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Series Description

Box and Folder List

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Series Description

The Erich Kahler Collection is divided into nine (9) series, as follows:

Series 1: Correspondence

Series 2: Diaries and notebooks

Series 3: Manuscripts by Kahler

Series 4: Printed materials by Kahler

Series 5: Printed materials about Kahler and miscellaneous biographical materials

Series 6: Reviews of Kahler's works

Series 7: Manuscripts by others

Series 8: Offprint collection

Series 9: Materials collections and miscellany

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Box and Folder List

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Box 1:

Series 1: A. Kahler's personal correspondence (arranged alphabetically by correspondent) contains circa 2100 letters, cards, etc. to Kahler, and circa 135 letters, drafts of letters, etc. by Kahler. (Unless otherwise indicated, the following list represents letters to Kahler.)

A - miscellaneous correspondence. 8 L.

Adam,  Friedrich. 2 L. 1965. Also draft of 1 L. from Kahler - 1965.

Alewyn, Nelly. 1 L. 1940.

Alewyn, Richard. 1 L. 1952.

Anders, Günther. 5 L. 1947-1952.

Aschaffenburg, Karl. 1 L., 1 card. 1951, undated.

B - miscellaneous correspondence. 23 L.

Bab, Julius. 1 L. 1945.

Barfoed, Niels. 1 L.1960.

Baxter, Charles. 29 L., 3 cards. 1934-1966.

Beer-Hofmann (Lens), Mirjam. 22 L., 2 cards. 1923-1965.

Beer-Hofmann, Naemah. 4. L., 3 cards.

Beer-Hofmann, Richard. 2 L. 1935,1936.

Benton, Jose Antonio. 5 L. 1947-1949.

Berendsohn, Walter. 2 L. 1947.

Bermann-Fischer, Gottfried. 16 L., 2 cards. 1937-1967. 2 L., drafts of 2 L. from Kahler. 1940, 1941.

Bernhardt, Kate. 3 cards.

Bethe, Hans A. 2 L. 1950. Also copy of "The Hydrogen Bomb." Mimeo. with h. notes and underlinings by Kahler. 20p. 1 L. to Bethe from Kahler. 1950.

Bethe, Rose (Mrs. Hans A.). 8 L., 3 cards. 1947-1968.

Block, Victor. 4 L., 1 card. 1957-1966.

Blum, Emil. 5 L. 1952-1957 and undated.

Blumenfeld, Hans (City Planning Commission). 2 form L., newsletter.

Bohm, David. 6 L. 1967 and undated.

Borgese, Elisabeth Mann. 61 L., 7 cards. 1942-1968. Draft of L. from Kahler. 1965.

Borgese, G. A. 2 L. 1940. 2 L. from Kahler. 1940.

Borries, Achim von. 4 L., 1 Ptc. 1961-1965.

Bothmer, Bernhard von. 2 L. 1944, 1949.

Boyle, Kay. 25 L, 4 cards. 1965-1968.

Brantl, George (Braziller). 1 L. 1968.

Braun, Nancy. 2 L. 1936.

Brentano, Bernard von. Transcriptions of correspondence between Kahler and Brentano. 1937.

Brinckmann, Elsa. 79 L., 14 Ptc. 1936-1970.

Brinkmann, Richard. 2 L. 1957. 1 L from Kahler. 1957.

Broch, Hermann. 1 L. 1940.

Brüning, Heinrich. 1 L. 1946.

Burckhardt, S. 3 L., 1 card. 1963-1966 and undated. Also 1 L. from Peggy Burckhardt. 1967.

C - miscellaneous correspondence. 11 L., 2 cards.

Canetti, Elias. 1 L. 1965.

Cohn, Fritz. 4 L. 1952-1953.

Collin, Ernst. 1 L. 1952.

Collin, G. Pohl. 3 L. 1952.

Curtius, Klaus. 1 L. 1967. Enclosures.

Curtius, Ludwig. 1 L., l Ptc. 1948, 1949.

D - miscellaneous correspondence. 6 L.

David, Claude. 4 L. 1962-1964, undated. L. from Kahler. 1962.

Dehn, Georg (Jorge). 9 L. 1949-1966.

Domin, Hilde. 3 L. 1964-1966.

Dreier, Theodore. 2 L. 1946-1947. 1 L. from Kahler. 1946.

E - miscellaneous correspondence. 11 L.

Eckelberry, R. H. (Journal of Higher Education). 1 L. 1958. 1 L. from Kahler 1958.

Editor of the New York Times. 1 L. 1954.

Einstein, Albert. 2 L. 1950, 1943.

Einstein, Alfred. 1 L. 1939.

Einstein, Margot. 1 L. 1964.

Elliott, Bob and Mary. 2 L. 1967, 1968.

Epler, Hermann. 11 L. 1939-1953.

Erffa, Martha Agnes Frfr. v. 12 L. 1960-1963. Numerous enclosures.

Eulenberg, Adelheid. 20 L., 4 cards. 1964-1968.

Exner Richard. 5 L. 1961-1965. Enclosures.

F - miscellaneous correspondence. 7 L.

Falk, Richard. 6 L. 1960, 1965.

Ficken, Ludwig von. 1 L. 1965. Also 5 L. about Ficken.

Fles, Barthold. 3 L. 1939. Also 1 L. to Thomas Mann. 1939.

Franck, James. 1 L. 1956.

Frank, Joseph. 1 L., 1 Ptc. 1967, undated.

Fried, Erich. 2 L. 1966, undated.

Fried, John. 12 L. 1940-1970.

Frisch, Ephraim. 5 L. 1940-1941.

Frisch, Irma. 3 L. 1939.

Fromm, Erich. 5 L. 1963.

G - miscellaneous correspondence. 14 L.

Gauss, Christian. 2 L. 1949. (photocopies)

George, Stefan. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1927.

Ginsberg, Ernst. 3 L. 1939.

Glaser, Curt. 4 L., 1 Ptc. 1939-1940, 1949.

Glatzer, Nahum Norbert. 2 L. 1964, 1967.

Goldsmith, Ulrich. 2 L. 1950, 1951.

Goldstein, Kurt. 2 L. 1953, undated.

Gothein, Werner. 25 L., 1 Ptc. 1938-1960.

Greenberg, Clement. 1 L. 1951.

Grunewald, Max. 1 L. 1964.

Guedalla, Roger. 2 L. 1963.

Guillen, Claudio. 1 L. 1966.

Guillen, Jorge. 2 L. 1948, 1965.

H - miscellaneous correspondence. 28 L.

Haas, Willy. 2 L. 1933.

Hamburger, Max. 7 L. 1949. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1949.

