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Andrews, Charles Luther

Papers, 1936-1967

Professor of physics. Includes correspondence, biographical materials, offprints, and data notebooks on experiments on the absorption of x-rays. Andrews was a professor of physics at the University at Albany

1 cubic ft. (about 1 boxes)

This collection is made up of the papers of Arthur N. Applebee, Distinguished Professor of Education and founder of Center on English Learning And Achievement (CELA), covering his professional career in Albany.

4 cubic ft. (about 4 boxes)

Ballard, Allen B.

Papers, 1970-2015

This collection documents the career of Allen B. Ballard as Professor of Government at City College of New York (CUNY), and Professor of History and Africana Studies at the University at Albany, SUNY. During his time at CUNY, Ballard also served as Dean of the Faculty where he developed the SEEK program than later influenced both CUNY and SUNY equal opportunity programs.

8 cubic ft. (about 8 boxes)

This collection is made up of the professional papers of Kendall Birr, faculty member of the Department of History and author of <emph render="italic">A Tradition of Excellence: The Sesquicentennial History of the University at Albany, State University of New York 1844-1994</emph>.

4 cubic ft. (about 4 boxes)

The Duncan Blanchard papers document Blanchards career as a research associate at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and as a senior research associate at the State University of New York at Albany.

35.8 cubic ft. (about 35.8 boxes)

Burian, Jarka M.

Papers, 1956-1991

Contains materials, including programs, press announcements, press reviews, photographs, correspondence, and notes regarding various technical and production issues relating to the theatrical productions Burian was involved in between 1956 and 1991, as the director at the State University of New York at Albany (and its predecessor, the New York State College for Teachers) and the Arena Summer Theatre in Albany.

1.8 cubic ft. (about 1.8 boxes)

Cheng was a research associate at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center from 1966 to 1999.

3.0 cubic ft. (about 3.0 boxes)

This collection is made up of notebooks kept by Anna Cleveland Coggeshell during her time at the New York State College for Teachers at Albany.

0.33 cubic ft. (about 0.33 boxes)

The Roger T. Conant Papers document his friendship with fellow University at Albany graduate student Vicki Gekas.

0.2 cubic ft. (about 0.2 boxes)

Corbett, James

Papers, Undated

Personal Papers of Semiconductor Physicist James Corbett. Corbett worked at the General Electric Research Lab from 1955-1968 when he joined the faculty of SUNY Albany. He was married to English Professor M.E. Grenander.

51 cubic ft. (about 51 boxes)

Cutting was a folklorist, author, 1938 graduate of State College for Teachers, and a high school English teacher in Johnson City, New York.

1.0 cubic ft. (about 1.0 boxes)

The Maureen Didier, School of Social Welfare 25th Anniversary Oral History Collection contains interviews with students, graduates, faculty, administrators and other personnel of the School of Social Welfare at the University at Albany.

0.33 cubic ft. (about 0.33 boxes)

Personal Papers of East Asian Historian and UAlbany faculty member. Includes lecture notes and documentation of the East Asian and International programs, as well as Ellinwood's service on senate committees and Phi Beta Kappa.

2 cubic ft. (about 2 boxes)

The Raymond Falconer Papers document Falconer's work in the fields of atmospheric science and meteorology, as well as his time at the Atmospheric Science Research Center (ASRC).

96 cubic ft. (about 96 boxes)

The Martin Fausold Papers documents Fausold's involvement in in the Faculty Association of the State University of New York and his two-decade long Oral History of SUNY Project.

10.39 cubic ft. (about 10.39 boxes)

This collection is made up of notebooks kept by Marie Louise Fornachon while she was enrolled at the New York State Normal College at Albany.

0.33 cubic ft. (about 0.33 boxes)

This collection contains some administrative materials related to the running of the school, as well as information on class reunions, and copies of the yearbook Bricks and Ivy.

3.66 cubic ft. (about 3.66 boxes)

Frederick, Robert W.

Papers, 1927-1973

This collection contains the files on Robert W. Frederick's career as an education, with a focus on his lectures.

23 Reels

The Friends of the Libraries Records contain the day-to-day activities of this University at Albany organization comprised of faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.

