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A letter from the American Philosophical Society notifying Reinhard Bendix of his election as a member, April 22, 1977
A letter from the American Philosophical Society notifying Reinhard Bendix of his election as a member, April 22, 1977, Series 2: Correspondence

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VOLUME: 13.67 cubic ft.

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Reinhard Bendix on September 5, 1989; additions to the collection were made by John Bendix in 1998.

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Biographical Sketch

Chronology of Events

Scope and Content Note

Series Description

Box and Folder List:

Reinhard Bendix Papers
Biographical Sketch

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Reinhard Bendix was born in Berlin, Germany in 1916 and received his formal education at the Gymnasium in Berlin from 1927-1933. After graduation, Bendix spent a year in England where he attended school and worked on a farm in Welwyn Garden City, in the vicinity of London. Upon his return to Germany in 1935, he found employment as a clerk in the export firm of L. Hecht & Co. and later (1937) in the Palaestina Treuhandstelle in Paltreu, Berlin. It was also during these same years that Reinhard became a member of both HaShomer HaZair and the anti-Fascist underground organization Neu Beginnen. In 1938, he was forced to flee Hitler-Germany and immigrated to the U.S.

With the help of family friends, Bendix immigrated to the United States in September of 1938 and immediately enrolled in undergraduate studies at the University of Chicago. During the years from 1938 to 1946, he attended the University of Chicago on full scholarship, receiving his B.A. in 1941, his M.A. in 1943, and his Ph.D. in Sociology in 1946, studying under Professor Charles Merriam. During this time, he also met and married Jane Walstrum (1940).

After completing his studies, Reinhard Bendix spent one year at the University of Colorado in Boulder, but relocated to California and the University of California, Berkeley in 1947. He became a member of the Faculty of the Department of Sociology, and later the Department of Political Science, and remained at Berkeley until his retirement. Bendix's main research interests centered around the areas of comparative social stratification, political and industrial sociology, and the history of social theory. He was also instrumental in introducing and popularizing the works of Max Weber among American social scientists. His works include Class, Status and Power (with S.M. Lipset, 1953; 1966), Work and Authority in Industry (1956; 1974), Social Mobility in Industry (also with S.M. Lipset, 1959); Max Weber: An Intellectual Portrait (1960), Nation Building and Citizenship (1964; 1976), Kings or People: Power and the Mandate to Rule (1978), and From Berlin to Berkeley: German Jewish Identities (1986 autobiography), as well as over sixty contributions to professional journals.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
Chronology of Events

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1916 Born on February 25 in Berlin to Ludwig (1877-1954) and Else Henschel Bendix (1883-1968).
1927-1933 Attended the Gymnasium in Berlin.
1934 Attended school in the United Kingdom and worked on a farm outside of London (Welwyn Garden City).
1935-1937 Clerk in the Berlin export firm, L. Hecht & Co.
Member of the group Neu Beginnen and HaShomer HaZair.
1937-1938 Clerk at the Palaestina Treuhandstelle in Paltreu, Berlin.
1938 Emigrated to the U.S. in September.
1938-1946 Attended the University of Chicago with full scholarships.
1940 Married Jane Walstrum on July 5.
1941 Received a B.A. from the University of Chicago.
1941-1943 Research Assistant of the Social Science Research Committee of the University of Chicago.
1943 Became an American citizen.
1943 Received M.A. in Sociology from the University of Chicago.
1943-1946 Instructor of Social Science at the University of Chicago.
1946-1947 Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
1947 Received Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago.
1947-1951 Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley.
1948-1950 Member of the Editorial Committee, University of California Press.
1948-1972 Resident Sociologist at Berkeley's Institute of Industrial Relations.
1949 Birth of daughter, Karen.
1949 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Columbia University (Summer session).
1951 Birth of son, Erik.
1951-1956 Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley.
1951-1952 Sociologist, Student Health Service, Cowell Hospital, University of California (psychiatric consultation).
1952-1953 Vice President, Alameda County Mental Health Society.
1953-1954 Fulbright Research Grant, University of Frankfurt, Germany.
1956 Birth of son, John.
1956-1972 Promoted to rank of Full Professor of Sociology, Berkeley.
1958 Winner of the MacIver Award (American Sociological Association) for his book Work and Authority in Industry.
1958-1961 Chairman of the Department of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley.
1961-1962 Received "Reflective Year Fellowship" from Carnegie Corporation for studies in India and Japan.
1963-1964 Vice President of the American Sociological Association.
1964-1965 Visiting Professor of Sociology at the Freie Universität, Berlin and Visiting Fellow at St. Catherine College, Oxford.
1966-1970 Elected Vice President of the International Sociological Association, as well as Corresponding Member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie.
1968-1970 Director of University of California Study Center in Göttingen, Germany.
1969-1970 President of the American Sociological Association.
1971 Fellow of the Nuffield College, Oxford.
1971-1972 Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.
1971-1974 Permanent Guest Professor of the University of Konstanz, Germany.
1972-1989 Professor of Political Science and Lecturer in the Department of Sociology.
1975-1976 Fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson International Center of Scholars, Washington, D.C. and Guggenheim Fellowship.
1977 Elected to the American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia.
1978 Received honorary doctorate from the University of Leeds, England.
1980 Received honorary doctorate from the University of Mannheim, Germany.
1981 Max Weber Guest Professor at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
1982-1989 Numerous lectures given throughout the U.S. and Europe.
1991 Died of a heart attack on February 28 in Berkeley, California.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
Scope and Content Note

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The Reinhard Bendix Papers, 1929-1998, consist of 13.67 cu. ft. of materials and are divided into seven series: 1) Autobiographical and biographical materials, 1929-1998; 2) Correspondence files, 1948-1987; 3) Published and unpublished writings of Reinhard Bendix, 1930-1986; 4) Course and lecture notes, 1943-1986; 5) Published and unpublished writings by others; 6) Miscellaneous materials, notes; and 7) Pamphlet collection.

The bulk of the collection consists of Bendix' writings and the materials used by him for research purposes as well as for his courses in political and social sciences. This includes a large volume of materials on Max Weber, social stratification, power and authority, bureaucracy, industrialization and large-scale organizations.

Bendix' files contain correspondence dealing with his career at the University of California, Berkeley and include materials pertaining to controversies at the university and within the Department of Sociology, as well as student issues and recommendations. Also present in the collection are a number of files dealing with individuals and issues connected with both the American Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
Series Description

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Series 1: Autobiographical and Biographical Materials, 1929-1998, 36 file folders.