Hamburger, Michael. 6 L. 1963-1969.

Hartmann, Heinz. 1 L. 1965.

Hecht, Maria. 3 L. 1933, 1960, 1965.

Herzog, Anna. 15 L.

Hiller, Robert L. 1 L. 1966.

Hillmann, Heidi and Mickey. 3 L., 1 card. 1963-1964 and undated.

Hirsch, Rudolf. 6 L. 1963-1964.

Hösle, Johannes (Deutsche Bibliothek, Mailand). 4 L. 1963.

Ilma, Viola. 1 L.

J - miscellaneous correspondence. 5 L.

Jacob, Heinrich Eduard. 1 L. 1954.

Jehouda, Josue. (La Revue Juive). 4 L. 1936.

Jessner, Lucie. 4 L. 1949-1951, 1960. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1960.

Johann, Ernst. 6 L. 1963. 2 L. from Erich Kahler. 1963.

Johnson, Alvin. 2 L. 1943, 1963.

Jonas, Klaus. 3L. 1952-1953.

K - miscellaneous correspondence. 34 L., 4 cards.

Kahler family correspondence. 16 L., 2 Ptc. 1939-1967.

Kahler, Antoinette. circa 65 L. 1941-1950.

Kalser, E. 1 L. 1939.

Kasack, Hermann. 2 L. 1954, 1957. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1957.

Kaskell, Joseph. 1 L. 1945.

Kauder, Hugo and Helene. 4 L., 1 Ptc. 1949-1950.

Kesten, Hermann. 2 L. 1940 (xerox), 1964. 2 L. from Erich Kahler. 1940 (xerox), 1963.

Kiel, Anna. 1 L. 196B.

Kisch, Guido. 1 L. 1966. 1 L. from Erich.Kahler. 1962.

Koebner, Thomas. 9 L. 1964-1967. Draft of 1 L. from Erich Kahler.

Kraus, Gerry. 2 L. 1948.

Krieger, Arnold. 3 L. 1952, 1959.

Kuepper, Helmut. 1 L. 1952. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1953.

Küpper, Ursula. 51 L., 1 card. 1964-1967.

L - miscellaneous correspondence. 19 L.

Landauer, Richard (Delphin-Verlag). 27 L. 1933. (Concerns publication of Kahler's Israel unter den Vökern.)

Lange, Victor. 17 L., 3 Ptc. 1947-1969. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1947.

Lederer, Gertrude. 14 L., 1 Ptc. 1940-1967.

Lewin, Wera. 3 L. 1957, 1964. 1 L. from Kahler. 1957.

Liebert, Arthur. 2 L. 1937. 1 L. from Kahler. 1937.

Lion, Ferdinand. 7 L. 1937.

Loewenthal, Rudolf. 4 L. 1951-1954.

Lowinsky, Edward. 11 L. 1945-1960.

Luschnat, David. 2 L. 1951, 1955. Enclosures.

Lutz, A. 5 L. 1947-1949.

M - miscellaneous correspondence. 15 L., 3 cards.

Maass, Joachim. l L. 1945.

Mainland, W. F. 1 L. 1965.

Mann, Golo. 3 L. 1940, 1944 (xerox).

Mann, Klaus. 1 L. 1937.

Mann, Thomas. 1 L. (transcription). 1935.

Marcusy, Lela. 1 L.

Marcusy, Lotte. 3 L.

May, Rollo. 2 L. 1959, 1960. Draft of 1 L. from Kahler. 1960.

McCormick, Ken. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1966.

Meisel, James H. 1 L. 1958.

Merwin, Bill. 2 L. 1967.

Mommsen, Theodor. 3 L. 1955-1956.

Monas, Sidney. 3 L. 1962-1968.

Moos, Walter (Vereinigung für soziale und kulturelle Arbeit im Judentum)3 L. 1937.

Morgenstern, Oskar. 1 Ptc. Undated.

Morrison, Phil. 4 Ptc. 1959-1968.

M&auumlller-Seidel, Walter. 7 L. 1954-1956, 1963. 1 L. from Erich Kahler. 1954.

Musil, Robert. 1 L. (xerox). 1939.

Robert-Musil-Archiv. 1 L. 1934. 1 L. from Kahler. 1968.

N, 0 - miscellaneous correspondence. 3 L.

Natanson, Maurice. 1 L. 1960. 1 L. from Kahler. 1960.

Newton, Caroline. 1 L. 1960.

Nikisch, Martin. 2 L. 1967, 1968. 1 L. from Kahler. 1968.

Norden, Ruth. 2 L. 1951, undated.

Oppenheimer, Robert (Institute for Advanced Studies). 3 L. 1948. 3 L. from Kahler. 1948.

Oprecht, Emmie. 10 L. 1948-1958.

Osterle, Heinz D. 2 L. 1964, 1966.

P - miscellaneous correspondence. 11 L., 2 cards.

Paakkanen, Eila. 2 L 1967.

Paetel, Karl 0. 4 L. 1945, 1949, undated.

Pannwitz, Rudolf. 8 L., 1 card. 1936-1938, 1946.

Panofsky, Erwin. 1 L. 1958.

Pauli, Wolfgang (and Franca). 11 L., 6 Ptc. 1949-1966. 1 L. from Kahler to Franca Pauli. 1962. Added: Photocopy of letter to Kahler, 1952; copy of telegram to Pauli; copy of periodical with note on Kahler by Pauli.

Peacock, R. 2 L. 1959, 1965.

Pearce, Roy Harvey. 28 L. 1957-1968. 4 L. from Kahler. 1957-1958.

Phillips, John. 45 L., 2 cards. 1948-1964.

Picard, Michael. 18 L., 2 Ptc. 1940-1966.

Plessner, Alexander. 4 L. 1963-1964.

Podewils, Clemens. 2 L. 1964, 1966.

Polak, Ernst. 3 L. 1938.

Politzer, Heinz. 2 L. 1948, 1951.

Preetorius, Emil. 6 L. Undated.

R - miscellaneous correspondence. 25 L.

Read, Herbert. 2 L. 1951.

Reichmann, Maria. 10 L. 1940-1956, 1967.

Reif (Rowe), Naomi and Paula. 14 L. and cards. 1954-1967.

Reinhardt, Delia. 1 L. from Kahler.

Richter, Fridel (Mrs. Hans Werner). 1 L., 2 Ptc. 1964 and undated.

Richter, Hans Werner. 1 L. 1964.

Rosenfeld, Hans. 4 L. 1945-1948.

Ruben, Margot. 2 L. 1958.

Rukser, Udo. 11 L. 1944-1966. 2 L. from Kahler. 1946, 1947.