5 cubic ft. (about 5 boxes)

Gibson, Walter

Papers, 1950-2000

Papers of Physics professor, includes research files and publications, Bell Labs materials, SUNY TAP records, and material from the Indonesia Project

21 cubic ft. (about 21 boxes)

Gould, Harold

Papers, 1940-2003

The collection includes a scrapbook from Gould's high school and State College years, stage files (1957-2006), personal documents, photographs, and audiovisual material.

10 cubic ft. (about 10 boxes)

Grenander, M.E.

Papers, 1951-1989

Includes correspondence, 1955-1989; course syllabi and lecture notes, 1951-1979; offprints, 1957-1981; and a diary of a sabbatical leave, 1954-1955. Grenander was a professor of English at the New York State College for Teachers and the University at Albany from 1948 to 1989. Grenander was a scholar of the American writer Ambrose Bierce and corresponded with John Crowe Ransom about New Criticism and other literary topics.

2.5 cubic ft. (about 2.5 boxes)

Hall, Kermit

Papers, ca. 1980-2006

Personal papers of former President Kermit Hall, who passed away suddenly in 2006.

45 cubic ft. (about 45 boxes)

Hopkins, Vivian C.

Papers, 1920-1978

Includes correspondence, biographical materials, and notes documenting her career as a professor of English at the New York State College for Teachers and the University at Albany, SUNY, 193870; research materials and notes about Emerson, 194560, and about Satanism in literature, 196973; drafts of her books Prodigal Puritan: Delia Bacon (1940) and The Mind of DeWitt Clinton, 1970; and business records of the Albany Gravel Company, 192070. Hopkins corresponded with the Japanese poet Naoshi Koriyama, who was her former student.

21.5 cubic ft. (about 21.5 boxes)

The papers of Lou Ismay document the history of the Environmental Forum at the University at Albany, SUNY, (State University of New York at Albany as it was then known) from 1969-1977, as well as the Environmental Studies Program. The collection contains information on the Environmental Forum, the Protect Your Environment Club, administrative files, student writings, subject files, correspondence, and publications. The student writings are from Ismay’s Environmental Forum classes from 1969-1977. This series is restricted from use, along with parts of the Environmental Forum and correspondence series. This course was held under different numbers during its existence, including A&amp;S 201 and Env.250a and b. The strength of the collection lies not in the educational departments that are represented by the collection, but by the overall impression one can gather about the rise of environmental awareness among students at the university. Access to certain student material is restricted. Consult a staff member for details.

29.14 cubic ft. (about 29.14 boxes)

The Louis C. Jones Papers consist primarily of the circular letters sent by Jones during World War II to former students of the State Teachers College and replies to these letters from service men and women. Jones was employed by the New York State College for Teachers, first as an Instructor (1934-42) and later as an Associate Professor of English (1942-46).

1 cubic ft. (about 1 boxes)

The collection contains material pertaining to Leonard Kastle, an American composer, pianist, film writer and director. Kastle also served as a Visiting Professor of Humanities and Fine Arts at the University at Albany in the 1980s.

18.52 cubic ft. (about 18.52 boxes)

Office papers of education and literacy scholar Judith Langer who directed the Center on English Learning and Achievement (CELA).

3 cubic ft. (about 3 boxes)

This collection is made up of photographs, negatives and prints taken by faculty member Tae Moon Lee of members of the university community and the university itself.

1.82 cubic ft. (about 1.82 boxes)

Faculty member in the School of Education. Includes teaching materials, research and writing materials, and curriculum development records from the School of Education.

11 cubic ft. (about 11 boxes)

Leidel, Donald

Papers, 1965-1976

Mainly consists of an artificial collection of news clippings, correspondence, flyers, and memos relating to student unrest at the University from 1969 to 1972. Also includes personal correspondence, 196972; materials concerning the first PhD degree granted by the University, 197476; course materials for Social Studies 1A and 1B; and dissertation proposals, 1965.

0.25 cubic ft. (about 0.25 boxes)

Mackiewicz, John

Papers, 1976-1986

Distinguished Teaching Professor; Mackiewicz worked with the University and SUNY Honors Programs.

