_76 75 nam_ua902.010-1.6_76 Isotopes-Supplement #1, 1949 September
nam_ua902.010-1.6_77 76 nam_ua902.010-1.6_77 Japanese Article, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_78 77 nam_ua902.010-1.6_78 Jet Stream- Radio press releases, 1953 January 26
nam_ua902.010-1.6_79 78 nam_ua902.010-1.6_79 Laboratory Conference No.8- research presentations, artists rendering at the knolls, plans for research lab, 1945 October 11-1945 October 12
nam_ua902.010-1.6_80 79 nam_ua902.010-1.6_80 Laboratory Study and Development Program, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_81 80 nam_ua902.010-1.6_81 Landform Map of the Northwestern States, Copyright 1941, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_82 81 nam_ua902.010-1.6_82 Landform Map of the United States, 1939
nam_ua902.010-1.6_83 82 nam_ua902.010-1.6_83 Langmuir, Irving: Biography by A.C. Langmuir, 1932 December
nam_ua902.010-1.6_84 83 nam_ua902.010-1.6_84 Langmuir, Irving: Biography by K.B. Blodgett, 1933 July
nam_ua902.010-1.6_85 84 nam_ua902.010-1.6_85 Langmuir, Irving: Biography by W.R. Whitney, 1941 February
nam_ua902.010-1.6_86 85 nam_ua902.010-1.6_86 Langmuir, Irving: Biography Reprinted fromScientific American, 1937 September
nam_ua902.010-1.6_87 86 nam_ua902.010-1.6_87 Langmuir, Irving: "Book U" Supplements, 1952-1953
nam_ua902.010-1.6_88 87 nam_ua902.010-1.6_88 Langmuir, Irving: The Collected Works of Irving Langmuir-Introduction to Volume VII by Schaefer, 1960
nam_ua902.010-1.6_89 88 nam_ua902.010-1.6_89 Langmuir, Irving: The Collected Works of Irving Langmuir-Introduction to Volume 10 by Schaefer, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_90 89 nam_ua902.010-1.6_90 Langmuir, Irving: Columbia University Engineering Center News, 1951 December
nam_ua902.010-1.6_91 90 nam_ua902.010-1.6_91 Langmuir, Irving: Memorial Speech by Nephews, Union College, 1957 August 21
nam_ua902.010-1.6_92 91 nam_ua902.010-1.6_92 Langmuir, Irving: Memorials by Schaefer, 1957-1958
nam_ua902.010-1.6_93 92 nam_ua902.010-1.6_93 Langmuir, Irving: Perkin Medal Award, 1928
nam_ua902.010-1.6_94 93 nam_ua902.010-1.6_94 Langmuir, Irving: Photo album index, ca. 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.6_95 94 nam_ua902.010-1.6_95 Langmuir, Irving: Portrait Photos, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-1.6_96 3 nam_ua902.010-1.6_96 Langmuir, Irving: Portrait Photo, Undated
Box Folder
19 nam_ua902.010-1.6_97 95 nam_ua902.010-1.6_97 Langmuir, Irving: Priestley Medal Award, 1929 October
nam_ua902.010-1.6_98 96 nam_ua902.010-1.6_98 Langmuir, Irving: Publications list, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_99 97 nam_ua902.010-1.6_99 Langmuir, Irving: "A Tribute to Irving Langmuir, 1881-1957", 1957 August 19
nam_ua902.010-1.6_100 98 nam_ua902.010-1.6_100 Le Recueil, 1947 March
nam_ua902.010-1.6_101 99 nam_ua902.010-1.6_101 "Lichtstreuung an Aerosolteilchen", 1952 April
nam_ua902.010-1.6_102 100 nam_ua902.010-1.6_102 Map: United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.6_103 101 nam_ua902.010-1.6_103 Memo: H.T. Gisborne- Use of B-29 Jets in Lightning Fire Prevention, 1949 June 29
nam_ua902.010-1.6_104 102 nam_ua902.010-1.6_104 Meteorological office equipment requirements, 1952 March 06
nam_ua902.010-1.6_105 103 nam_ua902.010-1.6_105 Mohawk Association of Scientists and Engineers Newsletter, 1952 August 27
nam_ua902.010-1.6_106 104 nam_ua902.010-1.6_106 Mohawk Association of Scientists and Engineers Newsletter (MASE), 1953 June 17
nam_ua902.010-1.6_107 105 nam_ua902.010-1.6_107 Multicell structure- official patent with original letter regarding application of invention, 1950 November 03, 1956 January 24
nam_ua902.010-1.6_108 106 nam_ua902.010-1.6_108 Museum Service-Bulletin of Rochester Museum of Arts & Sciences, 1939 March, 1939 April
nam_ua902.010-1.6_109 107 nam_ua902.010-1.6_109 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics- Research abstracts, 1951 June 15
nam_ua902.010-1.6_110 108 nam_ua902.010-1.6_110 Newspaper clippings, 1939-1950, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_111 109 nam_ua902.010-1.6_111 New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Catalog, 1951-1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_112 110 nam_ua902.010-1.6_112 New York Academy of Sciences Meetings, 1949- 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.6_113 111 nam_ua902.010-1.6_113 North American Weather Consultants, 1951-1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_114 112 nam_ua902.010-1.6_114 Northern Rocky Mountain Forest & Range Experiment Station- List of Publications Available for Distribution of Loan, 1958 June
nam_ua902.010-1.6_115 113 nam_ua902.010-1.6_115 Notebook with E.E. Hubert Business card, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.6_116 114 nam_ua902.010-1.6_116 Nucleation Symposium- Industrial & Engineering Division, American Chemical Society, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_117 115 nam_ua902.010-1.6_117 Outdoor Hobbies of Schaefer's (GE news release), ca. 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.6_118 116 nam_ua902.010-1.6_118 Ozone Pollution- American Optical Company, 1953, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_119 117 nam_ua902.010-1.6_119 Panel Discussion- "The Public Looks at the College", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_120 118 nam_ua902.010-1.6_120 Papers and speakers- Presentations through the year, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_121 119 nam_ua902.010-1.6_121 Patents, 1934-1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_122 120 nam_ua902.010-1.6_122 "Petrographic Analysis of Novacite", author unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_123 121 nam_ua902.010-1.6_123 Photo Caption cards (?), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_124 122 nam_ua902.010-1.6_124 Photo: Einstein, Albert with unidentified group, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_125 123 nam_ua902.010-1.6_125 Photo: "Man Makes Snow!" exhibit, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_126 124 nam_ua902.010-1.6_126 Photo: Model "A" Microscope Illuminator, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_127 125 nam_ua902.010-1.6_127 Photo: Pennsylvania electric Association Hydraulic Power Committee, with list of names, 1952 April
nam_ua902.010-1.6_128 126 nam_ua902.010-1.6_128 Photo: Portrait of Schaefer, ca. 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.6_129 127 nam_ua902.010-1.6_129 Photo: Research laboratory(?), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_130 128 nam_ua902.010-1.6_130 Photo: Schaefer and Langmuir at General Electric, ca. 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.6_131 129 nam_ua902.010-1.6_131 Photo: Schaefer with unidentified colleagues, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_132 130 nam_ua902.010-1.6_132 Photo: Schenectady and Glenmont, Aerial View, 1944 December 29
nam_ua902.010-1.6_133 131 nam_ua902.010-1.6_133 Photo : School Science fair (weather station), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_134 132 nam_ua902.010-1.6_134 Photo: Schoon, Alexander-"Class of 1931", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_135 133 nam_ua902.010-1.6_135 Photo: Woman ReadingBoston Globe Story on Schaefer's First Successful Cloud Seeding, ca. November 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.6_136 134 nam_ua902.010-1.6_136 Photographic Data Kodachrome Professional Set Film-List, 1943 July
nam_ua902.010-1.6_137 135 nam_ua902.010-1.6_137 Photos: Dr. C. Guy Suits and General Electric Research Laboratory, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_138 136 nam_ua902.010-1.6_138 Photos: Equipment, Schaefer and Colleagues, Unidentified Experiments, 1940, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_139 137 nam_ua902.010-1.6_139 Photos: Lab instruments, 1945 August 11, 1945 September 10
nam_ua902.010-1.6_140 138 nam_ua902.010-1.6_140 Photos: Langmuir, I., 1910, 1935, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_141 139 nam_ua902.010-1.6_141 Photos: Mount Cimone and unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_142 140 nam_ua902.010-1.6_142 Photos: New York State Barge Canal, Aerial Views, Likely Schenectady Area, 1935 October 26, Undated
Box Folder
20 nam_ua902.010-1.6_143 1 nam_ua902.010-1.6_143 Photos: New York State Barge Canal, Aerial Views, Likely Schenectady Area, 1941 April 23, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_144 2 nam_ua902.010-1.6_144 Photos: New York State Barge Canal, Aerial Views, Likely Schenectady Area, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_145 3 nam_ua902.010-1.6_145 Photos: Schaefer Alone, with Colleagues, and with Family, ca. 1930-c.1970
nam_ua902.010-1.6_146 4 nam_ua902.010-1.6_146 Photos: Schaefer and unidentified men, possibly at Crater Lake, 1947 June 20
nam_ua902.010-1.6_147 5 nam_ua902.010-1.6_147 Photos: Science Forum Panel First Meeting, 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.6_148 6 nam_ua902.010-1.6_148 Photos: Scientific instruments, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_149 7 nam_ua902.010-1.6_149 Photos: Smoke generator assembly (with key to identify parts), 1942 March 13
nam_ua902.010-1.6_150 8 nam_ua902.010-1.6_150 Photos: Unidentified (includes negatives), 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.6_151 9 nam_ua902.010-1.6_151 Photos: Unidentified subjects, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_152 10 nam_ua902.010-1.6_152 Physics Today, 1948 August
nam_ua902.010-1.6_153 11 nam_ua902.010-1.6_153 Porous Vycor Glass shipping memorandum, 1952 January 31
nam_ua902.010-1.6_154 12 nam_ua902.010-1.6_154 Postcard from Mexico, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_155 13 nam_ua902.010-1.6_155 Press Release: "High School Girl Constructs Snowmaking Device for $4.32", 1947 June 27
nam_ua902.010-1.6_156 14 nam_ua902.010-1.6_156 Press Release: "Oil Drops Assume Geometrical Shapes on Protein Films", with photo, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_157 15 nam_ua902.010-1.6_157 Priest River Photos, 1948 August
nam_ua902.010-1.6_158 16 nam_ua902.010-1.6_158 Program for Appliance and Merchandise Department, 1951 March 13
nam_ua902.010-1.6_159 17 nam_ua902.010-1.6_159 Programs: American Meteorological Society 102nd National Meting with 30th Annual Meeting of American Geophysical Union, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.6_160 18 nam_ua902.010-1.6_160 Project Jupiter- Conference at Schenectady, list of names, 1952 November 14
nam_ua902.010-1.6_161 19 nam_ua902.010-1.6_161 Publicity Department Photos (includes electron microscope images), 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.6_162 20 nam_ua902.010-1.6_162 Radiosonde and Rawinsonde Stations in the U.S, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_163 21 nam_ua902.010-1.6_163 Rain Forest, 1953 June
nam_ua902.010-1.6_164 22 nam_ua902.010-1.6_164 Raindrop Physics Study Proposal, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_165 23 nam_ua902.010-1.6_165 Report Recipients Checklist (report unspecified), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_166 24 nam_ua902.010-1.6_166 Research Laboratory Bulletins, 1947, 1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_167 25 nam_ua902.010-1.6_167 Research Laboratory- Ceremony of Dedication Program, 1950 October 09
nam_ua902.010-1.6_168 26 nam_ua902.010-1.6_168 Research laboratory: "Current Research Activities", 1948 October 01
nam_ua902.010-1.6_169 27 nam_ua902.010-1.6_169 Research Laboratory: History by I. Langmuir and others, manuscript, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_170 28 nam_ua902.010-1.6_170 Research laboratory: Request for project summary, 1947 April 01
nam_ua902.010-1.6_171 29 nam_ua902.010-1.6_171 Research Laboratory: Shop Order requests, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_172 30 nam_ua902.010-1.6_172 Research Laboratory: Time Clock Requirement Memo, 1938 June 17
nam_ua902.010-1.6_173 31 nam_ua902.010-1.6_173 Research Site Map, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_174 32 nam_ua902.010-1.6_174 Reviews by Schaefer and Others, 1940, 1980
nam_ua902.010-1.6_175 33 nam_ua902.010-1.6_175 Robert M. Losey Award to Schaefer- Press Release, 1953 January 20
nam_ua902.010-1.6_176 34 nam_ua902.010-1.6_176 Roche Research Club Program, 1950-1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_177 35 nam_ua902.010-1.6_177 Rochester Museum Council- Fellowship to Schaefer, 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.6_178 36 nam_ua902.010-1.6_178 Royal Meteorological Society- Centenary materials, charter and by-laws handbook, 1948, 1950
Box Folder
21 nam_ua902.010-1.6_179 1 nam_ua902.010-1.6_179 Royal Meteorological Society- Centenary meeting: correspondence, brochure, & supplemental materials, 1949-1950
nam_ua902.010-1.6_180 2 nam_ua902.010-1.6_180 Salt: The Story of Diamond Crystal Salt, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_181 3 nam_ua902.010-1.6_181 Schaefer Statements on Weather Modification with Unidentified "Council Letters", 1951 June 08, 1953 February-1953 March, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_182 4 nam_ua902.010-1.6_182 Schaefer Statement Prepared for Senator James P. Kem- Kansas-Missouri Floods, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_183 5 nam_ua902.010-1.6_183 Schaefer with unidentified colleagues, Ottawa- photo, 1949 Fall
nam_ua902.010-1.6_184 6 nam_ua902.010-1.6_184 Schenectady Plant- Visits, 1949, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_185 7 nam_ua902.010-1.6_185 Schenectady Works Apprentice Alumni Association-Book and Photograph, 1941
nam_ua902.010-1.6_186 8 nam_ua902.010-1.6_186 Science: Vol.89, #2316, 1939 May 19
nam_ua902.010-1.6_187 9 nam_ua902.010-1.6_187 Science Service (Scientific News Reports), 1946-1948, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_188 10 nam_ua902.010-1.6_188 Scientific Conferences, 1950-1951, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_189 11 nam_ua902.010-1.6_189 Severe Storms Report- University of Chicago, 1950 July
nam_ua902.010-1.6_190 12 nam_ua902.010-1.6_190 Shell Aviation News, Issue #180(Schaefer on pp. 4-6), 1953 June
nam_ua902.010-1.6_191 13 nam_ua902.010-1.6_191 "Sketches of Dr. Langmuir and Dr. Whitney", With Additional Drawings and Notes by V. Schaefer, 1934-1935, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_192 14 nam_ua902.010-1.6_192 Smoke Generation- Article inPopular Science, 1943 July
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-1.6_193 1 nam_ua902.010-1.6_193 Snowflake Preservation and Replica Posters, Undated
Box Folder
21 nam_ua902.010-1.6_194 15 nam_ua902.010-1.6_194 "Snowflake Scientist" Cartoon fromYoung Catholic Messenger, 1951 November 23
nam_ua902.010-1.6_195 16 nam_ua902.010-1.6_195 "Some Questions Science Does Not Answer", Dr. Harold A. Larrabee- Talk Delivered in G.E.'s "Science Forum" Radio Program, 1951 April 04
nam_ua902.010-1.6_196 17 nam_ua902.010-1.6_196 Speech: "Planning Unplanned Research", Research laboratory Colloquium, I. Langmuir, 1951 December 12
nam_ua902.010-1.6_197 18 nam_ua902.010-1.6_197 Speech: "Progress in Control of Meteorological Factors", V.J. Schaefer, 1952 April
nam_ua902.010-1.6_198 19 nam_ua902.010-1.6_198 Surface Replicas: "Snowflake Hobby Leads to New Way of Studying War Metals", 1942 May, 1942 June
nam_ua902.010-1.6_199 20 nam_ua902.010-1.6_199 Symposium on Nucleation- Program and Paper Abstracts, 1951 December 27-1951 December 28
nam_ua902.010-1.6_200 21 nam_ua902.010-1.6_200 Talks: American Chemical Society (Wooster College section), 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.6_201 22 nam_ua902.010-1.6_201 Talks: Eastern Colleges Science Conference, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.6_202 23 nam_ua902.010-1.6_202 Talks: "Farm Forum" (WGY) "Doing Something About the Weather", 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_203 24 nam_ua902.010-1.6_203 Talks: The Franklin Institute, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_204 25 nam_ua902.010-1.6_204 Talks: Friends of the Land, 1951 June 21
nam_ua902.010-1.6_205 26 nam_ua902.010-1.6_205 Talks: Hanford Engineer Works (Hanford, WA), 1947 April 19
nam_ua902.010-1.6_206 27 nam_ua902.010-1.6_206 Talks: Institute of Navigation, 1947 February 13-1947 February 14
nam_ua902.010-1.6_207 28 nam_ua902.010-1.6_207 Talks: The Johns Hopkins Research Conference, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_208 29 nam_ua902.010-1.6_208 Talks: Kiwanis Club of Gloversville, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.6_209 30 nam_ua902.010-1.6_209 Talks: Kiwanis Club of Rotterdam, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_210 31 nam_ua902.010-1.6_210 Talks: Lake Pleasant Central School (Speculator, NY), 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.6_211 32 nam_ua902.010-1.6_211 Talks: New Mexico Wool Growers Association, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.6_212 33 nam_ua902.010-1.6_212 Talks: New York Railroad Club, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.6_213 34 nam_ua902.010-1.6_213 Talks: New York University, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.6_214 35 nam_ua902.010-1.6_214 Talks: Pittsfield, MA Chamber of Commerce, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_215 36 nam_ua902.010-1.6_215 Talks: The Rensselaer Physical Society, 1948 April 27
nam_ua902.010-1.6_216 37 nam_ua902.010-1.6_216 Talks: Rotary Club of Schenectady, 1947 January 01-1947 January 16
nam_ua902.010-1.6_217 38 nam_ua902.010-1.6_217 Talks: "Science Forum" (WGY), 1947 April 09
nam_ua902.010-1.6_218 39 nam_ua902.010-1.6_218 Talks: Education Board Conference (Program), 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_219 40 nam_ua902.010-1.6_219 Talks: Sigma Xi, 1948 March 27