The first twenty-four folders of this series contain curriculum vitae and publication lists, several early recommendations from Germany, materials by and about Ludwig (father), Else Henschel (mother), and John Bendix (son), and autobiographical statements by Reinhard Bendix, in particular materials pertaining to the autobiography of Reinhard and his father, From Berlin to Berkeley. The remaining folders in the series contain reviews of Bendix' major works.

Series 2: Correspondence Files, 1948-1987, 163 file folders, arranged alphabetically.

This series contains correspondence with colleagues and administrators at the University of California, Berkeley, as well as with other scholars in the field and include: Bert F. Hoselitz, René König, Seymour Martin Lipset, Talcott Parsons, David Rapoport, David Riesman, Stein Rokkan, Guenther Roth, Wolfgang Schluchter, Reinhart Schneider and Edward Shils. The series also contains a number of files dealing with a controvery inside the International Sociological Association (1954-1956), and include correspondence with: Tom Bottomore, T. H. Marshall, Robert C. Angell, Kurt H. Wolff, Nelson Foote, Alfred McClung Lee, Stein Rokkan, and Clark Kerr.

Series 3: Published and Unpublished Writings of Reinhard Bendix, 1930-1991, 275 file folders, arranged chronologically.

This series contains both published and unpublished writings by Bendix. Included in this series are early writings in German (1930-1938), background materials and early versions of several book publications, including Social Mobility in Industry (1959), Embattled Reason (1970), and extensive files pertaining to Work and Authority in Industry (1956). The series also contains numerous essay and lecture texts, including many on various aspects of the writings of Max Weber, and reviews of the works of others.

Series 4: Course and Lecture Notes, 1943-1986, 38 file folders, arranged alphabetically.

This series contains course notes, outlines, background materials, book notes, and student papers from the many courses taught by Bendix at the University of Chicago, the University of California, Berkeley, as well as from his guest professorships in Germany.

Series 5: Published and Unpublished Writings by Others, 128 file folders, arranged alphabetically.

This series contains reprints, clippings and typescripts of articles by other authors collected by Bendix. Many of the texts are mimeographed typescripts and were used by Bendix in his courses and lectures.

Series 6: Miscellaneous Materials, Notes, 26 file folders, arranged alphabetically.

This series consists of folders on various topics, both for courses taught by Bendix as well as topics of research for his publications.

Series 7: Pamphlet Collection, 55 file folders, arranged alphabetically.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Autobiographical and Biographical Materials, 1929-1998

Box 1

1. German recommendations and resumé, 1933-1937.
2. Curriculum vitae and list of publications.
3. Honorary degrees, 1978, 1980.
4. Who's who entries.
5. "A Memoir of My Father." Reprint, 1965.
6. "Rückblicke auf Deutschland. Aufsätze über Wandlungen des Bewußtseins im Zentrum Europas von Johannes Anderegg, Rainer M. Lepsius, Rudolf von Thadden. Herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Reinhard Bendix." Typescript, July 1971.
7. "A Trip to East Berlin and Alt-Golm (May 15-16, 1979)."
8. "A Personal Memoir or How I became an American Sociologist." Typescript, 1980.
9. From Berlin to Berkeley. Correspondence and documents, 1929-1981.
10. From Berlin to Berkeley. Project description.
11. From Berlin to Berkeley. Table of contents, Introduction.
12. From Berlin to Berkeley. Epilogue.
13. From Berlin to Berkeley. Notes.
14. From Berlin to Berkeley. Statistics on German Jews.
15. From Berlin to Berkeley. Background materials.
16. From Berlin to Berkeley. German legal materials.
17. "Dämmerung. Ein Monolog." Typescript.
18. Bendix, Else Henschel. "How the critics judged me... Newspaper reviews of my seven years on stage, 1904-1911." Typescript.
19. Bendix, Ludwig. Correspondence, 1935, 1953.
20. Bendix, Ludwig. Published bibliography.
21. Bendix, Ludwig. "Rechtspolitische Schriften." Reprint.
22. Bendix, Ludwig. "Tragik des Berufsrichters und der Rechtsunterworfenen in Deutschland." (undated)
23. Bendix, John. Correspondence, 1985-1986, undated.
24. Bendix, John. "The Non-Belonging of the Foreign Worker." Photocopy, 1986.
     "Comparison in the Work of Reinhard Bendix." Photocopy, 1998.

Folders 25-36: reviews of works by Reinhard Bendix.
25. Higher Civil Servants in American Society (1949). Reviews.
26. Work and Authority in Industry (1956, 1974). Reviews, correspondence.
27. Herrschaft und Industriearbeit (1960). Reviews.
28. Max Weber: An Intellectual Portrait (1960). Reviews.
29. Nation Building and Citizenship (1964). Reviews.
30. Embattled Reason (1970). Reviews.
31. Scholarship and Partnership: Essays on Max Weber (1971; with Guenther Roth). Reviews.
32. Sociology and Ideology (1970). Review.
33. Force, Fate, and Freedom (1984). Reviews.
34. Von Berlin nach Berkeley (1985). Reviews.
35. Kings or People (1979). Reviews, English.
36. Kings or People (Könige oder Volk). Reviews, German.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Correspondence Files, 1948-1987

Box 1 (continued)

