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ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Eva Berliner-Kollisch in December 1981.

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Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content Note

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Margarete Kollisch Papers
Biographical Sketch

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Margarete Moller was born on December 9, 1893 in Vienna, Austria. After studying modern philology at the University of Vienna, she completed her teaching certificate in 1917 and worked as a teacher, translator and journalist, while still in Europe.

Margarete married Otto Kollisch in 1923 and they had three children, two sons and a daughter. In 1939, the Kollisch family emigrated to the USA, where Margarete received a massage therapist’s license, and worked for twenty-five years in that field. She also taught French and German and worked for a time in a used-book store. She lived in Staten Island, NY until her death in 1979.

A prominent author in her native German language, she wrote poems, prose and short stories, and fairytales for children. Her work appeared in many Austrian and German newspapers and journals, and she read her poetry at the Austrian Institute, Austrian Forum and the Social Scientific Society, as well as on radio programs in New York and Vienna.

She was honored for her literary achievements both in Austria and the United States. She was a member of the Alpenlandischen writer’s group in Europe, and in 1969 received the medal for foreign language writing from York College.

As a refugee of World War II Europe, Kollisch often wrote of the political turmoil of war, especially as it related to her home, Vienna. Being old enough to remember the First World War, she was able to draw comparisons and comment on the European condition.

Kollisch, who had a unique understanding of the human perspective, wrote about the role of women in society, and liked to use personal relationships as themes for her poetry. Her daughter, Eva, was an especially important influence.

Margarete Kollisch Papers
Scope and Content Note

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The Margarete Kollisch papers consist of copies of published books from Bergland Publishers and the Osterreichische Verlagsanstalt (the Austrian Publishing House), as well as typed drafts of poetry and other writings in German, English and French. Also included are copies of correspondence with Dr. Albert Einstein, and other notables such as Dr. Emil Staiger of Zurich.

Researchers of German emigre literature will find this collection of interest, as will anyone interested in women authors.

Additional Kollisch materials can be found at the Leo Baeck Institute, New York City, and at the Oesterreichische Exilbibliothek, Literaturhaus, Vienna. The Leo Baeck Institute has all the published work of Kollisch, copies of most stories and poems, and some original manuscripts. The Oesterreichische Exilbibliothek, Literaturhaus has all the published work of Kollisch, a few original pieces, and some copies of stories and poems.

Margarete Kollisch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Box 1

Biographical and Bibliographical Material

1. Brief biography written by the author.

2. Bibliography of published works, taped interviews, and secondary sources where the author is mentioned, compiled by the author’s daughter, Eva Kollisch.


3. Einstein, Albert.
Includes a copy of “Das Himmlische Radio” ( Baden, 1934),
with copies of a poem he sent in response and letter from Helen Dukas, Princeton, NJ.

4. Staiger, Emil.
Photocopy of his response only.

Fairy Tales

Typescripts in English:

5. “Billy the Parakeet”
6. “Tiny and the Halloween Ghosts”
7. “The Little White Crib”
8. “How the Pansy Got Its Name”
9. “The Little Fairy Who Got Into Trouble”
10. “Tony and the Ferry-Boat”
11. “The Happy Life of Al the Alarm Clock”


Typescripts in German:

12. “Wachtmeister Wallenstein”
13. “Dreiklang”
14. “Valse Macabre” 1963
15. “Valse Macabre”
16. “Onkel Doktor”
17. “Das blassrosa Abendkleid” (2 copies)
18. “Der Fremde”
19. “Die Maninka”


Typescript in German:

20. Gedichte, 1910-1942, pp. 1-78.
21. Gedichte, 1944-1953, pp. 79-140.
22. Gedichte, 1954-1968, pp. 141-189.
23. Gedichte, 1969-1979, pp. 190-231.

24. Miscellaneous Poems (in English and German), 1929-1974.

Typescripts of:

“Lob der Kochkunst oder wie man Manner fesselt,” 1929
“Prolog im Himmel,” 1930?
“3 Geburtstagsgedichte fur Onkel Stohr,” 1930
“Mit unseren ersten Kirschen, 1931
“Meinem Lehrer Professor R. F. Arnold gewidmet. Demselben zum 60. Geburtstag.”
“Mondsee,” 1932
“Ins Gaestebuch von Pension ‘Antoinette’,” 1934
“Aus unserem Gaestebuch fuer Marjorie Noble, Canada,” 1932
“Zirkus Stohr,” 1933
“Mit selbstgebackenen Busserln zum 60. Geburtstag,” 1934
“Aus einem Briefwechsel in Reimen,” 1935
“Antwort auf die Marienbader Epistel,” 1936
“Badner Kille-Marsch,” 1937
“Affidavit-Foxtrot,” 1938 or 39
“Answer to Mr. circaG. Kolff’s Invitation,” 1941
“Eine Neubearbeitung der Osterreichischen Volkshymne,” 1942
“Milk Farm Song,” 1942
“Indiana Marsch (nach O, du mein Oesterreich),” 1943
“Der Autor,” 1947
“Wiener Sonntagsausflug 1906,” 1952
“Fur Stohrs Gastebuch,” 1953
“Reise um die Welt in 84 Tagen,” 1954
“Merry Christmas in the Wood,” 1956
“From one Car to the Other,” 1957
“Circle: We want to hear the truth we want to hear,” 1962
“Der Umweg,” 1962
“Leichtes Gepack,” 1963
“Den Vertraumten,” 1963
“Fur eine Siebzigjahrige,” 1963
“To Senator R.F.K.,” 1966
“Der Fremdling,” 1972
“The Ballad of the Waterbug,” 1973
“From a Limousine to a Volkswagen,” 1974
“Wiener Empfang von “Osterreichisches aus Amerika,” 1974

Other Writings

25. Betrachtungen, Aphorismen, Epigramme, 1910-1979.
In German, English and French.

26. Miscellaneous Writings, 1974.

Typscripts in English:

“About Professional Smiles,” 1974

27. Typescript of Ruckblendung: gedichte und prosa.


29. Wege und Einkehr: ausgewahlte gedichte. Wien: Bergland Verlag, 1960.

28. Unverlorene Zeit: ausgewahlte gedichte und betrachtungen. Wien: Osterreichische Verlagsanstalt, 1971.

30. Ruckblendung: gedichte und prosa. Wien: Bergland Verlag, 1981.

Other Related Material

31. Copyright information provided by Eva Kollisch

32. Book Review
Article by Gert Niers: “Vollendung der spatromantischen Lyrik” New York Staats Zeitung und Herold, June 21/22, 1975.

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