nam_ua902.010-1.6_220 41 nam_ua902.010-1.6_220 Talks: Sigma Xi- Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn Chapter, 1948 May 20
nam_ua902.010-1.6_221 42 nam_ua902.010-1.6_221 Talks: Union College Physics Society, 1951 November 07
nam_ua902.010-1.6_222 43 nam_ua902.010-1.6_222 Talks: University of Delaware, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_223 44 nam_ua902.010-1.6_223 Talks: Western Forestry and Conservation Association, 1952 December 11
nam_ua902.010-1.6_224 45 nam_ua902.010-1.6_224 Technical Development Committee- Symposium on Polar Navigation, 1946 December 16-1946 December 20
nam_ua902.010-1.6_225 46 nam_ua902.010-1.6_225 Text Proposed for Guest Column of Mr. Robert S. Allen, Post-Hall Newspaper Syndicate (By V.J. Schaefer), 1953 August 07
Box Folder
22 nam_ua902.010-1.6_226 1 nam_ua902.010-1.6_226 Thunderstorm Electricity Conference- Advance Materials, 1950 March
nam_ua902.010-1.6_227 2 nam_ua902.010-1.6_227 Topical Organization of First National Conference on the Electron Microscope, 1942 November 27
nam_ua902.010-1.6_228 3 nam_ua902.010-1.6_228 Tribute to Schaefer-Research Laboratory Memo, 1948 May
nam_ua902.010-1.6_229 4 nam_ua902.010-1.6_229 Trurnit, Hans J. (M.D.)- Bibliography, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_230 5 nam_ua902.010-1.6_230 U.S. Department of Agriculture Circular #591: Influence of Altitude and Aspect on Daily Variations in Factors of Forest-Fire Danger, 1941 February
nam_ua902.010-1.6_231 6 nam_ua902.010-1.6_231 U.S. Military Map, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_232 7 nam_ua902.010-1.6_232 "Unforeseeable Results of Research," I. Langmuir- Radio Broadcast, 1945 January 21
nam_ua902.010-1.6_233 8 nam_ua902.010-1.6_233 Union Geodesique et Geophysique Internationale Association de Meteorologie, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.6_234 9 nam_ua902.010-1.6_234 United Nations Scientific Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of Resources, 1949 April 22
nam_ua902.010-1.6_235 10 nam_ua902.010-1.6_235 Vocational Training Record Card for V. Schaefer (National Defense), 1941 December 22
nam_ua902.010-1.6_236 11 nam_ua902.010-1.6_236 "We the People" Radio Script Featuring V.J. Schaefer, 1947 January 19
nam_ua902.010-1.6_237 12 nam_ua902.010-1.6_237 "Weather as a Natural Resource"- Proposed Script for Radio Talk, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.6_238 13 nam_ua902.010-1.6_238 Weather! Bulletin of the National Weather Improvement Association, 1951 August 30, 1951 September 07
nam_ua902.010-1.6_239 14 nam_ua902.010-1.6_239 Weather Zone Map- United States, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_240 15 nam_ua902.010-1.6_240 Western Snow Conference, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.6_241 16 nam_ua902.010-1.6_241 Western Snow Conference, 1948 January 16
nam_ua902.010-1.6_242 17 nam_ua902.010-1.6_242 Whitney, Willis R.- Whitney Day, News Clippings, Brochures, Correspondence, 1933-1957, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_243 18 nam_ua902.010-1.6_243 "Why You Fly Thunderstorms the Way You Do," P.J. Harvey, 1952 February
nam_ua902.010-1.6_244 19 nam_ua902.010-1.6_244 Winter Magic- Tentative Plan for Book, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.6_245 20 nam_ua902.010-1.6_245 Worcester Tornado- Correspondence and Reports, 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.6_246 21 nam_ua902.010-1.6_246 Young People's Weekly, 1942 May 17
nam_ua902.010-1.7 Subseries 1.7: Reports & Publications by Schaefer, 1936-1954, Undated
Arranged chronologically
These are reports and articles written by Vincent Schaefer that did not directly cover work done through Project Cirrus. Many are from his early days at General Electric when he was still a research assistant, covering topics such as surface chemistry. Any articles co-written by Schaefer and his colleagues are included in this subseries. Some articles and reports do discuss early cloud seeding issues but do not appear to be directly related to Project Cirrus. When in doubt, the archivist looked for credits or acknowledgements to the U.S. military to help determine how a certain article or report should be categorized. Please note that many of the articles are reprints, which are reflected in the folder dates. Some folders also include manuscripts of the published articles or reports, which is indicated in the folder title.
Box Folder
23 nam_ua902.010-1.7_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.7_1 "Composition of Fatty Acid on Water Containing Calcium or Barium Salts"- I. Langmuir and V.J. Schaefer, 1936 February
nam_ua902.010-1.7_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.7_2 "Some Observations on the Mechanism of Lubrication" (Manuscript), 1936 March 06
nam_ua902.010-1.7_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.7_3 "Optical Measurements of the Thickness of Film Absorbed from a Solution"-Irving Langmuir and V.J. Schaefer, 1937 July
nam_ua902.010-1.7_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.7_4 "Multilayers of Sterols and the Adsorption of Digitonin by Deposited Monolayers"- Langmuir-VJS and Harry Sobotha, 1937 September
nam_ua902.010-1.7_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.7_5 "The Effect of Dissolved Salts on Insoluble Monolayers"-Irving Langmuir and VJS, 1937 November
nam_ua902.010-1.7_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.7_6 "Biological Activity of Enzyme Monolayers" (Manuscript), 1938 February 28
nam_ua902.010-1.7_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.7_7 "Activities of Urease and Pepsin Monolayers"-Irving Langmuir and VJS, 1938 June
nam_ua902.010-1.7_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.7_8 "Expansion Patterns of Protein Monolayers on Water", 1938 November
nam_ua902.010-1.7_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.7_9 "Salted out Protein Films"-Irving Langmuir and VJS, 1938 November
nam_ua902.010-1.7_10 10 nam_ua902.010-1.7_10 "Effect of Ultraviolet Light on Built-up Multilayers", 1939 May
nam_ua902.010-1.7_11 11 nam_ua902.010-1.7_11 "An Indian Spoon?", 1941 January
nam_ua902.010-1.7_12 12 nam_ua902.010-1.7_12 "A Method for Making Snowflake Replicas", 1941 March
nam_ua902.010-1.7_13 13 nam_ua902.010-1.7_13 "Studies of Surface Properties by the Light Scattering of Deposited Liquid Films"- Notes Photos and Negatives, 1941 April, 1941 October, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_14 14 nam_ua902.010-1.7_14 Making "Fossil" Snowflakes, 1941 July
nam_ua902.010-1.7_15 15 nam_ua902.010-1.7_15 A Method of Making Replicas of Snowflakes, Ice Crystals and other Short Lived Substances, 1941 September
nam_ua902.010-1.7_16 16 nam_ua902.010-1.7_16 Use of Snow Flake Replicas for Studying Winter Storms, 1942 January
nam_ua902.010-1.7_17 17 nam_ua902.010-1.7_17 Surface Replicas for Use in the Electron Microscope, 1942 April
nam_ua902.010-1.7_18 18 nam_ua902.010-1.7_18 New Methods for Preparing Surface Replicas for Microscope Observation, 1942 November
nam_ua902.010-1.7_19 19 nam_ua902.010-1.7_19 "How to Fingerprint a Snowstorm", 1943 January
nam_ua902.010-1.7_20 20 nam_ua902.010-1.7_20 Dry Stripped Replicas for the Electron Microscope, 1943 February
nam_ua902.010-1.7_21 21 nam_ua902.010-1.7_21 "Getting Close to Nature's Surfaces", 1943 March
nam_ua902.010-1.7_22 22 nam_ua902.010-1.7_22 "Surface Replicas Containing Dye for Use in the Light Microscope", 1943 July
nam_ua902.010-1.7_23 23 nam_ua902.010-1.7_23 "Snow and Experimental Meteorology", 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.7_24 24 nam_ua902.010-1.7_24 Winter Magic, 1944 January
nam_ua902.010-1.7_25 25 nam_ua902.010-1.7_25 "A Study of Biaural Perception of the Direction of a Sound Source" -I. Langmuir- C.V. Ferguson- E.F. Hennelly-Photos, 1943 August 11
nam_ua902.010-1.7_26 26 nam_ua902.010-1.7_26 "Properties of Single Particles of Snow and the Electrical Effects they Produce in Storms" (Manuscript), 1944, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_27 27 nam_ua902.010-1.7_27 "Properties of Single Particles of Snow and the Electrical Effects they Produce in Storms"-Notes and Photos, 1944 April, 1945 April, Undated
Box Folder
24 nam_ua902.010-1.7_28 1 nam_ua902.010-1.7_28 "Properties of Single Particles and the Electrical Effects They Produce in Storms", ca. 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.7_29 2 nam_ua902.010-1.7_29 "Doing Something About Weather", 1945 January
nam_ua902.010-1.7_30 3 nam_ua902.010-1.7_30 "Report on Icing Studies Underway on Mt. Washington, New Hampshire and Schenectady, New York-Up to and Including January 20, 1945", 1945 February 01
nam_ua902.010-1.7_31 4 nam_ua902.010-1.7_31 "Equipment and Procedures for Making Very Thin Absorbing Membranes" (Manuscript), 1945 February 22
nam_ua902.010-1.7_32 5 nam_ua902.010-1.7_32 "Report in Installation of New Liquid Water Content Instrument on Mt. Washington" (Manuscript), 1945 April 07
nam_ua902.010-1.7_33 6 nam_ua902.010-1.7_33 "Report in Installation of New Liquid Water Content Instrument on Mt. Washington, New Hampshire and Other Studies Underway at the Observatory and the Laboratory in Schenectady, New York", 1945 April 07
nam_ua902.010-1.7_34 7 nam_ua902.010-1.7_34 "Demountable Rotating Multicylinders for Measuring Liquid Water Content and Particle Size of Clouds in Above and Below Freezing Temperatures ", 1945
nam_ua902.010-1.7_35 8 nam_ua902.010-1.7_35 "Heat Requirements for Instruments and Airfoils During Ice Storms on Mt. Washington", 1946 April
nam_ua902.010-1.7_36 9 nam_ua902.010-1.7_36 Icing Study Reports-3 in 1, 1946 April
nam_ua902.010-1.7_37 10 nam_ua902.010-1.7_37 "The Liquid Water Content of Summer Clouds on the Summit of Mt. Washington"-VJS, 1946 April
nam_ua902.010-1.7_38 11 nam_ua902.010-1.7_38 The Preparation and Use of Water Sensitive Coating for Sampling Cloud Particles, 1946 April
nam_ua902.010-1.7_39 12 nam_ua902.010-1.7_39 "So You Want to Live in a Lake", 1946 June 05
nam_ua902.010-1.7_40 13 nam_ua902.010-1.7_40 "Final Report on Icing Research-July 1, 1945-July 1, 1946", 1946 August 08
nam_ua902.010-1.7_41 14 nam_ua902.010-1.7_41 "Report on General Electric Cloud Meter (Plane Model) with Photographs", 1945 August 16
nam_ua902.010-1.7_42 15 nam_ua902.010-1.7_42 Production of Ice Crystals in a Cloud of Supercooled Water Droplets, 1946 November 15
nam_ua902.010-1.7_43 16 nam_ua902.010-1.7_43 "Demountable Rotating Multicylinders for Measuring Liquid Water Content and Particle Size of Below Freezing Temperatures " (Manuscripts), ca. 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.7_44 17 nam_ua902.010-1.7_44 "Down from the Sky", 1946
nam_ua902.010-1.7_45 18 nam_ua902.010-1.7_45 "An Historical Account on the Development of My Smoke Generator", 1947 June 04
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-1.7_46 2 nam_ua902.010-1.7_46 "Historic Scene at Vroman's Nose in 1942", 1947 June 26
Box Folder
24 nam_ua902.010-1.7_47 19 nam_ua902.010-1.7_47 "Methods of Dissipating Supercooled Clouds in the Natural Atmosphere", 1947 September-1947 December
nam_ua902.010-1.7_48 20 nam_ua902.010-1.7_48 "Doing Something about the Weather" (Manuscript with letter), 1947 November
nam_ua902.010-1.7_49 21 nam_ua902.010-1.7_49 "Heat Requirements for Instruments and Airfoils During Ice Storms on Mt. Washington", 1947 November
nam_ua902.010-1.7_50 22 nam_ua902.010-1.7_50 "The First Flight to Make Snow" (Manuscript), 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.7_51 23 nam_ua902.010-1.7_51 "The Production of Clouds Containing Supercooled Water Droplets or Ice Crystals under Laboratory Conditions", 1948 April
nam_ua902.010-1.7_52 24 nam_ua902.010-1.7_52 "Rates of Evaporation of Water Through Compressed Monolayers on Water", 1948 April
nam_ua902.010-1.7_53 25 nam_ua902.010-1.7_53 "The Development of a Snow Classification System", 1948 August
nam_ua902.010-1.7_54 26 nam_ua902.010-1.7_54 "Types of Solid Precipitation in Snowstorms", 1948 December
nam_ua902.010-1.7_55 27 nam_ua902.010-1.7_55 "International Commission on Snow and Ice Committee on Snow Classification", 1948
Box Folder
25 nam_ua902.010-1.7_56 1 nam_ua902.010-1.7_56 "Up Where the Clouds are Made" (Manuscript), 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.7_57 2 nam_ua902.010-1.7_57 "Scientific Adventures in the Fields, Mountains and Sky", 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-1.7_58 3 nam_ua902.010-1.7_58 "The Possibilities of Modifying Lightning Storms in the Northern Rockies" (includes annotated maps), 1949 January
nam_ua902.010-1.7_59 4 nam_ua902.010-1.7_59 "When the Snow Lays on the Ground" -VJ Schaefer (Manuscript), 1949 December 30
nam_ua902.010-1.7_60 5 nam_ua902.010-1.7_60 "Induced Precipitation and Experimental Meteorology", 1950 June
nam_ua902.010-1.7_61 6 nam_ua902.010-1.7_61 "A New Method for Studying the Structure of Glacier Ice" -VJ Schaefer, 1950 October
nam_ua902.010-1.7_62 7 nam_ua902.010-1.7_62 "Factors Related to Experimental meteorology", 1950 November-1950 December
nam_ua902.010-1.7_63 8 nam_ua902.010-1.7_63 "The Formation of Frigid and Anchor Ice in Cold Weather", 1950 December
nam_ua902.010-1.7_64 9 nam_ua902.010-1.7_64 "Snow and Experimental Meteorology", 1950 December
nam_ua902.010-1.7_65 10 nam_ua902.010-1.7_65 "Cloud-Seeding Discoverer Stresses Urgency of Federal Control Agency", 1951 April 10
nam_ua902.010-1.7_66 11 nam_ua902.010-1.7_66 "Rain and Rainmaking", 1951 May 31, 1951 June 07
nam_ua902.010-1.7_67 12 nam_ua902.010-1.7_67 "Where Rain Falls All the Time: Including a Plan for Building a Simple Cloud Chamber", 1951 May-1951 June
nam_ua902.010-1.7_68 13 nam_ua902.010-1.7_68 "Freezing and Frozen Raindrops" (Manuscript), 1951 November 07
nam_ua902.010-1.7_69 14 nam_ua902.010-1.7_69 "The Ice Borers" (Manuscript), 1951 December 10
nam_ua902.010-1.7_70 15 nam_ua902.010-1.7_70 "Publications" -VJ Schaefer, 1936-1951, ca. 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.7_71 16 nam_ua902.010-1.7_71 "Rainforests and Shadows" (Manuscript), 1952 March 14
nam_ua902.010-1.7_72 17 nam_ua902.010-1.7_72 "Continuous Cloud Chamber for Studying Small Particles in the Atmosphere", 1952 June
nam_ua902.010-1.7_73 18 nam_ua902.010-1.7_73 "Sky Riders of Antiquity" (Manuscript), 1952 June 30
nam_ua902.010-1.7_74 19 nam_ua902.010-1.7_74 "Cloud Forms of the Jet Stream", 1956 October 08
nam_ua902.010-1.7_75 20 nam_ua902.010-1.7_75 "Cloud Forms of the Jet Stream", 1953 February
nam_ua902.010-1.7_76 21 nam_ua902.010-1.7_76 "Jet Stream Clouds" (Manuscript), 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.7_77 22 nam_ua902.010-1.7_77 "Earth Movers of the Past" (Manuscript), 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.7_78 23 nam_ua902.010-1.7_78 "Electric Observations of the Formative Stages of the Worchester, Massachusetts Tornado", 1954 November
nam_ua902.010-1.7_79 24 nam_ua902.010-1.7_79 "Suggested Program for Further Time Lapse Cloud Photography" (Manuscript), ca. 1954
nam_ua902.010-1.7_80 25 nam_ua902.010-1.7_80 "Adventures Ahead" (Manuscripts), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_81 26 nam_ua902.010-1.7_81 "Adventures Ahead" (Manuscripts), 1953, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_82 27 nam_ua902.010-1.7_82 "The Beauty that Falls from the Sky" (Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_83 28 nam_ua902.010-1.7_83 "The Castles of the Sky" (Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_84 29 nam_ua902.010-1.7_84 "Down from the Sky", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_85 30 nam_ua902.010-1.7_85 "The Experimental Apparatus and Procedure" (Incomplete Draft on the Cold Chamber), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_86 31 nam_ua902.010-1.7_86 "The Formation of Snow Crystals on Airborne Dust Particles", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_87 32 nam_ua902.010-1.7_87 "Frozen Volcanoes" (Manuscripts), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_88 33 nam_ua902.010-1.7_88 "Scientific Adventures", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_89 34 nam_ua902.010-1.7_89 "How to Make Snow at Home", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_90 35 nam_ua902.010-1.7_90 "Improved Methods of Conditioning Surfaces for Adsorption" - I. Langmuir (Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_91 36 nam_ua902.010-1.7_91 "Langmuir's Role in Conservation Activities", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_92 37 nam_ua902.010-1.7_92 "The Multice II" (Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_93 38 nam_ua902.010-1.7_93 "Rambles in an Arizona Desert" (Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_94 39 nam_ua902.010-1.7_94 Simple Laboratory Apparatus for the Study of Clouds, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_95 40 nam_ua902.010-1.7_95 "Snow" (Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.7_96 41 nam_ua902.010-1.7_96 "Suggestions Related to a Proposed Thunderstorm Study" (Manuscript), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.8 Subseries 1.8: Reports & Publications by Others-- General Electric, 1913-1957, 1968, 1989, Undated
Arranged chronologically
Vincent Schaefer welcomed his colleagues’ professional input and used their published works for reference as he refined his own studies. The articles and reports in this subseries are a sampling of findings by scientists like Irving Langmuir, Katharine Blodgett, Bernard Vonnegut, and more. This subseries also includes magazine and brochure types of publications such as G.E.’s Adventures Ahead, booklets about Association Island, and occasional G.E. newsletters. Please note that many of the articles are reprints, which are reflected in the folder dates.
