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Biographical Sketch

Scope and content note

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Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Biographical Sketch

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Eugene I. Rabinowitch was born on April 27, 1901 at St. Petersburg, Russia, the son of Isaac and Zinaida (Weinlud) Rabinowitch. In 1921 Isaac Rabinowitch, a lawyer, moved his family to Berlin to escape the Russian persecution of Jews. Eugene Rabinowitch attended the University of Berlin, earning there his doctorate in chemistry in 1926. After serving as an assistant in physical chemistry at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Rabinowitch went to the University of Göttingen where he was a research associate in physics from 1929 to 1933. With the rise of the Nazi Party in the early 1930s, Jews, such as Rabinowitch, were expelled from their university posts. With the loss of his fellowship Rabinowitch was forced to leave Germany.

Rabinowitch with his wife, Anya Mejerson, whom he married on March 12, 1932, went first to Copenhagen to work with Neils Bohr at the Institute of Theoretical Physics. From here Rabinowitch moved to London to work with F. G. Donnan at University College. Rabinowitch remained in London from 1934 to 1938. It was here that his twin sons, Alexander and Victor, were born on August 30, 1934.

In 1938 Rabinowitch was invited to the United States to lecture. This resulted in the offer of a position with the Cabot Solar Energy Research Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rabinowitch was at MIT from 1939 to 1944, when James Franck, a former colleague from Göttingen, invited him to come to Chicago. In Chicago Rabinowitch joined Franck and several other distinguished scientists at what was being called the Metallurgical Laboratory. This was in reality one of the principal research centers of the Manhattan Project. Rabinowitch worked with the Project from 1944 until its completion in 1946, serving as senior chemist and section chief of the Metallurgical Laboratory's Information Division.

In June 1945 Rabinowitch and physicist Leo Szilard authored a memorandum, which became known as the Franck Report. The memorandum, which argued against the military use of the atomic bomb, was signed by seven Metallurgical Laboratory scientists led by Franck and was personally carried by Franck to the government in Washington, D. circa Although it did not persuade the United States government to refrain from use of the atomic bomb without prior demonstration of its capabilities, the Franck Report is one of the earliest statements of the Concerned Scientists Movement of the 1940s and 1950s. This Movement, which marshalled the talent and dedication of several of the scientists who had worked on the atomic bomb, was born out of the scientists' conviction that the scientific community had a right, if not a duty, to speak out on the new and complicated policy issues of the nuclear age. Joined by many colleagues who had not worked on the atomic bomb but who shared their concern, these scientists worked to educate the American public and government about the significance of atomic power. Rabinowitch was an early leader in both the Movement and the educational effort, co-founding with Hyman Goldsmith the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. As the editor-in-chief for more than twenty years Rabinowitch maintained the Bulletin's quality and independence as a forum for discussion of scientific issues with social and political implications. As such it reflected Rabinowitch's belief in the importance of keeping the scientific community informed about the impact on society of the twentieth century scientific and technological revolution in which it played a significant part.

In addition to his work on the Bulletin and his participation in organizations of the Scientist's Movement, Rabinowitch continued to teach, to write, and to pursue his research interests in the field of photosynthesis. His seminal scientific work, Photosynthesis and Related Processes, was published in three parts between 1945 and 1956 and was supplemented by numerous articles on the topic. In 1947 Rabinowitch joined the faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana as a research professor of botany. Helping to organize the University's Photosynthesis Research Laboratory, he then served as its director. From 1966 to 1968 he was also a member of the University's Center for Advanced Studies.

Rabinowitch's interest in public policy and political affairs was demonstrated in 1955, when he helped to organize the international forum, which became known as the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Initiated in response to increasing world tension, the Pugwash Conferences grew out of the hopes of many distinguished scientists that war could be eliminated as an instrument of foreign policy. The Russell-Einstein Manifesto, calling for the peaceful discussion of scientific issues in an apolitical arena, sparked the convening of the first Pugwash meeting in 1957. Named for the site of the first conference, Pugwash, Nova Scotia, the international meetings provide natural and social scientists with the opportunity to discuss policy issues with their colleagues from around the world. Rabinowitch, a founder of the organization, served as a member of the International Continuing Committee of Pugwash from 1957 to 1973 and was president of the movement from 1969 to 1970.

In 1968 Rabinowitch retired from the University of Illinois and took a position with the State University of New York at Albany as professor of biology and chemistry and as senior advisor to the newly-established Center for Science and the Future of Human Affairs (later called the Center for the Study of Science and Society). Rabinowitch was the guiding force behind the new Center working to obtain funds for it and establishing goals and objectives for it. The Center was to reflect Rabinowitch's own concerns with the way in which science and technology impacted on society. Rabinowitch's son, Victor, was director of the Center from 1968 to 1970. Following Victor's resignation, Eugene Rabinowitch served as acting director from March to September 1970. Rabinowitch retired from SUNY at Albany on August 31, 1972 and was immediately reappointed as a visiting professor for the 1972/73 school year. At this time Rabinowitch was given a leave of absence from the University in order to accept a fellowship with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars of the Smithsonian Institute. While in Washington, he continued to write, edit the Bulletin, and participate in Pugwash. Eugen I. Rabinowitch died on May 15, 1973 at Washington, D. circa, at the age of seventy-two.