S - miscellaneous correspondence. 74 L.

Sahl, Hans. 3 L. 1941, 1944, 1952.

Saiko, George. 5 L. 1951-1952.

Salin, Edgar. 7 L. 1964-1966, 1947-1948.

Salz, Beate. 12 L., 10 cards. 1946-1966. 1 L. from Kahler. Undated.

Salz, Soscha. 5 L. 1956-1958.

Sartorius, Klara. 13 L., 3 cards. 1939-1948.

Sauerlander, Wolfgang. 3 L. 1941-1942.

Box 2

Schampenberg (Wellmann), Margot. 2 Ptc. 1965.

Schiffer, Walter and Helene. 11 L. 1944-1948.

Schirokauer, Arno. 1 L. 1952. 1 L. from Alice Loewy on behalf of Erich Kahler.

Schlösser, Manfred (Agora Verlag). 13 L., l.card. 1942-1965. Also 1 L. from Hans-Rolf Ropertz. 1960.

 Schnitzler, Heinrich. 3 L. 1940.

Schnitzler, Olga. l L. 1962.

Scholem, Gerhard. 1 L. 1964.

Schöwiese, Ernst. 10 L. 1946-1955.

Schroers, Rolf. 7 L. 1957-1960.

Schwarzschild, Leopold (Das neue Tage-Buch). 1 L. 3 L. from Kahler. Also transcriptions of 7 L. 1937-1938.

Schwerin, Christoph. 2 L. 1962.

Seelig, Carl. 3 L. 1952.

Seidenberg, Roderick. 6 L. 1957-1958. Also L. from Sigmund Freud to Seidenberg, as well as Seidenberg's reply. 1931.

Seidlin, Oskar. 13 L. 1 Ptc. 1955-1958. 3 L. from Kahler. 1955, 1957.

Serkin, Rudolf. 1 L. 1945.

Sessions, Roger. 5 L. l Ptc. 1945, 1947-1948, undated.

Sewell, Elizabeth. 5 L. 1956-1960.

Shahn, Bernarda. 4 L. 1950, 1956, and undated.

Snyder, Sarah. 2 L. 1965-1966.

Sobotka, Hans. 2 L. 1940, 1941.

Sobotka, Valentin and Franya. 30 L., 2 Ptc. 1940-1967.

Speier, Hans. 3 L. 1939-1940.

Sperling, Bob. 3 L. 1960.

Stafford, Jack. 1 L. 1 Ptc 1962.

Staudinger, Hans. 1 L. from Kahler. 1948. Also 1 L. from Staudinger to Mr. Schabert. 1948.

Steiner George. 2 L. 1959. 2 L. from Kahler. 1959, 1970.

Steiner, Herbert. 5 L., 1 Ptc. 1940-1953.

Sterba, Richard. 8 L., 3 cards. 1943, 1949-1967.

Sterba, Verena. 1 L.

Stern, Fritz. 2 L. 1952-1953.

Sternfeld, Wilhelm. 3 L. 1957. 1 L. from Kahler. 1957.

Stillmann, Ernst. 2 L. 1931.

Straus, Erwin. 1 L. 1946.

Sulger, Kurt Armand. 16 L. 1948-1952.

Szekely, Gustav. 5 L. 1965-1966.

T, U - miscellaneous correspondence. 22 L.

Taylor, Harold. 3 L. 1960.

Theile, Albert. 12 L., 1 Ptc. 1947-1948.

Trebitsch, Siegfried. 1 L. 1953.

Ullmann, Regina. 1 L. (xerox). 1926.

Untermeyer, Jean Starr. 9 L., 1 Ptc. 1948-1962.

Urzidil, Johannes. 2 L. 1951, 1968 (xerox).

V, W - miscellaneous correspondence. 37 L.

van Fossen, Theodore. 7 L. and Ptc.

Vietta, Egon. 2 L.1948.

Vordtriede, Werner. 7 L. 1966-1967.

Waard, Be de. 78 L. 1945-1954.

Waehner, Trude. 41 L. 1939-1955.

Waldinger, Ernst. 8 L. 1952-1966.

Walter, Bruno. 1 note. 1946.

Walters, Dean Everett. 3 L. 1958. 3 L. from Kahler. 1958.

Weber, Dr. Kahler's last letter, dated May 22, 1970.

Wedekind, Kadidja. 4 L. 1 Ptc. 1948-1949, 1957.

Weigand, Hermann J. 5 L. 1946-1965.

Weisinger, Herbert. 8 L. 1950-1968.

Weitz, Morris. 4 L. 1958.

Welt, Elizabeth. 12 L., 1 Ptc. 1952-1956.

Weltsch, Robert. 2 L. from Kahler. Also 1 L. from Kurt Loewenstein to Kahler concerning a Robert Weltsch Festschrift, and 1 form L.

Wendt, H. 2 L. 1965. 1 L. from Kahler. 1965.

Wetzoldt, Lili. 8 L. 1947-1968.

Winston, Richard. 3 L. 1966. 1 L. from Kahler. 1966.

Winter, Anne. 7 L., 1 Ptc. 1950-1953.

Wolff, Eleanor. 41 L. 1940-1966.

Wolff, Kurt. 42 L., 3 Ptc. 1942-1963. 2 L. from Kurt Wolff. 1944.

Wolff, Helene. 7 L., 1952-1966.

Wolff, Kurt H. 19 L., 1 Ptc. 1950-1967. 1 L. from Kahler. 1962.

Wonderly, Wayne. 3 L, 1957. Drafts of 3 L. from Kahler.1957.

Worringer, Marta and Wilhelm. 14 L., 3 Ptc. 1947-1965.

Wyatt, Frederick. 1 L. 1954. 1 L. from Kahler. 1954.

X), Y, Z - miscellaneous correspondence. 3 L.

Zimmer, Christiane. 1 L. Undated.

Zoff, 0tto. 1 L. 1944.

Zuckerkandl, Gertrud. 3 L. 1965, undated.
1 L. from Kahler. 1965.

Zuckerkandl, Mimi. 4 L.

Zuckerkandl, Victor. 31 L. 1937-1965 and undated.
53 L. and 1 Ptc. from Kahler to Zuckerkandl. 1939-1965.

Zuckmayer, Carl. 1 L. 1957.

Series I: B. Correspondence with publishers, magazines, etc. circa 400 L. Includes both L. to and some by Kahler.

American Scholar. 30 L. 1940-1945.

Commentary. 7 L. 1946-1951.

Cornell University Press. 3 L. 1948.

S. Fischer Verlag. 87 L. 1948-1968 (primarily with: Rudolf Hirsch, Hans, Jurgensmeyer, Christoph Schwerin). Also 9 L. from Kahler to various persons.