37. A – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
38. Adams, James L.,1952.
     American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1973-1980.
39. American Philosophical Society, 1977-1978.
     Amnesty International, 1987.
     Andrews, John A. Y., 1980-1981.
40. Association for Asian Studies (Journal of Asian Studies), 1965-1966.
41. B – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
42. Baumann, Zygmunt, 1978-1983.
     Baylis, Thomas, 1980.
43. Bell, Daniel, 1973.
     Bell, Wendell, 1976.
     Ben-David, Joseph, 1978.
44. Berg, Ellen Ziskind, 1980, 1984.
     Berger, Bennett M., 1983-1984.
45. Bergesen, Albert, 1977, 1981.
     Binder, Leonard, 1969-1970.
46. Bird, Richard, 1975.
     Bisson, Thomas, 1978.
     Blalock, Hubert, 1979.
47. Blumberg, Paul, 1978.
     Blumer, Herbert, 1951.
48. Bogacz, Theodore, 1975-1980.
     Bonham, Gary, 1982-1984.
49. Bonnell, Victoria, 1978-1983.
50. Brand, Coenraad, 1971-1972.
     Braudel, Fernand, 1976.
51. Braungart, Richard (Dick), 1986-1987.
     Bruneau, Thomas C., 1980.
52. Bry, Ernst, 1978.
     Bry, Gerhard, 1978-1979.
53. C – D – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
54. Callaghy, Thomas M., 1978-1980.
     Cavalli, Luciano, 1981-1982.
     Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 1976.
55. Chernin, Milton, 1977.
     Collins, Randall, 1980.
56. Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China, 1982-1983.
     Conrad, Dietrich, 1990, 1979.
     Craig, Gordon, 1979.
57. DaPazzo, François, 1977.
     Daito, Eisuke, 1979.
     Dassin, Joan, 1977.
58. Dean, Shirley, 1981-1982.
     Delany, William, 1972.
     Demerath, Jay, 1985
     Desjardins, Barbara, 1977-1981.
59. Dickey, Laurence, 1981.
     Diefendorf, Jeffry M., 1980.
     Dittmer, Lowell, 1987.
     Dore, Ronald, 1963.
60. Eastern Sociological Society (William J. Goode), 1952, 1960.
     Easton, David, 1983-1984.
     Egan, Alan, 1978.
61. Ehrmann, Henry, 1977.
     Eidlin, Fred, 1980-1983.
     Eisenstedt, S.N., 1966.
62. F – G – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
63. Ferkiss, Victor, 1980.
     Ferrarotti, Franco, 1965-1966.
64. Fillinger, Paul (Paul Fillinger Film Productions), 1980.
65. Fliessbach, Holger, 1980.
     Flora, Peter, 1987.
     Fügen, Hans Norbert, 1981-1982.
     Furniss, Norman, 1985-1986.
66. Gadgil, D. R. (re: Nation Building and Citizenship), 1963-1964.
     Gaines, William L. (The Institute of Foreign Studies), 1977.
67. Galambos, Louis, 1977-1978.
     Gaus, John M., 1948.
68. Getzler, Israel, 1977-1983.
     Giesen, Bernd, 1990.
     Glassman, Ronald, 1976-1983.
69. Glazer, Nathan, 1951, 1977.
     Gordon, Richard, 1981.
70. Graña, César, 1977.
     Gray, Hanna Holborn, 1981.
     Gress, David, 1982.
71. Grimshaw, Allen D., 1978.
     Guggenheim Fellowship, 1975.
     Gum, William L., 1976-1982.
     Gustafson, Paul M., 1986.
72. H – J – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
73. Haase, Paul, 1979.
     Habermas, Jürgen, 1980.
     Hall, John R., 1982.
     Hekman, Susan J., 1981.
74. Hennis, Wilhelm, 1978-1986.
75. Hohmann, Nikolaus, 1985.
     Honegger, Claudia, 1980.
     Hoselitz, Bert F., 1949-1951.
76. Howe, Gary Nigel, 1979.
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77. Hughes, Jim, 1977.
     International Biographical Archives and Dictionary of Central European Emigres, 1933-1945, 1976-1979.
78. International Sociological Association (Tom Bottomore, T. H. Marshall, Robert C. Angell), 1954-1956.
79. International Sociological Association (Kurt H. Wolff, Nelson Foote, Alfred McClung Lee, Stein Rokkan, Clark Kerr), 1954-1956.

Box 2

Folders 1-9: Correspondence concerning the 1978 meeting of the International Sociological Association:
1. International Sociological Association, general, 1976-1977.
2. Cardoso, Fernando Enrique, 1977.
    Chirot, Daniel, 1976-1978.
3. Dahrendorf, Ralf, 1977.
    Eckstein, Susan, 1977.
4. Evers, Hans-Dieter, 1977.
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7. Sharma, Kailas N., 1977-1982.
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9. Watanuki, Joji, 1976-1978.
    Weiss, Jane Alison, 1977.
10. Irschick, Gene, 1978.
     Jackson, Robert, 1976
11. Jacobsen, Kenneth, 1978-1981.
12. Janowitz, Morris, 1966, 1978.
     John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1976.
13. Johnson, Alvin, 1951.
     Johnson, Bruce, 1976-1977.
     Johnson, Chalmers, 1976-1978.
14. Jowitt, Kenneth, 1973-1974.
15. K – L – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
16. Kabongo, Ilunga, 1973.
     Kalberg, Stephen, 1980.
17. Kang, Jung In, 1984-1985.
     Kantowsky, Detlef, 1977.
18. Kautsky, John H., 1984.
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19. Kohli, Atul, 1981-1982.
20. Kothari, Rajni, 1962.
21. Kühnhardt, Ludger, 1986; reprint.
22. Kunz, Andreas, 1976-1983.
23. Kwok, Siu-tong, 1979-1981.
     Lacklen, John, 1978.
     Laslett, Barbara (Social Science History Association), 1978-1979.     
24. Laufer, Heinz, 1981-1983.
25. Laumann, Edward O., 1981-1982.
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35. M – O – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
36. Marsh, Donald C., 1951.
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47. P – R – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
48. The Pacific Sociological Association (The Pacific Sociological Review), 1966.
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49. Parsons, Talcott, 1964-1966.
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50. Philipps, Walter (Research Assistant to R.Bendix), 1960-1982.
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54. Rapoport, David, 1977-1978.
55. Riesman, David, 1946-1983.
56. Rokkan, Stein, 1961-1963.
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60. Rothblatt, Sheldon, 1983.
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61. S – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
62. Scheibert, Peter, 1976-1977.
     Schiff, Avraham, 1975-1976.
63. Schluchter, Wolfgang, 1977-1991.
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77. T – Z – recommendations and miscellaneous correspondence.
78. Tar, Zoltan, 1982-1983.
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91. Zammito, John, 1977-1980.

Folders 92-100: Employment
92. Employment offers, 1949-1977.
93. Australia National University / University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 1976.
94. Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1983.
95 Harvard University, Center for European Studies. Colloquium, November 18-20, 1983.
96. Northwestern University, 1966.
97. University of California, Berkeley, 1948-1967.
98. University of California, Berkeley, 1970-1985.
99. University of California, Berkeley, Department of Sociology, 1947-1953.
100. University of California, Berkeley, Science Colloquium, 1973-1974.