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The Eugene McLaren Papers document his academic pursuits as well as research he conducted while on the faculty at the University at Albany.

7.8 cubic ft. (about 7.8 boxes)

Mochon, Donald

Collection, 1972-1977

Watercolor art done on memos by Donald Mochon, founding director of the SUNY Albany Art Museum.

0.3 cubic ft. (about 0.3 boxes)

Mohnen, Volker

Papers, 1966-2006

Volker Mohnen joined the faculty at the State University of New York at Albany in 1967 and later served as director of the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC) from 1975-1985. He later became a full professor in the Department of Atmospheric Science and currently is professor emeritus. This collection primarily documents his research activities and university duties from the late 1960s through the 1980s. It includes research materials, correspondence, newspaper clippings and files discussing professional activities such as meetings/conferences and testimonies.

1.5 cubic ft. (about 1.5 boxes)

Myren, Richard A.

Papers, 1952-1971

Correspondence, research data, and retained records of Richard A. Myren at the University of North Carolina, 195256; Indiana University, 195566; and as Dean of the School of Criminal Justice at Albany, 196674.

11 cubic ft. (about 11 boxes)

The Donald J. Newman Papers document the career of the Professor of Criminal Justice and Dean of the School of Criminal Justice (1977-1984) including correspondence, subject files, adminstrative records, evaluations of other universities and his criminal justice projects.

6.0 cubic ft. (about 6.0 boxes)

The Joseph L. Norton Papers include notes, correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, publications, and other materials documenting Norton's work as a SUNY Albany professor, a counselor, a teacher, and an activist in the gay community.

14 cubic ft. (about 14 boxes)

Autobiography and photos of Caroline Smith Page who was an early student at the New York State Normal School. She later taught in Troy, NY and Natchez, MS.

0.17 cubic ft. (about 0.17 boxes)

Personal and professional papers of Paul Bruce Pettit, professor of theatre at the University at Albany, 1947-1972. Includes essays, play scripts and literary writings produced while enrolled in graduate programs at Cornell University, his theses (M.A. 1943 and Ph.D. 1949), correspondence, offprints of articles about theater related subjects, newspaper clippings, scripts of radio broadcasts (1947-1948), and lecture notes from Pettit's tenure as a professor and chairman of the Department of Theatre. While on a Fulbright Scholarship Pettit directed the National Theater in Cyprus (1964 and 1965) and was known for his work in arena theater.

2.0 cubic ft. (about 2.0 boxes)

Namesake of Pierce Hall, she served as Dean of Women from 1913-1933, supported the construction of dorms for women and aided the institutionalization of <emph render="italic">in loco parentis</emph>.

0.5 cubic ft. (about 0.5 boxes)

Papers of World War I pilot and State College for Teachers student. Potter died in a plane crash Paris, France.

0.17 cubic ft. (about 0.17 boxes)

Dr. Harry S. Price taught in the History Department at the University at Albany from 1947 to 1979. the collection includes correspondence from 1967 to 1968, office files from 1953-1978, and bulletins from 1982 to 1985. Also included are meeting minutes and lecture notes.

2.67 cubic ft. (about 2.67 boxes)

Correspondence with publishers and environmental groups including the Constitutional Council for Forest Preserves, 1970–71; Defenders of Wildlife, 1970–76; Albany Environmental Council, 1965–76; draft manuscripts and typescripts, 1956–79, of texts, scholarly and popular articles and books relating to local, state, national, and international government and to environmental issues such as the anti-nuclear movement, forest preservation, wildlife preservation, the Adirondack Mountains, lecture notes taken as a student and given to his classes, 1930–70, scripts for his television series "Man Against His Environment", 1970–71, drafts of speeches on environmental concerns, tape cassettes on environmental issues created as staff lecturer for the Center for Cassette Studies, clippings files on government and environmental issues, photographs of Rienow and his wife. Robert Rienow was educated at Carthage College (B.A., 1930), and Columbia University (M.A., 1934; Ph.D., 1937), served as Instructor, 1936–41, Assistant Professor, 1941–47, and Professor, 1947–80, of Social Science at the State University of New York at Albany, now the University at Albany. Through out his career Rienow maintained an active interest in environmental issues and a belief in the need to popularize issues of public concern. (See also papers of his wife Leona Train Rienow).