Georg Bondi Verlag. Receipts.

Goverts Verlag. 3 L. 1949.

Jonathan Cape Ltd., Publishers. 20 L. 1958-1961 (Includes 3 L. from Jonathan Cape). 9 L. from Kahler. Also various receipts, bills, etc. concerning The Tower and the Abyss, 6 Cape catalogs.

Koehler Verlag. 1 L. 1952. 1 L. from Kahler. 1952.

Kohlhammer Verlag (Oskar Rühle). 12 L. 1951-1954-2 L. from Kahler. 1951,1954.

Menorah: School, Journal, Club. circa 40 L. 1940-1943.

Merkur (Hans Paeschke). 78 L. 1948-1968. 10 L. from Kahler. 1948-1964.

Pantheon Books. Financial statements. circa 30 items.

Princeton University Press (Miriam Brokaw). 8 L. 1955, 1961. 2 L. from Kahler. 1961.

Rowohlt Verlag. 5 L. 1953.

Saturday Review of Literature. 11 L. 1940-1957.

Social Research. 17 L. 1940-1944.

Twice A Year. 13 L. 1938-1939.

Miscellaneous correspondence with publishers. circa 20 items.

Series I: circa correspondence arranged according to topics. circa 975 L. to and from Kahler.

American Committee for Cultural Freedom. 5 L. 1954.

"Artikel." miscellaneous correspondence concerning articles submitted- by Kahler to various places. 42 L. 1940's.

Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. 9 L. 1950-1951.

"Besprechungen." Correspondence concerning reviews by Kahler. 10 L.

"Briefe aus Europa." Transcripts of L. by: Kurt Wolff, Ernst Jünger, George Kahler, Walter Perl, Karl Jaspers.

College of the City of New York, Verein Deutscher Lehrer. 20 L. 1940's.

Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung. Rundschreiben. 1957-1958.

Fulbright fellowship, University of Manchester. Correspondence, 1952. Includes 3 L. from Kahler to Ronald Peacock, 12 L. from Peacock to Kahler, as well as 8 L. or drafts of L. from Kahler and 11 L. to Kahler from various other persons Also some miscellaneous materials concerning the fellowship.

Jewish Organizations. 46 L., various enclosures, brochures.

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. 10 L. 1950-1951.

"Konferenzen-Seminare." circa 10 items.

N.Y.S. Association of European Historians. 2 L. 1954.

Recommendations. circa 180 L. by Kahler, circa 100 L. to Kahler. Also numerous enclosures: forms, resumes, project outlines, etc.

Box 3

Students. Correspondence. 30 L.

Teaching positions. 10 L. 1940-1944.

Translations. Correspondence concerning translations done by Kahler. 4 L.

Universities and institutes. Correspondence, primarily concerning lecture engagements. 1943-1966. circa 190 L. to Kahler. circa 70 L. by Kahler.

World Federalists. 4 L. 1949.

70th birthday congratulations. 6 L. 1955.

Ca. 175 condolence L., and cards to Lily Kahler. 1970.

Kahler, Alice Loewy. Correspondence. 18 L.

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Box and Folder List

Series 2: Diaries and notebooks


7. Mai 1913 - 10. Mai 1913. A. 3p. Inserted notes. A. 4p.

Nov. 22, 1912 ? Jan. 20, 1913. A. 82p. Inserted: 8 Ptc.

April 2, 1911 ? Sept. 21, 1911. A. 91p. Ptc. inserted.

1. Jan. 1910 31. März 1911. A. 162p.

10. Okt. 1906 - 14. Feb. 1907. A. 62p. Numerous inserted note pages and cl.


"Florenz 1914." A. 22p. Inserted notes. A. 4p.

"Gültige Gedicht?Correcturen." 1 p. in notebook. A. Inserts. A. 5P.

"Johannsen. Experimentelle Grundlagen d. Descendenzlehre etc." A. 18p.

"Gestern, Heut und Morgen." With the comment: "Begonnen 1912." A.14p.

Quotations (many from Burckhardt), notations, etc. Loose p. T. 120p.

"Die Methoden der geistigen Weltbeherrschung. (Die Arten der geistigen Weltheherrschung)." With the comment: "Begonnen Juni 1911." A. 5p. "Kulturgeographie (Geistesgeographie). Geschichte des Menschen." Notebook, with the comment "Begonnen 1910." A. 144p. Inserts and cl 19P.

"Grund&aoumltze (Plan Fr&uuumlhjahr 1912)." With the comment: "Begonnen, Februar 1916." A. 2p. Inserted notes. A. 10P.

2 small, Notebooks, several inserted p. Ring Binder Note pad in floral folder

Quotations, notations, cl. Loose p. T. and A. circa 250p.

Black composition notebook with drafts of important correspondence, including Friedrich Gundolf, Kurt Hildebrandt. 1920?1923. circa 100p. plus inserts.

"Sonette 1905/16." Pergament notebook. A. 8p. + 3p. inserts.

"Die reinen Zeichen. Feuer unter dem Boden. Black notebook, 1905?1908. Poems and prose excerpts. A. 22p. + 2p. inserts.

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Box and Folder List

Series 3: Manuscripts by Kahler, including related materials and correspondence. Box 4

Short autobiographical statement, written for Twice A Year (1939-1940), as an introduction to a shortened essay about the German character. T. with h. corr. 2p.

"Abdankung des Sozialismus und Niedergang des Kapitalismus." T. with h. corr. 18p.

"Alte Notizen zur Philosophie und Wissenschaft." A. Includes: "Philosophie + Wissenschaft." 1917. "Der geistige Stand. I. Theil: die menschliche Forderung." 1915/16. "Der geistige Stand. III. Theil: die philosophische Forderung." 1915/16. "Detail zum weltgeschichtlichen Gang. Charaktere der Vö1ker- nebeneinander."

Anti-semitism lecture notes. Columbia University, 1945. Small brown, notebook. A. circa 30pi

"Art and History." 1954. English version. T. cc. 13p. "Das Kunstwerk und die Geschichte." 1953. German version for Emil Preetorius Festschrift. T. cc. 13p.

"The articles of two eminent Zionist leaders.... " Untitled Ms. on Weizmann and Magnes. T. with some h. corr. 8p.

"Banking and Mining." T. with numerous h. corr. 24p. plus lp. notes.

"Bilingualism." German version. Originally appeared in French in Almanach 1961 of the Paris book dealer Flinker. T. 3p.

"Bilingualism and the Problems of Translation." English tr. for Francis Ferguson Festschrift: The Rarer Action (Rutgers, University, 1970). T. 5p.