Books by Rabinowitch:

1928   Rare Gases
1930   Periodic System
1945   Photosynthesis and Related Processes, Volume I
1950   Minutes to Midnight, editor
1950   Photosynthesis and Related Processes, Volume II, Part I
1951   The Chemistry of Uranium, with J. J. Katz
1956   Photosynthesis and Related Processes, Volume II, Part II
1963   The Atomic Age, edited with Morton Grodzins
1964   The Dawn of a New Age
1964   Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Uranyl Compounds, with.R. Linn Belford
1969   Mau on the Moon, edited with Richard Lewis
1969   Photosynthesis, with Govindjee
1975   Views of Science, Technology and Development, edited with Victor Rabinowitch

Awards Received by Rabinowitch:

1955   Guggenheim Fellowship
1960   D.H. L., Brandeis University (honorary)
1964   Dr. Sci., Dartmouth College (honorary)
1966   Kalinga Prize, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (for popularization of science)
1967   Columbia College, Chicago
1970   Dr. Sci., Alma College, Michigan
1972   American Academy of Arts and Sciences (award for promotion of international cooperation among scientists)
1972   Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Fellowship

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Scope and content note

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The Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers, 1923-1973, document various aspects of the life and career of Rabinowitch. The papers concern his writings, his involvement with the Pugwash Conferences and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, his research interests in photosynthesis, and his work at the University of Illinois and the State University of New York at Albany.

The papers date primarily from 1968 to 1972 when Rabinowitch was a member of the faculty at the State University of New York at Albany. A small amount of earlier material concerns Rabinowitch's writings and his editorship of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The researcher is also referred to collections of Rabinowitch papers held by the University of Illinois Archives and the University of Chicago Library. In addition, please see the papers of the Center for the Study of Science and Society, also held by the SUNYA University Archives.

Photographs and tape recordings have been separated from the collection for storage elsewhere in the University Archives. The Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers, 1923-1973, are arranged in the following series:

Series 1: Correspondence, 1945-1973
Series 2: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1945-1972

Subseries A: Correspondence, 1945-1972
Subseries B: Administration, 1945-1972
Subseries C: Articles, 1947-1971

Series 3: Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, 1957-1972
Series 4: Conferences, 1959-1972
Series 5: Writings, 1923-1972
Subseries A: Writings by Rabinowitch, 1923-1972
Subseries B: Writings by Others, 1946-1971

Series 6: Photographs
Series 7: Tape Recordings

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Series Description

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Series 1: CORRESPONDENCE, 1945-1973
Consists of general correspondence and subject files dating primarily from 1968 to 1972. The incoming and outgoing correspondence is arranged alphabetically by name of individual, name of organization, or subject. A general file for each letter of the alphabet precedes other files for the same letter of the alphabet (ie.: "A" precedes "American Institute of Chemists"). Items within the files are arranged chronologically by year, month, and day. Partially dated items are placed at the end of the month or year; undated items are placed after dated material. Enclosures are placed after their letter of transmittal. The correspondence concerns a wide range of Rabinowitch's interests including his publications, his lectures, and his work as a teacher and researcher. Files relating to the Atomic Energy Commission, the National Science Foundation, and the Research Foundation of the State University of New York document Rabinowitch's research in the field of photosynthesis and the grants, which supported this research. Rabinowitch's interest in the relation of science and technology to public policy and international affairs is detailed in his correspondence files with men such as Hubert H. Humphrey and Frank Church as well as files such as those concerning the Sakharov Memorandum or the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) was begun in December 1945 by Eugene Rabinowitch and Hyman H. Goldsmith. Originally called the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists of Chicago, it served as a newsletter for the Atomic Scientists of Chicago. In 1946 the name was changed to its present form. The Bulletin started "as a means of calling public attention to the perils of atomic energy and the urgent need for its control by a civilian agency." The BAS evolved into a forum for scientists concerned about science policy and the relationship of science to national and international affairs. It covers topics ranging from genetics to pollution to space exploration. Rabinowitch and Goldsmith co-edited the journal until the latter's death in August 1949. From 1949 until his own death in 1973, Rabinowitch was editor-in-chief of the Bulletin. BAS continues to be published ten times a year under the auspices of the Educational Foundation of Nuclear Science, Inc. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1945-1972, files are organized into three sections as listed and described below. Material within the sections is arranged chronologically by year, month, and day. Partially dated material is placed at the end of the month or year; undated items are placed after dated material.

The Conferences on Science and World Affairs, otherwise known as Pugwash, "is a union of scientists who are concerned about the relations between science and society." Stated simply by Joseph Rotblat, secretary general of the movement, the aim of Pugwash is "to ensure that mankind will not destroy itself. Rabinowitch had an early influence in establishing the Pugwash Movement. In 1954 he opened discussions with Joseph Rotblat of Great Britain's Atomic Scientists' Association, which led to the 1955 International Conference on Science and Society. This conference endorsed the Russell-Einstein Manifesto which had been published shortly before. The Manifesto called for a conference of scientists to review the dangers of nuclear war and discuss means of achieving international understanding. This was fulfilled in the meeting of scientists in July 1957 at Pugwash, Nova Scotia. The name of the site became the name of the movement - Pugwash. The Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, 1957-1972, consist of a small, fragmentary amount of material dating primarily from the 1960s. The files are arranged in four categories-correspondence, conferences, symposia, and clippings. The conferences are arranged by date of meeting; the symposia are arranged alphabetically by title of meeting. Material within the files is arranged chronologically by year, month, and day. Partially dated items are placed at the end of the month or year; undated items are placed after dated material. Enclosures are placed after their letter of transmittal.

Rabinowitch attended this first conference and was selected to serve on the Continuing Committee whose purpose was to organize future meetings. Rabinowitch remained a member of the Committee until just prior to his death in 1973. Throughout his life Rabinowitch was active in the Pugwash Movement, attending every conference and serving as president of the 1970 conference held at Fontana, Wisconsin. The files consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence, minutes, agenda, reports, financial statements, conference papers, participant lists, and clippings. The correspondence chiefly concerns planning for the various Pugwash conferences. Among the correspondents are Cyrus S. Eaton, who provided the financial backing of the early conferences; Joseph Rotblat, the first secretary general of Pugwash; and Bertrand Russell, who was one of the initiators of the Pugwash Movement. There are small amounts of material concerning eight of the international Pugwash conferences. Of interest among this material is a statement drafted by Rabinowitch for the 1962 conference in London.

