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The collection consists of inactive records from the University at Albany's Office of Accounting.

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Contains budget and administrative planning records from the Business Office and the Office of the Dean for Administration, primarily dating from the mid- to late-1960s.

1.37 cubic ft. (about 1.37 boxes)

The collection consists of the records of the University at Albany's Director of the Physical Plant. The records document the administrative functions of the office and the maintenance of the University's building, grounds, motor pool and power plant.

7.68 cubic ft. (about 7.68 boxes)

This collection consists of inactive records from the Office of Equipment Management (formerly the Equipment Office), which is responsible for overseeing equipment purchases and inventory management at the University.

5.33 cubic ft. (about 5.33 boxes)

The Faculty-Student Association Records document the day-to-day operations of this non-profit organization which provided ancillary services to the university community.

4.0 cubic ft. (about 4.0 boxes)

Contains the records of the Division of Finance and Business, which preceded the current Division of Finance and Administration. It was overseen by the Vice President of Finance and Business and was responsible for many administrative functions at the University: budget and accounting, personnel, facilities, security, and internal audit.

4 cubic ft. (about 4 boxes)

Includes annual preliminary and final budget requests of the University at Albany and its predecessor institutions, detailing operating costs and salaries. Formerly the Office of the Budget.

7.2 cubic ft. (about 7.2 boxes)

This collection consists primarily of the records of the Treasurer for the State College for Teachers. Also included are some financial records from earlier iterations of the College (New York State Normal School and New York State Normal College) and records of the Financial Secretary, which succeeded the position of Treasurer. Materials include cash books, budget documents, and correspondence.

15.2 cubic ft. (about 15.2 boxes)

This collection contains salary schedules and rosters, personnel policy and procedure documentation, and other records pertaining to the Office of Human Resources Management and its predecessor bodies.

3.53 cubic ft. (about 3.53 boxes)

This is an artificial collection of materials, gathered from several offices, relating to the Office of Internal Audit.

0.33 cubic ft. (about 0.33 boxes)

Contains the records of the Office of the Vice President for Management and Planning, which oversaw budget, personnel, facilities, security, and other campus services from 1966 until 1977 when the position became the Vice President for Finance and Business.

4 cubic ft. (about 4 boxes)

This collection contains payroll records (salary schedules, payroll guidelines, and other materials from different offices at the University.

1.2 cubic ft. (about 1.2 boxes)

The collection contains inactive records from the Office of Student Accounts, which oversees student tuition and billing.

0.17 cubic ft. (about 0.17 boxes)

Contains inactive records of University Auxiliary Services (which succeeded the Faculty-Student Association in 1976), including annual and monthly financial reports, meeting minutes, and ephemera.

0.4 cubic ft. (about 0.4 boxes)

Contains records from the University Bookstore, including board meeting minutes, newsletters, and reports.

0.2 cubic ft. (about 0.2 boxes)