Box 3

Folders 1-4: Employment.
1. University of Colorado, Boulder, 1947.
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1966.
    University of Minnesota, 1952.
2. University of Pittsburgh (Leonard Plotnicov), 1965-1966.
3. University of Texas at Austin, 1977-1978.
4. Yale University (Wendell Bell), 1966.

Folders 5-20: Correspondence with publishers.
5. The American Journal of Sociology, 1952.
6. Anchor Books, 1961.
    Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1970.
    The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., 1975-1976.
7. C.H. Beck'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung (Günther Schiwy), 1976-1977.
    Cambridge University Press, 1978.
8. Columbia University Press (John D. Moore), 1977-1978.
9. Euramerica, S.A., 1973.
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10. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 1962-1965.
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11. Little, Brown and Company (re: State and Society), 1967.
12. The Nation, 1951.
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     Oxford University Press, 1976.
13. Social Research (Arien Mack), 1979.
     Sociological Inquiry (Harry M. Johnson), 1979.
14. Staatslexikon der Görres-Gesellschaft, 1982-1983.
15. Tavistock Publications Limited, 1966.
     Universitätsverlag Konstanz, 1977-1978.
16. University of California Press (State and Society), 1973-1974.
17. University of California Press (Max Weber; Nation Building and Citizenship;      Economy and Society), 1973-1976.
18. University of California Press (Kings or People), 1977-1980.
19. University of California Press (Force, Fate and Freedom), 1982-1985.
20. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1986.
     Yale University Press, 1983.
     Zeitschrift für Soziologie (Wolfgang Lipp), 1978.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 3: Published and Unpublished Writings of Reinhard Bendix, 1930-1986

Box 4

Folders 1-17: Early writings in German, 1930-1938.
1. Poetry, 1930s.
2. Untitled sketches, 1930s.
3. "Thesen zu Karl Mannheims: 'Ideologie und Utopie'." Typescript, dated May 22, 1932.
4. "Über die Religiosität im Atheismus." Typescript, dated June 18, 1932.
5. "Mensch und Religion." Typescript, dated Aug. 2, 1932.
6. "Aphorisma." Typescript, dated March 26, 1933.
7. "De Caesare et Christo." Typescript, dated March 31, 1933.
8. "Zur Strukturanalyse des menschlichen Geistes." Typescript, dated Apr. 16 – May 25, 1933.
9. "Für die, die verweilen." Typescript, dated May 1933.
10. "Philosophie und Leben." Typescript, dated June 29 – Dec. 13, 1933.
11. "Das Problem des Irrationalen und der inneren Transcendenz." Typescript, dated beginning Feb. – Mar. 23, 1934.
12. "Versuch einer Funktionsanalyse der menschlichen Struktur." Typescript, dated Nov. 15, 1934 – May 12, 1935.
13. Untitled typescript, circa 1935.
14. "Der Begriff der Wahrheit im wissenschaftlichen Denken." Typescript, dated June 16, 1935.
15. "Die Aufgabe geschichtlicher Besinnung." Typescript, circa 1936-1937.
16. "Die Bedeutung der menschlichen Existenz im Zusammenhang der geistesgeschichtlichen Entwicklung." Typescript, Apr. 7, 1937.
17. Untitled typescript on Kant, dated Apr. 22, 1938.

Folders 18-29: Typescripts of full-length works, 1947-1956.
18. The Public Servant in a Democracy: A Study of the Social Origins and Careers of Higher Federal Administrators. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago, June 1947.
19. The Public Servant in a Democracy. Handwritten critical comments by Ludwig Bendix.
20. Higher Civil Servants in American Society (1949). Notes, interviews.
21. Class, Status and Power (1953, with S. M. Lipset). Early outlines.
22. Work and Authority in Industry (1956). Initial drafts: "Managerial Ideologies." Typescripts.
23. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "Class Relations and Industrialization." Mimeo.
24. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "Class Relations and Industrialization in Europe – An Essay." Mimeo.
25. Work and Authority in Industry. Early version: "Class Relations in Societies Undergoing Industrialization." Mimeo.
26. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "Ideologies, Class-Relations and Industrialization." Mimeo.
27. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "The Ideology of Anti-Industrialism." Mimeo.
28. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "The Ideology of Anti-Industrialism." Critical comments by Ludwig Bendix, handwritten and mimeo.
29. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "Industrialization and Intellectual Life." Mimeo.

Box 5

1. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "Industrialization and Intellectual Life." Materials, notes.
2. Work and Authority in Industry. Early versions: "Social Classes and the Political Community." Typescript, mimeo.
3. Work and Authority in Industry. Notes on Russian labor relations.
4. Work and Authority in Industry. Notes on Soviet and East German managerial strategies.
5. Social Mobility in Industrial Society (1959, with S. M. Lipset). Early version: "Power and the Elites in American Society." Typescripts.
6. Social Mobility in Industrial Society. Early texts by William Goldner, Seymour Lipset.
7. Social Mobility in Industrial Society. Background materials.
8. Max Weber. An Intellectual Portrait (1960). Notes, background materials.
9. Nation Building and Citizenship (1964). Notes for Chapter 4 by Brenda Thomas.
10. State and Society. A Reader in Comparative Political Sociology (1968). Outlines.
11. State and Society. A Reader in Comparative Political Sociology. Background materials.
12. Embattled Reason (1970). Early version: "Distrust of Reason", 1961-1962. Mimeo. and typescripts.
13. Embattled Reason. Early version: "Distrust of Reason." Typescripts.
14. Embattled Reason. Early version: "The Belief in Science." Typescript, mimeo.
15. Kings or People. Table of contents.
16. Kings or People. Background materials.

