UAlbany Schools & Colleges

Collections listed by subject

The collection consists of inactive records from the University at Albany's College of Arts and Sciences.

59 cubic ft. (about 59 boxes)

Contains inactive records from the School of Business, including: planning documentation, reports and budgets, MBA proposals, and faculty meeting minutes.

14.17 cubic ft. (about 14.17 boxes)

Contains the inactive records of the Division of Continuing Studies and its predecessor, the College of Continuing Studies.

0.53 cubic ft. (about 0.53 boxes)

The files of the School of Criminal Justice consist primarily of records kept by Deans Richard Myren 1966-1976, and Donald Newman, 1977-84. They document the organization and formation of the School, particularly during the critical years of development (1963-1969).

14 cubic ft. (about 14 boxes)

The School of Education has its origins as the academic unit of the State Normal School in 1844. It remained a core part of the curriculum of the State College for Teachers (1914-1959) and continued after the 1960s as an academic school within a large public research university.

9.34 cubic ft. (about 9.34 boxes)

Administrative records of the College, formerly known as the College of Computing and Information, contains programs in Informatics, Computer Science, and Information Studies.

18.66 cubic ft. (about 18.66 boxes)

Contains records from the College of General Studies, which was created in 1965 and later became the College of Continuing Studies (and, subsequently, the Division of Continuing Studies). The collection contains reports, meeting minutes, course materials, correspondence, and ephemera.

1 cubic ft. (about 1 boxes)

The School of Nursing Records document the history and day-to-day operations of the School at the University at Albany since its first full year of operation in 1967 through its closing in 1979.

14.6 cubic ft. (about 14.6 boxes)

Contains materials from the School of Public Health, including educational videos and administrative records.

2.17 cubic ft. (about 2.17 boxes)

This collection consists of the administrative records of the Assistant to the Provost of the Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy.

2.4 cubic ft. (about 2.4 boxes)

Established in 1947 to meet the need for academic training in public administration, the Rockefeller College originated as a joint effort between New York University and Syracuse University and was transferred to SUNY Albany in 1962.

21 cubic ft. (about 21 boxes)

The School of Social Welfare Records document the history and day-to-day operations of the School at the University at Albany since its first full year of operation in 1964 through 2000.

23.4 cubic ft. (about 23.4 boxes)

Contains the records of the Office of Summer Sessions (currently known as the Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions), including annual reports, budget materials, and enrollment data.

1.4 cubic ft. (about 1.4 boxes)