Box Folder
26 nam_ua902.010-1.8_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.8_1 "The Emissiuty of Oxidized Metallic Surfaces"-C.P. Randolph and M.J. Overholser, 1913 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_2 "The Nitrogen Filled Lamp", 1913 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.8_3 "The Flicker of Incandescent Lamps on Alternating Current Circuits and Stroboscopic Effects", 1914 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.8_4 "The Constitution of Liquids with Especial Reference to Surface Tension Phenomena", 1916 October 15
nam_ua902.010-1.8_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.8_5 "The Condensation Pump: An Improved Form of High Vacuum Pump"- I. Langmuir, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.8_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.8_6 "Types of Valence", 1921 July 22
nam_ua902.010-1.8_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.8_7 "The Mechanism of the Catalytic Action of Platinum in the Reactions of 2CO+O2=2Co2+2H2+O2=2H20", 1921 September 21
nam_ua902.010-1.8_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.8_8 "Chemical Reactions on Surfaces", 1922 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.8_9 "Thermionic Effects Caused by Alkali Vapors in Vacuum Tubes", 1923 January 12
nam_ua902.010-1.8_10 10 nam_ua902.010-1.8_10 "The Pressure Effect and Other Phenomena in Gaseous Discharges", 1923 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_11 11 nam_ua902.010-1.8_11 "Currents Limited by Space Charge Between Concentric Spheres"-I. Langmuir and K.B. Blodgett, 1924 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_12 12 nam_ua902.010-1.8_12 The Apprentice System of the Schenectady Works, 1924 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_13 13 nam_ua902.010-1.8_13 "Scattering of Electrons in Ionized Gases", 1925 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_14 14 nam_ua902.010-1.8_14 "Flames of Atomic Hydrogen"-Irving Langmuir, 1926 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_15 15 nam_ua902.010-1.8_15 "The Flow of Ions through a Small Orifice in a Charged Plate"-Lewi Tonks-H.M. Mott-Smith Jr. and Irving Langmuir, 1926 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_16 16 nam_ua902.010-1.8_16 "The Theory of Collectors in Gaseous Discharges"-H.M. Mott-Smith and Irving Langmuir, 1920 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_17 17 nam_ua902.010-1.8_17 "On The Surface Heat of Charging"-Lewi Tonks and Irving Langmuir, 1927 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_18 18 nam_ua902.010-1.8_18 "A Method of Measuring the Mean Free Path of Electrons in Ionized Mercury Vapor-K.B. Blodgett, 1927 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_19 19 nam_ua902.010-1.8_19 "The Characteristics of the Tungsten Filaments as Functions of Temperature"-Howard A. Jones and Irving Langmuir, 1927 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_20 20 nam_ua902.010-1.8_20 "Electric Discharges in Gases at Low Pressures", 1927 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_21 21 nam_ua902.010-1.8_21 "The Effect of Monomolecular Films on the Evaporation of Ether Solutions"-I. Langmuir and D.B. Langmuir, 1928 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_22 22 nam_ua902.010-1.8_22 "Atomic Hydrogen as and Acid to Industrial Research"-Irving Langmuir, 1928 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_23 23 nam_ua902.010-1.8_23 "Collisions Between Electrons and Gas Molecules", 1928 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_24 24 nam_ua902.010-1.8_24 "Electric Discharges in Gases at Low Pressures"-Irving Langmuir, 1928 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_25 25 nam_ua902.010-1.8_25 "Electric Discharges in Gases at Low Pressures" -Irving Langmuir, 1928
nam_ua902.010-1.8_26 26 nam_ua902.010-1.8_26 "Contact Potential Measurements with Adsorbed Films", 1929 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_27 27 nam_ua902.010-1.8_27 "General Theory of the Plasma of an Arc"-Lewi Tonks and Irving Langmuir, 1929 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_28 28 nam_ua902.010-1.8_28 "Forces Near the Surfaces of Molecules"-Irving Langmuir, 1930 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_29 29 nam_ua902.010-1.8_29 "Effect of End Lasses on the Characteristics of Filaments of Tungsten and other Materials"-I. Langmuir- S. MacLane-K.B. Blodgett, 1930 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_30 30 nam_ua902.010-1.8_30 "Effect of End Losses or the Characteristics of Filaments of Tungsten and Other Materials"-Irving Langmuir- S. MacLane-K.B. Blodgett, 1930 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_31 31 nam_ua902.010-1.8_31 "Electrical Discharges of Gases, Part I"-Karl T. Compton and Irving Langmuir, 1930 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_32 32 nam_ua902.010-1.8_32 "Selecting the Chemist-Elect"-I. Langmuir, ca. 1930
nam_ua902.010-1.8_33 33 nam_ua902.010-1.8_33 "Oxygen Films on Tungsten, Part I"-Irving Langmuir and D.S. Villeur, 1931 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_34 34 nam_ua902.010-1.8_34 "Experiments with Oil and Water"-Irving Langmuir, 1931 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_35 35 nam_ua902.010-1.8_35 "A Study of Light Signals in Aviation and Navigation"-I. Langmuir and W.F. Westendarp, 1931 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_36 36 nam_ua902.010-1.8_36 "Regions of Reversed Magnetization in Strained Wires"-I. Langmuir, 1931 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_37 37 nam_ua902.010-1.8_37 "Modern Concepts in Physics", 1931
nam_ua902.010-1.8_38 38 nam_ua902.010-1.8_38 "Study of a Neon Discharge by Use of Collectors", 1932 January 15
nam_ua902.010-1.8_39 39 nam_ua902.010-1.8_39 "Regions of reversed Magnetization in Strained Wires"-I. Langmuir and K.J. Sixtus, 1932 January
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nam_ua902.010-1.8_43 43 nam_ua902.010-1.8_43 "Vapor Pressures, Evaporation, Condensation and Adsorption"-Irving Langmuir, 1932 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_44 44 nam_ua902.010-1.8_44 "Surface Chemistry"-Nobel Lecture Presented in Stockholm, 1932 December 14
nam_ua902.010-1.8_45 45 nam_ua902.010-1.8_45 "An Extension of the Phase Rule for Adsorption Under Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Conditions"-I. Langmuir, 1933 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_46 46 nam_ua902.010-1.8_46 "Irving Langmuir, Scientist"-Willis R. Whitney, 1933 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_47 47 nam_ua902.010-1.8_47 "The Nature of Adsorbed Films of Cesium on Tungsten"-Irving Langmuir, 1933 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_48 48 nam_ua902.010-1.8_48 "Irving Langmuir"-Katharine Blodgett, 1933 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_49 49 nam_ua902.010-1.8_49 "Physiological Variations in Certain Crop Plants Following Seed Exposure to High-Voltage X-Rays"- C.N. Moore and C.P. Haskins, 1933 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_50 50 nam_ua902.010-1.8_50 "Copper Embrittlement III"- Wyman, L.L., 1933 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_51 51 nam_ua902.010-1.8_51 "The Evaporation of Atoms, Electrons from Cesium Films on Tungsten"- John B. Taylor and Irving Langmuir, 1933 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_52 52 nam_ua902.010-1.8_52 "Oil Lenses on Water and the Nature of Monomolecular Expanded Films"- Irving Langmuir, 1933 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_53 53 nam_ua902.010-1.8_53 "Surface Chemistry"-Irving Langmuir, 1933 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_54 54 nam_ua902.010-1.8_54 "Monomolecular Films of Fatty Acids on Glass"-Katharine Blodgett, 1934 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_55 55 nam_ua902.010-1.8_55 "Mechanical Properties of Monomolecular Films"-I. Langmuir, 1934 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_56 56 nam_ua902.010-1.8_56 "Science as a Guide in Life"-Irving Langmuir, 1934 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_57 57 nam_ua902.010-1.8_57 "Standard Lamps for the Spherical Photometry of Sodium Arc"-Frank Benford, 1934 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_58 58 nam_ua902.010-1.8_58 "Mechanical Properties of Monomolecular Films"-I. Langmuir, 1934 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_59 59 nam_ua902.010-1.8_59 "Oil Film Whirl-A Non-Whirling Bearing"-Burt L. Newkirk and Lloyd P. Grobel, 1934 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_60 60 nam_ua902.010-1.8_60 "The Design of Tungsten Springs to Hold Tungsten Filaments Taut"-K.B. Blodgett and I. Langmuir, 1934 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_61 61 nam_ua902.010-1.8_61 "Addresses Given in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sendai, Kyoto (Japan)", 1934 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_62 62 nam_ua902.010-1.8_62 "Electric Discharges in Vacuum and in Gases at Low Pressures"-I. Langmuir-Denki Gaskkwai, 1934 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_63 63 nam_ua902.010-1.8_63 "Fundamental Industrial Research"-I. Langmuir, 1934 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_64 64 nam_ua902.010-1.8_64 "Surface Chemistry"-I. Langmuir, 1934 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_65 65 nam_ua902.010-1.8_65 "Interference Colors in Oil Films on Water"- K.B. Blodgett, 1935 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_66 66 nam_ua902.010-1.8_66 "Films Built by Depositing Successive Monomolecular Layers on a Solid Surface"- K.B. Blodgett, 1935 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_67 67 nam_ua902.010-1.8_67 "Surface Chemistry"- I. Langmuir, 1935 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_68 68 nam_ua902.010-1.8_68 "Mechanical Properties of Matter", 1935 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_69 69 nam_ua902.010-1.8_69 "The Integrating Factor of the Photometric Sphere"-Frank Beneford, 1935 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_70 70 nam_ua902.010-1.8_70 "What are Atoms?"-Irving Langmuir-Harry C. Furston and Buel Rice, 1936 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_71 71 nam_ua902.010-1.8_71 "Duration of Sunshine on Vertical Surfaces"-Bedford-Frank and John E. Back, 1936 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_72 72 nam_ua902.010-1.8_72 "The Heat Conductivity of Tungsten and the Cooling Effects of Heads upon Filaments at the Low Temperatures"-Irving Langmuir and john Bradshaw Taylor, 1936 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_73 73 nam_ua902.010-1.8_73 "Airplane Tracks in the Surface of the Stratus Clouds", 1936 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_74 74 nam_ua902.010-1.8_74 "Two-Dimensional Gases, liquids and Solids"-Irving Langmuir, 1936 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_75 75 nam_ua902.010-1.8_75 "Built-up Films of Barium Stearate and their Optical Properties"-K. Blodgett-I. Langmuir, 1937 June 01
nam_ua902.010-1.8_76 76 nam_ua902.010-1.8_76 "Multilayers of Aerosols and the Adsorption of Digitonin by Deposited Monolayers"-I. Langmuir-V.J. Schaefer-H. Sabotka, 1937 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_77 77 nam_ua902.010-1.8_77 "Properties of Built-up Films Stearate"-K.B. Blodgett, 1937 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_78 78 nam_ua902.010-1.8_78 "Surface Electrification Due to the Recession of Aqueous Solutions from Hydrophobic Surfaces"-I. Langmuir, 1938 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_79 79 nam_ua902.010-1.8_79 "Overturning and Anchoring of Monolayers"-I. Langmuir, 1938 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_80 80 nam_ua902.010-1.8_80 "A Time Analysis of Sunshine"-Frank Benford and John E. Bock, 1938 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_81 81 nam_ua902.010-1.8_81 "Vector Maps and Crystal Analysis", 1938 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_82 82 nam_ua902.010-1.8_82 "The Structure of the Insulin Molecule"-I. Langmuir and D.M. Wrinch, 1938 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_83 83 nam_ua902.010-1.8_83 "Repulsive Forces Between Charged Surfaces in Water and the Cause of the Jones-Ray Effect"-I. Langmuir, 1938 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_84 84 nam_ua902.010-1.8_84 "The Role of Attractive and Repulsive Forces in the Formation of Tactoids, Thixotropic Gels, Protein Crystals, and Coacervates"-Irving Langmuir, 1938 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_85 85 nam_ua902.010-1.8_85 "Effect of X-Rays on Surface Potentials of Multilayers"-I. Langmuir, 1938
nam_ua902.010-1.8_86 86 nam_ua902.010-1.8_86 "The Thunderstorm"- F.A. Evans and K.B. McEachron, 1938
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nam_ua902.010-1.8_90 90 nam_ua902.010-1.8_90 "Molecular Layers", 1939 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_91 91 nam_ua902.010-1.8_91 "Properties of Structure of Protein Monolayers"-Irving Langmuir and VJ Schaefer, 1939 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_92 92 nam_ua902.010-1.8_92 "Protein Monolayers"-I. Langmuir, 1939 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_93 93 nam_ua902.010-1.8_93 "Illumination from Extended Sources Computed by the Theory of the Integrating Sphere"-Frank Bedford, 1940 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_94 94 nam_ua902.010-1.8_94 "Monolayers on Solids"-I. Langmuir, 1940 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_95 95 nam_ua902.010-1.8_95 "Aerosols: A Selected Bibliography", 1940 October 01
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Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_97 2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_97 "Progress of Science in 1940," Dr. A.W. Hull, 1941 March 07
Box Folder
26 nam_ua902.010-1.8_98 97 nam_ua902.010-1.8_98 "Illumination in the Focal Plane"- F. Benford, 1941 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_99 98 nam_ua902.010-1.8_99 List of Publications- Irving Langmuir and Katharine Blodgett, 1906-1942, ca. 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.8_100 99 nam_ua902.010-1.8_100 The Story of Lightning, 1942
nam_ua902.010-1.8_101 100 nam_ua902.010-1.8_101 "Science, Common Sense and Decency"- I. Langmuir, 1943 January 01
nam_ua902.010-1.8_102 101 nam_ua902.010-1.8_102 "The American Association for the Advancement of Science: Science, Common Sense and Decency", 1943 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_103 102 nam_ua902.010-1.8_103 "Super Cooled Water Droplets in Rising Currents of Cold, Saturated Air", 1943 October-1944 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_104 103 nam_ua902.010-1.8_104 What’s New in the World of Science, 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.8_105 104 nam_ua902.010-1.8_105 "A Lone Scout- The Story of Vincent J. Schaefer, "Ad Run Nationwide by General Electric, ca. 1943
nam_ua902.010-1.8_106 105 nam_ua902.010-1.8_106 The Monogram, 1943-1945, 1948, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.8_107 106 nam_ua902.010-1.8_107 "Report on Smokes and Filters," Irving Langmuir and Katharine B. Blodgett, 1944 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_108 107 nam_ua902.010-1.8_108 Aerological Instruments for the Study of Icing and Precipitation Static Problems"-I. Langmuir, 1944 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_109 108 nam_ua902.010-1.8_109 Publications: Irving Langmuir, Katharine Blodgett, and Vincent J. Schaefer, 1906-- (A Bibliography), ca. 1944
nam_ua902.010-1.8_110 109 nam_ua902.010-1.8_110 "Order Hardening: Its Mechanism and Recognition"-D. Harker, 1944
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nam_ua902.010-1.8_113 112 nam_ua902.010-1.8_113 "Mathematical Investigation of Water Droplet Trajectories"-Irving Langmuir, 1945 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_114 113 nam_ua902.010-1.8_114 "The Cooling of Cylinders by Fog Moving at High Velocities", 1945 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_115 114 nam_ua902.010-1.8_115 "Science and Postwar Incentives"-I. Langmuir, 1945 May 17
nam_ua902.010-1.8_116 115 nam_ua902.010-1.8_116 "Final Report on Investigating of Fundamental Phenomena of Precipitation Static"-I. Langmuir, 1945 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_117 116 nam_ua902.010-1.8_117 "Final Report on Icing Research up to July 1, 1945"-I. Langmuir, 1945 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_118 117 nam_ua902.010-1.8_118 "A Mathematical Investigation of Water Droplet Trajectories"-Langmuir and Blodgett-Notes and Charts, 1945-1946
nam_ua902.010-1.8_119 118 nam_ua902.010-1.8_119 "Memorandum on Introduction of Ice Nuclei into Clouds"-I. Langmuir, 1946 August 16
nam_ua902.010-1.8_120 119 nam_ua902.010-1.8_120 The Knolls News, 1946, 1948-1949, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.8_121 120 nam_ua902.010-1.8_121 "Use of Pitot Tube to Compensate for Pressure Deficiency Caused by Wind on Mount Washington, New Hampshire"-R.E. Falconer, 1947 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_122 121 nam_ua902.010-1.8_122 Project Summary, 1947 July 01
nam_ua902.010-1.8_123 122 nam_ua902.010-1.8_123 Adventures Ahead, 1947
nam_ua902.010-1.8_124 123 nam_ua902.010-1.8_124 Research Laboratory Memo, 1948 February
nam_ua902.010-1.8_125 124 nam_ua902.010-1.8_125 "Cloud Chasers"- G.E. Monogram, 1948 May-1948 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_126 125 nam_ua902.010-1.8_126 Research Laboratory Bulletin, 1948 June, 1950 April, 1951 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_127 126 nam_ua902.010-1.8_127 Research Laboratory Memo, 1948 September, 1949 February, 1942 September
Box Folder