During Rabinowitch's lifetime the following conferences were held:

First Conference: Pugwash, Nova Scotia, July 7-10, 1957

Second Conference: Lac Beauport, France, March 31 - April 11, 1958, "The Dangers of the Present Situation, and Ways and Means of Diminishing Them"

Third Conference: Kitzbubel and Vienna, Austria, September 14-20, 1958, "Dangers of the Atomic Age and What Scientists Can Do About Them"

Fourth Conference: Baden, Austria, June 25 - July 4, 1959, "Arms Control and World Security"

Fifth Conference: Pugwash, Nova Scotia, August 24-29, 1959, "Biological and Chemical Warfare"

Sixth Conference: Moscow, USSR, November 27 - December 5, 1960, "Disarmament and World Security"

Seventh Conference: Stowe, Vermont, September 5-9, 1961, "International Cooperation in Pure and Applied Science"

Eighth Conference: Stowe, Vermont, September 11-16, 1961, "Disarmament and World Security"

Ninth Conference: Cambridge, England, August 25-30, 1962, "Problems of Disarmament and World Security"

Tenth Conference: London, England, September 3-7, 1962, "Scientists and World Affairs"

Eleventh Conference: Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, September 20-25, 1963, "Current Problems of Disarmament and World Security"

Twelfth Conference: Udaipur, India, January 27 - February 1, 1964, "Current Problems of Disarmament and World Security"

Thirteenth Conference: Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia, September 13-19, 1964, "Disarmament and Peaceful Collaboration Among Nations"

Fourteenth Conference: Venice, Italy, April 11-16, 1965, "International Cooperation for Science and Disarmament"

Fifteenth Conference: Addis Ababa,Ethiopia, December 29, 1965 - January 3, 1966, "Science in Aid of Developing Countries"

Sixteenth Conference: Sopot, Poland, September 11-16, 1966, "Disarmament and World Security, Especially in Europe"

Seventeenth Conference: Ronneby, Sweden, September 3-8, 1967, "Scientists and World Affairs"

Eighteenth Conference: Nice, France, September 11-16, 1968, "Current Problems of Peace, Security and Development"

Nineteenth Conference: Sochi, USSR, October 22-2.7, 1969, "World Security, Disarmament and Development"

Twentieth Conference: Fontana, Wisconsin, September 9-15, 1970, "Peace and International Cooperation: A Programme for the Seventies"

Twenty-first Conference: Sinaia, Romania, August 26-31, 1971, "Problems of World Security, Environment and Development"

Series 4: CONFERENCES, 1959-1972
The Conferences, 1959-1972, files date primarily from 1966 to 1971. The files are arranged alphabetically by title of the conference. Items within the files are arranged chronologically by year, month, and day. Partially dated items are placed at the end of the month or year; undated items are placed after dated material. The files contain correspondence, reports, conference papers, programs, agenda, lecture notes, participant lists, receipts, vouchers, pamphlets, and leaflets. The files represent conferences, which Rabinowitch attended or presented a paper. There are also files concerning conferences to which Rabinowitch was invited but was unable to attend. A number of the conferences reflect Rabinowitch's interests in photosynthesis and photochemistry. Other conferences concern his work in international affairs, such as the Hiroshima Conference.

Series 5: WRITINGS, 1923-1972
The Writings, 1923-1972, are organized in two parts Subseries A: Writings by Rabinowitch and Subseries B: Writings by Others. Material within the files is arranged chronologically by year, month, and day. Partially dated material is placed at the end of the month or year; undated items are placed after dated material.

This Series consists of seven photographs, including portraits of Eugene Rabinowitch, Anya Rabinowitch~ and Victor Rabinowitch. There is also a photograph of a conference Rabinowitch attended at the Institute on Man and Science. The final photograph is of the 1970 Pugwash Conference held at Fontana, Wisconsin. In addition this Series contains three photographic negatives and 148 slides of graphs depicting photosynthesis processes.

This Series consists of nine reels of tape recordings. In addition, there are fourteen tape cassettes which are duplicates of the reel recordings. The tape recordings include four lectures by Rabinowitch on the subject of photosynthesis; an interview of Rabinowitch by Duncan MacDonald; a Rabinowitch lecture concerning communism and the Soviet Union; a debate between Rabinowitch and Morris Liebman; and a Rabinowitch lecture about the effect of the scientific revolution on man and society. The researcher should note that the tape recordings are of very poor quality. Material has been recorded at various speeds on the same tape. Tapes have also been reused, so that a lecture may have background music.