15.72 cubic ft. (about 15.72 boxes)

A long-time administrator at two-year and four-year colleges throughout the Northeast, Robbins was employed from 1992 through 2008 as a professor in the Department of Educational Administration at the State University of New York at Albany.

1 cubic ft. (about 1 boxes)

Records of the social and community activities performed a social group of faculty wives and other women that perfomed university and community service.

2.0 cubic ft. (about 2.0 boxes)

The Vincent J. Schaefer Papers represent the professional accomplishments and personal interests of the scientist who discovered cloud seeding. Schaefer spent more than 20 years with General Electric in Schenectady, New York, working his way up from apprentice, to research assistant, to research associate. In those years he was mentored by Irving Langmuir, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry. The work Schaefer did at General Electric laid the foundation for further success as he became director of research for the Munitalp Foundation, began a highly successful summer science program for high school students, acted as an independent consultant, and founded the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center at the State University of New York at Albany. This collection contains research data, notes, correspondence, publications, and photographs that showcase Schaefer's long, industrious scientific career as well as highlighting his many hobbies in local history and environmentalism.

135 cubic ft. (about 135 boxes)

Schoonmaker, Jennie M.

Papers, 1862-1872

Diaries, 186770, 1872; and notes on lectures by Professor Corley on philosophy, chemistry, astronomy, magnetism, and botany, 1868. Kept by an 1869 graduate of the New York State Normal School (a predecessor of the University at Albany, State University of New York), who taught in Guilford, New York, and New Paltz, New York. Included is a diary kept by her sister Lydia in 1862.

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Shill, Gertrude

Papers, 1888-1934

Contains primarily Shill's extensive college notes which represent early twentieth century curriculum in History, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics as well as teaching methods of the day. This academic material also includes a collection of Textbooks (191032). In addition to her own papers, the collection also includes academic materials belonging to Gertrude's uncle, George Shill, including instruction pages, question pages and completed assignments from the International Correspondence School in Scranton, PA (18981900).

5 cubic ft. (about 5 boxes)

Sirotkin was Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University at Albany. Collection consists of materials pertaining to the hospitalization of political dissidents in Soviet mental institutions, retained by Sirotkin as a member of the First U.S. Mission on Mental Health to the Soviet Union.

0.25 cubic ft. (about 0.25 boxes)

The Bernard Vonnegut Papers document Vonnegut's career as a researcher in the field of atmospheric science with a focus on his time at GE, Arthur Little, and the State University of New York at Albany. The collection includes technical memoranda, research, data, inventions and patent forms, equipment specifications, drawings, figures, handwritten notes, manuscripts, reports, correspondence, publicity materials, course materials, news clippings, photographs, memorabilia, and audio/video materials

39.04 cubic ft. (about 39.04 boxes)

Wallace, Edith Owen

Papers, 1918-1960

Correspondence, 192943; lecture notes, essays, and notebooks. Wallace was a graduate of Milne School and the New York State College for Teachers and taught at the latter and at the University at Albany, 191865. She was a classicist and served as the first chair of the Division of Humanities at the University, 196265.

2 cubic ft. (about 2 boxes)

Diaries kept as a student in librarianship at the New York State College for Teachers and as a librarian in New York State.

0.25 cubic ft. (about 0.25 boxes)

White, Theodore

Papers, Undated

Primarily files related to his tenure as a professor of Political Science, internal political science dept. files but also 1 box of a proposed but never realized Asian Studies Major in the early 1970s.

4 cubic ft. (about 4 boxes)

Wittern-Keller, Laura

Papers, 2001-2005

3 cassette tapes of Shientag attorneys and distributors Freedman and Brandt who fought against state movie censorship.

0.01 cubic ft. (about 0.01 boxes)

Atmospheric researcher and oceanographer from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and the University of Hawaii, Woodcock collaborated with Duncan Blanchard and the U.S. Navy on research such as Project Shower, atmospheric sea salt and volcanic mountain breathing.

7.25 cubic ft. (about 7.25 boxes)