Box 6

Essays and lectures:
1. "Appendix: Karl Marx on Workers and Their Intellectual Leaders." Undated, mimeo.
2. "Einige Bemerkungen zur erkenntnistheoretischen Grundlegung der Wissens-soziologie. Eine kritische Besprechung von Hans Barth 'Wahrheit und Ideologie'."
Written with Ludwig Bendix. Typescript, undated.
3. "The Field of Political Sociology" (written with Seymour Lipset). Reprint, undated.
4. "Karl Marx' Theory of Social Classes" (written with Seymour Lipset). Mimeo., undated.
5. "Managerial Appeals and Enforced Industrialization." Typescript, undated.
6. "Notes on a Comparative Study of the Intelligentsia." Mimeo., undated.
8. "The State and Religion: A Note on the Analysis of Max Weber." Typescript, undated.
9. Miscellaneous lecture texts, handwritten.
10. Miscellaneous lecture texts, 1950s-1960s. Handwritten and typescript.
11. Miscellaneous lecture texts, 1970s-1980s. Handwritten and typescript.
12. Karl Marx paper, 1943. Typescript.
13. Memoranda prepared for Charles Merriam, University of Chicago, 1943.
14. "The Rise and Acceptance of German Sociology." Unpub. M.A. thesis, 1943. Typescript.
15. "The Rise and Acceptance of German Sociology." Reading notes.
16. "The Rise and Acceptance of German Sociology." M.A. thesis. Bound volume, dated Mar. 1943.
17. Bound reprints, 1944-1952.
18. Bound reprints, 1954-1963.
19. Bound reprints, 1964-1968.
20. Bound reprints, 1948-1966 (photocopies).
21. "Education and the Teaching of History. " Reprint, Jan. 1945.
22. "Bureaucracy and the Problem of Power. " Reprints, 1945.
23. "Social Science and Social Action in Historical Perspective. " Reprint, Apr. 1946.
24. "Max Weber's Interpretation of Conduct and History. " Typescript, reprint, May 1946.
25. "J.D. Kingsley's interpretation of the historical evolution of the British Civil Service. " Term paper typescript, University of Chicago, May 1947.
26. "Bureaucracy: The Problem and its Setting." Reprints, Oct. 1947.
27. "Marx' Views on Labor Re-Examined." Reprint, Jan. 1948.
28. "Who are the Bureaucrats?" Typescripts, Jan. 1948.
29. "Who are the Bureaucrats?" Correspondence, 1947-1949.
30. "Public Administration." Unpublished typescript, circa 1948-1949.
31. "Notes on Different Aspects of Problem-Solving in the History of Science." Typescript, circa 1949.
32. "Primitivism, Authority, and Human Relations." Reprint, 1949.
33. "The Perspectives of Elton Mayo " (with Lloyd H. Fisher). Reprint, Nov. 1949.
34. "Socialism and the Theory of Bureaucracy." Reprint, Nov. 1950.
35. "The Psychological Prophecy of Doom." Unpublished typescript, 1951.
36. "Some Theoretical Implications of Industrial Society." Unpublished, 1951. Typescripts and notes.
37. "Social Science and the Distrust of Reason." Pamphlet, 1951.
38. "The Image of Man in the Social Sciences." Reprint, Feb. 1951.
39. "Psychiatry in Prison." Reprints, Feb. 1951.
40. "Sociological and Psychiatric Modes of Analysis." Unpublished typescript, 1952.
41. "Social Mobility and Occupational Career Patterns "(with Seymour M. Lipset). Reprint, Jan. 1952.
42. "Social Stratification and Political Power. " Photocopy, June 1952.
43. "Compliant Behavior and Individual Personality." Reprints, Nov. 1952.
44. "Social Theory and Social Reform Action in the Sociology of Louis Wirth." Reprint, May 1954.
45. "Bureaucratization in Industry." Reprint, 1954.
46. "The Self-Legitimation of an Entrepreneurial Class: The Case of England." Reprint, 1954.
47. "Alexis de Tocqueville and Max Weber." Mimeo., circa 1954.
48. "Job Plans and Entry into the Labor Market" (with Seymour Lipset and F. Theodore Malm). Reprint, typescript, March 1955.