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Correspondence, 1945-1973

1. A, Oct 1947 - June 1972, nd
2. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Jan 1968 -March 1969
3. Alma College, Feb - June 1970
4. American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Sept 1961-1969
5. American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Jan 1970 - June 1972
6. American Association for the Advancement of Science,Dec 1970 - June 1972
7. American Institute of Chemists, Oct 1968 - Feb 1972, nd
8. Association of Oak Ridge Engineers and Scientists, Sept 1948
9. Atomic Energy Commission, Correspondence, Nov 1964-1969
10. Atomic Energy Commission, Grants, Financial Reports, July 1965 - June 1968
11. Atomic Energy Commission, Grants, Proposals, May 1966 - April 1969
12. Atomic Energy Commission, Press Releases, May 1947 - Jan 1948
13. Atomic Energy Commission, Press Releases, Feb - Sept 1948
14. B, May 1954 - June 1972
15. Bauer, Richard K., Jan 1970 - Nov 1971
16. Bay, Ray, Jr., July 1964 - May 1969
17. Biographical Material, April 1958 - June 1973
18. Biophysical Society, July 1970 - March 1971, nd
19. British Information Services, Aug 1945
20. C, Sept 1945 - May 1972, nd
21. Campa, Riccardo, Nuova Antologia, Nov 1968 - Aug 1969
22. Center for Advanced Study in Theology and the Sciences, Jan 1967 - May 1972
23. Church, Frank, July - Dec 1969
24. Conference on the Status of Soviet Jews, July 1970
25. D, Sept 1968 - June 1972,
26. Doubleday and Company, Inc., July 1954 - Oct 1955 ,
25. E, Aug 1966 - May 1971
28. Educational Committee to Halt Atomic Weapons Spread, Undated
29. Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, June 1947 Jan 1948
30. F, April 1948 - June 1972
31. Financial Planning, June - Aug 1964
32. Frackowiak, Danuta, Feb 1968 - Aug 1970
33. Franck, James, July 1952-1965
34. Franck, James, March 1966 - Feb 1968, nd
35. The Fund for Peace, Jan 1970 - March 1971
36. G, Sept 1945 - May 1972
37. Govindjee, July 1968 - April 1972
38. H, Aug 1945 - May 1972
39. Hansen, Kenneth R., Aug 1970
40. Holifield, Chet, July 1947 - April 1948
41. Humphrey,Hubert H., Jan 1966 - May 1972
42. 1, March 1962 - April 1971, nd
43. India Trip, April - Nov 1969
44. Institute on Man and Science, Sept 1965 - June 1972, nd
45. International Science Foundation, May 1969 - Dec 1970
46. Inter-University Committee on Travel Grants, Aug 1967
47. J, July 1958 - Nov 1971, nd
48 .Journal of Theoretical Biology, March - July 1971
49. K, Feb 1955 - Aug 1971
50. Kasha, Michael, March - May 1972
51. Kettering Award, Sept 1969 - April 1970
52. L, March 1955 - Dec 1971
53. Lavorel, J., April 1967
54. M, Aug 1955 - May 1972, nd
55. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Dec 1954 - June 1969
56. Mar, Ted, March 1970 - April 1972
57. Merkelo, Henry, July 1968-1970-
58. Minerva, Oct 1966 - March 1971, nd
59. Miscellaneous, June 1968 - Aug 1970, nd
60. N, Oct 1955 - June 1972
61 National Aeronautics and Space Administration, June 1968 - June 1969

Box 2

1. National Science Foundation, Grants, Financial Statements, June 1968 - April 1972, nd
2. National Science Foundation, Grants, Proposals, Sept 1968 Sept 1971
3. Nobel Peace Prize, July 1969 - Sept 1971
4. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jan 1972
5. 0, March 1962 - June 1972
6. P, Oct 1963 - March 1972
7. Pantheon Books, March 1962 - July 1964
8. Peace Corps, April 1964
9. Pergamon Press, Ltd., Jan - March 1963
10. Photochemistry and Photobiology, Oct 1968 - Feb 1971
11. Poremsky, V.,Dec 1968 - Feb 1970
12. R, March 1950 - June 1971
13. Rabinowitch, Anya, 1966,
14. Research Foundation of the State University of New York, Correspondence, Oct 1968 - May 1971
15. Research Foundation of the State University of New York, Grant, Financial Reports, Feb 1969 - Nov 1971
16. S, Oct 1950 - May 1972
17. Sakharov Memorandum, Correspondence, July 1968 - March 1971
18. Sakharov Memorandum, Clippings, Jan-Feb 1969, nd
19. Scientific American, Jan 1969 - June 1972
20. Shils, Edward, Oct 1971 - June 1972
21. Singhal, Gauri S., Aug 1968 - June 1972, nd
22. Smaller, Bernard, Aug 1962
23. Society for Social Responsibility in Science, Sept 1969 - Sept 1970
24. Stamler Legal Aid Fund, July 1969 - May 1971
25. State University of New York at Albany, April 1968 - June 1971, nd
26. Szalay, Lazlo, Sept 1969 - June 1971
27. T, July 1958 - May 1972
28. U, Oct 1955 - May 1972
29. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, April 1967 - July 1970
30. United States Department of Defense, May 1948
31. University of Delhi, Feb - Nov 1970
32. University of Illinois, Correspondence, May 1962 - June 1972
33. University of Illinois, Division of General Studies, Dec 1966 - Feb 1967
34. University of Illinois, Interdisciplinary Analysis of Social Issues Course, Aug 1966 - June 1968
35. University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Oct 1969 - March 1970
36. V, July 1966
37. Vassar College, Oct - Nov 1968
38. W, Sept 1958 - Jan 1971
39. Wald, George, Oct 1968 - March 1971
40. Wang, Richard, Sept 1969 - Feb 1972
41. Winner, Thomas G., May 1969 - May 1970
42. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, June - Dec 1971
43. World Peace Through Law Center, Sept 1969
44. Z, Nov 1968 - Feb 1971

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 1945-1973
Sub-series A: CORRESPONDENCE, 1945-1972

Box 2 (cont'd)

46. Sept 1945 - Nov 1958
47. Jan 1959-1965
48. Jan 1966 - May 1968
49. June - Dec 1968
50. Jan - Dec 1969
51. Jan - Oct 1970
52. Nov 1970 - Dec 1971
53. Jan - June 1972, nd

Sub Series B: ADMINISTRATION, 1945-1972

Box 2

54. Annual Reports, 1956-1958
55. Atomic Scientists of Chicago, Aug 1945-1949
56. Board of Directors, Minutes and Agenda, Feb 1947 -Dec 1970