Bollingen Foundation proposal: "Outline of the Project: Evolution and Transformation of Human Consciousness." A. 8p. Another circa T. 5p German version. T.pc. 2c. 4p.ea. Notes. A. llp. Biographical statement and list of publications to accompany application to Bollingen Foundation. T. 2p. Correspondence concerning application to Bollingen Foundation. 1947. 6 L.

Broch [Hermann] lecture. Various versions. A. circa 75p. Broch lecture for Osterreichische Rundfunk. T. 10p. Discussions of Broch's Tod des Vergil. T. 4p. Another version for Norddeutscher Ri1ndfunk, April 1958. T. 4p. Statement about Broch. T.cc. 2p.

"Collective Individualists." T. 3p. Another circa T. 2p.

"The Common Enemy." originally written for a Lewis Mumford Festschrift, 1969. Never pub. T. cc. 8p.

"The Concept of Simultaneity Among Austro-Hungarian Thinkers 1880-1930." T., presumably by Kahler. 6p.

"Crisis of the individual." Lectures held at Black Mountain College, 1946-1947. (Later became The Tower and the Abyss.) A. Later version. A. 20p. Another version. A. 23p. Notes. A. 4p.

"Culture." Course notes. Kahler seminar, Ohio State University, 1959. A. circa 200p. Includes bibliography. Background materials for Kahler seminar. 1 F.

"Culture II." Notes. A. 26p.

"Culture III." Ms. A. and T. 27p. Also notes. 4p.

"Culture, and Evolution." Colloquium at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1960. Original Ms. A. 54p. Later version. T. with numerous h. corr. 30p. Another circa with some corr. Also summary of talk. T. 3p. Notes, several cl. Correspondence concerning Kahler's talk at Albert Einstein College. 8 L. by Kahler, 13 L. to Kahler. 1960. Also 5 L. concerning Kahler's attempts to have paper published.

"Debate on Freudianism." Wayne State University, March 15, 1961." A. 26p. Another version. T. 15p. Notes. circa 20p. (see also: Sterba, Richard. "Is Freudianism an adequate solution for our individual and collective ills?")

"Democracy Today and Tomorrow." Pc. of T. 42p. "Introductory Remarks." Dated Dec. 2, 1965. T.cc. with numerous h. corr. 4p. "Summary." Dated Dec. 17, 1965. Pc. of T. 6p.

"Denkschrift zur Begründung einer akademischen Brüdderschaft (Orden, Congregation). 1. Fassung: Das Alte." A. 22p. "I. Fassung: Das Neue." A. 12p. "Gefühl des Lebens." A. 6p. plus notes. Notes A. circa 25p.

"Doctor Faustus from Adam to Sartre." T.cc. 36p.

"Einstein the Man. (on the occasion of his 75th birthday)."'T. with h. corr. 5p. Also original h. version. 9 p.

"The Epochal Innovations in Hermann Broch's Narrative." T.cc. with numerous h. corr. English tr. by Gisela Bahr. 10p.

Ford Foundation proposal. T. 3p. Also various h. version. circa 15p.

"Foreign Policy Today." Dated Aspen, August 12, 1950. T. with some h., corr. 20p. 2 cc. Also correspondence concerning essay.

"Form und Entformung." A. 55p. Another circa T. 33p. Later revised version. T.cc. and A. circa 70p. materials used by Kahler. Cl., notes, etc.

"Forms and Features of Anti-Judaism." T.cc. 48p. Another version [1939] T. with numerous h. corr. 7p. "A Note on Erich Kahler's Forms and Features of Anti-Judaism." Author unknown. T.cc. 16p. Correspondence. 12 L., including 1 L. ea. from: Alfred Einstein, Heinrich Schnitzler. 1940.

"Fortdauer des Mythos." T. and A. 23p. Notes. Original Ms. A. 16p. "Indelibility of Myth." English version. A. 28p. T. version. T with some h. corr. 12p.

The Germans. Original introduction. 1939-1940. T.cc. 9p.

"Introduction." A. 18p. T. with h. corr. 6p. Corrected version. T. 7p. Notes.
"Chapter One: The Abnormality of Germany." First version. A. 22p. Second version. 2c. T. with corr. 9p. Also T. with h. corr. (inserts). l3p. Third (final) version. 2c. T. 13p. Notes. A. 7p.
"Chapter Two: The Confrontation. 1. The Roman Empire." First version. A. 28p. T. version. 2c. 14p. ea.
"Ch.2. P.2. Germanic Tribes." First version. A. 71p. Partial typed version. 9p.
"Chapter III: The early Frankish Kingdom." Lecture notes. A. 22 p7. Odd Ms. p. T.
"Chapter IV: Charlemagne." Lecture notes. A. 23p.'
"Chapter V: The Formation of the Feudal System." Lecture notes. 26p. plus 3p.
"Chapter VI: The Development of the French Nation." Lecture notes. A. 31p.
"Chapter VII: Imperium et Sacerdotium." Lecture notes. A. 37p. Miscellaneous Ms. p. T. with h. corr. 9p.
"Chapter VIII: The Incomplete Feudalism in Germany and its Disintegration." Lecture notes. A. 23p.
"Chapter IX: The Great Transformation: Territorial States." Lecture notes. A. 27p.
"Chapter 10: The Territorial States and the 'Estates'." Lecture notes. A. 27p. T. version. 12p.
"Chapter 11: The Peculiar Origin of the German Cities." Lecture notes. A. 26p. T. Ms. P. 6p.
"Chapter Twelve: The Rise of the German City." Lecture notes. A. 30p.
"Chapter Thirteen: The Innovations of the German Inland cities." Lecture notes. A. 32p. Misc. Ms. p. T. 10p.
Correspondence and other materials concerning the posthumous publication of The Germans. circa 10 items.

"Germany and the Western World." A. 37p. Plus notes. Materials, used by Kahler. Cl., several periodical issues.

Box 5

"Geschichte des Menschen." Early Ms. and notes, which were to evolve into Man the Measure. Undated. circa 100p.

"Die drei Werdenformen des Menschen." 1915-1916. A. 9p.
"Die Formen menschlicher Gemeinschaft." 1915-1916. Ms. and notes. A. circa 100p.
"Geistige Einheit." 1915-1916. Ms. A. circa 40p.
"Gestalt des Lebendigen." 1915-1916. Ms. and notes. A. circa 70p. Notes, quotations, cl. 2 Folders.
"Methode überhaupt." Notes. A. and T. circa 50p.
"Entwicklung und Grundrip einer Theorie der-Geschichte." Outline. 2 circa T. and cc. with h. corr., underlinings, notations, etc. 6p. ea.
"Theory of History. Range of Problems." Proposal for Bollingen Foundation, 1947. T. cc. and A. 5p. plus biographical statement. 1p. Later version. Mimeo. 3p.
"Theory of History." Dated 1950. T. cc. with some h. corr. 65p., Outline and notes. A. 18p. Background materials used.4 cl.
"Enzwürfe für die Vorrede." 1915. A. 18p.

