UAlbany Reference Collections

Collections listed by subject

Collection is made up of the alumni directories published by the Alumni Association.

0.83 cubic ft. (about 0.83 boxes)

Collection is made up of annual reports from the Executive Committee and President of the College as well as several reports presented to the President of the College.

0.83 cubic ft. (about 0.83 boxes)

This collection contains planning documents used in the development and construction of the University at Albany, SUNY's Uptown campus.

1.37 cubic ft. (about 1.37 boxes)

This collection is made up of directories to campus faculty and staff at the new York State College of Teachers and the University at Albany.

2.06 cubic ft. (about 2.06 boxes)

The Campus Unrest Collection documents volatile events during the late 1960s and the early 1970s that occurred not only at the State University Of New York at Albany, but at other Universities as well.

1.53 cubic ft. (about 1.53 boxes)

An artificial collection containing newspaper clippings covering a variety of University-related subjects collected by the University Archives.

9.6 cubic ft. (about 9.6 boxes)

This collection is made up of programs for commencement ceremonies at the University at Albany.

1.67 cubic ft. (about 1.67 boxes)

Collection is made up of the New York State Community Theater Journal.

1.0 cubic ft. (about 1.0 boxes)

Contains materials relating to Community University Day, which was an annual event aimed at fostering a positive relationship between UAlbany and the Albany community. Materials include: fliers and posters, programs, and correspondence.

1 cubic ft. (about 1 boxes)

Records of informal meetings attended by deans of academic schools and directors of university facilities.

1.0 cubic ft. (about 1.0 boxes)

This collection is made up of faculty handbooks for professors at the University of Albany.

0.8 cubic ft. (about 0.8 boxes)

Reference file of former and current UAlbany faculty members.

42.25 cubic ft. (about 42.25 boxes)

A reference collection created by archivists that includes clippings, copies of official records, publications that document the University, students, alumni, and members of the faculty.

33 cubic ft. (about 33 boxes)

This collection is made up of reference material related to the history of the University at Albany and its earlier iterations.

2.31 cubic ft. (about 2.31 boxes)

The collection is made up of the accreditiation reports for the University at Albany.

0.99 cubic ft. (about 0.99 boxes)

Collection is made up of the publication Monographs on Pedagogy, Literature, and Science.

2 Vol.

Reference collection with materials relating to the New York State Education Department, including: convocation programs, publications, and documentation of State education rules.

0.33 cubic ft. (about 0.33 boxes)

Contains University-wide, divisional, and departmental organizational charts produced between 1930 and the present day.

85 Digital Files

Collection is made up of various pubilcations from the Univeristy at Albany, and groups within the institution.

20 cubic ft. (about 20 boxes)

Reference collection containing materials relating to the Office for Research, including: planning documents, administrative correspondence, monthly reports, project director's guides, research directories, and other publications.

1.17 cubic ft. (about 1.17 boxes)

Collection is made up of the publication the Theater Annual.

0.33 cubic ft. (about 0.33 boxes)

An artificial colelction of the university's stratigic plans which domument the major policy directions set forth by the university administration.

0.17 cubic ft. (about 0.17 boxes)

Collection is made up of the student handbooks issued by the student association.

1.16 cubic ft. (about 1.16 boxes)

This collection consists of the Publications University News and University Update.

1.0 cubic ft. (about 1.0 boxes)

This collection is made up of copies of the Carillon and University at Albany Magazine.

2.66 cubic ft. (about 2.66 boxes)

Vietnam War

Collection, 1967-1969

An artificial collection including correspondence, memoranda, ephemera, and publications about antiVietnam War activities on the campus.

0.5 cubic ft. (about 0.5 boxes)