Box 7

1. "The Suppression of the Class Structure in East Germany." Mimeo., 1956.
2. "Political Sociology "(with Seymour M. Lipset). Reprint, 1957.
3. "Max Webers Einfluss auf die amerikanische Soziologie "(with Günther Roth). Reprint, 1959.
4. "Industrialization, Ideologies, and Social Structure. "Reprint, Oct. 1959.
5. "On Teaching the 'History of Social Thought'." Mimeo., American Sociological Association, New York, 1960.
6. "On the Social Structure of Western Societies: Some Reflections on Comparative Analysis" (with Seymour Lipset). Mimeo., circa 1960.
7. "Social Stratification and the Political Community. An essay on the social structure of Western societies." Typescript, 1960.
8. "Social Stratification and the Political Community." Reprint, mimeo., 1960.
9. "Social Stratification and the Political Community." Notes, materials.
10. "The Intellectual Lineage of Max Weber." Typescript, Pacific Sociological Association, 1961.
11. "Notes on the Indian Political Community (December 6-12, 1961)." Typescript.
12. "The extension of national citizenship to the lower classes: a comparative perspective" (with Stein Rokkan, 1962. Typescript and mimeo.
13. "The extension of national citizenship." Notes.
14. "The Sociology of Administration." Typescript, June 3, 1962.
15. "A Sociologist Looks at Economic Development." Typescript, June 1962.
16. "Einleitung zur deutschen Ausgabe" [Weber]. Mimeo., circa 1964.
17. "The Age of Ideology: Persistent and Changing." Reprint, 1964.
18. "Die Kritik am American Way of Life im amerikanischen sozialwissenschaftlichen Schrifttum." Reprint, 1964.
19. "Cultural-Educational Mobility and Development." Conference on Social Structure and Economic Mobility in Economic Development, Jan. 1964. Typescripts.
20. "Max Webers Soziologie heute." Typescript, mimeo., July 7, 1964.
21. "Max Weber's sociology today." Reprint, July 7, 1964; 1965.
22. "Max Weber and Jakob Burckhardt." Mimeo., Sept. 2, 1964.
23. "Authority 'and all that'." Mimeo., after 1965.
24. "Max Weber’s sociology today." Reprint, 1965
25. "Die vergleichende Analyse historischer Wandlungen." Reprint, 1965.
26. Introductory comments at Edinburgh meeting, March 19-21, 1965.
27. "Modernization and Inequality." Mimeo., 1965.
28. "The Comparative Analysis of Historical Change." Mimeo., Apr. 22-24, 1965.
29. "Vergleichende Perspektiven über die Sozialstruktur der 'Entwicklungsländer'." Reprint, typescript, June 18, 1965.
30. "A Case Study in Cultural and Educational Mobility: Japan and the Protestant Ethic." Reprint, 1966.
31. "Max Weber and Jakob Burckhardt." Reprint, 1966
32. "Towards a Definition of Modernization." Mimeo., 1966.
33. "In Defense of the Ivory Tower" / "The Beleaguered Ivory Tower". Typescripts, Feb. 28, 1966; related correspondence.
34. "In Defense of the Ivory Tower." Notes, materials.
35. "Ideology and Sociology." International Sociological Association, Evian meeting, Sept. 1966. Mimeo.; related correspondence.
36. Open letter (11-11-66) to student newspaper. Typescript.
37. "The Comparative Analysis of Historical Change."Reprint, 1967. 38. "Modern Society." Voice of America Forum lecture, 1967. Typescript.
39. "Preconditions of Development: A Comparison of Japan and Germany." Reprint, 1967.
40. "The Protestant Ethic – Revisited." Mimeo., 1967.
41. "Reflections on Charismatic Leadership." Reprint, June 1967.
42. "Otto Hinze" entry for International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Typescript, 1968.
43. "Max Weber" entry for International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Typescripts, 1968.
44. "Bureaucracy." Reprint, 1968.
45. "Modernisierung und soziale Ungleichheit." Reprint, 1968.
46. "Tradition and Modernity Reconsidered." Reprint, 1968.
47. "Some personal reflections on the Faculty Student Commission Report." Mimeo., typescript, circa Feb. 1968.
48. "Education Abroad Program – Göttingen Center. Annual Report 1969-70." Typescript, 1970.
49. "Sociology and the Distrust of Reason." Reprint, 1970.
50. "Der Einzelne und die Gesellschaft." Reprint, 1970.
51. "Sociology and Ideology." Reprint, 1970.
52. "Sociology and Ideology." Mimeo., 1970.
53. "Sociology and Ideology." Background materials, notes.
54. "Wissenschaft als Beruf." Mimeo. radio text, June 21, 1970.
55. "Social and Political Changes in the Twentieth Century." Reprint, 1971.
56. "Social and Political Changes in the Twentieth Century." Background materials, notes.
57. "Der Glaube an die Wissenschaft." Typescript, Reprint,1972.
58. "Science, Knowledge, and Society: Foci for Discussion" (with Ernst B. Haas). Berkeley Science Colloquium, 1973. Typescript.
59. "Inequality and Social Structure: A Comparison of Marx and Weber." Reprint, 1974.
60. Unpublished statement on membership in the Hashomer Hazair (Berlin 1935-36), written in 1975. Typescript.
61. "Notes for a Conference on Women in Russia." Stanford, May 29 – June 1, 1975. Typescript.
62. "The Limits of Inequality. A comment on a paper by Bernard Barber." Typescript, June 1975.
63. "Science and the Purposes of Knowledge." Reprint, Summer 1975. Also early version: "The Ideology of Science." Typescript.
64. "The Mandate to Rule: An Introduction." Reprint, 1976.
65. "Introduction to Hans Barth's Truth and Ideology. Typescript, 1976; related correspondence.
66. "Interdisciplinary Work in the Social Sciences." Feb. 18, 1976. Notes, related correspondence.

Box 8

1. "Classes, Organized Interests and Civil Society." Chicago, Nov. 1976. Typescripts.
2. "Province and Metropolis: The Case of Eighteenth-Century Germany." Reprint, 1977.
3. "Some Reflections on the Science Policy Colloquium." Typescript, circa 1978.
4. "Das Problem des gesellschaftlichen Konsensus: Intellektuelle und andere Menschen." Reprint, May 11, 1978.
5. "Why Nationalism?" Reprints, typescripts, Oct. 1978.
6. "Structural Foundations of Nationalism." Typescript, circa 1978.
7. "Westeuropa als Gegenstand und Quelle sozialwissenschaftlicher Forschung." Typescript, German Sociological Society, 1979.
8. "Western Europe as the Object and Source of Social Science Research." Reprint, Winter 1979.
9. "Special Knowledge and Social Isolation. Marginal men in modern society." Typescript, May 25, 1980.
10. "What Max Weber Means to Me." Typescript, Max Weber Colloquium, William Patterson College of New Jersey, Oct. 30-31, 1980; related correspondence.
11. "Wie ich zu einem amerikanischen Soziologen wurde." Reprint, 1981.
12. "Reflections on a Definition by Max Weber." Typescripts, ASA meeting, 1982.
13. "The Intellectual's Role in the Modern World." Typescripts, Mar. 4, 1982.
14. "What Max Weber Means to Me?" Reprint, 1983.
15. "Social Theory and the Break with Tradition." Typescript, for Ehrmann Festschrift, 1983.
16. "The Letters of Alexis de Tocqueville." Typescripts, 1983; related correspondence.
17. "Deutschland und der Westen." Typescripts, reprints., Dec. 1-2, 1983.
18. "Deutschland und die USA: Reflexionen eines Sozialwissenschaftlers." Typescript, Dec. 8, 1983.
19. "Generations as Problems of Personal Identity." Typescript, 1984.
20. "Reflections on Max Weber's Protestant Ethic." Typescript, UC Santa Cruz, Humanities Institute, 1984; related correspondence.
21. "Authority" / "Authorität." Reprint, typescripts, circa 1985.
22. "Kommentar zu P. Rossis Beitrag." Reprint, 1985.
23. "Vorboten der Intoleranz im frühen Christentum." Typescript, circa 1985.
24. "Umbildungen des Charisma. Überlegungen zu Max Webers Charismabegriff am Beispiel des Frühchristentums." Typescripts, 1985.
25. "Transformations of Charisma. Reflections on Max Weber's concept of charisma with reference to Early Christianity." Typescripts, 1985.
26. "Transformations of Charisma." Notes, background materials.
27. "Der europäische Sonderweg." Oct. 1985; related correspondence.
28. "Soziologische Überlegungen zum frühchristlichen Anspruch auf absolute Wahrheit." Typescripts, 1986.
29. "Sociological Reflections on the Early Christian Claim to Absolute Truth." Typescript, 1986.
30. "Reflections on Modern Western States and Civil Societies" (with John Bendix and Norman Furniss). Typescripts,Reprint 1986.c.1987
31. "Reflections on Modern Western States and Civil Societies." Notes, background materials.
32. Convocation Address, University of California, Berkeley, Department of Political Science, May 16, 1986. Typescript.
33. "The Special Position of Europe." Reprint, June 5, 1986.
34. "The Emergence of Intolerance in the Western Church." June 25, 1986; related correspondence.
35. "A Reading of Tocqueville's Letters." Typescripts, Nov. 6, 1986.
36. "Values and concepts in Max Weber’s comparative studies." Reprint, 1987.
37. "Social Science and the Kuhn Discussion." Reprint, Feb. 4, 1988.
38. "Ein Blick auf die Sozialwissenschaften." Reprint, 1989.
39. "Die Rolle des Intellektuellen in der modernen Welt." Reprint, 1990.
40. "Umstrittene Vernunft – ein Bericht." Reprint, 1990.
41. "State, Legitimation and ‘Civil Society’."Reprint, Winter 1990/1991.
42. Translations of articles by Bendix into Japanese (1960).