27 nam_ua902.010-1.8_128 1 nam_ua902.010-1.8_128 "Particle Size Determination"-Francis J. Norton, 1948 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_129 2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_129 "The Production of Rain by a Chain Reaction in Cumulus Clouds at Temperatures above Freezing"-I. Langmuir, 1948 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_130 3 nam_ua902.010-1.8_130 "The Research Laboratory Builds a House"- with "Pictorial Supplement", 1948 November, 1950 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_131 4 nam_ua902.010-1.8_131 Research Laboratory Foto Facts, 1948 November, 1950 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_132 5 nam_ua902.010-1.8_132 Adventures Ahead, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.8_133 6 nam_ua902.010-1.8_133 Camp General Electric and Association Island, 1948
nam_ua902.010-1.8_134 7 nam_ua902.010-1.8_134 Adventures Inside the Atom- Comic Book, 1948
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nam_ua902.010-1.8_138 11 nam_ua902.010-1.8_138 "The Behavior of Water Drops at Terminal Velocity in Air"-D.C. Blanchard (Includes News Clippings), 1949 March 3-1950 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_139 12 nam_ua902.010-1.8_139 Research Laboratory Memo, 1949 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_140 13 nam_ua902.010-1.8_140 "Super-Cooled Water Droplets in Rising Currents of Cold Saturated Air Parts I and II"-I. Langmuir, 1949 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_141 14 nam_ua902.010-1.8_141 Super-Cooled Water Droplets in Rising Currents of Cold Saturated Air"-I. Langmuir (Includes Notes and Formulas), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.8_142 15 nam_ua902.010-1.8_142 "Homogenous Nucleation"- D. Turnbull and J.H. Hollomon, 1949 September
nam_ua902.010-1.8_143 16 nam_ua902.010-1.8_143 Adventures Ahead, 1949
nam_ua902.010-1.8_144 17 nam_ua902.010-1.8_144 "Experiments with Silver Iodide Smokes in the Natural Atmosphere"-B. Vonnegut, 1950 May
nam_ua902.010-1.8_145 18 nam_ua902.010-1.8_145 Story of the Turbine, 1950 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_146 19 nam_ua902.010-1.8_146 "Control of Precipitation from the Cumulus Clouds by Various Seeding Techniques"-I. Langmuir, 1950 June 14
nam_ua902.010-1.8_147 20 nam_ua902.010-1.8_147 "Preliminary Report on the X-Ray Microscope"-C.M. Lacht and D. Harker, 1950 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_148 21 nam_ua902.010-1.8_148 General Electric News Digest, 1950 December 10
nam_ua902.010-1.8_149 22 nam_ua902.010-1.8_149 Research in General Electric 1900-1950, 1950 October 09
nam_ua902.010-1.8_150 23 nam_ua902.010-1.8_150 "Barium Stearate Stepgauge"- K. Blodgett, 1950 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_151 24 nam_ua902.010-1.8_151 Knolls News, 1950 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_152 25 nam_ua902.010-1.8_152 "Preparation of Copy for Lantern Slides and Charts", 1950 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_153 26 nam_ua902.010-1.8_153 "Tests of Direction Selection Color Television Screens"-L.R. Koller and K. Smith, 1950 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_154 27 nam_ua902.010-1.8_154 Adventures Ahead, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.8_155 28 nam_ua902.010-1.8_155 "Periodicity of Rainfall"-I. Langmuir, 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.8_156 29 nam_ua902.010-1.8_156 More Power to America (Comic Book), 1950
nam_ua902.010-1.8_157 30 nam_ua902.010-1.8_157 "Third Annual Listing Reports Published by Research Lab Publications", 1951 January-1951 December
Box Folder
28 nam_ua902.010-1.8_158 1 nam_ua902.010-1.8_158 Knolls News, 1951 January
nam_ua902.010-1.8_159 2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_159 Research Laboratory Memo, 1951 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_160 3 nam_ua902.010-1.8_160 Research Laboratory Memo, 1951 April
nam_ua902.010-1.8_161 4 nam_ua902.010-1.8_161 "An Hypothesis for the Origin of Cancer Foci", 1951 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_162 5 nam_ua902.010-1.8_162 "Reporting Procedures in the General Electric Research Laboratory"-M. Martin, 1951 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_163 6 nam_ua902.010-1.8_163 Adventures Ahead, 1951 September-1951 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_164 7 nam_ua902.010-1.8_164 Laboratory Activities Developments, 1951 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_165 8 nam_ua902.010-1.8_165 Research Laboratory Memo, 1951 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_166 9 nam_ua902.010-1.8_166 Weatherwise, 1951 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_167 10 nam_ua902.010-1.8_167 "Cloud Seeding by Means of Dry Ice, Silver Iodide, and Sodium Chloride"-Irving Langmuir, 1951 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_168 11 nam_ua902.010-1.8_168 Kinetics of Solidification of Supercooled Liquid Mercury Droplets"-David Turnbull, 1951 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_169 12 nam_ua902.010-1.8_169 "Recent Experiments on the Effect of Ultraviolet Light on Silver Iodide Nuclei"- Bernard Vonnegut and Raymond Neubauer, 1951 November
nam_ua902.010-1.8_170 13 nam_ua902.010-1.8_170 Thunderbolts in Harness, 1951
nam_ua902.010-1.8_171 14 nam_ua902.010-1.8_171 "Reproduction of Manuscripts- An Elementary Description of Printing and Duplicating Processes"- Miles J. Martin, 1952 March
nam_ua902.010-1.8_172 15 nam_ua902.010-1.8_172 "Detention and Measurement of Aerosol Particles", 1952 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_173 16 nam_ua902.010-1.8_173 "Thin Films of Supersaturated Solutions for Detecting, and Identifying Very Small Crystalline Particles"- B. Vonnegut, 1952 June
nam_ua902.010-1.8_174 17 nam_ua902.010-1.8_174 "Screw Dislocations, Etch Figures and Holes", 1952 July 30
nam_ua902.010-1.8_175 18 nam_ua902.010-1.8_175 "Research Laboratory Foto Facts", 1952 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_176 19 nam_ua902.010-1.8_176 "Preparation of Copy for Lantern Slides and Charts for Technical Presentation"- Miles J. Martin, 1952 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_177 20 nam_ua902.010-1.8_177 The Monogram, 1952 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_178 21 nam_ua902.010-1.8_178 Research Laboratory Memo, 1952 August
nam_ua902.010-1.8_179 22 nam_ua902.010-1.8_179 Developments (For GE Employees), 1952 Summer
nam_ua902.010-1.8_180 23 nam_ua902.010-1.8_180 Adventures Ahead, 1952
nam_ua902.010-1.8_181 24 nam_ua902.010-1.8_181 Knolls Newsletter, 1953 January 07
nam_ua902.010-1.8_182 25 nam_ua902.010-1.8_182 General Electric Review, 1953 July
nam_ua902.010-1.8_183 26 nam_ua902.010-1.8_183 "An Electrical Humidistat"- White, W.C., 1953 December
nam_ua902.010-1.8_184 27 nam_ua902.010-1.8_184 Adventures Ahead, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.8_185 28 nam_ua902.010-1.8_185 Why Study English?, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.8_186 29 nam_ua902.010-1.8_186 Adventures Ahead, 1954
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_187 2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_187 "Should Your Child be a Chemist?" I. Langmuir, 1954
Box Folder
28 nam_ua902.010-1.8_188 30 nam_ua902.010-1.8_188 "Widespread Control of Weather by Silver Iodide Seeding"- I. Langmuir, 1955 July
Box Folder
29 nam_ua902.010-1.8_189 1 nam_ua902.010-1.8_189 "The Control of Hurricanes"-I. Langmuir (Manuscript), 1955 December 15
nam_ua902.010-1.8_190 2 nam_ua902.010-1.8_190 "Hurricane Control"-I. Langmuir (Manuscript), 1955 December 29
nam_ua902.010-1.8_191 3 nam_ua902.010-1.8_191 "Freedom: The Opportunity to Profit from the Unexpected"- I. Langmuir, 1956 Fall
nam_ua902.010-1.8_192 4 nam_ua902.010-1.8_192 Research Laboratory Digest, 1957 Summer
nam_ua902.010-1.8_193 5 nam_ua902.010-1.8_193 "Pathological Science"- I. Langmuir, 1968 April, 1989 October
nam_ua902.010-1.8_194 6 nam_ua902.010-1.8_194 "The Distribution of Orientation Molecules", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.8_195 7 nam_ua902.010-1.8_195 "An Objective 30-Day Forecast Method for Precipitation and Temperature at Albany, NY"- R. Falconer, K. Maynard (Abstract), Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.8_196 8 nam_ua902.010-1.8_196 "A Study of High-Voltage Corona Discharger from Points at Atmospheric as a Cause of Radio Interference"- E.J. Lawton, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.8_197 9 nam_ua902.010-1.8_197 "A Theory for the Behavior of Barium Stearate Monolayers and Multilayers"- D. Harker, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9 Subseries 1.9: Reports & Publications by Others-- Non-General Electric, 1901-1953, 1978, 1988, 1993, Undated
Arranged chronologically
As with the work of his own General Electric co-workers, Schaefer collected articles and reports by colleagues outside of his own institution as well. These are an assortment of publications relating directly to Schaefer’s own work in areas like surface chemistry, ice/snow studies and cloud seeding as well as peripheral interests in the science world that happened to catch his attention. Please note that many of the articles are reprints, which are reflected in the folder dates.
Box Folder
30 nam_ua902.010-1.9_1 1 nam_ua902.010-1.9_1 "Shooting Away Hail-Storms," E.P Lyle, Jr. (Photocopy), 1901 June
nam_ua902.010-1.9_2 2 nam_ua902.010-1.9_2 "Meteorological Conditions Affecting the Freeman Lake (Idaho) Fire," G.M. Jemison, 1932 January
nam_ua902.010-1.9_3 3 nam_ua902.010-1.9_3 "The Isolation, Identification and Quantitative Determination of Ethyl Alcohol Normally Present in Human and Animal Tissues," A.O Gettler, J.B Niederl, and A.A Benedetti-Pichler, 1932
nam_ua902.010-1.9_4 4 nam_ua902.010-1.9_4 "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London: Problems of the Boundary State," Sir William Hardy, 1932
nam_ua902.010-1.9_5 5 nam_ua902.010-1.9_5 Snow Research: "Snow Surveying: Its Principles and Possibilities," J.E Church, 1933 October
nam_ua902.010-1.9_6 6 nam_ua902.010-1.9_6 "Evaporation at High Altitude and Latitudes," J.E Church, 1934 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_7 7 nam_ua902.010-1.9_7 "Snow Surveys as an Aid to Flood Forecast and Control," J.E Church, 1935 June 20
nam_ua902.010-1.9_8 8 nam_ua902.010-1.9_8 "Principles of Snow Surveying as Applied to Forecasting Stream Flow," J.E Church, 1935 July 15
nam_ua902.010-1.9_9 9 nam_ua902.010-1.9_9 "The Snow Survey and Summer Precipitation," J.E Church, 1935 October
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Oversized Folder
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Box Folder
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Box Folder
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Box Folder
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nam_ua902.010-1.9_330 41 nam_ua902.010-1.9_330 "Icing Detectors", 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_331 42 nam_ua902.010-1.9_331 "Meteorological Design Requirements for icing Protection Systems" D. Fraser, 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_332 43 nam_ua902.010-1.9_332 "A Charter for Climatology", 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_333 44 nam_ua902.010-1.9_333 "Earthquake Notes" Donn and Jennemann, 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_334 45 nam_ua902.010-1.9_334 "Calculations on drop Size Growth and Supersaturation on Air in an Icing Wind Tunnel" Myron Tribus and J. Klein, 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_335 46 nam_ua902.010-1.9_335 "Eidgenoessisches Volkswirtschaftsdepartment", 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_336 47 nam_ua902.010-1.9_336 "On the Growth of Snow Flake and Graupel" C. Magono, 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_337 48 nam_ua902.010-1.9_337 "Recent Studies on Tropical Meteorology", 1953 March
nam_ua902.010-1.9_338 49 nam_ua902.010-1.9_338 "Evidence of Man-Made Climatic Change" Irving Krick, 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_339 50 nam_ua902.010-1.9_339 "Cloud Seeding May Turn Wheels from P.G & E from Electric Light & Power", 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_340 51 nam_ua902.010-1.9_340 "Electric-Microscope Study of Atmospheric Condensation Nuclei" Kuroiwa, 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_341 52 nam_ua902.010-1.9_341 "Extended Use of the Double Mass Curve" Carroll F. Merriam, 1953 April 30
nam_ua902.010-1.9_342 53 nam_ua902.010-1.9_342 "A Balloon Fog Meter and the Vertical Distribution of Liquid Water Contents in Lower Atmosphere" Kuroiwa and Kinosita, 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_343 54 nam_ua902.010-1.9_343 "The Turbulent Diffusion of Fog Water near the Ground and the Fog-Preventing Effect of an Artificial Model Forest" Kuroiwa, 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_344 55 nam_ua902.010-1.9_344 "Summary Evaluation of Cloud Operations in Cuba", 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_345 56 nam_ua902.010-1.9_345 "Wind Force on a Conifer Tree and the Quantity of Fog Water Thereby Captured" Zyungo Yosida and Daisuke Kuroiwa, 1953 April
nam_ua902.010-1.9_346 57 nam_ua902.010-1.9_346 "Marine Meteorology-Some Results of a Trade Cumulus Cloud Investigation" Joanne Starr Malkus, 1953 May
nam_ua902.010-1.9_347 58 nam_ua902.010-1.9_347 "Tomorrow's Weather", 1953 May
nam_ua902.010-1.9_348 59 nam_ua902.010-1.9_348 "Dallas Cloud Seeding Operations" Irving P. Krick, 1953 June 09
nam_ua902.010-1.9_349 60 nam_ua902.010-1.9_349 "It's Done with Mirrors" Matthews, C.F., 1953 Summer
nam_ua902.010-1.9_350 61 nam_ua902.010-1.9_350 "Distribution of Solar Energy over the United States" I.F. Hand, 1953 July
nam_ua902.010-1.9_351 62 nam_ua902.010-1.9_351 "Turbulence in Clouds as a factor in Precipitation" East and Marshall, 1953 July
nam_ua902.010-1.9_352 63 nam_ua902.010-1.9_352 "A Theory of Snow Crystal Habit & Growth" J.S. Marshall M.P. Langleben, 1953 July
nam_ua902.010-1.9_353 64 nam_ua902.010-1.9_353 "The Distribution of Rain in Tropical Storms" C.S. Ramage, 1953 August
nam_ua902.010-1.9_354 65 nam_ua902.010-1.9_354 "Rockets and Rainmaking" Leon Slawecki, 1953 September
nam_ua902.010-1.9_355 66 nam_ua902.010-1.9_355 "Uniformly Conductive Surfaces", 1953 September
nam_ua902.010-1.9_356 67 nam_ua902.010-1.9_356 "Quarterly"-Tech. Report #2, 1953 September 15
nam_ua902.010-1.9_357 68 nam_ua902.010-1.9_357 "Maximum Evaporation Rates of Water Droplets Approaching Obstacles in the Atmosphere Under Icing Conditions"-Tech. Note #3024 Herman H. Lowell, 1953 October
nam_ua902.010-1.9_358 69 nam_ua902.010-1.9_358 Weatherwise Magazine, 1953 October
nam_ua902.010-1.9_359 70 nam_ua902.010-1.9_359 "Atmospheric Oscillation & Related Synoptic Patterns"- Tech. Report on Meteorology #1, D. William, R. Rommer, F. Press, M. Ewing, 1953 November
nam_ua902.010-1.9_360 71 nam_ua902.010-1.9_360 "Sea Salt Nuclei Studies", 1953 December
nam_ua902.010-1.9_361 72 nam_ua902.010-1.9_361 "Algal Culture" (J.S. Berlin), 1953 July 15
nam_ua902.010-1.9_362 73 nam_ua902.010-1.9_362 "Radar Observation of Rain from Non-Freezing Clouds" R.S. Styles and F.W. Campbell, 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.9_363 74 nam_ua902.010-1.9_363 "On the Ice Crystals Nuclei and other Substances found in Snow Crystal" K. Isono, ca. 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.9_364 75 nam_ua902.010-1.9_364 "The Influence of Volcanic Dust on Precipitation" K. Isono and M. Komabaysi, ca. 1953
nam_ua902.010-1.9_365 76 nam_ua902.010-1.9_365 "Early History of Cloud Seeding" B.S. Havens, J.E. Jiusto and B. Vonnegut, 1978
nam_ua902.010-1.9_366 77 nam_ua902.010-1.9_366 "Langmuir-Blodgett Films" V.K. Agarwal, 1988 June
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-1.9_367 3 nam_ua902.010-1.9_367 "Sky Island: A View of Vrooman's Nose," Laura Ten Eyck, 1993 March 25
Box Folder
33 nam_ua902.010-1.9_368 78 nam_ua902.010-1.9_368 Air Pollution Conference Report, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_369 79 nam_ua902.010-1.9_369 "A Comparison of Icing Conditions on Mt. Washington with Those Encountered in Flight" W.E. Howell, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_370 80 nam_ua902.010-1.9_370 "Concentration of Ice Crystal Nuclei under Various Weather Conditions" W.E. Hubert and H.J. Wells, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_371 81 nam_ua902.010-1.9_371 "The Formation of Snow Crystals: Results of Snow Investigation at Aerological Observatory at Friedrichschafen- 1940-1943" E. Wall, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_372 82 nam_ua902.010-1.9_372 "Economic Significance of Snowfall and Snow Retention on Western Watersheds" W.W. McLaughlin, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_373 83 nam_ua902.010-1.9_373 "Frazil Ice Trouble at Chicago's New Filtration Plant" W.W. DeBerard, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_374 84 nam_ua902.010-1.9_374 "Indian Studies Rain Making as Aid to Food Production", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_375 85 nam_ua902.010-1.9_375 "La Pluie Artificielle" J. Roulleau, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_376 86 nam_ua902.010-1.9_376 "Meteorological Conditions at Selected Airports in Canada Newfoundland and Labrador", Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_377 87 nam_ua902.010-1.9_377 "Meteorological Problems in Forecasting Mountain Waves" DeVer Colson, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_378 88 nam_ua902.010-1.9_378 "On the Methodology of Evaluating Cloud Seeding Operations" Jeeves, LeCam, Neyman, Scott, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_379 89 nam_ua902.010-1.9_379 "Periodic Fluctuations in the Ohio Basin Moisture Balance" W.E. Hubert and H.J. Wells, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_380 90 nam_ua902.010-1.9_380 "The Problem of Artificial Control of Rainfall on the Globe" Tor Bergeron, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_381 91 nam_ua902.010-1.9_381 "Selection of Meteorological Quantities for the Design of Thermal Ice-Prevention Equipment" A.R. Jones and W. Lewis, Undated
nam_ua902.010-1.9_382 92 nam_ua902.010-1.9_382 "The Water Equivalent of Snow on Ground" C.A. Mixer, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2 Series 2: General Electric- Project Cirrus, 1943-1954, 1981, Undated - 9.5  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically, with the exception of the reports and publications which are chronological.