Box 3

1. Bylaws, Jan 1949 - Dec 1969
2. Circulation, 1946 - June 1969, nd
3. Editorial Board, Feb 1947 - March 1970
4. Financial Matters, April 1946-1960
5. Financial Matters, Jan 1961-1969
6. Financial Matters, Feb 1970 - April 1972, nd
7. Grants, Jan 1949-1971-
8. Miscellaneous, 1946- - 1971-, nd
9. Promotional Campaign, 1963
10. A Seven Year Program, 1960

Subseries C: ARTICLES, 1947-1971

11. Artsimovitch, L. A., "The Modern Physicist: Notes on Science and Its Role in Society," 1970
12. Baez, Albert V., Feb 1964
13. Born, Max, "Europe and Science," Feb 1958
14. Brown, Harrison, "How Vulnerable Are We-" Undated
15. Clippings, April 1947 - Dec 1966, nd
16. Conrad, Thomas M., Feb 1968 - March 1969, nd
17. Cosic, Dobrica, "Toward an Intellectual Community," Jan 1965
18. Delbars, Yves, Russia's First Atomic Explosion, press release, Oct 1949
19. Drell, Sydney D., "University Programs in Science and Public Policy," Undated
20. Emelyanov, V., "On the Threshold of Atomic Energetics,"  Oct 1970, nd
21. Feld, Bernard T., Dec 1968 - July. 1971
22. Frank, J. D., "On Leading from Nuclear Strength - Some Sociopsychological Considerations," Undated.
23. Goudsmit, S. A., Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, book review, Oct 1958
24. Kowalski, Heinrich," Nuclear Slang and Nuclear Terminology," Undated
25. Lapp, R. E., Nov 1949, nd
26. Lowe, George E., "The Camelot Affair," Dec 1965 - Jan 1.966, nd
27. Miller, Byron, Atomic Energy Regulation, book review, Undated
28. Miscellaneous, April 1962 - April 1970, nd
29. Nemec, Frank A., "The Soviet Maritime Establishment," Dec 1964
30. Osgood, Charles E., "Escalation and De-Escalation as Political Strategies," Feb 1966
31. Schelling, Thomas circa, Arms and Influence, Undated
32. Scudder, Thayer "The Karbia Case: Manmade Lakes and Resource Development in Africa," Dec 1965
33. Semenov, N. N., "The Future of Mankind in the Atomic Age," Undated
34. Shils, Edward, "Scientists and Their Society," Undated
35. Simpson, Mary M., Oct 1957 - Jan 1959, nd
36. Silvert, K. H., "The Grand Politics of Development Assistance," Undated
37. Snow, Joel A., "Science and the Human Condition,"Dec 1968 - Jan 1969
38. Sponsler, George circa, "Technology for Taiwan," Undated
39. Still, Joseph W., "Biology, Psychology, and Foreign Policy," Jan 1960
40. Teller, Edward, "Comments on the 'Draft of a World Constitution," April 1948
41. Varsavsky, Carlos M., "Development, Underdevelopment and Misdevelopment," Undated
42. Warshauer, Albert D., "Key Information in the Medical and Social Sciences," Aug 1970
43. White, Gilbert F., "Vietnam: The Fourth Course," Dec 1964
44. Wilson, Jane, The Double Helix, book review, May 1968
45. Wood, Frederick B., "The Social Responsibility of Engineers and Scientists," March-April 1959

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 3: Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, 1957-1972

Box 3 (cont'd)

46. Correspondence, May 1960 - June 1972, nd


47. First Conference, Pugwash, Nova Scotia, July 1957

48. Tenth Conference, London, Jan - May 1962

49. Thirteenth Conference, Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia, Sept 1964-

50. Fifteenth Conference, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Dec 1965 - Jan 1966, nd

51. Sixteenth Conference, Sopot, Poland, April - Sept 1966, nd

52. Nineteenth Conference, Sochi, USSR, Feb 1969 - Jan 1971

53. Twentieth Conference, Lake Geneva (Fontana), Wisconsin, Oct 1968 - Oct 1970

54. Twenty-first Conference, Sinaia, Romania, Aug - Oct 1971


55. Evolution o f Science and Technology in the Light of Basic World Problems, Feb - March 1969

56. International Summer School on Disarmament and Arms Control, June 1966 - May 1969

57. Science and Development Symposia, Stanford University, Jan 1970 - June 1972

58. Social Aspects of Technological Change, Oct 1970 - June 1971

59. Clippings, July 1957 - Oct 1969

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 4: Conferences, 1959-1972

Box 3 (cont'd)

60. Bioastronautics and the Exploration of Space, Fourth International Symposium, June 1968
61. Brown University Engineering Colloquia, Jan - May 1967
62. Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Planning Conference. May - June 1966
63. The Challenge of Building Peace, National Convocation, Dec 1968 - Oct 1971
64. Changing Human Relations, July 1968
65. Colloque Photosynthese, Undated
66. Colloquium on Science and Public Affairs, Oct - Dec 1963
67. Conference on World Tensions, Undated
68. European Biophysics Conference, Sept 1970 - Sept 1971
69. Evolution Conferences, May - Dec 1960
70. Evolution Conferences, Dec 1960