Box 8A

Reviews by Bendix of works by other authors.
1. Goldstein, Kurt. "Bemerkungen über die Bedeutung der Biologie für die Soziologie anlässlich des Autoritätsproblems" (1936). Typescript.
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74. Walder, Andrew. Communist Neo-Traditionalism, Work and Authority in Chinese Industry (1986). Typescript.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
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Series 4: Course and Lecture Notes, 1943-1986

Box 9

1. Community and Intellectual Life. Notes.
2. Family, Religion, Ethnicity. Freshman Seminar, 1985.
3. Historical and Comparative Methods, 1967.
4-5. History of Political Theory / History of Political Thought.
6. History of Social Theory, 1958-1963.
7. Industrial Societies.
8. Major Turning Points in Western Social Organization, 1990-1991.
9. Max Weber Seminar, Winter 1967/1968.
10. Max Weber Seminar, 1978/1979.
11. Methodology and Value Theory in the Works of Max Weber. Seminar with Wolfgang Schluchter, Fall 1986.
12-13. Large Scale Organizations / Organizations and Institutions.
14. Political Science 1, 1972.
15. Political Sociology, 1961.
16. Process and Character of Modernization, 1982-1983.
17. Social Organization of Modern Western Societies.
18. Social Psychology.
19-20. Social Stratification.
21. Social Science 2. University of Chicago, 1943-1945.

Box 10

1. Sociology 1 (taught with W. Kornhauser, D. Matza), 1960.
2. Sociology and Social Institutions (Sociology 2), 1954.
3-4. Sociology of Science / Sociology of Knowledge.
5. Study of Group Behavior.
6. Themes in Western Political Thought, 1973.
7. Theories of Comparative Analysis.
8. Theories of Democratic Development.
9. Lectures, seminar. Berlin and Freiburg, Summer 1963.
10. German seminar, lectures. Freie Universität, Berlin, Winter 1964/1965.
11. Probleme der Literatursoziologie. Seminar with Walter Killy, Göttingen, 1970.
12. Sociology of Knowledge / Max Weber. Konstanz, 1971.
13. Freiheit und historisches Schicksal. Heidelberger Max Weber Vorlesungen 1981.
14. American managerial ideologies. Student papers, 1949-1950.
15. Industrialism. Student papers and notes, 1956.
16. Student papers, various topics.
17. Comments on student papers.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
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Series 5: Published and Unpublished Writings by Others

Box 11

1. Adams, Stuart. "Origins of U.S. Occupational Elites: 1900-1955." Mimeo., 1955.
2. Alber, Jens. "The West German Welfare State in Transition." Typescript, Sept. 22-26, 1986.
3. Albert, Hans. Reprints.
4. Amare, Neway. "Unequal Exchange and Development of Underdevelopment." Dissertation abstract. Typescript, Dec. 1, 1989.
5. Assmus, Erika. "Die Bedeutung der Parteischulung im Rahmen der Kaderpolitik."
Typescript, undated.
6. Barber, Bernard. Reprint.
7. Beals, Alan. "Conflict and Interlocal Festivals in a South Indian Region." Typescript.
8. Bell, Daniel. Clippings.
9. Berger, Bennett M. "Racist Plastic Uptight. Criticisms of Middle Class America." Mimeo., undated; "Student Unrest and the Crisis in the Universities." Mimeo., 1969; "Autobiography and Sociology." Mimeo., undated.
10. Bisson, Thomas. "Some Characteristics of Mediterranean Territorial Power in the Twelfth Century." Typescript, 1978.
11. Bodemann, Y. Michal. "Everett Cherrington Hughes (1897-1983)." Typescript, 1983.
12. Bouwsma, William J. "Models of the Educated Man in the West." Typescript, June 24, 1974.
13. Brandel, F. "Afterthoughts on Material Civilization." Mimeo., undated; "Capitalism and Dividing up the World." Mimeo., undated; "The Market Economy and Capitalism." Mimeo., undated.
14. Brutzkus, Boris. "The Historical Peculiarities of the Social and Economic Development of Russia." Typescript, 1934.
15. Burawoy, Michael. "Two Methods in Search of Science: Skocpol versus Trotsky." Typescript, circa 1986.
16. Clark, Burton R. "The New University." Typescript, Aug. 27, 1967.
17. Cleveland, Alfred S. "Some Political Aspects of Organized Industry." Typescript, Oct. 1946.
18. Cohn, Bernard S. and McKim Marriott. "Networks and Centers in the Integration of Indian Civilization." Photocopy of typescript, 1959.
19. Coser, Lewis A. Reprints.
20. Davis, Kingsley. Reprints.
21. Davis, Robert C. "The Public's Image of Science and Scientists." Mimeo., 1958.
22. Erikson, Erik. "Psychoanalysis and Ongoing History. A Letter." Mimeo., Oct. 1962.
23. Evers, Hans-Dieter. Reprints.
24. Ezrahi, Yaron. "The Political Resources of Science." Typescript, photocopy, 1969.
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Box 12

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Reinhard Bendix Papers
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Series 6: Miscellaneous Materials, Notes

Box 13

1. Academic Freedom. University of California Loyalty Oath controversy, 1949-1952.
2. Academic Freedom. University of Colorado (Henry Ehrmann), 1952.
3. Academic Freedom. Clippings, printed materials.
4. American Association for a Democratic Germany, 1940s.
5. Anspach, Ralph. Research notes on German Industrialism.
6. Belief in Science. Notes.
7. Book notes, 1940s.
8. Book notes, miscellaneous.
9-10. Bureaucracy. Book excerpts, notes and summaries, bibliographies.
11. Civic, Political, and Social Rights: England. List of Acts and Laws, early 1950s.
12. Education.
13. Federal Civil Servants. Materials, notes, early 1950s.
14. India. Notes, materials, 1961-1962.
15. India. Election 1962. Clippings from The Statesman.
16. Japan. Notes, 1962.
17. Karl Marx and Marxism.
18. Kisch, Herbert. Book notes on German industrialism.

