UAlbany Task Forces & Committees

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Collection is made up of materials about proposed improvements for the University's programs in the 1970s.

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This collection contains items from a committee created to oversee major budget decisions. Materials include meeting agendas, minutes, and university wide memos about the decisions made at these meetings.

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This collection is made up of memos and correspondence informing faculty on University policy. These were created by the Administrative Communications Groups who were responsible for disseminating information about meetings of the administration.

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Documents the University Commission for Affirmative Action, which "aimed to enhance the university's diversity among the student, staff, and faculty populations by developing structures and incentives that promoted gender, racial, ethnic,... equity among the university community".

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The Caucus on Women's Rights at SUNY was organized in Syracuse, New York in June 1970. Includes newsletters, position statements, and other records of the Caucus and the University of Albany chapter. The issues addressed by the Caucus included equal compensation and benefits, affirmative action, parental leave, health and retirement benefits, various student concerns, and parttime employment.

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Contains records of the committee in charge of nominating professors for the 1977 Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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The collection consists of inactive records from the University at Albany's Educational Communications Center.

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The Environmental Decisions Commission has developed a policy base for decisions on matters relating to the environmental health quality of the university. They have dealt with many environmental issues on campus including traffic control, composting, recycling paper and more.

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Collection is made up of materials related to the recommendations of changes for the University that came from a Task Force created by the president.

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Reports and memoranda from the commission established to determine the growth of SUNYA until the mid-1980s.

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In the early 1970s SUNY Albany sought to better utilize the space of the downtown campus, and improve the infrastructure overall. This collection is made up of materials created by a Task Force charged with taking on this burden.

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This collection is made up of materials created by a task force devoted to ensuring the university was in compliance with the Regionalization of the New York school system.

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