Box 4

1. The Future of American Society-Work and Leisure, SUNYA Academic Affairs Colloquium, April - May 1967
2. Future of Mankind and the Role of Christian Churches in a World of Science-Based Technology, Jan - April 1972
3. Galaxy Conference on Adult Education, March 1969 - Jan 1970
4. Gordon Research Conferences, May 1962 - June 1969
5. Hiroshima Conference, 1969 - Nov 1970
6. Hiroshima Conference, Dec 1970 - March 1971, nd
7. Hiroshima 25 Years Later, American Association for the Advancement of Science, July 1970 - Feb 1971, nd
8. Impact of Aerospace Science and Technology on Law and Government, July 1968
9. International Congress of Photosynthesis Research, Jan - June 1971
10. International Future Research Conference, Kyoto, Japan, July - Nov 1969
11. Interreligious Understanding, Conference on, Dec 1967 - Jan 1968
12. Logic - Physical Reality History Iaternatiopal Colloquium, May 1966
13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Centennial Conference on Science and Engineering, April 1968
14. Massachusetts Institute of Technology March Fourth Work Stoppage, Jan - Oct 1969
15. Midwest Conference on Contemporary Soviet Problems, Northwestern University, Jan - Match 1960, fid
16. Miscellaneous, Nov 1959 May 1972, fid
17. Nuclear Science Symposium, IEEE, Jan 1971
18. Peru - United States Science Workshop, Feb - April 1966
19. Photochemistry in the Liquid and Solid States Symposium, March 1959
20. Photosynthesis Bicentennial Symposium, National Academy of Sciences, Aug 1970 - Jan 1972.
21. The Photosynthetic Unit, June 1969 - Oct 1970
22. Physique Theorique et Biologie, Conference Internationale, Versailles, Dec 1966 - June 1967
23. The Political Attitudes of Scientists, American Association for the Advancement of Science, April-1969 - Jan 1970
24. Primary Photochemistry of Photosynthesis, Kay - Nov 1971, nd
25. Science and Technology in the Developing Countries Seminar, Feb - Kay 1968
26. Science and the Human Condition, University of Illinois, Nov - Dec 1967
27. Science and the Human Condition, Jan ~ April 1968,.nd
28. Science in Education and Public Life Symposium, Nov - Dec 1966
29. Science, Technology and Foreign Affairs Seminar, Foreign Service Institute, Jan - Feb 1965, nd
30. Seminar with North American Scientists on Links with I Developing Countries, May 1968
31. University of Edinburgh, Science Studies Unit Inaugural Seminar, Nov 1966
32. Venezuelan Association for the Advancement of Science, Annual Conventions 1967 - March 1968
33. World Assembly for Peace, Berlin, June 1968

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 5: Writings, 1923-1972
Subseries A: WRITINGS BY RABINOWITCH, 1923-1972

Box 4 (cont'd)

34. "Absorption Spectra of Uranyl Compounds in Solution," Argonne National Laboratory, Dec 1953
35. "Action Spectra of Fluorescence of Spinach Chloroplast Fractions Obtained by Solvent Extraction,"

Aug 1968 Dec 1969

36. "Albert Einstein," Undated,
37. Allison, Samuel King, Obituary, BAS 10 Sept 1965, nd
38. American Political Science Review, Book Reviews, Oct 1969 - April 1972
39. American Scientists and Nuclear Weapons Policy, book review, May 1962
40. "Anti Hook," Undated
41. "The Atom: Its Hazards and Benefits," Town Meeting, Aug 1955
42. The Atomic Age, Correspondence, April 1962 - Jan 1968, nd
43. The Atomic Age, Reviews, Aug 1963 - Jan 1965, nd
44. "The Atomic Age Doctrine: Common Efforts for Common Aims," BAS, Sept 1960
45. Atomic Bomb Public Opinion Poll, 1945-
46. "The Atomic Pool," Undated
47. "The Atomic Scientists Speak Up," Life, Oct 1945, nd
48. "Atomic Spy Trials: Heretical Afterthoughts," Undated
49. Atomnoia teoriia teoriia kvant: I. Atoundia teoriia by P. Kirchberger. Translated by Eugene Rabinowitch, 1923
50. "Before Hiroshima," May 1946
51. Biology Today, Jan 1970 - April 1972
52. Biology Today, Undated
53. Biophysics Lecture Notes, 1948-1949, nd
54. Bio Science Editorial, Nov 1971
55. Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, book review, Undated
56. Chemistry of Uranium, Sept 1944 - July 1962
57. "Chlorophyll, a in Anhydrous Ether in Various Drying Agents," May-June 1965, nd
58. "Compulsory Social Spending Instead of Taxation," May 1971, nd
59. "Copping Out," Encounter, Sept 1971
60. "A Dangerous Lull," Undated

Box 5

1. The Dawn of a New Age, Correspondence, Feb 1962 - May 1969, nd
2. The Dawn of New Age, Reviews, Sept 1963-1965, nd
3. "Dogmatismus, Rationalitat und die Demokratie," Dec 1964
4. "East West Cooperation in Technical and Scientific Aid to Developing-Nations," Undated
5. Elementare Einföhrung in die physikalische Statistik, translation by Eugene

Rabinowitch, Book Reviews, 1931-1932

6. Elementare Einfuhtutg in die Quantenmekanik, translation by Eugene
Rabinowitch, Book Reviews, Nov 1933-1935, nd

7. Elementare Einföhrung in die Wellenmekanik, translation by Eugene
Rabinowitch, Book Reviews, July 1929-1934

8. Emerson, Robert, Biography, March 1969 - Dec 1970, nd
9. Enciclopedia Della Scienza e Della Tecnica, June-Sept 1964
10. Encyclopedia Britannica, April 1947 - Jan, 1949
11. Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Nov 1957 - Feb 1968
12. "Eppur si muove," BAS, Jan 1961
13. "Exit SST," Undated,
14. An Experience in Listening to the Dead: The Perils of Nationalism, Foreword by Eugene
Rabinowitch, Jan - Aug 1969, nd