Box 14

1. Linz, Juan. Book notes.
2. Max Weber. Notes, materials.
3. Party Activists in East Germany, 1953-1954.
4. Schran, Peter. Materials on German entrepreneurs.
5. Universities in Crisis. Clippings, 1960s.
6. University of California, Berkeley. Study Commission on University Governance, 1967-1968.
7. University of California, Berkeley. Committee on Rights to Intellectual Property, 1981-1982.
8. Miscellaneous publications.

Reinhard Bendix Papers
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Series 7: Pamphlet Collection

Box 14 (continued)

9. Education for War: How a year of war has affected the American college and what more may happen (1942).
10. Ferment in Education: How and toward what shall we train American youth? First in a series on U.S. education (1943).
11. Problems and Opportunities of the Large University. Proceedings of the University of California Fifth All-University Faculty Conference. Davis Campus, April 27, 28, 29, 1950.
12. Understanding the Communists. Four Essays for the Liberal-Minded from Commentary (Mar. 1952).
13. The University as It Enters Its Second Century. Proceedings of the University of California Twenty-third All-University Faculty Conference. March 19-21, 1968.
14. Abrams, Frank W. The State of Business in American Education (undated).
15. The All-Campus Committee Opposing the Broyles Bills and the Broyles Investigation. The Great Investigation (1949).
16. Almond, Gabriel A. How Many Anti-Nazi Germans? (1946).
17. Alumni Associations of the University of California. To Bring You the Facts... (Aug. 1950).
18. American Association for a Democratic Germany. A Program for a Democratic Germany (1944).
19. American Association for a Democratic Germany. They Fought Hitler First (May 1945).
20. Blunschy-Steiner, Elisabeth. The Role of Swiss Women in Politics (July 1971).
21. Brooks, Harvey. Can Science Be Planned? (1967).
22. Carnegie Corporation of New York. Are Graduate Schools Slighting a Major Function? (Jan. 1960).
23. Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Benevolent Despotism of Academia (Spring 1968).
24. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The University at the Service of Society (July 1967).
25. Committee on Psychiatry in Industry of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. The Application of Psychiatry to Industry (July 1951).
26. Committee on Social Issues of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. The Social Responsibility of Psychiatry. A Statement of Orientation (July 1950).
27. Common Cause. Open Up the System. A Common Cause Manual for the 1972 Congressional Elections (Oct. 1972).
28. Eastland, James O. The Supreme Court's "Modern Scientific Authorities" in the Segregation Cases (1955).
29. Fetscher, Iring. Gesichtspunkte zur Kritik der Sowjetideologie. Ein Gespräch (1961).
30. Fox, Renée C. A Sociological Perspective on Organ Transplantation and Hemodialysis (1970).
31. Friedman, Milton. Adam Smith's Relevance for 1976 (Dec. 1976).
32. Harrison, Selig S. The Challenge to Indian Nationalism (July 1956).
33. Harvard University Program on Technology and Science. Implications of Biomedical Technology (1968).
34. Herring, Pendleton. On Science and the Polity (Mar. 1961).
35. Hook, Sidney. Heresy, yes – Conspiracy, no! (circa 1952).
36. The Institute for the Future. The Institute for the Future. A Brief Description (Sept. 1969).
37. Kellermann, Henry J. The Present Status of German Youth (1946).
38. Kramer, Ralph. Attitudes and Action in Mental Hygiene (Spring 1953).
39. Lorwin, Val R. Working-Class Politics and Economic Development in Western Europe (Jan. 1958).
40. Mampel, Siegfried. Volkssouveränität und die Bildung der Volksvertretungen in der SBZ (1958).
41. Maquet, Jacques J. Some Anthropological Contributions to the Sociology of Knowledge (circa 1958).
42. Minshull, Ruth. What is Scientology? (undated).
43. Moreno, J. L. The Function of a "Department of Human Relations" Within the Structure of the Government of the United States (Mar. 9, 1951).
44. National Association of Manufacturers. What Bureaucracy Means to You (1945).
45. Noyes, Alfred. The Edge of the Abyss (1942).
46. Osborn, Frederick. This Crowded World (1960).
47. Pestalozzi, Regula. The Status of Swiss Women, 1973.
48. Pifer, Alan (Carnegie Corporation of New York). Revitalizing the charitable deduction (1972).
49. Pifer, Alan (Carnegie Corporation of New York). The Quasi Nongovernmental Organization (1967).
50. Price, James L. Annotated Bibliography of Federal Government Publications Presenting Data About Organizations (Mar. 1967).
51. Schmelzer, Horst. Das soziale Ansehen von Naturwissenschaft, Technik und Ingenieurberuf in der Gegenwartsgesellschaft (Mar. 1968).
52. The Society of Science and Man. An Afternoon with Professor Oppenheimer (Dec. 1960).
53. The Society of Science and Man. Symposium: Scientists and Society (June 1960).
54. Strauss, George. The Shifting Power Balance in the Plant (1962).
55. Terao, Takuma. Outline of Birth Control Movement in Japan with Some Remarks on the Controversial Points (1959).
56. U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Current Population Reports. Population Characteristics (Feb. 4, 1960).
57. United States Senate, Committee on the Judiciary. Subversive Influence in the Educational Process (July 17, 1953).
58. University of California, Berkeley. The Culture of the University: Governance and Education. Report of the Study Commission on University Governance (Jan. 15, 1968).
59. Walker, Richard L. Lattimore and the IPR. An Inquiry into the 'Objectivity' of Our Far East Experts (Mar. 31, 1952).
60. Wallerstein, James S. and Clement J. Wyle. Our Law-Abiding Law-Breakers (Apr. 1947).
61. Weber, Max. Kapitalismus und Agrarverfassung (1952).
62. Wilensky, Harold L. The 'New Corporatism', Centralization and the Welfare State (1976).
63. Wilensky, Harold L. The Uneven Distribution of Leisure: The Impact of Economic Growth on 'Free Time' (1961).
64. Zetterberg, Hans L. The United States Summed Up By Browsing In a Sociological Almanac (1961).

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