In 1952, General Electric published its own “History of Project Cirrus”, compiled by Barrington Havens of G.E.’s public relations department. In his introduction, he writes that “[Project Cirrus] was very complex, with a number of subdivisions associated with the main activity. Some of these subdivisions ran consecutively, some operated in parallel, and others intertwined or branched off in variously divergent directions.” This preface is relevant to Schaefer’s own collection of materials because the “intertwined” nature of Cirrus itself, as well as its roots in Schaefer and Langmuir’s previous work, sometimes made it difficult for the archivist to separate Project Cirrus documents from materials that related to cloud seeding efforts but were not strictly part of the work done under the government contract that defined Project Cirrus.
The archivist made every attempt to be strict with materials placed into the Project Cirrus series, using dates, acknowledgements to the military, and the Army Signal Corp’s own stamp to help identify documents as Project Cirrus when needed. Researchers may find it helpful to consult the cloud seeding materials in Series #1 for items documenting the events that led to the project’s founding.
Project Cirrus bloomed from multiple experiments that converged late in 1946. Vincent Schaefer and Irving Langmuir did extensive work for the United States military during World War II. Among their projects was the issue of precipitation static interfering with U.S. Airforce pilots' ability to fly and land safely. (See Series #1, General Electric) Their efforts to deal with the problem took them to the peak of New Hampshire's Mount Washington, where Schaefer and Langmuir observed behaviors of snow and ice crystals that were relevant to their current work but also gave them ideas for future research regarding supercooled water droplets.
When their contracts with the U.S. military ran out shortly after World War II, Schaefer and Langmuir continued studying behaviors of snow and ice particles in earnest. Schaefer discovered that he could use a type of special plastic called Formvar to capture and preserve snowflakes, some of which can be found in Series #1. These experiments led Schaefer to investigate further the behavior of particles in cloud formations. On a hot July day in 1946, while working with a cold chamber, Schaefer accidentally discovered that the use of dry ice in a supercooled cloud would form instant ice crystals. Drs. Irving Langmuir and Bernard Vonnegut added their expertise to the process, working with silver iodide as well as dry ice. In no time they worked out the potential effects of their discovery on weather modification, and the seeds of Project Cirrus were firmly planted.
Ultimately, on November 13, 1946, Schaefer led a successful cloud seeding expedition over Mount Greylock in Massachusetts. His efforts convinced the U.S. military to sign a contract with General Electric yet again early in 1947. This time, it was a mutual agreement between G.E., the Army Signal Corps of Engineers, the Air Force, and the Office of Naval Research. The government hoped that fruitful cloud seeding experimentation would open doors for agricultural success and even improved safety for the people of the United States. The project sponsored well over 150 flights as well as ground operations, with 1948-1950 being the major years for flights conducted. Besides basic cloud seeding work, they also experimented with hurricane seeding and wildfire fighting in the fall of 1947. The project wrapped up in September 1952 when the Airforce pilots began to be called away to Korea, and the G.E. team decided they had gone as far as they could with their work.
This series is divided into three parts: flight data and research, subject files, and reports and publications. Each one highlights various aspects of G.E.'s efforts to work with the military as they explored cloud seeding options in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
nam_ua902.010-2.1 Subseries 2.1: Flight Data and Research, 1946-1953, Undated
Arranged Alphabetically
This subseries contains materials on specific flights, though the availability of data ranges from a single page for some flights to multiple pages with photos for other flights. Each one is labeled by flight number, where it took place, what operation was performed, and on what date. There are also files on research efforts that took place on the ground and in the lab, including charts, diagrams, weather observations, and research notebooks. Photographs include particular flights, most of which feature aerial cloud views, but there are also general photos that were not labeled by Schaefer or his colleagues.
Researchers will also find documents on two extra Project Cirrus missions, one dealing with Hurricane King and the other with Operation Red. Both pursuits took place in the fall of 1947. The former related to cloud seeding a hurricane in order to expend its energy before it made landfall while Operation Red focused on cloud seeding over wildfires in New England. The Hurricane King effort is not to be confused with the Hurricane King of 1950; the Project Cirrus crew named the 1947 hurricane on their own but did not have a title from official weather bureaus.
Please note that Schaefer's preliminary materials on cloud seeding, as well as data and photos from his 1946 cloud seeding flights, are located in Series #1 because they took place before the official creation of Project Cirrus in 1947.
Box Folder
1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_1 1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_1 Adiabatic Diagrams, 1950 April-1950 December
nam_ua902.010-2.1_2 2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_2 B-17G Airplane- Axis and Viewing Angles, 1947 September 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_3 3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_3 Characteristics of a Good Crystalizer, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_4 4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_4 Chart: Corrections for Photograph Horizon, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_5 5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_5 Charts, Graphs, and Formulas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_6 6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_6 Climate Research, 1949-1952
1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_7 nam_ua902.010-2.1_7 Cloud Observations and Data- "Constellation Flight", 1950 November 04
Box Folder
1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_8 7-8 nam_ua902.010-2.1_8 Cloud Seeding Notes and Data, 1947-1951
nam_ua902.010-2.1_9 9 nam_ua902.010-2.1_9 Cloud Seeding Notes and Data, 1949-1952
nam_ua902.010-2.1_10 10 nam_ua902.010-2.1_10 Diagrams: Seeding Tracks and Stratiform Clouds, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_11 11 nam_ua902.010-2.1_11 Discharge Correlations of Gaging Stations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_12 12 nam_ua902.010-2.1_12 Experimental Meteorology Data, 1946-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_13 13 nam_ua902.010-2.1_13 Flight Notes, 1948 February 19, 1948 February 20
nam_ua902.010-2.1_14 14 nam_ua902.010-2.1_14 Flight Summary-Kiah Maynard to Schaefer, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_15 15 nam_ua902.010-2.1_15 Flights I-58 Summary Chart, 1947 March 06-1948 December 12
nam_ua902.010-2.1_16 16 nam_ua902.010-2.1_16 Flights I-175 Summaries, 1947 September 11-1950 July 13
nam_ua902.010-2.1_17 17 nam_ua902.010-2.1_17 Flight #1 Photos, Schenectady, DI Seeding, 1947 September 11, Undated, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_18 18 nam_ua902.010-2.1_18 Flight #9 Photos, Schenectady, No Identified Operation, 1948 January 22
nam_ua902.010-2.1_19 19 nam_ua902.010-2.1_19 Flight #21 Data, Schenectady, DI Pattern Seeding, 1948 April 28
nam_ua902.010-2.1_20 20 nam_ua902.010-2.1_20 Flight #21 Photos, Schenectady, DI Pattern Seeding, 1948 April 28
nam_ua902.010-2.1_21 21 nam_ua902.010-2.1_21 Flight #23 Data, Cape Cod, DI Seeding- MIT Project, 1948 April 29
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_22 nam_ua902.010-2.1_22 Flight #23 Data, Including Path of B-17, 1948 April 29
Box Folder
1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_23 22-24 nam_ua902.010-2.1_23 Flight #23 Photos and Negatives, 1948 April 29
nam_ua902.010-2.1_24 25-26 nam_ua902.010-2.1_24 Flight #24 Schenectady, Seeding, Photos, 1948 April 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_25 27 nam_ua902.010-2.1_25 Flight #27 Photo, Schenectady, DI Pattern Seeding, 1948 May 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_26 28-29 nam_ua902.010-2.1_26 Flight #27 Photos, 1948 May 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_27 31 nam_ua902.010-2.1_27 Flight #29 Data, New Jersey Coast, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1948 June 03
nam_ua902.010-2.1_28 32-37 nam_ua902.010-2.1_28 Flight #29 Photos, 1948 June 03
Box Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_29 1-4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_29 Flight #29 Photos, 1948 June 03
nam_ua902.010-2.1_30 5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_30 Flight #33 Data, Lake George, DI Seeding, 1948 July 26
nam_ua902.010-2.1_31 6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_31 Flight #33 Photos, 1948 July 26
nam_ua902.010-2.1_32 7 nam_ua902.010-2.1_32 Flight #36 Photos, Schenectady Water Seeding, 1948 August 04
nam_ua902.010-2.1_33 8 nam_ua902.010-2.1_33 Flight #39 Photos, Schenectady, DI Seeding, 1948 August 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_34 9-12 nam_ua902.010-2.1_34 Flight #45 Data, Albuquerque, SI and Di Seeding, 1948 October 14
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_35 nam_ua902.010-2.1_35 Flight #45 Data Charts, 1948 October 14
Box Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_36 13-14 nam_ua902.010-2.1_36 Flight #45 Photos, 1948 October 14
nam_ua902.010-2.1_37 15 nam_ua902.010-2.1_37 Flight #45 Photos, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_38 16 nam_ua902.010-2.1_38 Flight #48 Data, Schenectady, DI Seeding Pattern, 1948 November 15
nam_ua902.010-2.1_39 17 nam_ua902.010-2.1_39 Flight #50 Data, East of Albany, DI Seeding Pattern, 1948 November 17
nam_ua902.010-2.1_40 18 nam_ua902.010-2.1_40 Flight #51 Data, Schenectady, DI Pattern Seeding, 1948 November 23
nam_ua902.010-2.1_41 19 nam_ua902.010-2.1_41 Flight #52 Data, Schenectady and Amsterdam, DI Pattern Seeding, 1948 November 24
nam_ua902.010-2.1_42 20 nam_ua902.010-2.1_42 Flight #53 Data, Schenectady and Rome, DI Pattern Seeding, 1948 November 24
nam_ua902.010-2.1_43 21 nam_ua902.010-2.1_43 Flight #53 Photos, 1948 November 24
nam_ua902.010-2.1_44 22 nam_ua902.010-2.1_44 Flight #53 Photos, 1948 November 24
nam_ua902.010-2.1_45 23 nam_ua902.010-2.1_45 Flight #54 Data Schenectady, DI Pattern Seeding, 1948 December 01
nam_ua902.010-2.1_46 24 nam_ua902.010-2.1_46 Flight #57 Data and Photos, East of Albany, SI and DI Seeding Pattern, 1948 December 21
nam_ua902.010-2.1_47 25 nam_ua902.010-2.1_47 Flight #58 Data, Albany Area, DI Seeding Pattern, 1948 December 22
nam_ua902.010-2.1_48 26 nam_ua902.010-2.1_48 Flight #59 Data, West of Coxsackie, DI Seeding Pattern, 1949 January 14
nam_ua902.010-2.1_49 27 nam_ua902.010-2.1_49 Flight #60 Data and Photos, Puerto Rico, Survey, 1949 February 04
nam_ua902.010-2.1_50 28 nam_ua902.010-2.1_50 Flight #60 Photo Slides, 1949 February 04
nam_ua902.010-2.1_51 29 nam_ua902.010-2.1_51 Flight #61 Data, Puerto Rico, and Water Seeding, 1949 February 05
nam_ua902.010-2.1_52 30 nam_ua902.010-2.1_52 Flight #62 Data, Puerto Rico, Water Seeding, 1949 February 05
nam_ua902.010-2.1_53 31 nam_ua902.010-2.1_53 Flight #62 and #63 Photos, 1949 February 05, 1949 February 06
nam_ua902.010-2.1_54 32 nam_ua902.010-2.1_54 Flight #64 Data, Puerto Rico, Data Seeding, 1949 February 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_55 33 nam_ua902.010-2.1_55 Flight #64 Photo, 1949 February 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_56 34 nam_ua902.010-2.1_56 Flight #65 Data, Puerto Rico, Survey, 1949 February 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_57 35 nam_ua902.010-2.1_57 Flight #65 Photo, 1949 February 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_58 36 nam_ua902.010-2.1_58 Flight #64 or #65 Photos, 1949 February 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_59 37 nam_ua902.010-2.1_59 Flight #66 Data, Puerto Rico, Survey, 1949 February 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_60 38 nam_ua902.010-2.1_60 Flight #67 and #68 Data, Puerto Rico, 1949 February 11
nam_ua902.010-2.1_61 39 nam_ua902.010-2.1_61 Flight #67 Photos, 1949 February 11
nam_ua902.010-2.1_62 40 nam_ua902.010-2.1_62 Flights #67-70 Photo Slides, 1949 February 11-1949 February 12
1A nam_ua902.010-2.1_63 nam_ua902.010-2.1_63 Flights #67 and #68 Charts- Puerto Rico, 1949 February 11
Box Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_64 41 nam_ua902.010-2.1_64 Flights #69 and #70 Data, Puerto Rico, Survey, 1949 February 12
nam_ua902.010-2.1_65 42 nam_ua902.010-2.1_65 Flight #69 Photos, 1949 February 12
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_66 nam_ua902.010-2.1_66 Flight #70 Data, 1949 February 12
Box Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_67 43 nam_ua902.010-2.1_67 Flight #71 Data, South of Lake Ontario, SI and DI Seeding-Pattern, 1949 March 03
nam_ua902.010-2.1_68 44 nam_ua902.010-2.1_68 Flight #72 Data, Sprakers, Temperature Soundings, 1949 March 04
nam_ua902.010-2.1_69 45 nam_ua902.010-2.1_69 Flight #73 Data and Photos, Albany, SI Seeding-Pattern, 1949 March 10
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_70 nam_ua902.010-2.1_70 Flight #73 Data, 1949 March 10
Box Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_71 46 nam_ua902.010-2.1_71 Flight #73 Photos, 1949 March 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_72 47 nam_ua902.010-2.1_72 Flight #74 Data, West of Syracuse, DI Seeding, 1949 March 15
nam_ua902.010-2.1_73 48 nam_ua902.010-2.1_73 Flight #78 Data, Albany Area, Testing Vortex Thermometer, 1949 March 25
nam_ua902.010-2.1_74 49 nam_ua902.010-2.1_74 Flight #79 Data, Schenectady, DI Pattern Seeding, 1949 March 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_75 50 nam_ua902.010-2.1_75 Flight #79 Photos, 1949 March 30
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_76 1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_76 Flight #80 Data, Albany Area, DI Pattern Seeding, 1949 March 31
nam_ua902.010-2.1_77 2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_77 Flight #82 Data, Schenectady, DI Seeding, 1949 April 8
nam_ua902.010-2.1_78 3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_78 Flight #83 Data, Schenectady, SI Pattern Seeding, 1949 April 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_79 4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_79 Flight #83 Photos, 1949 April 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_80 5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_80 Flight #85 Data and Photos, Schenectady, Instrument Testing, 1949 April 25
nam_ua902.010-2.1_81 6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_81 Flights #88 and #89, Schenectady and Ashokan Reservoir, DI Seeding and Instrument Testing, 1949 May 05
nam_ua902.010-2.1_82 7 nam_ua902.010-2.1_82 Flight #89 Photos, 1949 May 05
nam_ua902.010-2.1_83 8 nam_ua902.010-2.1_83 Flight #99 Data Ballston Spa, Salt Water Seeding, 1949 June 17
nam_ua902.010-2.1_84 9 nam_ua902.010-2.1_84 Flight #99 Photos, 1949 June 17
nam_ua902.010-2.1_85 10 nam_ua902.010-2.1_85 Flight #103 Albuquerque, DI Seeding, 1949 July 13
nam_ua902.010-2.1_86 11 nam_ua902.010-2.1_86 Flights #103-112, Data Progress Reports, 1949 September