15. Explaining the Atom, Jan 1953 - April 1969
16. "The Failure of the UNAEC," Oct 1948
17. "Fateful Decision," Undated
18. "Five Years After," editorial, BAS, Jan 1951
19. "Fluorescence of Carotenids," Jan 1969 - April 1970, nd
20. "The Future of COSWA," Dec 1962
21. "General Groves Before the McMahon Committee," Undated
22. "Genetic Engineering," BAS, 1971-
23. "Harrison Brown: A Changed and Changing World," BAS, Oct 1956
24. "Heroes of Our Time," BAS, May 1962
25. Ice and Fire, Undated
26. Ionnaia teorriia by P. Breier. Translated by Eugene Rabinowitch, 1924
27. "The Lessons of a Fateful Month," editorial, BAS, Dec 1967
28. "The Listener" Rejoinder, April 1971
29. "Measurement of the Fluorescence Life Time of Chlorophyll a in Vivo," Feb - May 1969
30. "Mechanisms of Excitation Energy Migration Between Pigment Molecules in Biological Systems," Undated
31. "Migration of Electronic Energy from Chlorophyll a to Chlorophyll b in Solutions," 1970
32. "Migration of Electronic Energy from Chlorophyll a to Chlorophyll b in Solutions," 1971
33. "Migration of Excitation Energy from Thionine to Methylene Blue in Micelles," June 1969 - Feb 1970, nd
34. "Military or Civilian Control-" Undated
35. "Military Security in the Atomic Age," April 1946
36. Minutes to Midnight, 1950
37. Miscellaneous, Sept 1945 - June 1972, nd
38. "The Mounting Tide of Unreason," BAS, May 1971
39. Nation Article (untitled galley), Undated
40. "Eine Neujahrsansprache," translation by Eugene Rabinowitch, June-Aug 1967
41. New York Times Editorials, Sept 1968 - Jan 1972, nd
42. Now It Can Be Told, book review notes, Undated
43. One World or None, book review, Undated
44. "Photochemical Reduction of Thionine and Other Thiazine Dyes by CO (II) EDTA Complex in a Heterogeneous
System," March 1970 - May 1971

45. "Photochemical Reduction of Thionine by Cobalt (II) EDTA Complex in Water-Ether
Emulsion," Oct 1969 - Feb 1970, nd

46. "Photochemistry of Uranyl Compounds," Argonne National Laboratory, Jan 1954
47. Photochemistry Research Notes, May 1963 - March 1967, nd
48. "The Photogalvanic Effect: Chemical Properties of the Thionine - Iron System," Feb 1940
49. Photosynthesis, Correspondence, Jan 1940 - June 1971, nd
50. Photosynthesis, Royalty Statements, July 1945 - Dec 1964
51. Photosynthesis and Energy Migration, Russian Contributions, Undated
52. "Photosynthesis and World Needs for Food and Energy," Jan 1965
53. "Plans for International Control Take Shape," BAS, Undated
54. "Polymerization of Dyestuffs in Solution. Thionine and Methylene Blue," Jan 1941
55. Proposal for the Establishment of an United Nations Council on Scientific Cooperation, Undated
56. "Red drop of the Quantum Yield of Fluorescence of Sonicated Chlorella, Anacystis and Porphyridium," July 1968
57. "Responsibility of Scientists in Our Age," Undated
58. "Role of Intellectuals in Education," Undated
59. Russia's First Atomic Bomb, Oct-Dec 1966, nd
60. "Science and Humanities in Education," April 1958
61. Science and Public Policy Lectures, 1963
62. "Science to the Rescue," Undated
63. "Scientific Revolution," Undated
64. "The Scientist in Politics," Monmouth College Speech, Jan-April 1967
65. "Scientists as Citizens," Mellon Institute Speech, Undated
66. "The Scientists Examine Their Responsibility," March 1959
67. The Scientists Speak: Biology, April 1965 - April 1968
68. "Senate Debate on Atomic Energy Commission," BAS, 1947-
69. "Snow's Fourth Lecture," Undated
70. "The Social Responsibilities of Scientists in the Atomic Age," Mellon Institute Speech, Undated
71. Space Editorial, BAS, Undated
72. Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Uranyl Compounds, Oct 1960 - Jan 1968
73. "Spectroscopy of Uranyl Salts in the Solid State," Argonne National Laboratory, Nov 1953
74. "The Superbomb: Is There No Choice-" Undated
75. "Ten Years After," editorial, BAS, Dec 1952
76. "Test Ban Now," Undated
77. "Thoughts for 1970, BAS, Feb 1970
78. "A Three Part Memorandum," Aug 1945
79. "The Truman Doctrine and the Bomb.," editorial, BAS, April 1947
80. "Two Proposals," Undated
81. "UN Atomic Energy Commission," 1947-
82. "Uranyl Fluorescence Intensity and Decay," Argonne National Laboratory, July 1954
83. "Vietnam: Politics vs. Geography (Some heretical thoughts)," Oct 1971
84. "Washington," Undated
85. "Which Way to Security- - Secrecy or International Control of Atomic Weapons," Undated

Subseries B: WRITINGS BY OTHERS 1946-1971

Box 6

1. Alfven et al., M-70 (untitled), Undated
2. Artsimovitch, L. A., "Controlled Nuclear Synthesis - The Basis of Energetics of the Distant Future," Undated
3. Atomic Scientists News, July 1949
4. Bardeen, John, "Let's Not Overlook Basic Research," Jan 1966
5. Bardeen, John, "University - Industry Interaction in Solid State Research," Oct 1966
6. Bondy, Francois, "Europaeishe Demokratie und Angewandtes Weltbuergertum, June 1960
7. Braun, Armand et al., "Approach to the Study of the Legal Problems Raised by the