"Goethe Leczure." 1949. First version. A. 38p. Later version. A. 47p.

"Die griechische Denktat. Einleitung: Werden und Sein." Ms. written on both sides. A. 23p. plus notes. 1915-1916. "Der Gang des griechischen Denkens." T. with h. corr. 48p. Also cc. with h. corr. 48p. 1915-1916. "Aristotles." Slips of paper with h. notes. 1915-1916. "Platon Notizen." 1915-1916, Munich. Small slips of paper with h. notes. "Stoa + Neoplatonism. Christentum." Small slips of paper with h. notes. 1915-1916.

"Gr&ouumlsse und Tragik Stefan Georges." Lecture, Munich, Dec. 11, 1963. A. circa 40p. Another version. A. circa 50p. Also T. with h. corr. 14p.

"Hat die Geschichte einen Sinn?" Lecture. Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste,.23. Jan. 1964. T.cc. 26p. Later pub. by Kohlhammer as Der Sinn der Geschichte. Original Ms. by Martha von Erffa, later Deutsches Literaturarchiv.

"Herkunft und Sinn des modernen Romans." A. 200p. Notes. circa 50p.

"A History of the German Character." Notes, bibliography, materials.

"Höhe des Lebens für Hermann zum 1. November 1946." A. pc. 1 p.

"Hö1derlin in der deutschen Dichtung." T. 7p.

"The Hydrogen Bomb (and Professor Urey)." Also "Postscript." Dated Jan. 1950. T. 15p. 2 additional xerox circa of "Postscript." 7p.

"In reply to Dr. Carl Mayer's Anti-judaism reconsidered." T.cc. with h. corr. 2c. 14p. ea. German version. T. and cc. 7p. ea. Notes. Original German version. A. 9p.

The Inward Turn of the Narrative. "Introduction: On Consciousness." T. and cc. with h. corr. 7p. ea. Notes. A. 6p. Also correspondence concerning the book. Introduction for book jacket by Richard Winston. T.cc. 3p. Xerox circa 3p. Proofs. pc.

Israel unter den Vökern. Introduction. T.cc. 4p. Also several p. miscellaneous Ms. in "Der jüdische Charakter." Notes. A. and T. Also annotated complete c. of Israel unter den Vökern.

Untitled Ms. notes.
Correspondence. 1935-1936. circa 40 L., including Thomas Mann, Lambert Schneider, Richard Landauer, Eugen Rentsch, Max Picard.
"Jews Among the Nations." Correspondence. Includes L. from: Nahum Norbert Glatzer, Kurt H. Wolff, Kay Boyle, Meyer W. Weisgal. 1966-1968. 14 L.

"The Jews and Germany." Lecture. Leo Baeck Institute, 1963. Printed in Studies of the Leo Baeck Institute (Ungar, 1967). T. pc. with numerous h. corr. 27p.

"Das Kunstwerk und die Geschichte." A. 18p. Later version. 2c. T. and cc. 10p. ea. For Emil Preetorius Festschrift.

Lebensverwandlung des bürgerlichen Wesens." Partial Ms. p. 111-143, plus isolated Ms. p. Numerous slips of notes. 2 folders.

Man the Measure. Diagrams and notes. A. circa 25p.

"A history of the Human Quality. Introductory Remarks." T. 40p.
"Introduction. The basic problem of our time." 2c. T.cc. with h. corr. 9p. ea.
"Introduction." Numerous Ms. versions. A. and T. circa 300p.
"Physical Preliminaries." Several versions. English and German. A. and T. circa 40p.
"Kingdom of Man." T. cc. with some corr. 3c. 57p. ea. Plus several duplicate p. "Partizipation. Der primitive Mensch." T. 25p. Another version. T. and cc. 3c. 7p. ea.
"Der primitive Mensch." Ms. A. and T. 51p
"Primitive peoples." Lecture used as basis for book. T. p. 71 125. Another version. 3c. T.cc. 16p. ea. Notes. A. circa 20p.
"Oriental Kingdoms." Lecture used as basis for book. T. p. 130 178. Another 2 circa T.cc. 39p. ea. Notes. A. circa 20p.
"The Greeks." Lecture used as basis for Book. T.cc. 2 circa 12p. ea.
"Democracy." Notes. A. 10p.
"Anmerkungen." A. 15p.
Miscellaneous notes. circa 20p.
Correspondence, 1943-1944, 1951. 37 L., including: Alvin Johnson, Richard Sterba, Emil Oprecht.

"The Meaning of History." Dated 19. March 1946, Black Mountain College. T. and cc. 4c. 21p. ea. Also mimeo. version. 40p. Notes. Materials used by Kahler. Correspondence. 1964. 7 L.

Box 6

"Memorandum." Concerning Seminar on Humanistic Studies, Ohio State University, 1961. 3 circa T. and cc. with h. corr. Sp. ea. Correspondence concerning Seminar: Richard Falk (1), Roy Harvey Pearce (7), David Spitz (2). Also notes, memoranda. Mimeo. text: "Notes toward a Structural Interpretation of a Crisis-Orientation: The Case of Karl Mannheim." 24p.

Menschheitsidee und Kulturgestaltung in Vergangheit und Zukunft. Eine neue Art der Geschichtsbetrachtung. German version. T.cc. with h. cor.

"Einleitung." viii, 18p.
"Die Entstehung des Menschlichen Individuums." p. 31-129. "Weltreligion." p. 130-260.
"Die Entstehung des Menschlichen Kollektivs.' p. 261-387.
"Die Vorherrschaft der Wirrschaft und Technik." p. 496-606.
"Das Vorspiel der gropen Krise." p. 607-750 (end). Notes. 4p. Chapters missing (p. 387-495):
"Anarchy and Transcendence of the Secular World."
"Predominance of Economy and Technology: Free Economy."

"Motif and Motive. The Origins of Thomas Mann's 'Doctor,Faustust'". K Lecture. Princeton University, 1960. T. with h. corr. 27p.

"Oesterreich." A. with numerous corr. 106p.

"Oesterreich, Habsburgs." Numerous early notes, cl., materials on Austria and the Habsburgs.