nam_ua902.010-2.1_87 12 nam_ua902.010-2.1_87 Flight #104 Data and Photo, Albuquerque, DI and Liquid CO2 and Water Seeding, 1949 July 14
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_88 4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_88 Flight #105 Data: Vertical Cross-Section Forecast, United Nations Air Forces, 1950 July 15
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_89 13 nam_ua902.010-2.1_89 Flight #106 Data, Albuquerque, DI Seeding, 1949 July 16
nam_ua902.010-2.1_90 14-15 nam_ua902.010-2.1_90 Flight #106 Photos, 1949 July 16
nam_ua902.010-2.1_91 16 nam_ua902.010-2.1_91 Flight #107 Data, Albuquerque DI and SI Seeding, 1949 July 18
1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_92 nam_ua902.010-2.1_92 Flight #107 Upper Section True Air Plot, 1949 July 18
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_93 17 nam_ua902.010-2.1_93 Flight #108 Data, Albuquerque, DI Seeding, 1949 July 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_94 18 nam_ua902.010-2.1_94 Flight #108 Photos and Negatives, 1949 July 19
nam_ua902.010-2.1_95 19 nam_ua902.010-2.1_95 Flight #109 Data, Albuquerque, SI Ground and DI Air Seeding, 1949 July 20
nam_ua902.010-2.1_96 20 nam_ua902.010-2.1_96 Flight #109 Photos, 1949 July 20
nam_ua902.010-2.1_97 21 nam_ua902.010-2.1_97 Flight #109 and #110 Photo Slides, 1949 July 20-1949 July 21
nam_ua902.010-2.1_98 22-23 nam_ua902.010-2.1_98 Flight #110 Data, Albuquerque, SI Ground and DI Air Seeding, 1949 July 21
nam_ua902.010-2.1_99 24 nam_ua902.010-2.1_99 Flight #110 Photos and Slides, 1949 July 21
nam_ua902.010-2.1_100 25 nam_ua902.010-2.1_100 Flight #110 Photos, 1949 July 21
1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_101 nam_ua902.010-2.1_101 Flight #110 Upper Section True Air Plot, 1949 July 21
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_102 26 nam_ua902.010-2.1_102 Flight #111 Data, Albuquerque, SI Ground and DI Air Seeding, 1949 July 22
nam_ua902.010-2.1_103 27 nam_ua902.010-2.1_103 Flight #112 Data, Albuquerque, SI Ground and DI Air Seeding, 1949 July 23
nam_ua902.010-2.1_104 28 nam_ua902.010-2.1_104 Flight #113 Photos, Schoharie Valley, Observing Ground Seeding, 1949 August 24
nam_ua902.010-2.1_105 29 nam_ua902.010-2.1_105 Flight #121 Photos, East of Schenectady, DI Seeding; Ground Operation #17, 1949 September 28
nam_ua902.010-2.1_106 30 nam_ua902.010-2.1_106 Flight #126 Data, Albany, Observation, 1949 October 24
nam_ua902.010-2.1_107 31 nam_ua902.010-2.1_107 Flight #126 Photos, 1949 October 24
nam_ua902.010-2.1_108 32 nam_ua902.010-2.1_108 Flight #128 Data, Schenectady, Observation -GO- 39, 1949 November 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_109 33 nam_ua902.010-2.1_109 Flight #133 Data, Schenectady/Indianapolis, Instrument Test and Weather Observation, 1949 November 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_110 34 nam_ua902.010-2.1_110 Flight #134 Data Indianapolis/Schenectady, Instrument Test -GO-47-48, 1949 December 01
nam_ua902.010-2.1_111 35 nam_ua902.010-2.1_111 Flight #136 Data and Photos, Schenectady, Snow Replicas and Vortex Thermometer -GO-55, 1949 December 15
nam_ua902.010-2.1_112 36 nam_ua902.010-2.1_112 Flight #137 Data, Cape Cod, DI Seeding with MIT, 1949 December 16
nam_ua902.010-2.1_113 37 nam_ua902.010-2.1_113 Flight #137 Photos, 1949 December 16
nam_ua902.010-2.1_114 38 nam_ua902.010-2.1_114 Flight #138 Data, Mount Washington, SI Detection -GO-63, 1950 January 04
nam_ua902.010-2.1_115 39 nam_ua902.010-2.1_115 Flight #138 Photos, 1960 January 04
nam_ua902.010-2.1_116 40 nam_ua902.010-2.1_116 Flight #139 Data, Schenectady/ Mount Washington, Instrument Check and DI Seeding, 1950 January 20
nam_ua902.010-2.1_117 41 nam_ua902.010-2.1_117 Flight #139 Photos, 1950 January 20
nam_ua902.010-2.1_118 42 nam_ua902.010-2.1_118 Flight #140 Data and Photos, Schenectady, Snow Replicas; GO-71, 1950 January 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_119 43 nam_ua902.010-2.1_119 Flight #140 Photos, 1950 January 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_120 44 nam_ua902.010-2.1_120 Flight #142 Data, Schenectady, DI Clear-Air Seeding, 1950 February 03
nam_ua902.010-2.1_121 45 nam_ua902.010-2.1_121 Flight # 142 Photos, 1950 February 3
nam_ua902.010-2.1_122 46 nam_ua902.010-2.1_122 Flight #143 Data, Schenectady, Snow Replicas/Vortex Thermometer, 1950 February 06
nam_ua902.010-2.1_123 47 nam_ua902.010-2.1_123 Flight #143 Photos, 1950 February 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_124 48 nam_ua902.010-2.1_124 Flight #144 Data, Schenectady, Photos/ Snow Replicas, 1950 February 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_125 49 nam_ua902.010-2.1_125 Flight #144 Photos, 1950 February 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_126 50 nam_ua902.010-2.1_126 Flight #146 Data, Schenectady, DI Seeding/ Snow Replicas, 1950 February 28
nam_ua902.010-2.1_127 51 nam_ua902.010-2.1_127 Flight #148 Data, Schenectady, Attempted Vapor Trails, 1950 March 03
nam_ua902.010-2.1_128 52 nam_ua902.010-2.1_128 Flight #150 Data, Schenectady, Snow Replicas, 2 Small Photos, 1950 March 20
nam_ua902.010-2.1_129 53 nam_ua902.010-2.1_129 Flight #151 Data, Schenectady/ Dayton, Weather Reconnaissance, 1950 March 21
nam_ua902.010-2.1_130 54 nam_ua902.010-2.1_130 Flight #151 Photos, 1950 March 21
nam_ua902.010-2.1_131 55 nam_ua902.010-2.1_131 Flight #152 Data, Dayton/Schenectady, Weather Reconnaissance, 1950 March 22
nam_ua902.010-2.1_132 56 nam_ua902.010-2.1_132 Flight #153 Data, Schenectady, Snow Replicas, 1950 April 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_133 57 nam_ua902.010-2.1_133 Flight #153 Photos, 1950 April 10
nam_ua902.010-2.1_134 58 nam_ua902.010-2.1_134 Flight #154 Data, Schenectady/ Amsterdam, Sow Replicas, 1950 April 12
nam_ua902.010-2.1_135 59 nam_ua902.010-2.1_135 Flight #154 Photos, 1950 April 12
nam_ua902.010-2.1_136 60 nam_ua902.010-2.1_136 Flight #155 Data, Schenectady, Observation, 1950 April 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_137 61 nam_ua902.010-2.1_137 Flight #155 and #156 Photos, 1950 April 18, 1950 April 19
nam_ua902.010-2.1_138 62 nam_ua902.010-2.1_138 Flight #157 Data, Schenectady/ Boston/ Bangor, etc., SI Seeding, 1950 April 25-1950 April 26
4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_139 nam_ua902.010-2.1_139 Flight #157 Surface Charts, 1950 April 26
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_140 63 nam_ua902.010-2.1_140 Flight #159 Data, Schenectady Area, DI Area, DI Clear-Air Seeding, 1950 May 23
nam_ua902.010-2.1_141 64 nam_ua902.010-2.1_141 Flight #159 Photos, 1950 May 23
nam_ua902.010-2.1_142 65 nam_ua902.010-2.1_142 Flight #160 Data, East Troy and Albany, DI Seeding, 1950 June 06
nam_ua902.010-2.1_143 66 nam_ua902.010-2.1_143 Flight #160 Photos, 1950 June 06
nam_ua902.010-2.1_144 67 nam_ua902.010-2.1_144 Flight #162 Data, Albuquerque, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1950 June 26
nam_ua902.010-2.1_145 68 nam_ua902.010-2.1_145 Flight #163/164 Data, Albuquerque, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1950 June 27
nam_ua902.010-2.1_146 69 nam_ua902.010-2.1_146 Flights #163-170 Summary- Draft Letter to Dr. Ference, 1950 July 07
nam_ua902.010-2.1_147 70 nam_ua902.010-2.1_147 Flight #165 Data, Albuquerque, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1950 June 28
nam_ua902.010-2.1_148 71 nam_ua902.010-2.1_148 Flight #166 Data, Albuquerque, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1950 June 29
5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_149 nam_ua902.010-2.1_149 Flight #166 Data, 1950 June 29
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_150 72 nam_ua902.010-2.1_150 Flight #167 Data, Albuquerque, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1950 June 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_151 73 nam_ua902.010-2.1_151 Flight #168 Data, Albuquerque, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1950 July 01
5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_152 nam_ua902.010-2.1_152 Flight #168 Data, 1950 July 01
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_153 74 nam_ua902.010-2.1_153 Flight #168 Photo Slides, Albuquerque, DI Cumulus Seeding, 1950 July 01
nam_ua902.010-2.1_154 75 nam_ua902.010-2.1_154 Flight #168 Photos, 1950 July 01
nam_ua902.010-2.1_155 76 nam_ua902.010-2.1_155 Flight #169 Data, Albuquerque, Tracing Ground SI and DI Seeding, 1950 July 05
5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_156 nam_ua902.010-2.1_156 Flight #169 Data, 1950 July 05
Box Folder
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_157 77 nam_ua902.010-2.1_157 Flight #170 Data, Albuquerque, Tracing Ground SI and DI Seeding, 1950 July
nam_ua902.010-2.1_158 78 nam_ua902.010-2.1_158 Flight #171 Data, Albuquerque, DI Seeding, 1950 July 07
nam_ua902.010-2.1_159 79-80 nam_ua902.010-2.1_159 Flight #172 Data, Albuquerque, SI and DI Seeding, 1950 July 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_160 81 nam_ua902.010-2.1_160 Flight #172 Photos, 1950 July 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_161 82 nam_ua902.010-2.1_161 Flight #172 Photos and Negatives, 1950 July 08
nam_ua902.010-2.1_162 83 nam_ua902.010-2.1_162 Flight #173 Data, Albuquerque/ Burbank, Gathering Weather Data, 1950 July 11
Box Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_163 1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_163 Flight #177 Data, Mount Washington, SI Seeding-Joint, 1951 February 15
nam_ua902.010-2.1_164 2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_164 Flight #178 Data, Schenectady, SI and DI Seeding, 1951 April 08-1951 April 09
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_165 5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_165 Flight Data Charts, 1947 September 11-1950 July 13
Box Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_166 3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_166 Flight Procedures, Including Gamma and Figure 4 Patterns, 1949 January 11, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_167 4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_167 Flights- Airspeed and Altimeter Corrections, Flight Calibration Data; Airplane 7746, 1948 September 26
nam_ua902.010-2.1_168 5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_168 Flights- Calculations by Langmuir, 1947 May 27
nam_ua902.010-2.1_169 6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_169 Flights- Catalogue of Data Collected by Operations Group, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_170 7 nam_ua902.010-2.1_170 Flights- Data Charts, Non-Flight Specific, 1948 August 15
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_171 nam_ua902.010-2.1_171 Flights: Hurricane Seeding, Test 1-1-1, Loran Special Air Navigation Chart, 1947 October 13
Box Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_172 8 nam_ua902.010-2.1_172 Flights- Local Flight #5667, 1950 April 19
nam_ua902.010-2.1_173 9 nam_ua902.010-2.1_173 Flights- Observational Flight #3, L-5, Schenectady, Balloon Soundings, 1948 December 14
nam_ua902.010-2.1_174 10 nam_ua902.010-2.1_174 Flights- Test Flight Photos, Schenectady, DE Seeding, 1947 March 07, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_175 11 nam_ua902.010-2.1_175 Flights- Test Flight, Schenectady, DE Seeding, 1947 April 07
nam_ua902.010-2.1_176 12 nam_ua902.010-2.1_176 Flights- Test Flight, Schenectady, Observation, 1948 January 22
nam_ua902.010-2.1_177 13 nam_ua902.010-2.1_177 Flights- Test Flight, Schenectady, Stereoscopic Camera Test, 1948 November 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_178 14 nam_ua902.010-2.1_178 Frost Studies- Notes and Correspondence, 1947-1948
nam_ua902.010-2.1_179 15 nam_ua902.010-2.1_179 General Research Notes: Charts, Graphs, Drawings and Observations, 1948, 1950, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_180 16 nam_ua902.010-2.1_180 General Summary-Project Cirrus Flights, 1948 December 09
nam_ua902.010-2.1_181 17 nam_ua902.010-2.1_181 Grand Canyon Photo Negatives- Project with Langmuir, 1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_182 18 nam_ua902.010-2.1_182 Ground Operation #2 Photos and Data, Schenectady County Airport, Cloud Photos, 1949 March 23
nam_ua902.010-2.1_183 19 nam_ua902.010-2.1_183 Ground Operation #4, Schenectady County Airport, Cloud Photos, 1949 June 06
nam_ua902.010-2.1_184 20 nam_ua902.010-2.1_184 Ground Operation #48 Photos and Data, Schenectady Airport, Time Lapse Movies, 1949 December 01
nam_ua902.010-2.1_185 21 nam_ua902.010-2.1_185 Ground Operation #68 Data, Schenectady Airport, Time Lapse Movies, 1950 January 16
nam_ua902.010-2.1_186 22 nam_ua902.010-2.1_186 Ground Operation #71 Photos, Schenectady Airport, Still Photos, Flight #140, 141, 1950 January 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_187 23 nam_ua902.010-2.1_187 Hurricane King Crew and Aircraft Photos, 1947, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_188 24 nam_ua902.010-2.1_188 Hurricane King Photo: Schaefer en Route to Seeding, 1947 October
nam_ua902.010-2.1_189 25 nam_ua902.010-2.1_189 Hurricane King Seeding Data and Photos, 1947 October 13, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_190 26 nam_ua902.010-2.1_190 Hurricane King Photo Slides, ca. 1947
nam_ua902.010-2.1_191 27 nam_ua902.010-2.1_191 Hurricane King Seeding, Test #1-1-1, 1947 October 13
nam_ua902.010-2.1_192 28 nam_ua902.010-2.1_192 Hurricane Research Charts and Graphs, 1946-1955
nam_ua902.010-2.1_193 29 nam_ua902.010-2.1_193 Ice Nuclei Concentrations at Mount Washington Observatory-Includes Photos, 1947-1952
nam_ua902.010-2.1_194 30 nam_ua902.010-2.1_194 Inadvertent Modification Proposal, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_195 31 nam_ua902.010-2.1_195 Instrument Checklists, 1949-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_196 32 nam_ua902.010-2.1_196 Langmuir, Irving- Cloud Seeding Results, 1950 August
nam_ua902.010-2.1_197 33 nam_ua902.010-2.1_197 Langmuir, Irving- Notebooks, 1949 July 06, 1949 July 15, 1949 July 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_198 34 nam_ua902.010-2.1_198 Langmuir, Irving- Notebook for Project Cirrus, 1952 January 24-1952 February 26
nam_ua902.010-2.1_199 35 nam_ua902.010-2.1_199 Log of Rainmaking Experiment, 1947 August 18
nam_ua902.010-2.1_200 36 nam_ua902.010-2.1_200 Maps and Notes, Project Cirrus Research Area, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_201 37 nam_ua902.010-2.1_201 Mount Washington, Correspondence and Data, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_202 38 nam_ua902.010-2.1_202 Project Cirrus: National Weather Improvement Association, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.1_203 39 nam_ua902.010-2.1_203 "NMIMT" Photo Negatives, Likely New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 1950 July
nam_ua902.010-2.1_204 40-42 nam_ua902.010-2.1_204 New Mexico School of Mines, 1949-1953
nam_ua902.010-2.1_205 43-45 nam_ua902.010-2.1_205 Nuclei and Precipitation Data, 1948-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_206 46 nam_ua902.010-2.1_206 Nuclei Data Sheets, 1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_207 47 nam_ua902.010-2.1_207 Nuclei Data Sheets, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_208 48 nam_ua902.010-2.1_208 Nuclei Data Sheets, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.1_209 49 nam_ua902.010-2.1_209 Operation Institution #16, 1949 December
nam_ua902.010-2.1_210 50 nam_ua902.010-2.1_210 Operation Red Data, 1947 October 29
4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_211 nam_ua902.010-2.1_211 Operation Red Data (Part of Mini Notebook Set), 1940s
3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_212 nam_ua902.010-2.1_212 Operation Red Navigational Track, ca. October 1947
Box Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_213 51 nam_ua902.010-2.1_213 Operation Red Photos, Plane #5560, 1947 October 29
nam_ua902.010-2.1_214 52 nam_ua902.010-2.1_214 Operation Red Photos, Plane 7746, 1947 October 29