Sciences and Advanced Techniques," Dec 1965

8. Butler, Warren L., "Absorption of Light by Turbid Materials, Undated
9. Clemens, Walter circa, Jr., "Sakharov: A Man for Our Times," Undated
10. Council for the Study of Mankind, Dec 1963 - Sept 1965
11. Crosson, Frederick J., Science and Contemporary Society, 1967
12. Cybernation and Man, Fall 1965
13. Dancoff, S. M. and H. Quastler, Untitled, April 1950
14. Doty, Paul, "The Community of Science and the Search for Peace, "April 1971
15. Druin, Victor, "Soviet Scientists Propose to Name the New Element 'Joliot'," Undated
16. "Energy Transfer with Special Reference to Biological Systems," commentary, Undated
17. Feld, B. T., "Reflections on Three Revolutions--or La Chie En-Lit, Oui!," May 1968
18. Frauenfelder, Hans and Peter Stähelin, "Physik in der Schweiz,,T' Nov 1956
19. Friborg, Göran, "Impact of Impact," Nov 1970
20. Ghosh, Ashish K., "Energy Transfer in Dye Detergent Micelles," April-Dec 1970
21 Herter, Christian A., "National Security with Arms Limitation," Feb 1960
22. Holloman, J. Herbert," Science and Technology and Economic Growth," Jan 1965
23. Holton, Gerald, "Influences on Einstein's Early Work in Relativity Theory," Aug 1965
24. Holton, Gerald, "Physics and Culture: Definition of Goals, and Proposals for Science Instruction," Sept 1963
25. Jack, Homer A., "Still No Non-Proliferation Treaty: The 1966 U. N. General Assembly Debate," Nov 1966
26. Lamson, Robert W., "National Population Policy--Needs and Requirements," April 1971
27. Lamson, Robert W., "Science Policy Research--A Suggested Structure to Link National
Problems, Goals and Means," Feb 1971

28. Lifton, Robert J., "Bomb Worship," Undated
29. Marquis, Arnold, "The Fifth Horseman," May-July 1946
30. Marquis, Arnold, "The Fifth Horseman," Aug-Sept 1946, nd
31. Marquis, Arnold, "Unlimited Hor izons." Undated
32. Massey, H. S. W., "The International Control of Atomic Energy," June 1948
33. Melman, Seymour, Inspection for Disarmament, Feb 1958
34. Melman, Seymour, Inspection for Disarmament, Feb 1958
35. Miscellaneous, Jan 1957 - Oct 1965
36. Morison, Robert S., "Where Is Biology Taking Us," Oct 1966
37. Osgood, Charles E., "Conservative Words and Radical Sentences in the Semantics of International
Politics," Feb 1967

38. O'Toole, John, "All the King's Horses and All the King's Men," Undated
39. Perrin, Francis, 'L' Essential," April 1969
40. Portmann, Adolf, "Colors of Life," Undated
41. Sarabhai, Vikram A., "Employment and Development," Dec 1969
42. Schilpp, Paul A., "Has the Church a Message for Today's Atomic Age-," April 1948
43. Schultz, Theodore W., "The Food Supply Population Growth Quandary," Jan 1970
44. Scientist and Citizen, April 1967
45. Seeger, Raymond J., "Michael Faraday: His Scientific Insights and Philosophical Outlook, Feb 1965
46. Seeger, Raymond J., "On Humanistic Aspects of Entropy," Nov 1965
47. Seeger, Raymond J., "On the Humanisn of Science," May 1966
48. Sherwin, Martin J., "The Atomic Bomb as History," Winter 1969-1970
49. Shimkin, Demitri B., "Soviet Asia and the Balance of Power in the North Pacific," June 1952
50. Sineshchekov, V. A. et al., "Chlorophyll- a and Carotenid Aggregates and Energy Migration in
Monolayers and Thin Films," Aug 1970 - Feb 1971, nd

51. Staley, Eugene, "Combinations of Factors and Development Theory," 1966
52. Stewart, B., "Great Issues," 1966
53. Warshauer, Albert D., Key Information in the Medical and Social Sciences, Aug 1970
54. Wilken, David, "Abstract of Lecture by Mr. Arnold Frutkin...," Undated

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 6: Photographs

Box 6 (cont'd)

55. Rabinowitch, Eugene 1. (2 portraits)
Rabinowitch, Anya (portrait)
Rabinowitch, Victor (2 portraits)
Group photograph, including Eugene Rabinowitch, taken at conference held at the Institute on Man and Science, October 31 - November 1, 1968

56. Group photograph of participants at 1970 Pugwash Conference at Fontana, Wisconsin
Three negatives of photosynthesis graphs
Three containers of 148 slides of photo-synthesis graphs

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers
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Series 7: Tape Recordings

Box 6

Tape 1 Eugene I. Rabinowitch lecture on communism and the Soviet Union (1 cassette)

Tape 2 Eugene I. Rabinowitch lecture on the effect of the scientific revolution on man and society (1 cassette)

Tape 3 Eugene I. Rabinowitch and Morris Liebman debate sponsored by the Peace Association of America (1 cassette)

Tape 4 Duncan MacDonald interview of Eugene I. Rabinowitch on station WQXR, 19 August 1966 (1 cassette)

Tape 5 and Eugene I. Rabinowitch lecture on photosynthesis, 30 June 1958

Tape 6 (3 cassettes)

Tape 7 Eugene I. Rabinowitch lecture on chloroplasts in photosynthesis, 1 July 1958 (2 cassettes)

Tape 8 Eugene I. Rabinowitch lecture on chlorophyll as an oxidation reduction catalyst in photosynthesis, 7 July 1958 (2 cassettes)

Tape 9 Eugene I. Rabinowitch lecture on the absorption spectrum in photosynthesis, 8 July 1958 (3 cassettes)

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