Out of the Labyrinth. "Varieties of the Unconscious." Tr. by Richard Winston. Braziller, 1967. T. with h. corr. by Kahler. 58p. Miscellaneous notes by Kahler. A. and T. circa 20p. Exchange of L. with Richard Winston. 4 L. 1966.

"The Prophecy of George." T. with some h. corr. 19p. Quotes from George. Mimeo. 3p.

"Die Prosa des Expressionismus." A. 55p. Also some h. notes. Later version. 2c. T. and cc. with h. corr. 28p. ea. Also galleys. Printed in Der Deutsche Expressionismus (kleine Vandenhoek Reihe 208-5, Göttingen, 1965). Also page proofs to "Die Bedeutung des Expressionismus," Introduction to Expressionismus als Literatur. Correspondence. 1964-1965. 9 L.

"Responsibilities of the Spirit." For Thomas Mann's 75th birthday. Tr. by Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter. T. with h. corr. lp.

"Richard Beer-Hofmann. Diverse Vorträge." Notes to 3 lectures. A. circa 150p.

Scienza nuova. "Erste Ütberlegungen." Xerox circa of T. 3p.

"Short Story." Notes. 3p.

"Social and Intellectual Evolution of Germany." Original course lecture notes. Chp. 14. Dated 1951. A. 125p.

"Social Aspects of Great Individuals." Lecture outline. T.cc. 4p. 2c. "Soziologie der grossen Persönlichkeit." Lecture outline (German). T.and cc. 4p. ea. Also rough draft. A. 4p.

"Staat (Deutsche Werdensgeschichte)." Note slips. A. circa 200p. Also several cl.

Strindberg Festschrift introduction. 1947. T. 2p.

"Das Symbol." T. with introduction by Victor Lange (xerox). iv, 28p. Also English offprint of Kahler's The Nature of the Symbol.

Theory of History. Uncorrected T.cc. 65p. Also synopsis and abstracts, incomplete. A. 19p.

"Thomas Mann's 'Doktor Faustus'. Terminal Work of an Art Form and an Era." Proofs from Commentary. April 1948.

Der Tod Georgs. Introduction to new edition of Beer-Hofmann's book by S. Fischer Verlag (never published). T. pc. 17p. Also correspondence.

"Tote Zeit. Eine Studie." Dated Sept. 1907. T.cc. 15p. The Tower and the Abyss. "Drittes Kapitel: Tot~alisierung und Terror." German. T.cc. 28p. "Zweites Kapitel: Die Spaltung von Aussen." T. 31p. Another partial circa T. with numerous corr. 5p. Postscript and additions for new edition. A. 31p. Another circa T. with h. corr. pc. 15p.

"The Transformation of Modern Fiction." 2c. A. 24p. A. 23p. Another 2c. T. and cc. 13p. ea. 2 offprints from Comparative Literature, VII, No. 2 (Spring 1955).

"Transformation of the Novel." Early Ms. A. and T. 53p. Also loose p. from another version. circa 20p. Notes. Lecture text. A. 35p. Earlier version. A. 34p. Notes. Published materials.

"Die Transzendenz der Kunst." A. with numerous corr. 26p'. plus 12p. inserts. Also 2p. miscellany. T. Issue of Das Silberboot with Kahler's essay "Die Transzendenz der Kunst."

"Umriss einer neuen Universaltheorie." 1933. T. with h. corr. 63p.

"Unconscious." Lecture. Later revised and printed Out of the Labyrinth. T.cc. 25p.

"Uniqueness of German History." Lecture notes. Used as basis for The Germans. Chap. 34-end, summary. circa 325p. Also complete xerox circa Miscellaneous cl. notes, materials. 1 F.

"Untergang und Übergang des epischen Kunstforms." Correspondence. 1953-1954. 13, L. Ms. A. 85p. Later version. 3c. T. and cc. 85p. plus 5p. corr. ea.

Box 7

"Ursprung und Wandlung des Judenhasses." German text. T. 47p.

"Urteil ohne Richter." A. 16p. Another circa T. 9p.

"Die-Verantwortung des Deutschen Volkes." T.cc. 6p. Appeared in: Deutsche Blätter (Santiago de Chile), IV, No. 30 (March/April 1946), 47-48.

"Die Verinnerung des Erz9hlens. Erster Teil." T-cc. with some h. corr. 52p. Another cc. 52p. Various note slips. A. circa 20p. "Zweiter Teil." A. 180p. plus inserts. A. 115p. Notes. circa 45p.

"Verschiedene Enzwärfe." Miscellaneous Ms. p., notes.

"W. d. mod. Romans." Ms. Several versions. A. circa75p.

"Das Wahre, das Gute und das Sch&ouumlne." Lecture given at the Goethe House, N.Y., 1961. Ms. A. 61P. Numerous notes. A. circa 200p. Also several cl.

"Warnung an Amerika." Feb. 1939. A. 8p.

"What are the Jews?" Gray notebook with early h. version. 38p. on both, side Pc. of T. with numerous h. corr. 24p. Numerous versions. A. and T. circa 250p. Charts, tables on Jewish figures. T. 1 F.

"Why Socialism? Which Socialism?" Lecture delivered before Dissent Forum, Ohio State University, Nov. 13, 1959. Mimeo. 29p. Also correspondence.

"Zeit [in der Literatur]." A. with numerous corr. 1lp. Another version. T. with some h. corr. 2c. 7p. ea. Notes. A. circa 20T). Correspondence with Helmut Bender concerning the essay. 5 L. 1958-1961.

"Die Zukunft des Romans." T. 7p. Later version. T. 6.p.

Miscellaneous notes, library slips, etc. 1 F.

Notes on slips of paper. A. 6 packages:

"Romantik u. Wissenschaft."
"Anmerkungen, etc."
"Handeln und Denken."

Reviews by Kahler: Johann Gottlieb Fichte's Sämmt1iche Werke. T. 2p. Also cc. 2p. Jews in a Gentile World. The Problem of Anti-Semitism. By Isacque Graeber, Stewart Henderson Britt and others. T. 5p. Neilson, William Allen. We Escaped. Twelve Personal Narrations of the Flight to America. 1941. A. 4p. Hans-Joachim Schoeps. Jüdisch-Christliches Religionsges-Prach in neunzehn Jahrhunderten. T. with h. corr. 3p. Also A. 4p.

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Box and Folder List

Series 4: Offprints and clippings of articles by Kahler. 1 folder.

Series 5: Printed materials about Kahler and miscellaneous biographical materials

Doctor of letters, honorary degree. June. 10, 1969, Princeton University, pc. 4c.

60th birthday?clipping (by Thomas Mann).

75th birthday. Clippings.

80th birthday. Clippings.