Box Folder
5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_215 1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_215 Operation Red Photos, Plane 7746, 1947 October 30
nam_ua902.010-2.1_216 2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_216 Operations Summary and Justification of Project Cirrus, Incomplete, 1951 March 07
nam_ua902.010-2.1_217 3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_217 Ozone Research, 1950, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_218 4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_218 OTK Sprinkler, Guymon, OK, 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.1_219 5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_219 Personal Rosters, Organizational Chart, 1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_220 6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_220 Photo Negatives, Project Cirrus General, 1949 July, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_221 7 nam_ua902.010-2.1_221 Photo Negatives: Replicas from B-24, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_222 8 nam_ua902.010-2.1_222 Photos: Aerial Views, Unidentified Flights and Cloud Formations, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_223 9 nam_ua902.010-2.1_223 Photos: Cloud Seeding, Unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_224 10 nam_ua902.010-2.1_224 Photos: Clouds and Cloud Seeding, Unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_225 11 nam_ua902.010-2.1_225 Photos: Gamma Seeding Pattern, Includes Letter from Wilding Picture Productions, 1953, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_226 12 nam_ua902.010-2.1_226 Photos: General- Aerial and Personnel, 1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_227 13 nam_ua902.010-2.1_227 Photos: Mount Washington, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_228 14 nam_ua902.010-2.1_228 Photos: Seeding Plane at Runway, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_229 15 nam_ua902.010-2.1_229 Precipitation Data, 1948-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_230 16 nam_ua902.010-2.1_230 Precipitation Deposits, 1947
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_231 6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_231 Precipitation Measurements- New Mexico, 1949 July 19
Box Folder
5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_232 17 nam_ua902.010-2.1_232 Precipitation Static: Cold Electrodes Used on Mount Washington, Photos, 1947 January 09
nam_ua902.010-2.1_233 18 nam_ua902.010-2.1_233 Precipitation Statistics, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.1_234 19 nam_ua902.010-2.1_234 Priest River Experimental Forest Station, 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.1_235 20 nam_ua902.010-2.1_235 Principles to Guide Cloud Seeding Activities, Draft, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_236 21 nam_ua902.010-2.1_236 Puerto Rico Cloud Seeding Operations- Cartoon of Plane and Crew by "B.B.", Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_237 22 nam_ua902.010-2.1_237 Racetrack Seeding Pattern, Photo, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_238 23 nam_ua902.010-2.1_238 Rainfall Correlation Coefficients, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_239 24 nam_ua902.010-2.1_239 Requirements for a Projectile Used in Cloud Seeding, 1948 January 20
Box Folder
6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_240 1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_240 Research Notebooks, Miniature, 1948-1949, 1952, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_241 2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_241 Seeded Cloud Photos, Aerial Views, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_242 3 nam_ua902.010-2.1_242 Seeded Cloud Photos: Gamma, Racetrack, and "L" Patterns, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_243 4 nam_ua902.010-2.1_243 Seeding Data from Regions around United States, 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.1_244 5 nam_ua902.010-2.1_244 Silver and Lead Iodide, 1948, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_245 6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_245 Silver Iodide Studies, Pacific Northwest, 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.1_246 7 nam_ua902.010-2.1_246 Small Notebook, Names, Plans, Observations, 1947
nam_ua902.010-2.1_247 8 nam_ua902.010-2.1_247 Snow Crystal Growth, 1949-1952
2 nam_ua902.010-2.1_248 nam_ua902.010-2.1_248 Snow Replica Slides, 1955-1957
Box Folder
6 nam_ua902.010-2.1_249 9 nam_ua902.010-2.1_249 Snowmaking Machine Blueprint, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_250 10 nam_ua902.010-2.1_250 Snowstorm in Colorado, Data, 1948 January 22-1948 January 27
nam_ua902.010-2.1_251 11 nam_ua902.010-2.1_251 Sublimation Nuclei, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_252 12 nam_ua902.010-2.1_252 Sublimation Nuclei Operations, Silver Iodide Testing at the New Mexico School of Mines, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_253 13 nam_ua902.010-2.1_253 Sublimation Nuclei Operations, Silver Iodide Testing at the New Mexico School of Mines, 1950-1951
nam_ua902.010-2.1_254 14 nam_ua902.010-2.1_254 Sublimation Nuclei Studies, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.1_255 15 nam_ua902.010-2.1_255 Supercooled Clouds, Seeding with Dry Ice, 1947
nam_ua902.010-2.1_256 16 nam_ua902.010-2.1_256 Types of Frozen Precipitation, Chart, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.1_257 17 nam_ua902.010-2.1_257 Unnumbered Flights, New York and Rhode Island, 1950 January 31
nam_ua902.010-2.1_258 18 nam_ua902.010-2.1_258 Untitled Discussion of Laboratory and Field Research, ca. 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.1_259 19 nam_ua902.010-2.1_259 Weather Maps of the United States, 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.1_260 20 nam_ua902.010-2.1_260 Weather Maps of the United States, 1950
1 nam_ua902.010-2.1_261 nam_ua902.010-2.1_261 Weather Plotting Charts, 1950 July
nam_ua902.010-2.2 Subseries 2.2: Subject Files, 1943-1953, 1981, Undated
Arranged alphabetically
The subject files feature documents and photographs directly related to Project Cirrus, but not to specific flights. Photos include equipment, precipitation, general cloud photos, and Schaefer appearing at functions during the Cirrus years. Researchers will also find some data on cloud seeding endeavors elsewhere, such as California and Sydney, Australia. Correspondence files do exist within this subseries, but researchers might also want to consult the correspondence files in Series #1 for the years 1947 to 1952 as it is likely that Schaefer kept Cirrus letters with his other General Electric correspondence. Other documents include news clippings, bulletins from meteorological conferences, and weather radar reports from MIT.
One highlight of the subject files is the material on Project Blowdown. Unlike Hurricane King and Operation Red, which were direct offshoots of Project Cirrus, Project Blowdown was a side project of Irving Langmuir’s in which he was advisor to Joe Silverthorne, a commercial seeder acting on behalf of the United Fruit Company. But their methods were those being used at the same time in the Project Cirrus operations. Project Blowdown dealt with intense storms that would destroy stands of fruit trees in Honduras.
Box Folder
7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_1 1 nam_ua902.010-2.2_1 Addresses Delivered by Dr. Vincent Schaefer, Dr. Harry Wexler, and Dr. Irving P. Krick Before The Great Plains Agricultural Council, 1951 August 03
nam_ua902.010-2.2_2 2 nam_ua902.010-2.2_2 Administrative Correspondence and Reports, 1946-1948
nam_ua902.010-2.2_3 3 nam_ua902.010-2.2_3 Administrative Correspondence and Reports, 1949-1952
nam_ua902.010-2.2_4 4 nam_ua902.010-2.2_4 American Meteorological Society: 91st National Meeting Program, 1946
nam_ua902.010-2.2_5 5 nam_ua902.010-2.2_5 Analysis, Methods of Telegram, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_6 6 nam_ua902.010-2.2_6 "Artificial Stimulation of Precipitation" South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, 1948
3 nam_ua902.010-2.2_7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_7 Atmospheric Photos from Rocket Flights- Johns Hopkins University, 1948
Box Folder
7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_8 7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_8 Berkshire Eagle Account of Project Cirrus with Letter from G. Chapman to B. Vonnegut, 1981 January 20-1981 January 22
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.2_9 7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_9 "Can We Help It Rain?" B. Renshaw ofThe Prairie Farmer, 1948 May 08
Box Folder
7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_10 8 nam_ua902.010-2.2_10 "Characteristics of a Good Crystalizer", Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_11 9 nam_ua902.010-2.2_11 Christmas Poem, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_12 10 nam_ua902.010-2.2_12 Cloud Seeding Cartridges- Memorandum Report from Frankfort Arsenal's Pitman, Dunn Laboratory with Drawings, 1950 January
nam_ua902.010-2.2_13 11 nam_ua902.010-2.2_13 "Cloud Seeding in the Sierra Near Bishop, California", 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.2_14 12 nam_ua902.010-2.2_14 Cloud Seeding Reports in California, 1950 March
nam_ua902.010-2.2_15 13 nam_ua902.010-2.2_15 Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization Radio- Meteorological Program, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_16 14 nam_ua902.010-2.2_16 Congressional Cloud Nucleation Committee Bill, Representative Thomas H. Werdel, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_17 15 nam_ua902.010-2.2_17 Correspondence: Alexander, Jerome, 1949
nam_ua902.010-2.2_18 16 nam_ua902.010-2.2_18 Correspondence: Cloud Seeding / De-Icing, 1950-1953
nam_ua902.010-2.2_19 17 nam_ua902.010-2.2_19 Correspondence: Dry Ice Exposure Device, 1948 May 13
nam_ua902.010-2.2_20 18 nam_ua902.010-2.2_20 Correspondence: General, 1947-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.2_21 19 nam_ua902.010-2.2_21 Correspondence: General, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_22 20 nam_ua902.010-2.2_22 Correspondence: General, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_23 21 nam_ua902.010-2.2_23 Correspondence: General, 1952-1954, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_24 22 nam_ua902.010-2.2_24 Correspondence: Hurricanes and Dry-Icing, 1951 September 11
nam_ua902.010-2.2_25 23 nam_ua902.010-2.2_25 Correspondence: Maynard Kiah- Note on Cloud and Airplane Difficulties, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_26 24 nam_ua902.010-2.2_26 Correspondence: Rainmaking Logs- Illinois, 1947
nam_ua902.010-2.2_27 25 nam_ua902.010-2.2_27 Correspondence: Receipts for Photos and Data, 1949-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_28 26 nam_ua902.010-2.2_28 Correspondence: Smith, Robert B., 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_29 27 nam_ua902.010-2.2_29 Correspondence: Statistical Methods, I. Langmuir letter to W. Reichelderfer, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_30 28 nam_ua902.010-2.2_30 Correspondence: with Additional Materials Regarding the Beginning of Project Cirrus, 1946
nam_ua902.010-2.2_31 29 nam_ua902.010-2.2_31 Department of the Army, Permission to Travel via Special Mission Aircraft, Rainmaking in the Caribbean, 1947 October 05
nam_ua902.010-2.2_32 30 nam_ua902.010-2.2_32 "Every Cloud has a Silver Lawsuit," N.R. Jaffray, Poem in Saturday Evening Post, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_33 31 nam_ua902.010-2.2_33 Experimental Meteorology Text, Galleys, ca.1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_34 32 nam_ua902.010-2.2_34 Flood Control in the Midwest, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_35 33 nam_ua902.010-2.2_35 French Language Articles, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_36 34 nam_ua902.010-2.2_36 Government Regulation of Cloud Seeding, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_37 35 nam_ua902.010-2.2_37 Grand River Valley Weather Improvement Association, Preliminary Report #3 on Cloud Seeding Activities, Lemmon, S.D., 1953 July 25
nam_ua902.010-2.2_38 36 nam_ua902.010-2.2_38 Hawaii, Geophysical Research, 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.2_39 37 nam_ua902.010-2.2_39 IGE News, 1951 January 30
nam_ua902.010-2.2_40 38 nam_ua902.010-2.2_40 Institute of Mathematical Statistics Meeting, 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.2_41 39 nam_ua902.010-2.2_41 Inventions by Schaefer, Drawings, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_42 40 nam_ua902.010-2.2_42 Inventory of 35 mm. Photopanel Film in the Custody of the Operations Group, 1950 January 10
nam_ua902.010-2.2_43 41 nam_ua902.010-2.2_43 Item #5 of Minutes of Seventh Regular Meeting of Project Cirrus Technical Committee, 1948 January 16
nam_ua902.010-2.2_44 42 nam_ua902.010-2.2_44 Joint Meeting of Columbia River Basin Water Forecast Committee and Western Snow Conference, 1951 April 19-1951 April 20
nam_ua902.010-2.2_45 43 nam_ua902.010-2.2_45 Joint Research/ Operations Group Meetings, 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.2_46 44 nam_ua902.010-2.2_46 Kansas-Missouri Flood: Letters to F.W. Reicheldefer and V.J. Schaefer from Senator Francis Case, 1951 August 03
nam_ua902.010-2.2_47 45 nam_ua902.010-2.2_47 Kansas- Missouri Flood: Statement Prepared for Senator James P. Kem by Schaefer, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_48 46 nam_ua902.010-2.2_48 Langmuir, IrvingTime Article, 1950 August 28
nam_ua902.010-2.2_49 47 nam_ua902.010-2.2_49 Magazine Articles, 1943-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_50 48 nam_ua902.010-2.2_50 Maps, "The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway System", 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.2_51 49 nam_ua902.010-2.2_51 Memo: Invitational Travel Orders, Puerto Rico, 1949 January 25
nam_ua902.010-2.2_52 50 nam_ua902.010-2.2_52 Memo: Time Irregularities Posted on Pictures from July 22, 1949, 1949 July 22, 1950 January 31
nam_ua902.010-2.2_53 51 nam_ua902.010-2.2_53 National Weather Improvement Association, News Releases, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_54 52 nam_ua902.010-2.2_54 New Foundland, Artificially Induced precipitation, 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.2_55 53 nam_ua902.010-2.2_55 Weather Data for New Mexico, Fourth New Mexico Operation, 1950 June-1950 July
nam_ua902.010-2.2_56 54 nam_ua902.010-2.2_56 Newspaper Clippings, 1946-1954, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_57 55 nam_ua902.010-2.2_57 Newspaper Clippings, 1948-1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_58 56 nam_ua902.010-2.2_58 Newspaper Clippings from Sweden, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_59 57 nam_ua902.010-2.2_59 Nucleation Symposium, 1951 December 27-1951 December 28
nam_ua902.010-2.2_60 58 nam_ua902.010-2.2_60 "The Occurrence of Ice-Crystal Nuclei in the Free Atmosphere" Galley, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_61 59 nam_ua902.010-2.2_61 "Operation Snowflake" Engineering Report No. 1032, The Development of Snow Manufacturing Techniques by Use of Climactic Test Cold Rooms, 1949 January 31
nam_ua902.010-2.2_62 60 nam_ua902.010-2.2_62 Pathfinder Magazine and Letter, 1950 March 22
nam_ua902.010-2.2_63 61 nam_ua902.010-2.2_63 Photo: AAF, Wright Field- Ohio, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_64 62 nam_ua902.010-2.2_64 Photo: Alto Cumulus Bellows, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_65 63 nam_ua902.010-2.2_65 Photo: Cirrus Clouds, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_66 64 nam_ua902.010-2.2_66 Photo: Cloud Seeding Effects, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_67 65 nam_ua902.010-2.2_67 Photo: Clouds as Seen from Space, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_68 66 nam_ua902.010-2.2_68 Photo: Cumulus Clouds, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_69 67 nam_ua902.010-2.2_69 Photo: Hurricane King Reconnaissance- Weather Briefing, 1947 October
nam_ua902.010-2.2_70 68 nam_ua902.010-2.2_70 Photo: Mixed Cloud Types, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_71 69 nam_ua902.010-2.2_71 Photo: Mountain Summit, Unidentified, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_72 70 nam_ua902.010-2.2_72 Photo: Racetrack Pattern, With Graph Showing Gamma and Racetrack Patterns, 1948 November 24, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_73 71 nam_ua902.010-2.2_73 Photo: Schaefer and Langmuir with Unidentified Associates, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_74 72 nam_ua902.010-2.2_74 Photo: Seeding Trail Produced by B-17 Airplane, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_75 73 nam_ua902.010-2.2_75 Photo: Schaefer with Agricultural Scientists, ca. 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_76 74 nam_ua902.010-2.2_76 Photo Negatives: Cloud Beds, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_77 75 nam_ua902.010-2.2_77 Photo Negatives: Cloud Seeding, 1950 July 01, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_78 76 nam_ua902.010-2.2_78 Photo Negatives: Snow Crystal Replicas, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_79 77 nam_ua902.010-2.2_79 Photos and Negatives: Cloud Seeding- Sydney, Australia, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_80 78 nam_ua902.010-2.2_80 Photo Negatives: Clouds and Precipitation, 1948-1952
nam_ua902.010-2.2_81 79 nam_ua902.010-2.2_81 Photo Slides, Socorro, New Mexico, 1949 July, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_82 80 nam_ua902.010-2.2_82 Photos: California, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_83 81 nam_ua902.010-2.2_83 Photos: Equipment, 1948, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_84 82 nam_ua902.010-2.2_84 Photos: Precipitation, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_85 83 nam_ua902.010-2.2_85 Photos: Puerto Rico, 1948, 1949 February 10
nam_ua902.010-2.2_86 84 nam_ua902.010-2.2_86 Photos: Unidentified Clouds and Snowflakes, Some Labeled with Army Signal Corps Stamp, 1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_87 85 nam_ua902.010-2.2_87 Press Release: Cloud Seeding With Dry Ice and Silver Iodide, 1950 October 12
Box Folder
8 nam_ua902.010-2.2_88 1 nam_ua902.010-2.2_88 Press Release: Discontinuation of Cloud Physics Research at Clinton County Air Force Base, 1949 August 04
nam_ua902.010-2.2_89 2 nam_ua902.010-2.2_89 Press Release: Experimental Meteorology, 1949 August
nam_ua902.010-2.2_90 3 nam_ua902.010-2.2_90 Press Release with Text, Photocopied, 1949, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_91 4 nam_ua902.010-2.2_91 Presentation on Project Cirrus, Includes Illustrations of Uncertain Relationship to Text, ca. 1949
nam_ua902.010-2.2_92 5 nam_ua902.010-2.2_92 Press Releases from General Electric, 1949
nam_ua902.010-2.2_93 6 nam_ua902.010-2.2_93 Project Blowdown, 1948 November-1948 December
nam_ua902.010-2.2_94 7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_94 Project Blowdown, 1949 March
nam_ua902.010-2.2_95 8 nam_ua902.010-2.2_95 Project Blowdown, 1949 April-1949 May
nam_ua902.010-2.2_96 9 nam_ua902.010-2.2_96 Project Blowdown, 1949 July
nam_ua902.010-2.2_97 10 nam_ua902.010-2.2_97 Project Blowdown- Camayagua River Gauge Readings, 1949-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_98 11 nam_ua902.010-2.2_98 Project Blowdown- Correspondence, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.2_99 12 nam_ua902.010-2.2_99 Project Blowdown- Experimental Flights, 1949 August
nam_ua902.010-2.2_100 13 nam_ua902.010-2.2_100 Project Blowdown- Experimental Flights, 1949 September
nam_ua902.010-2.2_101 14 nam_ua902.010-2.2_101 Project Blowdown- Ground Observations, 1949 August
nam_ua902.010-2.2_102 15 nam_ua902.010-2.2_102 Project Blowdown- Ground Observations, 1949 September
nam_ua902.010-2.2_103 16 nam_ua902.010-2.2_103 Project Blowdown, Map of Lake Yojoa Area, 1949 January 05
nam_ua902.010-2.2_104 17 nam_ua902.010-2.2_104 Project Blowdown- Photo Slides of Honduras Experiment, 1949 April 18, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_105 18 nam_ua902.010-2.2_105 Project Blowdown- Pseudo-Adiabatic Diagrams, 1949 May
Box Folder
9 nam_ua902.010-2.2_106 1 nam_ua902.010-2.2_106 Project Blowdown- Pseudo- Adiabatic Diagrams, 1949 June
nam_ua902.010-2.2_107 2 nam_ua902.010-2.2_107 Project Blowdown- Pseudo- Adiabatic Diagrams, 1949 August
nam_ua902.010-2.2_108 3 nam_ua902.010-2.2_108 Radio Broadcast on Cloud Seeding, John Vandercook, 1947
nam_ua902.010-2.2_109 4 nam_ua902.010-2.2_109 Radiometer Data from Caltech, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_110 5 nam_ua902.010-2.2_110 RDB Weathers Control Briefing- Persons Attending, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_111 6 nam_ua902.010-2.2_111 Saskatchewan Farmers, Resolution, 1947
nam_ua902.010-2.2_112 7 nam_ua902.010-2.2_112 Science Service Press Release: Rainmaking Project Stops After Five Years", 1952 February 11
nam_ua902.010-2.2_113 8 nam_ua902.010-2.2_113 Signal Corps- ORC Training Bulletin, 1950 June
nam_ua902.010-2.2_114 9 nam_ua902.010-2.2_114 Snow Research Press Conference: Letters and Photos, 1947
nam_ua902.010-2.2_115 10 nam_ua902.010-2.2_115 Speech Given to New York Railroad Club by Schaefer, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_116 11 nam_ua902.010-2.2_116 Speech on Background of Project Cirrus, Audience Unknown, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_117 12 nam_ua902.010-2.2_117 Statements to Press by Schaefer, 1948-1949
nam_ua902.010-2.2_118 13 nam_ua902.010-2.2_118 Swiss Meteorological Office, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_119 14 nam_ua902.010-2.2_119 Technical Notes- Meteorological Conference at G.E. Company, 1946 December 12
nam_ua902.010-2.2_120 15 nam_ua902.010-2.2_120 Technical Steering Committee, 1947-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_121 16 nam_ua902.010-2.2_121 United Nations, Outline of Paper, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_ua902.010-2.2_122 4 nam_ua902.010-2.2_122 United States Government Organizational Structure for Meteorology (Chart), 1949 April 01
Box Folder
9 nam_ua902.010-2.2_123 17 nam_ua902.010-2.2_123 University of Stockholm Institute of Meteorology- Schedule for Schaefer, 1952
nam_ua902.010-2.2_124 18 nam_ua902.010-2.2_124 Water Shortages in the West, 1949
nam_ua902.010-2.2_125 19 nam_ua902.010-2.2_125 Weather Bureau Precipitation Stations in New Mexico, Undated
nam_ua902.010-2.2_126 20 nam_ua902.010-2.2_126 Weather Corporation of America- Cloud Seeding Public Relations, 1953 February
nam_ua902.010-2.2_127 21 nam_ua902.010-2.2_127 Weather Diagrams, 1951
nam_ua902.010-2.2_128 22 nam_ua902.010-2.2_128 Weather Radar Research Progress Report, MIT, No. 8, 1947 August 14-1947 November 14
nam_ua902.010-2.2_129 23 nam_ua902.010-2.2_129 Weather Radar Research Progress Report, MIT, No. 17, 1947 November 15-1950 February 14
nam_ua902.010-2.2_130 24 nam_ua902.010-2.2_130 Weather Radar Research Progress Report, MIT, No. 18, 1950 February 15-1950 May 15
nam_ua902.010-2.2_131 25 nam_ua902.010-2.2_131 Weather Radar Research Progress Report, MIT, No. 19, 1950 May 15-1950 August 14
nam_ua902.010-2.2_132 26 nam_ua902.010-2.2_132 Weather Radar Research Technical Report, MIT, No. 9 Part B, 1950
nam_ua902.010-2.2_133 27 nam_ua902.010-2.2_133 Weather Radar Research Final Report, MIT, 1951 February 28
nam_ua902.010-2.2_134 28 nam_ua902.010-2.2_134 Weather Station Map, United States, Undated
Oversized Folder
2 nam_ua902.010-2.2_135 8 nam_ua902.010-2.2_135 "Weather Under Control,"Fortune by Time, Inc., 1948 February
nam_ua902.010-2.3 Subseries 2.3: Reports & Publications, 1946-1954, Undated
Arranged chronologically
These are the articles and reports dealing specifically with Project Cirrus-related matters. Some are direct reports to the government regarding progress made while others were published in research journals for purposes of letting the outside world know what the Cirrus team was accomplishing. The subseries includes some drafts as well as the finished products. Researchers might find General Electric’s “Project Cirrus: The Story of Cloud Seeding” (Nov. 1952) and Barrington Havens’ “History of Project Cirrus” (1952) to be particularly useful summaries.
As noted in Series #1, Subseries #7, it was not always immediately clear to the archivist if a specific publication should be categorized as Project Cirrus or not. In those cases, the archivist looked for dates, credits or acknowledgements to the U.S. military, or footnotes regarding military contract numbers, to decide where the article or report should be filed. Schaefer spent 50% of his work hours on Project Cirrus so the fact that a document falls in the Cirrus date range does not automatically mean that it was a product of that pursuit.
Special note: Occasional Report #23 is dated before #22, and the same situation is true for Occasional Reports #8 and #9. The archivist has left them in numeric order despite the reversed dates.
Box Folder
10 nam_ua902.010-2.3_1 1 nam_ua902.010-2.3_1 "Development of Hypsometer Method of Atmospheric Pressure Measurement- First Monthly Progress Report" by GE for US Signal Corps, 1946 November
nam_ua902.010-2.3_2 2 nam_ua902.010-2.3_2 "The Nucleation of Ice Formation by Silver Iodide" B. Vonnegut, 1943 March
nam_ua902.010-2.3_3 3 nam_ua902.010-2.3_3 "Snow and Clouds in the Sky" V.J. Schaefer, Manuscript, 1947 April 09
nam_ua902.010-2.3_4 4 nam_ua902.010-2.3_4 "Basic Meteorological Factors Which Must Be Considered in the Production of Snow or Rain in the Natural Atmosphere by Artificial Seeding Methods" V.J. Schaefer, Manuscript, 1947 April 21
nam_ua902.010-2.3_5 5 nam_ua902.010-2.3_5 "Summary Results Thus Far Obtained in Artificial Nucleation of Clouds" I. Langmuir, 1947 April 23
nam_ua902.010-2.3_6 6 nam_ua902.010-2.3_6 Mount Washington Observatory Bulletin- "Environmental Studies of Snow and Supercooled Clouds on Mount Washington" V.J. Schaefer, 1947 June
nam_ua902.010-2.3_7 7 nam_ua902.010-2.3_7 "First Quarterly Progress Report: Meteorological Research", 1947 July 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_8 8 nam_ua902.010-2.3_8 "Properties of Particles of Snow and the Electrical Effects They Produce in Storms" V.J. Schaefer, 1947 August
nam_ua902.010-2.3_9 9 nam_ua902.010-2.3_9 "Hurricane Seeding Test", 1947 September
nam_ua902.010-2.3_10 10 nam_ua902.010-2.3_10 Hurricane Study Preliminary Report and Diagrams, 1947 October 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_11 11 nam_ua902.010-2.3_11 "Heat Requirements for Instruments and Airfoils During Icing Storms on Mount Washington" V.J. Schaefer, 1947 November
nam_ua902.010-2.3_12 12 nam_ua902.010-2.3_12 "Methods of Dissipating Supercooled Clouds in the Natural Atmosphere" V.J. Schaefer, 1947 September-1947 December
nam_ua902.010-2.3_13 13 nam_ua902.010-2.3_13 The Natural and Artificial Formation of Snow in the Atmosphere, V.J. Schaefer, with Manuscript, 1947-1948
nam_ua902.010-2.3_14 14 nam_ua902.010-2.3_14 Quarterly Progress Reports 1-5, 1947-1948
nam_ua902.010-2.3_15 15 nam_ua902.010-2.3_15 "Experiments with Cloudy Skies," V.J. Schaefer, 1948 February
nam_ua902.010-2.3_16 16 nam_ua902.010-2.3_16 "The Story of Man-made Weather," in American Fruit Grower V.J. Schaefer, 1948 March
nam_ua902.010-2.3_17 17 nam_ua902.010-2.3_17 Occasional Report #1 "The Production of Rain by a Chain Reaction in Cumulus Clouds at Temperatures Above Freezing," Langmuir, 1948 April 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_18 18 nam_ua902.010-2.3_18 Occasional Report #2 "A New Plane Model Cloud Meter," Falconer and Schaefer, 1948 May 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_19 19 nam_ua902.010-2.3_19 Occasional Report #3 "Some Experiments on the Freezing of Water," Smith-Johannsen, 1948 June 01
nam_ua902.010-2.3_20 20 nam_ua902.010-2.3_20 Occasional Report #4 "Smoke from Smelting Operations as a Possible Source of Silver Iodide Nuclei," Falconer and Vonnegut, 1948 July 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_21 21 nam_ua902.010-2.3_21 "The Story of Man-made Weather," V.J. Schaefer, 1948 Summer
nam_ua902.010-2.3_22 22 nam_ua902.010-2.3_22 Occasional Report #5 "I Production of ice Crystals by the Adiabatic Expansion of Gas; Nucleation of Supercooled Clouds by Silver Iodide Smokes; III Influence of Butyl Alcohol on Shape of Snow Crystals Formed the Laboratory," B. Vonnegut, 1948 September 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_23 23 nam_ua902.010-2.3_23 Occasional Report #6 "Variation of Temperature of Nucleation Rate of Supercooled Liquid Tin and Water Drops," B. Vonnegut, 1948 October 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_24 24 nam_ua902.010-2.3_24 Occasional Report #7 "Observations on the Behavior of Water Drops at a Terminal Velocity in Air," Blanchard, 1948 November 01
nam_ua902.010-2.3_25 25 nam_ua902.010-2.3_25 "Larger Scale Seeding of Stratus and Cumulus Cloud with Dry Ice," I. Langmuir, 1948 December 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_26 26 nam_ua902.010-2.3_26 "Methods and Techniques for the Study of Atmospheric Nuclei Clouds and Precipitation" -Abstract, 1948 December 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_27 27 nam_ua902.010-2.3_27 "Methods and Techniques for the Study of Atmospheric Nuclei Clouds and Precipitation," V.J. Schaefer, Manuscript, 1948 December 15
nam_ua902.010-2.3_28 28 nam_ua902.010-2.3_28 Introduction and Occasional Reports 1-10, 1948 December 31
nam_ua902.010-2.3_29 29 nam_ua902.010-2.3_29 Final Report Part II, 1948 December 31
nam_ua902.010-2.3_30 30 nam_ua902.010-2.3_30 "First Trials of the Schaefer- Langmuir Dry-Ice Cloud Seeding Technique in Hawaii," L.B. Leopold and M.H. Halstead, 1948 December
nam_ua902.010-2.3_31 31 nam_ua902.010-2.3_31 "The Detection of Ice Nuclei in the Free Atmosphere," V.J. Schaefer, 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.3_32 32 nam_ua902.010-2.3_32 Faith Quarterly Progress Report, ca. 1948-1943
nam_ua902.010-2.3_33 33 nam_ua902.010-2.3_33 "The Growth of Particles in Smokes and Clouds and the Production of Snow from Supercooled Clouds," I. Langmuir, with Notes, 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.3_34 34 nam_ua902.010-2.3_34 "The Laboratory Cold Chamber for Simulation of Natural Clouds and the Reactions which Occur in Them," V.J. Schaefer, Manuscript, 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.3_35 35 nam_ua902.010-2.3_35 "The Production of Precipitation in the Atmosphere," V.J. Schaefer, Abstract for Symposium Talk, 1948
nam_ua902.010-2.3_36 36 nam_ua902.010-2.3_36 Proposed Work within Project Cirrus, 1948-1950
nam_ua902.010-2.3_37 37 nam_ua902.010-2.3_37 "A Hydrometeorological Analysis of Venezuelan Rainfall," R.D. Fletcher, 1949 January
nam_ua902.010-2.3_38 38 nam_ua902.010-2.3_38 Occasional Report #8 "A Method for Obtaining a Continuous Record of the Types of Clouds in the Sky During the Day," Falconer, 1949 March 01
nam_ua902.010-2.3_39 39 nam_ua902.010-2.3_39 Occasional Report #9 "Detection of Ice Nuclei in the Free Atmosphere," Schaefer, 1949 February 01
nam_ua902.010-2.3_40 40 nam_ua902.010-2.3_40 Occasional Report #11 "Possibility of Modifying Lightning Storms in the Northern Rockies," Schaefer, 1949 February 01
nam_ua902.010-2.3_41 41 nam_ua902.010-2.3_41 Occasional Report #12 "Report on Cloud Studies in Puerto Rico," Schaefer, 1949 April 01
nam_ua902.010-2.3_42 42 nam_ua902.010-2.3_42 "The Formation of Ice Crystals in the Laboratory and the Atmosphere," V.J. Schaefer, 1949 April