Obituaries. Clippings, etc.

Miscellaneous clippings about Kahler.

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Box and Folder List

Series 6: Reviews of Kahler's works

"Die Auflbsung der Form."

Der deutsche Charakter in der Geschichte Europas.

"Form und Entformung."

The Germans.

The Inward Turn of the Narrative.

Israel unter den Vblkern. Jews Among the Nations.

Man the Measure. Also: large black scrapbook of reviews.

The Meaning of History.

The Orbit of Thomas Mann.

Out of the Labyrinth.

Der Sinn der Geschichte.

Stefan George.

The Tower and the Abyss. English reviews.

The Tower and the Abyss. Italian reviews.

Reviews of secondary works: An Exceptional Friendship

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Box and Folder List

Box 8

Series 7: Manuscripts by others

Anon. "Harvesting as the basic economic form of totemism." T.cc. 20p.

Bab, Julius. "Gedanken über Preussen (Mai 1945)." T.cc. with h. corr. 2p.

Bell, Charles G. "Newton's Triangle of Cause. T.cc. 22p. "The Smiling One." Mimeo. llp.

Bennett, John W. and Kurt H. Wolff. "Toward Communication between Sociology and Anthropology." Mimeo. p. 329?351.

Borgese, G. A. "Manifesto." Mimeo. 2c. 48p., 49p. "First Memorandum." Dated Oct. 1940. Mimeo. 16p. "Freedom and Discipline in a Vital Democracy." Offprint. 8p.

Broch, Hermann. "Geschichte als moralische Anthropologie (Erich Kahlers scienza nuova)." T.cc. with some h. corr. 1945. 2c. 18p. ea. Recommendation for Erich Kahler for a Guggenheim fellowship. pc.)9p. "Broch dber Erich Kahler." Xerox circa of original Ms. in Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. 10p.

Engel, Eva. "Lavater, Mendelssohn, Lichtenberg." xerox. of T. 26p.

Eulenberg, Adelheid. "Die Mösel." Drama. 6p.

"Ein Besuch von?Mars." Drama. 8p.

"Zelfe v. d. Steinen." 5p, "Der Mann, der das Rad der Zeit aufhalten konnte!" 3p. "Auf dem Flugplatz von Athen..." 12p.

Ginsberg, Ernst. "Abschied." Poems. T.cc. 16p.

Hamburger, Michael. "Treblinka." Poem, dedicated to Kahler. lp.

Hiller, Robert L. "Seven Poems by Robert L. Hiller.' A. [19661.

Kiel, Anni. "Dem Andenken Erich Kahlers, 1885?1970. Die Beudeutung. seines uropischen Denkens.",T.cc. with some h. corr. 12p. Also published version: duitse kroniek, XXIII, No. 4 (Dec. 19711, 144?153.

Mann, Golo. "Fuer Erich Kahler. Am Beginn seines einundsiebzigsten Jahres." T. with h. corr. 4p.

Osterle, Heinz D. "Die Deutschen im Spiegel des Sozialkritischen Romans der Emigranten." Ph.D. diss. Brown University, 1964. 609p. Also English abstract. T. 4p. "The other Germany. Resistance to the Third Reich in German Literature." T.cc. 28p.

Pannwitz, Rudolf. "Die Rückkehr des Profeten." [1936]. 8p. "Elegien und Hymnen." circa 1937. 35p. "Am 28. März 1938." 3p.

Pearce, Roy Harvey. The Continuity of American Poetry. Synopsis. T. 4p. "Historicism Come Again. To the Memory of F. Michael Krouse (1916?1955)." T.cc. 52p.

Sahl, Hans. "Für Erich Kahler." Poem. pc. lp.

Schnitzler, Olga. "Richard Beer?Hofmann." 30p.

Sterba, Richard. "Is Freudianism an adequate solution for our individual and collective ills?" Lecture. March 15, 1961. T.cc. 1.0p. (Wayne State University). "Creativity and Therapy." T.cc. 9p.

Urzidil, Johannes. Text of a radio program on Erich Kahler. Xerox. 10p.

Zuckerkandl, Victor. "Zum 70. Geburtstag Erich Kahlers." Dated Oct. 1955. T.cc. with h. corr. 5p. Another circa Music and the Modern Mind. Outline for proposed book. T. with few corr. 3p.

Erich Von Kahler Papers
Box and Folder List

Series 8: Offprint collection. circa 2 ft., arranged alphabetically by author.

Series 9: Materials, collections and miscellany.

American Association for a Democratic Germany. 1 F.

American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born. Letters to members, materials, etc. circa 1 in.

"Auktion II. Autographen Sammlung. Joseph Dessauer und Dr. E. von.K. Versteigerung 23. November 1933. H. Gilhofer + H. Ranschburg." Printed catalog with numerous h. notations.

"Disintegration of Form in the Arts." Materials, clippings.

"Diverse Autoren: Manuscripts, Reprints, etc." I F.

Emergency Civil Liberties Committee. Materials, brochures, letters to members, minutes of meetings. Also several L.

Europa Verlag. Receipts. circa 40.

Hebrew University. 5 items.

Judaica - Hebraica. Clippings, publications (including 1 circa of Der ewige Jude). circa 30 items.

Judaica - Hebraica. Publishers catalogs, announcements. circa 25 items.

"Juden." Notes, clippings. 1 F.

Mass und Wert. Materials.

McCarren Act. Materials. 1 F.

Ohio State University. Miscellaneous materials. 1 F.

Resist materials, etc. 1 F.

"Unity of the Sciences." Materials.

Van Leer Foundation. Correspondence. 1965?1967. circa 175 L., including correspondence between Kahler and Polly van Leer, as well as: David Bohm, Kenneth Boulding, J. Bronowski, Jean E? Charon, Andre F. Cournand, Rene Dubos, Erich Fromm, W. H. Ferry, F. L. Kunz, Herbert Marcuse, Henri Margenau, Kirtley F. Mather, Gerard Piel, 1. 1. Rabi, Paul Weiss. outlines, drafts of proposals, notes, etc. by Kahler. circa 30p. Documents. Candidates. Information on various candidates. circa 75p. organizations. Information on various organizations. circa 75p. Miscellaneous materials, minutes, etc. Van Leer papers. Includes articles by: David Bohm, Andre Lwoff, Henry Margenau, Maurice Marois, Kirtley F. Mather, P. Morrison, Gerard Piel, Paul Weiss, Arthur Middleton Young. Offprints, miscellaneous cl.

Viet Nam clippings.

Miscellaneous materials. 1 F.

Kahler Archive lists.

Half of Box 10 and boxes 11, 12 and 13 are unsorted

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